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Charm Their Pants Off | Creating Killer Content That Sells

Iva 1:09

Welcome to a new episode of the Mom Bosses Abroad podcast. We are here today with Allison Nelson. And today  episode is all about creating killer content that sells So Allison, we can't wait to dive into this. Welcome to our podcast. So good to have you here with us.


Allison 1:44

Thank you so much for having me. The beauty of the internet and technology, right? We're like on opposite ends of the world. And yet it's so great that we're able to make this by thank you so much.


Desiree 1:56

Thank you. Yeah, it's awesome to be together now. And so Allison, you are a coach for service-based female entrepreneurs who want to fast track to four figure monthly income and you weave all of your past experience and marketing, counselling and education into your passion for helping other women build organic marketing strategies so they can really take their side hustle to a consistent income so that we can create all that freedom we want in our lives. So that's amazing. So tell us everything. Tell us where you started, how you got there. What motivated you to get into this amazing way to help other female entrepreneurs? 


Allison 2:46

Sure. Yeah. So I like many people, like many moms, I started my entrepreneur journey started in network marketing. I'm sure many moms listening can relate to that. Because I had a full-time job I've done some things I'm sure a lot of your audience can relate to that as well. I have a degree in counseling, but that's after a corporate career in advertising, which I birthed out of. And so when I was working in education, I had actually moved to Connecticut. I'm a New Yorker. And I didn't know anyone here and my husband, my new husband was working full time. So, he was, you know, gone all day. And I was working very part time in education. And I wanted to know people- I wanted to make friends I didn't have kids yet. So I couldn't use my child to make friends. 


You know, you take your kids to the playground or something and you can like meet people but I didn't have that and have a kid to help me with that. So I said well, if I started network marketing business and I had fun with it and I started to sell jewelry. So I enjoyed you know, meeting with people and talking to people and all of that, but I didn't really enjoy how sort of closed in I felt. I felt like I really wasn't able to fulfill my potential and also what the company wanted me to do or also make the money that I wanted, you know that I wanted to make it just felt like there was that feeling very, very early on. 


They were in this milling there, and it's not like a hit the top of the company or anything I just like could feel from an early stage. It was just not the right place. I didn't really know what to do though. I didn't know that there were options. They didn't know you could be a coach online. It didn't know any of that. So when my daughter was born and stayed home with her, I still tried with the network marketing thing, just as sort of a side hustle and really figured that I couldn't do anything more with it until she went to school full time. That's really just what I figured I chalked it up to I'm just trying to be a good mom and so I can't be a good business owner at the same time. And my husband and I when she was about two, we started with like a really fun ecommerce business that we just wanted to do together. I had left the network marketing by this time. And so we just kind of need like really quickly sayings on mugs and T shirts. And hats and things like that. And we had a VIP group on Facebook because I was told that when you do something like this you need some kind of VIP group that you can release sales to early or they can help you figure out is it should it be like you know crewneck or hoodie like for the next season or something so I had that.


And I had a blog with the with the shop because I so badly wanted to talk more about what it was like to be a mom and also have this side hustle that like you want it to be more but also was sort of your hobby and like all these weird feelings, how to work around your kid’s naptime, things like that, with how to build a business with no capital, which we had done, stuff like that. And so I found that people were really way more interested in the blog post and wanted me to kind of go in depth with that in the group. Go Live and talk about it versus the mugs and the t-shirts and stuff like the products were sort of like a secondary thing. And of course with the products again I found myself hitting that ceiling that potential of like ‘Okay, I can't go anymore with this. I really don't like selling products. I should have learned that from my last two endeavors with network marketing’, but I didn't and then sure enough, it just got people asking me ‘Hey, like, can you help me build my business or how did you do this? Or how did you do that?’ And I said, ‘You know what? Maybe I can do this, I have a master's degree in counselling. I have, public relations and marketing experience from the corporate world. I've developed programs for high school and college, universities and things like that. I think I could probably do this.’ Like I thought all of that combined and the fact that I built businesses before I could do this so I decided to try. I started with a group coaching program and I made all the mistakes everybody makes- I undercharged I way over delivered. I was burnt out. I mean, I like did all the classic mistakes and I was like, this is not this is not what this should be. But I love it.


Iva 7:07

You're gaining so much experience though. Right? Like looking backwards.



Don't call them mistakes. I think it makes you like go up to what you're supposed to do. Right makes you evolve. 


Allison 7:21

Yeah, well absolutely. Yeah. And I also learned that just because that didn't work doesn't mean like for a while I was like no group coaching because I was so triggered by what went on. I loved it so much. But I was so triggered by it. And I would stay away from group coaching for the next year and a half or so. Because I was really nervous.


Iva 7:39

I was just reading a quote yesterday, actually, from Thomas Edison. And I was just like, yeah, that is so true. Where he says, “I haven't failed. It just found 10,000 ways that didn't work” Right? That didn't give me the result that I wanted or looking at it through those lens always helps because it's  an abundance mindset. It's a way of saying ‘I am probably making all this mistakes on behalf of everyone that is going to come my way moving forward. And I'm going to be able to help them bypass a lot of them because I have experienced them myself.’ Right,


Allison 8:17

Right. Exactly. Yes. Yes, it's true. Yeah. And I think we're way more this is just a lesson in general, but we're way more valuable, I guess, when we've gone through some of these things like I now know. Yeah, and I am working with newer entrepreneurs as I do. I now know that I can tell them sort of like ‘okay, don't make these mistakes that I made.’ Right. Yeah, I did eventually get back into group coaching. And now it's my signature offer, but for a while there, it actually prompted me to hire my first coach. I was like, ‘I love this, but I can't do this like this.’ So yeah, what do I need to do here because I love that not a one is stopping me. But also I'm gonna dig myself a grave- like this is not the way you do things. I know. It's not that I don't know what else to do.


Desiree 9:06

But that's really great that you also ask for help or you look for help and that's exactly what we need to do in our industry. We can't be like expected to know everything and be able to do everything straight away. Right? We know we have a vision as entrepreneurs, we have a vision, we have a goal, we have a dream, and we are determined to get there which is already like most of the work done right? And to help us on that way and we need to get a coach and that's perfect. That's really, really great. Also, what you said is you wanted to do a certain thing, right? You wanted to go a certain direction in your business, and then all of a sudden you wanted to do the mugs and the T shirts, but then people started asking you other questions. So it also highlights the importance of like, we need to listen to our community. We need to listen to our audience as they may want other things.


Allison 10:00

Yeah, I'm so grateful actually. And I say all the time community is really like if you're not building a community for your business really have to because I'm grateful to them. I'm just as grateful to them as they may be. It's for me to help them and show up for them. And it is a great relationship because I continue to show up for them because I know that if I do that, I'll find my way.


Desiree 11:00

One thing I know that you that you do and where you are really attracting most of your most of your clients is in the way you put that message out there. Right the way you message your content. So do you want to talk to us a little bit more of what it means to be bold and straightforward in your messaging?


Allison 11:45

Yeah. So I mean, a lot of people come to me and say, ‘How do I stand out?’ Right? Like, it seems like the internet gets more and more crowded every single day. Seems like hundreds of more people come online or they've come they figured out some hashtags secret or something that I haven't figured out yet. And I don't know what to do about it. And one of the best ways to grow and have a relationship with your audience is through your content. I remember when I was a school counsellor, when I was training to be a school counsellor. There was this sort of like quote, like this mantra that we were all supposed to believe that actually came from like the American School, whatever. And, it was supposed to talk to every student every day. And now as school counsellors, we can't talk to every student every day. But the idea is that you would try -the idea is that you made sure the only thing you should really be doing to be a good school counsellor is making sure you're you know, your one on one with them and I really fully believe that we should bring that into our business as well. 


But, but of course we can't talk to hundreds of people. I have over 1000 people in my Facebook group, I can talk to them every day. Yeah. Through my content, my content is gonna be the way that I can. So I fully believe that every woman who starts a business, you know, kind of like I’ve said it before, we all we're all high-achievers and we're all high achievers listening because we started a business, we're determined. That means we're high achievers. That means we have something we have something in stock, we have a message, we have something to deliver. And a lot of us don't want to stand in our power. We want to stay small. For whatever reason, you know, that's just the thing right? Women don't want to take up all the space that they've been given, whatever that looks like for you, whatever. However, you learned that early on. But I truly believe that if you start a business, you're doing it for a heart-centered purpose, you're doing it to help others. 


And sometimes we have to really stand in our bold statement in some of our really, really bold like, I think this is what you should be doing. I think this is the path to success for you. Or I think this and it might be controversial and it might not be you know exactly what everyone else and I might get kind of some hate for it. But the people who are really going to follow me are gonna follow me because I stood in that message for that ride. And in your bold messaging, you're part of being a leader is that is being a leader to say, ‘Hey, this is where I am. I would love for you to come along with me. I would love to walk alongside you while this is one of the things that I believe’ And stand out especially in the you know, crowded see that is social media. 


Iva 14:33

One of the things that I rescue from your story about your days as a counsellor, and I tie it up to at the beginning where you said, you know, most people tend to come from a place of saying, ‘Okay, I know content is so important, and how I make it stand out.’ And then for me what I take from your story is more_the it's not how to stand out it's more like how you connect, how you are connecting. And then a step further when you said you know what is a bold statement? It is it has to be- Yes, sometimes it has to be polarizing, right? Because not everybody is your people. Not everybody is going to like you or resonate with you or they're ready to hear it from you. So we need to be okay with that. It's not a personal thing. It's just a matter of some people are resonating, and some people won't, but you want the ones that do, right. And you don't want to bring them in on this false sense of who you are, but rather for them to say ‘oh, I love the way she is, she has been authentic. And that's why I resonate.’ 


But even taking it one step further. I think that in being bold is also to be willing to be vulnerable. And that for me is bold. It's not about whether I can start dancing in front of my phone and being silly and putting myself out there in that type of bold- is more like saying ‘hey, this is happening to me, I am not having you know the greatest day or the greatest week or whatever. And that is fine. And I don't need to be portraying this perfect put-together image all the time because again, it's not connection.’ Right. 


Allison 16:24

I completely agree. Yeah, I think bold does not have to necessarily mean really colorful or really loud. I've never danced in front of my phone and I don't do it. I don't do it.


Iva 16:37

To the people who do because sometimes that works for them, right and you have to do what works.


Allison 16:42

Yes, yeah. But I own my introverted status. I own you know, the fact that I don't, do those kinds of things, but I completely agree. Like, you can be bold in so many ways. And actually, if you remember when you were younger, when someone yelled at you, versus when parents just kind of look to you like I'm really disappointed. Like which one got you more?


Iva 17:05

The second one really tore through your heart 


Allison 17:11

We tune out the yelling and the loud and the being loud just to be loud. You know, we tend to tune all that out. So when you're being loud just to be loud, like you kind of said to people if you're not being real about it, people know, people can feel the energy, people can feel that you're not being your true or vulnerable self. And I think a lot of being bold and also being messy. Right, like I think a lot of times our family have to perfect We think we have to be perfect before we put something out there. And we think we have to like know everything before we put something out there. No, it's actually the opposite. Because again, no one knows what they're doing. I think oh, it was the guy who created the Office. Ricky Gervais. There’s a quote of his, he said, ‘no one knows. No one knows what they're doing.’


Iva 18:05

Can we have a real moment stepping a little bit out of the of the business zone? I mean to us as women as moms, do, we know what we're doing? Like, like we're showing up when we're doing and we are learning day by day, but nobody has the manual. We were joking a little bit before starting out on, you know, like memos and all these things, but nobody has an instruction manual. Nobody knows. How is it supposed to go? And yet none of us will ever dream of standing in front of another mom saying, ‘you know, you suck at this or you're doing it wrong,’ because we know that circumstances are all different.


Desiree 18:45

Every kid is different right every mom is different. The chemistry between them, the dynamics, every experience is different


Allison 18:55

And you can't judge if someone's doing something because they thought you know, I know like for my parents, they grew up a certain way and they wanted me to grow up the opposite- like the extreme. I'd like the extremes are totally different, right like are never great when you live in the extremes that's never.. so like, it wasn't necessarily right but it wasn't wrong. And that's okay, it turned out all right, you know, like,


Iva 19:21

And stepping in your business hat. I guess that it's also a bit of that, right? Yeah, because your journey in your business is going to look so much different for you than what it looks to for someone else. And maybe you're meeting someone at their middle already or they’re, you know, much farther ahead than where you are so you cannot even compare.


Allison 19:45

Right right. And I also think like it's a question of values too and like some people,  for example, you might see somebody driving a BMW down the road, you might think, ‘Oh, they have a BMW, they're probably doing pretty well.’ But everybody has different priorities and different values of how they spend their money, what they do, how they raise their children. What they think is important when it comes to their business. And so I think, you know, to step out of that judgment, and really just focus on what you know, knowing where your people are right now and using your content to make sure that you understand, you've either been there or you understand, like you're pulling the words out of their head, the things they're thinking, you know, the things they're thinking and you're using them in your content. And I also think making sure that you're telling stories is a huge part. I mean, we are we are still the products of the caveman that we once were, you know, the cavemen sat around and told stories like, that's the thing we are wired for, this we learn through story. And we are so inspired by story and we remember story and stories are not just for kids. They're also for us adults.


Iva 20:54

And one of the things that I do see, for example, and I completely agree with you, Allison, that I see in my practice is one of the things that I tell my clients is when there's a fight between your logic and reasoning mind and your emotional mind, the imagination. will always win. So that's where storytelling has so much impact because it is it is talking to that emotional, imaginative part of us that is still very primal and it still reacts very viscerally inside in our hearts. It pulls the strings it does something and that's what really draws us near to that message, to that service provider, to that person and to what they're offering at the end of the day.


Desiree 21:44

Exactly. Some people I know they're very, very caught up and very upset by the fact that they said, ‘Oh my god, I lost so many followers.’ Or, you know, ‘my community, a lot of people laughed,’ and I was like, ‘You know what, you should be grateful because you're currently filtering out the people that just don't belong there.’ Because we want to hold down on like, who is our audience, who are our people and who are we speaking to? Because we don't want people just hear what we're saying. We want them to really listen. And that will mean that along the way, we need to filter out a little bit. And that's why it's so important not to just say what everyone else is saying and kind of do this whole pretty kind of content, but that's like what you're teaching people being really bold in your content and only that way can you group the people you want to group together.



Allison 22:39

No, that's exactly right. Yeah. And I think you're really not- we like to think of it as ‘Oh, well, if there's more people in our audience, we're serving more people.’ But if you're not serving the right people you’re not really serving.


Iva 22:49

Quality over quantity. So Allison how do you work out for those of us who might feel that there's: ‘okay,  yes, I need to be authentic. I need to connect and show that I'm imperfectly perfect that I'm messy, that I don't I don't know everything, I don't have all the answers’ with building an authority in your content. How do you marry those two in order to create this killer content at the end of the day?


Allison 0:48

Yeah, yeah. I think you know, being vulnerable is actually the very first thing and you know, to be honest with you, if we know what our ideal client is feeling, but we haven't necessarily felt, you know, we haven't had that same experience. So like, I have an ideal client and she's overwhelmed. Well, I maybe I haven't felt overwhelmed by creating reels because when I was starting my business there were no reels - I don't have that exact experience that she has, but I can easily talk to feeling overwhelmed. So I think that's, that's really huge. When building authority in the online business world means, ‘hey, I see you. I hear you. I've been there. If you've helped people then absolutely. Here's your chance to talk about how you have helped people with that particular thing.’ But, you know, the whole establishing rapport of like, ‘I've heard what you said, I see you, I know, this is what you're thinking. And I know this is how you're feeling but you don't have to stay this way. I'm here to I'm here to walk with you. You don't have to stay this way.’


I think that's huge in building authority. And also honestly, selling in your content is a great way to build authority to let people know ‘hey, I've got something exactly for you. I think a lot of people don't want to do that. They're like, let me just see how this content works. You know, it's really good. I'm really proud of this piece, and I don't want to ruin it by selling. I don't want to ruin it by letting people know that like I'm for sale. Like, but you know, the thing is, is that like, I told a client this today actually, I was like, let's just leave that off the table because everyone knows we're here for money. That's okay. We're not only here for money. That's what's nice about this, right? That's what's good about the good people in this is that we're not only here for the consumer, we're here for money. So can we just take that off the table because everyone's here for money. All right.


Desiree 25:31

It's really a mindset thing, too, isn't it? We're not selling for the sake of selling but we're also here to help people that's what we came out to do. That's why we started this business in the first place. And yes, like you said, everyone has in the business world, right, like in our sort of people that were talking to.


Iva 25:52

And money is the default energy exchange that the planet has agreed on. Right? So if it were hugs and kisses and apple pies, then that's what we would be doing but that's not the case. It’s money, Money it is. That's what we have.


Desiree 26:12

And exactly like you, Allison. I mean, I am still in the network marketing business as well. And at the beginning, I used to feel so bad about the selling portion of it. And I always prided myself. I've never sold anything. I'm basically sharing and I'm helping and that is what I intend to do. Right. But really, but I always say as well. The fact that I'm earning money through this just fuels me to be able to do more than that, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to, I would need to find another way. To kind of make a living, probably, but because it enables me to continue doing that to continue helping other people then why not? Then I don't have to look for something else to do that is less desirable or less attractive, right? But I get to earn through that. So yeah, like a big mindset thing. Yeah, absolutely. 


Allison 4:33

Uh, yeah, there is I mean, like my money mindset we can go down that road forever, right? Like so much about money mindset, but ya know, I think a lot of people think well, ‘I'm gonna ruin something by selling’ or ‘I'm gonna ruin like this piece of content,’ but the thing is that you're really offering the next step. There is not a piece of content. I'm sorry, I'm sorry to anyone who's listening, there's not a piece of content that's going to give somebody a full transformation. You're not going to get a full transformation from someone by just following their content. And that's not going to happen. It's not going to happen. You have to take the next step. Not only do you have to take the next step to get access to the next level, like take the next step, but also you have to put some skin in the game to move to an edge if you're not going to do that. Like if that's something that is going to be hard for you, or if that's something that’s an energy that you're putting out there in your content, specifically, since that's what we're talking about here, then it's going to be really hard for your potential clients to feel that way about you. Right. 


It'd be really hard for them to invest in you and to or to talk about investing for their potential clients invest in them when you're not working. You have to walk the talk and those first specially for my, you know, these listeners out there who are working with businesses, that you with women who run this, I mean you have to walk the talk. You absolutely have to. You have to be efficient. You have to be a leader, you have to write good copy, you have to do these things or you have to try and you also have to show that you've failed, and show that you're and that's okay because then it's then it makes it okay for your ideal clients to also do the same


Iva 28:52

And to feel to feel relatable to you as well.


Allison 29:04

And the world is a better place when we do that, when we stop hiding in front…in plain sight. The world's just a better place


Iva 29:13

I love how you have given us a bit of a framework- a very informal one- but it's about this touchpoints of saying you know you can be bold without being colorful and loud. You can also make a big statement by being vulnerable. And storytelling is always a great way to make that connection with with others. Understanding that you have to have a call to action because as you say, there is a next step, transformation needs to come from a place of the person needs to want to invest in themselves. And even if there's no skin in the game then there's no emotional or time investment required. So it's going to be hard to get that person to where they need to be. And I wanted to ask you a bit about myth busting. Like that's something you advise to do. Can you share a little bit of what that is?


Allison 30:07

I love myth busting. Yeah. Thank you for reminding me. I love myth busting so much. And the reason is because we are humans that look for confirmation bias, right? Like, if we believe something, especially when it comes to our mindset, we believe we're not going to get a client, we're not getting that client and we're looking everywhere else to make sure that we're not going to get it- we're looking for evidence to make sure that we're not going to get it right. So if you're someone who wants to bust that myth, right. I mean, I think that's like I think it's so valuable because someone will be like ‘oh my God, I have nowhere to hide.’ But what you're really doing is you're saying, ‘Hey, I know you think this or I know you've heard this. It's BS and here's why.’


And again, like we said before about the bold messaging, you don't have to be as bold as I am like that. I'm very honest. I'm just very raw and honest. In my real life that's what my friends expect. For me. That's what my husband expects. It's what my child expects from me to be honest. And so that's, that's my personality. And so that's very much in my businesspeople know that. I'm like, sort of the tough love coach that is going to tell you like it is and I'm going to call BS when I see it. But you can call BS in any way you want. But really, that's what myth busting is. So if you're, you know, I have a client who's a picture strategist, and a lot of times people will say to her, ‘I don't know though Pinterest just seems like there's just a spam filter on it. And I'm probably just gonna get stuck in the spam filter, and that's not going to be good.’ And she's like, ‘What in the world, like you're just scared to do X, Y and Z to get on Pinterest and you're just nervous because it's a long game.’ And you're not going to necessarily get the visibility that you would get from a reel, but you're probably going to get more leads than you would from one reel. Or 20. It's up to her to bust that myth. Like you're like you're just you're using an excuse, right?


Desiree 32:04

Like that. Yeah.


Allison 9:35

But you can you can bust it any way you want. And that's kind of cool. Like you can if you're more of an educator to make it educational, if you're an inspirational if you want to inspire good, if you want to connect, tell them a story about how you used to believe that and now you don't any more on, and obviously of course always do next step right, the call to action. But yeah, this thing is so fun. It's such a great way to stand in your expertise as well. Because you can really throw at them all these different things and all of a sudden there's no way to hide, right? Yeah. You just showed them a mirror. You were just like, look at how ridiculous you look. We're not trying to hurt people's feelings. But sort of like that's an excuse. You're not going to grow this way. But here's something that you can work on


Iva 33:10

I love that- holding that mirror in front of someone and showing them 


Desiree 33:15

I love that real and raw coach that tells you how it is you know, because if you just, you know keep talking about the fluff and yes, everything you're doing is great. That's not gonna get you much further and then you don't need a coach. But you need someone like you that that really guides you and exactly holds up the mirror and everything. Thank you for empowering us as well to, you know, when we think about creating that messaging to how to raise ourselves up as the authority to really give us the confidence and the permission to but you know what, it's okay to sell because actually that's what you're expected to do. Otherwise, you kind of like a stamp on your own authority here and you make yourself smaller than you are, but you need to you need to raise yourself up and that's why also you have an amazing freebie that you're offering the community. And it is all about Creating Killer Content That Sells to empower yourself in exactly what we were talking about now, but do you want to share a little bit more about this? 


Allison 34:15

Yeah, sure. So this is my little bundle. This is my little content Baby Bundle. And I love it so much. There's definitely an intro video from me, a little bit of mindset about you know, when you sit down to write content, and then I actually have a few different they're like mini workshops and they're all in this bundle. And one of them I really love- I've actually taken a couple of people from my community. They offered their content and I actually pulled it apart and repurposed it like taught how to repurpose. Yeah, that was fun. Yeah. So we have go through all of the you know, we have a content map in there so that when you can backtrack out of your offers. Because another way to really stay in your expertise is to make sure that your content is speaking to what you actually teach inside of your offers. Because if you keep them inside of your offers, that means that you're an expert in them right that means you know what you're doing right? Why not constantly talk about your offer and funnel people to your offer all the time? To that and one of the little one of the little modules and so I basically just put together like, I think there's five different kinds of modules and we take you through everything you need to know about content, how to repurpose it, you know, all of it. So how to map it out, specifically for a launch or not just you know, kind of your everyday normal content and some props and things like that. So it's sort of it's sort of a-z focused on selling.


Desiree 35:50

Yeah, that's great. Especially for busy moms, right. We don't have that much time on our hands anymore. So learning how to repurpose that content as well. That's really a goldmine. That's perfect. So I hope everyone takes advantage of this amazing freebie. And check that out. 


Allison 36:13

Yeah, yeah, I'm really I'm excited to have it out there. And I agree with you. I mean, I think that when you repurpose content, you're saying the same thing and a lot of people think ‘well, I'm saying the same thing over and over again.’ You have to-you have to, you have to say things like 20 times 


Desiree 36:35

Oh, man. We could talk about this for hours and hours. Don't want to stop. But that's why it's also really good thing that you have a podcast so everyone can listen to more of the amazing things that you have to share to get female entrepreneurs on their way. Right? Yeah. So what's the name of your podcast?


Allison 36:58

It's called Solopreneur AF. And yeah, it's for solopreneurs. I mean, the AF is you know, but clearly, I personally got that little bit. I haven't done it tonight. I'm very proud of myself. But I do and it's part of my raw, honest, whatever, you know, you're gonna hear it and it comes out when I'm really passionate. But of course, I don't want to get filtered out and all that stuff and get like, you know, kind of roped in with Howard Stern and all of his friends so. And the episodes are short, short, shorter, and we drop on Wednesdays.


Iva 37:43

So need to get everybody on board to checkit out. Because as you say, being in business means that you need to be providing content to make those connections and to build that authority. So it is important to get more insights and really follow the little breadcrumbs that are taking you into the direction that you need to go so that you're showing up more authentically and in a bolder way, but not necessarily loud and colorful, and very authentic in your energies. So thank you so much, Allison, for chatting with us today. And if you want to connect with Allison, you can find her Instagram @theallisonnelson and we're also going to be sharing all her links to Facebook, to her website, LinkedIn, the podcast and obviously the amazing freebie that she is sharing with us today. So thank you so much.


Allison 38:42

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. It was great.


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