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Productivity Myths

What Truly Works for Mompreneurs

and What Doesn't...


Desiree: Welcome to a new episode of The Mompreneur’s Guide to Work Life Harmony. My name is Desiree. 



Iva: Hi, and I'm Iva.



Desiree: And today we're super excited to talk to you about something that is a real questionable subject for a lot of mompreneurs. And that is productivity.



Iva: Oh, yeah, productivity is a big one. I think that out of all topics, this is something that is really on top of the list for all entrepreneurs. Because we're really aiming to boost our productivity scale to the maximum so that we're able to do as much as we can in the least amount of time. Because as far as business goes, speed is the name of the game. So Des actually with regards to that, I think that I had mentioned before that I had read somewhere a couple of productivity, advice or hacks, if you will, with regards to entrepreneurs in general that they could implement in their in their lives, so that they could obviously achieve these great levels of productivity and to get more results and to get more things done during the during the day. 


But that I've found or a bit unreal when it comes to the world of mompreneurs when you are, yes when you're raising a young family, but you're also trying to do your own thing at the same time. And I just found them to be quite amusing, to be honest, and  I just wanted to share with you. Because I think that also this puts quite a bit of pressure on mompreneurs to think that this has to be the way that needs to be done.


And if we all compare notes, I think that we can all probably agree that paying attention to certain advice or certain hacks might not be the most optimal for us as mompeneurs.



Desiree: Oh my God, please let me know what you read up because I recently also went actually and listened to a few podcasts like entrepreneur podcasts and like, looked at a few blog posts because I was really struggling with productivity, like there must be some hacks around. So please share me with me yours because, yeah, to see if I read a similar one. Okay



Iva: So, the first one is, it's quite legit, I have to say. I don't have anything against it, I just feel that for mompreneurs it has to be scaled, right? So this one probably is not a complete write off, but it definitely needs to be scaled or modified, which is to use the Pomodoro Technique. So the Pomodoro Technique is a very famous type of productivity process in which you are supposed to be blocking your time. And usually what they advice is for you to have 25 minute blocks towards working on something without interruptions, followed by five minute breaks. So, I do think that for the most part, this is something that works in a lot of office environments. And, you know, if you're an entrepreneur working in a co-working space with other adults, etc. But if you're a mom with little ones around this 25 minutes of blocked-out time might probably work if your child is having a nap. At that moment,



Desiree: I was gonna say, 25 minutes of uninterrupted time, you mean? Wow. Okay. 



Iva: Yes. So I would say this one really needs to be scaled according to your situation. And according to the time of day, maybe more realistically would be to say, 10 minutes, 15, if you're very lucky, with a little pause in between, because somebody is always needing something, somebody is hungry and toy got lost, or they just went a little bit of attention. And then that five-minute break usually tends to be also a bit longer. So this one was one that I had to say it's legit for the most part, but you have to really scale it or modify it. If you're a mompreneur The other one is, you know, it's like, telling people to stop distracting you. Your know who your co-workers are when you're a mompreneur. 



Desiree: Oh, yes, Mine is three years old. 



Iva: I also have a threenager. I don't think that she would be too keen to pay attention to my saying please do not distract me as I am doing something. That is their nature. So this one is quite hard. This one I would say is completely not applicable to mompreneur life. But if you do have older kids, maybe, maybe it might work better. With younger ones I don't think it does.



Desiree: Yeah, true. Because it does say right, it takes about 25 minutes to get back to that original level of focus after being distracted.



Iva: Exactly, yes, yes



Desiree: So that's a difficult one.



Iva: Very, very difficult to accomplish, for sure. Then there was this other one that said, make your work environment comfortable.


So, you know, because they say in order to be in a flow state of productivity and to being the zone when you know, when you lose track of time, and you're really very much into the task at hand, and you forget about everything else. You should be in a very comfortable environment, probably with not a lot of clutter, and not a lot of mess. You know, with very pleasant sounds, maybe. And I think that this, this might be a challenge as well,  if your home office is in the middle of the dining room, or like I sometimes do, I have to work from my coffee table. Or, you know what I mean? It's like spaces where.



Desiree: I'm sitting in the bedroom right now with my laptop on my bed. So



Iva: That is comfortable- you're in your mattress!



Desiree: It is, it is comfortable. But okay. Mm.



Iva: I guess, you know, in this one, you can try,



Desiree: It sounds good.



Iva: It sounds like it makes sense. But with kids around, at least during the daytime, I would say you're going to have to deal with toys strewn around, the kitchen probably is not looking the way that you want it to, especially the sink area. Exactly. While you're trying to do other things, probably the laundry basket is nearby, because you're also doing a couple of things around. But yeah, this one is making a “comfortable”, what is comfortable at the end of the day? Or to put it another way, while you adjust yourself to get used to as comfortable as it goes. 


So this one is also quite funny, stick to your routine. Do the same things at the same times of the day. And then in the future, this task will take less energy. With children, sticking to a routine, I would say it's also quite up there on the challenging spectrum. On the on the higher level. What do you say Des?



Desiree: I have a hard time keeping my child on a routine let alone myself. So yes. I mean, it makes sense again, that we need to create habits. Meaning, yeah, that it takes less energy to do a task because it's kind of like habit already. I guess this one works really well if you don't have kids but for mompreneurs, maybe not so much.



Iva: Well those those trips to the bathroom, the spills, the accidents… You can’t really keep them under a routine as such. So they're very unpredictable.



Desiree: And they always need to go to the bathroom when you're in the middle of something important, 



Iva: of course,



Desiree: Of course



Iva: that's how it is. This one, this one might really divide people. It says, Don't multitask.



Desiree: What?? How do you survive without multitasking???



Iva: Apparently, Des, multitasking lowers your IQ as much as smoking. So you should avoid it. Okay? Now, I have a very strong stance about multitasking. And here's what I stand on this one, I do believe that multitasking, when it comes to tasks that require yes, your full mental attention and focus, don't combine. So for example, if you're working on a project, you're doing something that requires a lot of copying and writing an editing or, you know, working on a proposal of some sort, like those sorts of tasks, they require a lot of concentration. And I do agree that you shouldn't be, you know, preparing a sandwich while you're writing down the notes for, you know, for a project that you're working on, or something that that has to do with very specific idea-related things. But there are other activities like folding laundry, that you can do while you do something else. Listening, for example, to a podcast, maybe you're listening right now, and you are doing the dishes, maybe you are listening, and you are doing more of what I would call a mindless task. right? 


Or it doesn't require, like your full on concentration to, to some extent, you're able to do it a little bit more in automatic especially, I mean, don't try to follow a recipe, while you're cooking, and trying to, I guess, talk on the phone. But maybe, if you already know this recipe quite well, and you can, it's second nature to you, and you can listen to the podcast at the same time, as you said, that might combine. So that's my stance on multitasking and say,



Desiree: Okay, if you put it that way, that's true. If you are working on a certain project or a task and something to complete, it's best to like not, you know, look at your like, do that bank transfer right now, do that after or not work on your to do list to plan something else, but actually focus on something ‘till you finish. That does make sense. But the rest of my life, is like based on multitasking. Otherwise, I can't get anything done. Yeah, that's true. It's an interesting one.



Iva: Or for example, you are, you know, the kids are eating dinner, and you are quickly doing something else, right. So you're sort of multitasking let’s says that you're taking care of dinner and, you know you’re cleaning up some toys, like those things, I would pair them up, naturally, because they use up time and time for moms is very precious. 



Desiree: That is true.



Iva: But getting on an important phone call and then trying to look for someone's toy at the same time might not be the best combination to do,



Desiree: Especially if they keep following you around. That is very true. And it's also really, I guess, this, okay, I have a sensitive one here. If your kids are in a bath, for example, I tend to do laundry like throw it_ Okay, our washing machine is right like next to the bathtub, so to say, so I'm like right there with him. But I do laundry and I do this kind of stuff instead of sometimes using that bath time as bonding time. Or, you know, even when I'm eating like we'll eat together and everything and I tend to like look on my phone. Those are horrible habits and 



Iva: And I think we're all guilty of that. I do that too. You know, I sit my kids on the dinner table and while they're eating together, I sneak off and I shoot that last email that it was trying to get out? Right? Where I send quick message on my phone about something to someone that needed a response. And that's sort of like, the bit of the time. So I know what you mean. Sometimes you're like, Okay, where do you 



Desiree: It goes back to those pockets of time, right like that we need and it doesn't happen every day. But yeah, I guess, mom guilt…it’s real.



Iva: It’s real, even when you're trying to be productive, you get guilty about it.



Desiree: Exactly. Hey, I've got another one for you. I read that you need to split test your sleeping habits, Meaning you should always get at least six hours of sleep at night because they say that if you pull an all-nighter, it doesn't make you a hustler, but it just means that you're not organized enough. Okay, but I'm sorry that my little one had to get up for like, water, or go to the bathroom, or had an accident or was sick and I needed to be there you know, I mean, that does it doesn't mean that I was not organized. 



Iva: I've been pulling an all-nightery every day for this past week, because my daughter, she's getting up in the middle of the night with a lot of coughing, and I have to tend to her. It can happen twice at night or three times at night. And I'm sorry, it is an all-nighter, unfortunately, and completely outside my control. So I guess this split- testing. I don't know when you are able to split-test your sleep, from the moment you become a mom until the age of 18, until they’re 18 years old and they leave the house. 



Desiree: Exactly, exactly. Again, this is really one that's definitely not made for moms, like working moms just because, yeah, like you said from the moment they're and a mom has to breastfeed in the middle of the night. And even me, I call six hours of uninterrupted sleep, that’s like luxury, and doesn't happen too regular- maybe once in a while, and I do feel a lot more rested. But it's not like it's a choice, right? So yeah.


And look, here is another one. I've read as well that you need to start your day, you should start your day with the hardest task and work backwards in descending order of importance and difficulty to the easiest. Yeah, I wish, so should I put my kid is in bed at 8am then and bathtime and done for the day? Because that is currently quite a challenging task for me to get him to bed because there's one story after another. Then please another song and until we actually get him



Iva: I call that time of day primetime. Dinnertime, bathtime and bedtime is a prime time in my house because 



Desiree: We're rush hour 



Iva: the house could literally be burning down and I wouldn't even notice because my attention is on trying to you know, It's like herding cats



Desiree: Multitask, ajem



Iva: Multitasking, trying to grab one, while the other one is already in the bathtub, splashing the water All around and what-not



Desiree: And it often doesn't work. I mean like, then, okay also in the morning for me because I have to make a lunchbox, a snack box and a lunch box for school and to get ready for school in time or like kindergarten, right. And then in between that I, you know, something that needs to be done or my husband's like, Des- can you please [inaudible] and you work off like little tasks in between those pockets of time or as they come, because what is done at that moment, is freeing time for later when you can sit down and focus to



Iva: This one, that you mentioned _this last one _to start with your hardest task and work backwards. I have read about it before. It’s also known as eating your frog first. So it's like doing the most unpleasant task at the beginning, and then you get it out of the way. And then you can really do the rest. And I do think that there's some validity to that. Again, when it comes to a certain schedule that you have with certain things business-related and this I make a big asterisk on the side. 


So you know, business-related I do think that it has validity to say like, hey, I have something that is that is very complex that I need to take care of, and I'll do it first thing when I'm supposed to be fresh. However, maybe you didn’t get those 6 hours of sleep. Maybe you come from having an all-nighter Maybe your kids in the morning are very rebellious or challenging, for whatever reason or something happens, right? So maybe you're not able to eat that frog business-related, right, first thing first, and then you have to squeeze it in, somehow that's what comes down to. So good in theory, but sometimes in practice for mompreneurs, it might be very challenging.



Desiree: Yeah. So I think we should really take a look now what makes sense for mompreneurs? What are some productivity hacks that we can pass along?



Iva: So here's the thing, I think that you, you and I pretty much agree on the fact that we already as mompreneurs, we wake up tackling the hardest tasks in the morning, and then we continue to tackle them throughout the day and continues to be equally challenging. At the end of the day, you know, be it because, it could be work-related, or it could be, you know, home-related, but things are not really stacked up in a priority of sorts for us, most of the time. 


So, when, when you have very fixed or limited quantities of willpower during the day, and this has been to be scientifically proven that we all wake up, we have a reserve of willpower at our disposal, and then it starts to get depleted little by little with all the decisions and things that we need to take care of during the day. So especially for mompreneur,s when this willpower is spent on disciplining your kids setting boundaries, managing the home-front, making sure that there's enough, you know, eggs in the house or diapers or you know, whatever it is that, that you need to take care of. 


So what is this Pixie dust that your business is going to get at the end of the day, when you're spending it on everything else? And I think that we have compiled an actionable and good list of very relatable and practical things that we can do to make sure that we don't feel like we are lagging, you know, or that we didn’t make any inroads that day when it came to our business. So Des, you want to you want to start off? 



Desiree: I think definitely the big answer to productivity hacks for mompreneurs is your MOMERGY, it's your mom energy. And we always say we are a unique breed. Sometimes we don't even know where we get this energy from. But we just we have to, because often we are mompreneurs by choice. Well, often and we're following our passion. So sometimes, like it's things we like genuinely want to do. So how does it look like? 


So number one, if you manage three important business-related tasks, anywhere in the day, you are a badass. You are, I'm serious! It's like three important things. And in past episodes we spoke about and we'll link them in the show notes as well. About The 12 Week Year, you know, like to identify really important things you need to accomplish and kind of scaling backwards. Like putting them down, like this little goals throughout the day, depending on what your day looks like. And sometimes you can only manage one, and that's okay. Right. But don't put too much on your plate either. But seriously three important things anywhere, even if like you already completed two before you leave the house in the morning and one at 11pm after everyone is asleep that counts.


So number two is to use to do lists. Because you must be really goal-oriented with your tasks. And again, we spoke about that because I, for example, have like a big list of to do's and I look at my day and I say, Okay, my day is going to be looking like this. And I'm going to look at my big to-do list and pick a few points that I know I will be able to achieve in that day. But to-do lists are like my everything. They keep me on track. They keep me focused on priorities. I work with a lot of colors in my notebook, right, highlighting what’s really, really important to achieve and that really gives me a lot of perspective as well on in the day, in the week, and also in the month.



Iva: I agree with what you said about to make them as goal-oriented as possible really changes the name of the game. Because then you’re not only being busy, you are being intentional. And when you're being intentional with your time, then you are going to feel fulfilled. You're going to feel that you actually accomplished something. And it's not going to be that feeling_ and you can probably relate_ sometimes you sit almost at the end of the day and you're like, Oh my God today I was so busy but what did I actually do?



Desiree: Exactly,



Iva: Where did time go? And then just, you don't remember. You say “I did so many things but I don’t know what was the highlight or something that really moved the needle at the end of the day so this



Desiree: That I can feel good about about having accomplished, right? That's right. I think Your 12 Week Year was is genius. The way you approach these things and then you know, making sure you do all the tasks according to the big thing you want to achieve at the end of that that time frame is really, really useful.


Rule number three of what I found is extremely useful for me and to keeping my productivity up is a Brain Dump once a week. So what that looks like for me is I get out my notebook and I write down everything I want to do. Things I need to do, things I have to achieve because there’s certain things I do at the beginning of the month, in the middle, at the end_ those kinds of things but also all of my ideas, everything that's kind of swirling in my head because the big problem I have, I get genius idea as well for me, they seem genius, while I'm like washing the dishes or while I'm riding while I’m picking up my son or while I'm standing in my shower, it's like conveniently, the times where I don't have like that pen ready. 


And I'm glad I'm not the only one here, but so it really helps me to do this brain dump where I literally get everything off what I'm thinking. Ideas, goals, things I need to follow up on,  things I need to accomplish. And these are not just business things. These are: oh, I need to get like a checkup done for my three year old;  I have to go pay this bill; everything I have to, you know, get the groceries because we're hosting some friends on Friday night and I have to write down literally everything



Iva: And may I add, on this brain dump. I feel that for me, as well, I love what you say about is just everything. Like don't filter. Just put it all out there on a paper and then you can categorize it, organize it whichever way you want, but I also feel that sometimes doing it before I go to bed it helps me sleep better



Desiree: Oh yes. Totally!



Iva: Because then it’s not running in my head at night. You know how it goes right? Like If you're putting your head on the pillow and all of a sudden, all these things come up



Desiree: It's like a magic pillow



Iva: So if I’m able to write it all down before bed, I know that they're safely guarded somewhere but outside of my head already. So then I can really.



Desiree: And they will get [inaudible] later.



Iva: So that's also a good hack. If you really find that at night you get all riled up because you have all these thoughts going in your head, write them down before you go to bed and then the next morning you can safely know that they are stored there that you didn't forget them or that.



Desiree: Keep a piece of paper. Keep a piece of paper on your bedside table. You know, it really, whatever works. Yeah. 


Then number four is to plan your day the night before. Now, I admit, I never used to do that before because it was like oh, that's fine. Because the evening before, I was just so busy tying up the ends from the day and then I just kind of say Okay, that's it, my day has ended. I'll think about tomorrow, tomorrow. 



Iva: But then tomorrow comes and you’re already get distracted because again your kid, it's really funny with children. Because they are so laser-focused on what they want, they are really, really on your case until they get from you what they need and obviously you forget like you were in the middle of going somewhere and then all of a sudden you said well I was going here to get something now I cannot remember



Desiree: Something what was it again,



Iva: Suddenly able to distract you and as you say planning the day before is a great, it's a great way to make sure that at least you semi-prepared.



Desiree: Totally and even simple things like laying out your kids clothes at the at the beginning, like packing the backpack that he needs to bring to kindergarten and, and honestly, the thing that's really helped me so much is that Rockstar Mompreneur’s Morning Checklists that we put together and for that purpose to actually make your morning smooth sailing, to really have a plan because so many unexpected things happen in the morning anyways, at least you've got a plan. A game plan. There we go.



Iva: Yeah, so number five, also in order to reduce decision-fatigue. Because decision-fatigue is a real thing, I guess it connects a little bit with what we were talking about, in terms of having this fixed, willpower level at the beginning of the day and then it starts to get depleted. It gets depleted precisely because of this: because you have to make so many decisions during the day about so many things so automation  can become a very good ally when it comes to this. Because then you're not wasting your precious time on deciding things on the go, but you already have them already set within parameters that can help you not even think about them. So one of the things that I like to do in my personal aspect is I buy mostly monochromatic clothes. So I love black. I love wearing black, anything that is black. I'll buy it and then...



Desiree: That's a good idea. 



Iva: You can combine black with black, right? Like there's no going wrong with that one. So for me, it really eases me to have this sort of uniform during the week that I don't have to think about what to wear and how it combines, what about shoes and this and that. And kudos to you mom, if that's if that's your jam. I salute you. I think it's amazing to you know, when women are looking put together and it's just you know, feminine fashion is amazing. And I love to watch people get all dressed up and have all these amazing combinations going on. But for me, because I just cannot, for the life of me make these amazing combinations like it doesn't come naturally. I prefer having a uniform and I just make sure that that's my go-to pieces during the weekend. I don't have to think about it. 


But also with your kids, you know, this decision-fatigue comes up very often because, let's face it, when you're raising little ones, you have to be setting the boundaries and you have to, you know, you have to be making certain rules. as you go along. And then, you know it's a little bit of doing a detective work and saying, Okay, what are the things that are non-negotiable for me If that It is something that is happening at the moment, then this is the consequence, this is my boundary, or this is what happens, this is how I react. 


But other than that, don't overwhelm yourself with having so many rules in place that you really need to be enforcing them all the time and that's how your decision-fatigue also happens. Because you are also negotiating all these boundaries and kids are very good at the you know the why? And why this? And why not? They're very good.



Desiree: They're so clever. 



Iva: So clever and they’re such amazing negotiators! If you don't want to be wasting your limited momergy on these type of things then automate and really be very, very protective on how you're going to be spending your decision-making pixie dust, so to speak, but not wasting it on irrelevant things or things that you already can plan for. 


Number six: Have a nap, meditate, or ground yourself during the day. Why is this important? Because we also need to take a breather. It's not only kids that need to take a nap or some quiet time. Sometimes older kids that are in school already, they don’t do naps, but they do have quiet time. And I think, you know, schools and teachers are on to something and they are not even with them the whole day. So also for us, as adults, I do think that taking some time to take even a couple of deep breaths and just you know, closing your eyes and just grounding yourself for a little bit can do wonders. So it doesn't have an hour long. It doesn't have to be complicated, complex or extremely you know, mystic in nature, it can only be as easy as just taking some deep breaths and stepping out into nature, if you have a garden, or, you know, look at something that is related to nature, to really clear your mind and also these are the times where most of those breakthrough ideas that you were saying Desiree sometimes happen.



Desiree: It's true, it's true. But I have to ask, do you really have time to take a nap, though?



Iva: Sometimes I do, sometimes I do. If my kids or my kids sometimes during the week, they are very, very tired and they go for a nap. I'll go for a nap as well, like 10-15 minute nap sometimes I close my eyes.



Desiree: I need, I need to learn that from you because I feel, first of all, it's like my prime, like my golden hour I always say to then do things, but then I also feel I get even more tired so I just tend to power through but another friend has also told me about the art of power napping, of just like 10 minutes or I think before you hit that REM cycle or whatever. Anyways, we might save that for a future episode the scale but like, I think that's fascinating. But grounding



Iva: Meditating is also really powerful for you it really, really helps as well. In terms of wiring your brain and making both your right hemisphere and left hemisphere be able to connect better. You know as mompreneurs, we, we also have to think outside the box and we're constantly trying to come up with solutions to our businesses or how to innovate or how to do something better, bigger, you know, different and meditation, allows us to have, again this breakthrough moments, that can really leap us forward. So let's not be scared, over a waste of time and I do get what you mean sometimes, when my kids nap, I feel that's the primetime for me to get something else done, because it's quiet in the house and you know, I feel like I don't have to be. Nobody's hovering over me let's put it that way, but meditation, also does wonders and it has its benefits so it can be a combination.



Desiree: I also find that things come to me when I'm at that level of being completely. Yeah, during meditation or when I'm grounding myself it's really it's quite powerful



Iva: Yes very, very powerful. 


So number seven is Use the power of a vision, and remember your Why. And this is super super important because, again, when we were saying about harnessing your momergy, you know, you're really being in two zones, at the end of the day, your work life, your home life. It all is demanding attention from you at all times for different reasons, and understanding why you're doing what you're doing, you know, how powerfully you believe in your work, how powerfully you believe in your values, in your, your purpose in life, that is what's going to keep you moving forward. And, it's a very powerful force to have to push you into the, into the direction of saying, I know I'm tired, I know I had a rough night. But this is what I was meant to do in this world, and I enjoy it so much and I, you know, I get to do it. So, this is a great way.



Desiree: And that's literally what's pulled me through on some of the days where I feel I can't, I am so exhausted, and that's what's pulled me through and into just finishing something important, it’s really true.



Iva: Because you know that there's, there's a bigger Why, you know. There's a bigger purpose and mission, that, that you're being called to manifest and to be a part of. And when you have that, then, then this reserve of energy, all of a sudden comes out of nowhere, and it helps you. It helps you to move forward and as moms, we already feel that anyway with our kids right, you know, just because we're their moms, then we don't mind the sleepless nights, we don't mind taking care of them if they're sick because we know that, you know, they are the most valuable thing in our world. And so you don't question it, you just do it and I guess it's a little bit of the same. When you have such a big vision and purpose of what you're doing workwise, that you don’t mind. 


And number 8 celebrate your wins, no matter how small. I think Desiree that as women, we tend to not give ourselves enough credit. And we don't, we don't allow ourselves to really do the happy dance on those tiny little things that might not seem that big of a deal but within the scope of,



Desiree: They are big wins, they are!



Iva: Especially when you have, again, little ones to take care of and household to run. And no matter how small you think what you have accomplished during the week, during the day, has been, give yourself a big pat on the back.



Desiree: Totally. And that's why I'm so glad I have you. I'm so glad I have our tribe. Because remember all these messages and it's sad oh my god I just finished my newsletter for this month, and I sent you the link to it because I was so happy, I was proud 



Iva: [Inaudible] have someone to celebrate with other than your spouse, my husband is the most supportive guy on the planet, hands down. And yet, having, you know those girlfriends that also celebrate with you, it also. It's also different. It's also nice. So get yourself some cheerleader friends that are going to yay and high five you when you're able to finish the task, or the, or those projects that are so important to you because it feels great. It feels wonderful to be able do that so let's celebrate those wins.



Desiree: That's right and you can totally involve your kids in that. My little one and I we dance around, Sometimes I'm like, yay, we are dancing and he even says now: “Yay, Mama, congratulations”, he does not know what he's congratulating me for but it's cute so take your kids, twirl them around let them see that inside of you,



Iva: Children are natural cheerleaders, and they will also celebrate with you not even knowing what they're celebrating but just seeing their mom happy and just seeing how you're fulfilled and doing something that really brightens up your face and it lightens up your world, they get, they also get a bit of that Mom, and it's the most powerful thing to see your mom accomplish things and feeling fulfilled.



Desiree: Totally. So, let's recap. Let's recap all the eight things that we've kind of curated to boost your momergy, and that is to 1. Manage three important business-related tasks, anywhere in the day, 2. To use your To-Do lists, and to make them really goal oriented, then 3. To brain dump once a week, or before you go to sleep, then 4. Plan your day the night before, 



Iva: 5. Reduce decision fatigue. So automate and make sure that you're not wasting the time on decisions that don't matter, 6. Have a nap, meditate or ground yourself during the day. 7. Use the power of vision, and remember your why. And lastly, 8. celebrate your wins, no matter how small,



Desiree: And you will be surprised how productive you will be and how proud of yourself you can be as well. So, Mama, you're doing an amazing job.



Iva: Kudos to you,mom, keep your momergy up, up, up and up.


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