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Tap Away! | The Transformational Power of EFT

Iva 1:11

Hi, and welcome to a new episode of the Mom Bosses Abroad podcast. We are here today with Theresa Lear Levine and she is going to be sharing with us everything that we need to know about the transformational power of EFT for life and business. So Theresa, welcome to our podcast.

Theresa 1:38

Thank you so much for having me. Appreciate it.


Desiree 1:41

Great. Yeah. It's so good to have you. So, Teresa you live in Davidsonville in Maryland with your husband Jack and your four boys. That's amazing four boys. And as an entrepreneur with a background in psychology, nutrition and fitness, you've been helping women work on various aspects of their mental and physical health for over 25 years already. You had your own struggles with ADHD as we understand and trauma and the chaos and overwhelm of being a mompreneur with really big goals and responsibilities as well. And that really led you to cultivate the success and clarity and inner peace that used to feel so elusive beforehand.


Iva 2:28

Theresa, you started to use a unique blend right of energy psychology, EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping and strategy. So now you are taking this into your work life and empowering other mompreneurs to overcome anxiety, distractions and limiting patterns so that they can feel happy, present and fulfilled as they align their beliefs, actions, values and vision for their business and daily life. This is also fantastic so we can't wait to dive into the subject of EFT. And to start off because maybe, you know, some of our listeners might not be fully on board with what EFT is. Can you tell us a little bit what is it and how does it work?


Iva 3:23

Absolutely. Because I would imagine most people don't know what it is. And that's about absolutely fine. And yet it's something that's really innate to most of us once we understand what it is. So EFT brings together modern psychology and psychotherapy with ancient Chinese wisdom and practices that have been around for thousands of years, and even EFT itself has been around for many decades already. So it's not a brand new practice by any means. It's been around for a while, and it's completely scientifically backed. So it's not just some woowoo kind of thing that you know, when I say to do this thing, it actually works. Science backs it up. It's proven lots of studies and it's pretty amazing. So what it does is it takes these points on our bodies that are part of our Meridian channels. So if you've ever been to an acupuncturist or a massage therapist, or any of those kinds of professionals, they're using your meridian system to know what areas of the body to tap into, so that they can release your physical pain or whatever else it is that you came to them to solve. And it's the same with EFT. So there's several points that we generally use over and over again, even though we have hundreds of meridian points on our body and the points that we mainly use. We just tap with our fingers, which is pretty cool because most people don't want to deal with needles and things like that if they don't have to. So we just have it on the top of our head, our eyebrow, side of our eye, under our eye, under our nose, under our mouth, our collarbone or under our arm. Those are the main points which when you combine those with the talk therapy that goes along with it and can release, reduce or help eliminate pretty much any sort of pain that you can feel whether it's emotional or physical, whether it's something happening presently, or something that happened in the past or something that you're just worried about happening that may or may not ever happen. So that would include worries and anxieties and things like that, which, you know, they're all things that we deal with, right?


Iva 5:33

So basically we are_because sometimes a lot of people use Tapping right to mean EFT is that the same thing, correct?


Theresa 5:42

Yes, correct they can be used interchangeably. Tapping is a little easier to remember because you're just you're tapping on these meridians


Desiree 5:51

Yeah, this is also so fascinating because it's so true. But you say, it's nothing new. It's been used for hundreds and thousands of years- it comes_ I mean it's completely natural. Because everyone has meridian lines. We've had meridian lines in our body forever. And because Iva and I we work a lot as well with essential oils that's like another part of what we do. And again, people are like, ‘Oh, what's this trend?’ It's like it's not a trend. It's nothing new. This is like literally what we've been doing for thousands of years, but it's forgotten in our generation because of all of this modern medicine and all of these manmade solutions that are synthetic solutions, right? But it exactly comes back to nature and to the things we've been doing forever, like tapping, using your own body to heal yourself. That is something I think we need to remind everyone how powerful we can be on our own without all of these foreign, synthetic manmade thing nowadays, right? Yeah, that's really powerful. 


Theresa 7:06

And that's one of my favorite things about EFT is that it's completely empowering. And once you try it and once you see what you can do to change the way that you are showing up in your own life, you'll never come back to synthetic. 


Iva 7:22

And Theresa something that you said at the beginning as well about not being woowoo because it is all based on, as you say on this millennial type of knowledge that it's been passed on through generations in different cultures. Probably they approached it in different ways. Traditional Chinese medicine has its own way. And if we go to other cultures, they might look at it from a different perspective. But you know, I believe that it all comes down to energy, right? We are all energy we’re all made out of energy and energy_ you know, the greatest scientist in the world, Albert Einstein, he said, energy is all there is to it. And it's our thoughts. It's our emotions, is our attitude. It's our bodies. It's everything, our feelings. 


Theresa 8:14

So it's when our energy gets blocked and it can't travel properly, along the meridian lines and through our meridian system, that is when we experience pain, whether it's physical or emotional pain,


Desiree 8:27

It is so true. That is so true. Yeah, I mean, there is so many people have these blocks, right by even trying these things. So what would you probably say to someone who's so sceptical, they listen to you right now and they're like, ‘What is she going on about? What did she mean I have to tap on myself and things will unblock?’ So how do you deal with sceptical people and how do you get them to actually try out EFT?


Theresa 8:59

And I know I felt kind of like I must have been insane when I came home telling my husband about this technique that I had learned that I was like, different now. I need to get certified and help all the people and help myself. But I find that sceptics do best when they try it on something tangible first. So while you might understand with things like network marketing, the things that come up like imposter syndrome and fear of failure and fear of success and all of these limiting beliefs and things. Those are things that aren't tangible in the same way that a headache or a backache or something like that is, so for sceptics that are at least willing to try it. I say try it on something tangible, let's empower you with reducing you know, an ache or pain in your body. Before we try to peel back the layers of something more complex, like your limiting beliefs or your fear of failure or your past traumas, or those deep dark things that while it's amazingly effective on those things, you might not notice the difference right away. It might take a trigger coming back at you and then not having the same reaction or something like that in order for you to see that the work has worked. So that's definitely a way that I think sceptics can get on board with it a little easier. And then to just look at the science. I mean, if you have just 10 minutes, you can lower your cortisol levels, the stress hormone, that most of us are familiar with, because we know how much it contributes to weight gain and that kind of stuff, but it is it's our stress hormone. It's what contributes to our anxiety and all the negative feelings that we're having. You lower that up to 43% in just 10 minutes of tapping, and that’s amazing, you've lowered your resistance and when the stress hormones are down, guess what goes up all those good feel good hormone, oxytocin and all that kind of stuff. That can't be up if the stress hormones are up, you know when they're down?


Desiree 11:08

Yes, no. Yeah.


Theresa 11:11

So the more we can keep down the cortisol, the better we feel and the less resistant we are to everything. So maybe you're only tapping on lowering your cortisol for that headache that you're trying to get rid of. But in the meantime, all sorts of other things are improving without you even concentrating on them or focusing on them. 


Iva 11:31

It's a good-feel cocktail of hormones and chemicals in your body that don't get the chance to really operate at full capacity, because we're suppressing them with the stress as you say, with the cortisol levels and, and this ‘fight or flight’ response that we have going on in the background because we 


Theresa 11:53

That’s the response that you have.


Desiree 11:55

Exactly. And you said it's just 10 minutes of like even that could already make a difference. As opposed to you know, people going to like hour-long doctor visits or like two hours in the gym, on the treadmill or something like that. And you're like 10 minutes of tapping is just so powerful of what it was


Theresa 12:16

But if you want to go for an hour then there's studies that show that you could actually change the way your genes express later in life, like newer science stuff that shows how genes remain changed for hours for up to 24 hours, some longer, but the studies have been mostly done within 24-hour periods. But we used to think that these things were so predetermined, so unchangeable. And we have the power to change them with just a little bit of time and something that is way less painful or involved than most other therapies and things that people see 


Iva 12:53

Or invasive or fixed like usually many traditional Western medication tends to bring about-it’s just unwanted side effects that are all neatly printed instruction manual


Theresa 13:06

Yes, right?


Iva 13:10

And I also Theresa sometimes say that if you have time to scroll, if you have time to, you know, go on your phone and start looking at what new videos, reels, lives, whatever it is. If you had 10 minutes to do that, you know you can also afford 10 minutes of doing something as you say that has the potential to really alter your state in such a good powerful way that you're able to show up differently and do your work better. So I'm really fascinated to learn more how you got on this journey of EFT and also how we can we can share it with more moms in their mompreneur journeys and what it can do for them as they are trying to show up in their work and their life and everything in between.


Theresa 14:00

Yeah, well, I don't think that anybody gets on a journey that helps others have self-improvement without feeling like they have some to do of their own. And I personally have had my share of trauma. I've had my share of anxiety. I consider myself somebody with high functioning anxiety, and also ADHD and all of those things kind of culminated for me into some pretty chaotic feelings and ways that I was living that were not feeling aligned and not feeling like I was really being the best self that I could be or living in a way that I wanted to. And if you have high functioning anxiety, then you know you kind of are familiar with the desire to like overwork and overperform and always be busy and kind of always have something going on and


Iva 14:57

It drives you to succeed in a way right?

Theresa 15:02

Yes, exactly. To prevent you from doing anything at all, high functioning anxiety like propels you, but it's like it's just as bad in its own different way.


Iva 15:12

Ye strue


Theresa 15:15

Yeah, you're rundown and you feel awful. So, I was always looking for ways to, you know, learn ways to help myself or to, you know, receive that kind of advice and put it into action. But I often found that even though I knew a lot I couldn't translate it into the results in my life that I was looking for. So, and that kind of would become self-defeating and be like, ‘Gosh, no, I'm so darn smart. Why can't I show up in this way that I so want to where why can I manifest this goal or bring this dream to life or whatever it might be? And what was missing?’ I found with EFT when it really brought together my four bodies, my physical, my mental, my emotional and my spiritual and it really got the energy all moving together and allowed me to break through the patterns of self-sabotage, the neural pathways that seemed like they were so deeply rooted, that they couldn't be changed. All of that kind of stuff became easier to manipulate and to change so that I could show up in the way that I wanted to and then make the things happen. And then I combined that with chakra work and meditation and visualizations and hypnosis and all that kind of stuff, and really came up with an amazing blend that helped me overcome the things that seemed so hard to do previously. 


Desiree 16:44

And yeah, and the key of all of this is what you always say is you have the power to do that yourself. It's you doing that for yourself.


Theresa 16:53

Absolutely. It's always you. It's just we don't give ourselves credit so much of the time, and instead we're putting limitations and labels and boxing ourselves off when you know we are loved. We are energy, we have this power and it's all within us. We just have to tap into it. No pun intented.


Iva 17:12

Unfortunately, we are not taught that, right? We are taught so many things in school, in university with our jobs as well or if you were previously in a corporate job. Like there's a lot of information data. But there's not a lot of real-life application that that you can do. Especially when you are now in an arena where you are a one woman-show or you start off as a one woman show. And it all relies on you. And so now you have a lot of things on your plate and you're just trying to make things happen but you don't know where those probably blind spots are right or how to overcome them in a way that allows you to step into that energy as you say, or stepping into that power if you can do it that it is possible that there is this new reality that you can manifest into your life.


Theresa 18:09

And they don't teach you in school how to regulate your nervous system. They should- it should be right up there with how to cook and like I don't have so many things that we don't learn how to budget and handle money, all sorts of things.

Desiree 18:26

Exactly. It just essential and often these natural ways are just completely overlooked. And labeled as these trends and fads that are not here to stay which is completely wrong. 

Iva 19:29

And most especially now in this day and age where we are seemingly coming out right of what has been two very challenging years for everyone worldwide. We have all being on the same boat to lesser or greater degrees. And then new things coming into the horizon like the geopolitical landscape looks quite frightening. And so there's always something looming around us. And as mompreneurs we were looking at all these things and we sometimes, as you say, we get sucked into that too-much-to-do anxiety but also that fear of what the future might bring, how things will turn out for all of us. So what are some of the common blocks and challenges that EFT can help mompreneurs to overcome?


Theresa 20:22

Well, when you talk about the fear and things like that EFT is really good at helping you to find that safety within yourself. That is often missing. And I like to combine that with work in the lower chakras to really clear those because those are normally places where we haven't felt safe whether that was from back when we were babies or whatever, but kind of going back in time there. And then it goes back to some of the other things like I mentioned before, the limiting beliefs can definitely help with that fear of success or feel a fear of failure, which are both very common with mompreneurs. And also just the need to be constantly doing and instead to be able to come into a greater consciousness and awareness of just being and tuning your energy and your intuition to a place where things kind of just start happening and aligning more without forcing them. It can really help with your energy in that way. And self-sabotage. That's a huge one. Especially women,


Iva 21:31

Procrastination, right? 


Theresa 21:33

Yeah, there's procrastination and motivation. Those kinds of things are really well assisted with EFT and a good coach are some good practices there.


Theresa 21:43

And Theresa, don't you think that it's quite interesting as well that sometimes we tend to fall also into this trap because we don't know any better that when we step into our own business having our own jobs or small buses, CEOs, mompreneurs we tend to believe that what we need to do on a daily basis “work” is about your funnels, your strategy, your lead magnet, you know, processes and your social media content, etc. And we don't view working on those limiting beliefs. We don't view trying to as you say, clear chakras or do the energetics behind it as part of the work. We feel that that is playing. I don't know in some sense not playing, but maybe doing something that is not work-related, right, that we're supposed to be


Desiree 22:45

Like we don’t have time for that


Theresa 22:47

Yeah then we run ourselves into the ground doing the stuff that's not what we need to do. Just start with the energy first and start with the whole fill your own cup first, put your own oxygen mask on first. All these analogies that just go over our head now. I'm like, ‘Yeah, whatever. I'll fill my cup tomorrow.’ You know they don’t work that way. And we don't appreciate.


Iva 23:08

We don't appreciate the fact that it is also quantum leaping results for us. As you say if we really do the investment of that time. The ROI on it is so much more powerful. In ways that we don't imagine if like really


Theresa 23:25

I'll say this from a first-hand experience is that I was so afraid to slow down in order to speed up and it was terrifying to be like ‘Okay, so while I figure this out, I'm just gonna like let my funnels stagnate or not create a new lead magnet’ or you know, not my ads guy or you know, my VAs are all the different people and I'm just going to kind of work on me and that's going to make my business better. Yeah.


Desiree 24:02

Yeah, I mean, I have to say, I'm going through that right now as we speak, it really happened in my last month of pregnancy where I was still working, full speed, full steam taking every pocket of time I could find to do things all sort of way setting up the business knowing that I have to probably slow down and the time has come. But setting up and doing all of that but really doing a lot maybe more than I should at this stage where I'm supposed to kind of like wind down and relax and look forward to this baby coming.


Theresa 24:35

Even realizing that like I wouldn't want to be working full force right now. Anyway, like, I don’t know you but I can pretty much assume that you would not want to be spending with your newest miracle working your butt off.


Desiree 24:52

But that's exactly what happened. I imagine a lot of mompreneurs are going through similar things that I was, now hearing like, ‘Oh my God’ slightly freaking out like I'm not producing content right now. I'm not doing this. I'm not doing that. I am not working as much as I should. Well, of course I'm not I just had a baby but I then shifted my mindset also with a lot of help from around me and especially a lot of credit to Iva for helping me through this but really going and tapping into myself. Yes. doing hypnosis, doing energy work, doing meditation, and having that power to step back a little bit as well, fully being there with my new-born. I also have another four-year-old so I cannot forget him either, right? But all of a sudden all of this clarity comes to you though as well by stepping back so it's now what I'm personally going through knowing the power of you don't always need to be so fully steamrolling ahead, but if you step back, if you let your energy work for you, if you just that whole mindset shift right and things you do for yourself, that results I'm producing right now are the same


Theresa 26:09

Yeah, maybe even better. I find myself the time I need exactly. Relax restore, then even if I only have an hour to put into my business.


Desiree 26:23

Exactly, exactly.


Iva 26:26

And there's also this fallacy of thinking that well, having a baby it's a good enough excuse to allow us to scale down but even if we don't, right, even if our kids are older, even if they're really going to school full time even if we have a little bit more time, it doesn't matter. I do believe that if you really want to Quantum Leap and you really want to propel yourself forward in a very, in a more aligned way. Let's put it that way, the fact that you are doing this because you want to have freedom, right? You stepped out of the of the corporate ladder race to be more fully present, to be to be enjoying those things that you weren't able to do_so why are you wanting to go back to that in a different way? Yes, is to do it differently and to give yourself the permission to say, ‘hey, the work that I'm doing is meaningful because I am showing up differently and I can be of service to my clients, to my family and to everyone else I come in contact with.


Desiree 27:32

And the key word you just used as well as this freedom, right? That is also why you call it Emotional Freedom Technique. It's giving that permission, seeking that freedom to we're


Theresa 27:46

We’re not free when we're under the unworthiness As women, we're oftentimes not until we have babies, or we have something that makes us step back and that so often comes back to a lack of feeling worthy. And that is a chakra issue that needs to be resolved because as long as we don't feel worthy of whatever it is that we're wanting in our life. All we will manifest is more work.


Iva 28:25

Yes, because we feel like I need to I need to earn it. become worthy of receiving it and then I need to do more right hustle more right or grind more. Yeah.


Theresa 28:37

But we're not really worthy of earning more or being more or what have you. We're just going to even if we do end up earning more, it will happen in such a way that it takes so much effort and it is so depleting. That is so unaligned and awful, and if you're not capable


Desiree 28:55

And it’s not sustainable, right? And you cannot keep going like that forever and ever because also your life keeps evolving. You still have to change things all the time. So you need to find a way that completely aligns that allows you to move forward in a way that is sustainable for you and healthy right. So I came to this place where I feel very comfortable. And exactly more confident as well. And okay with the fact that I have slowed down. I'm more into myself, but that doesn't mean I'm slowing down in my business in a way. I'm not working as much but again, it's more that way. I’m being myself. I call it slowing down but it's probably I'm doing more effective things now probably.

The key is also I needed to get to this place. So when someone is listening right now, how can they learn more about these methods that you offer? How can they now learn more about and contact you as well, to coach them through these challenges?


Theresa 30:15

Yeah, sure. I think the best thing would be I'd love to give your listeners an ebook that I created that actually has tapping rounds included. So I have all these videotaped rounds. That takes care of different issues and they're all in this one ebook, and you can get it by going to  free gift calm. It's all these five minute-ish videos that you can just press play on, try it out, see how it works. If it works for you, or whatever, I'd love to hear from listeners that have tried it and just be able to hear stories about that from people that have tried things like that. And there's also an opportunity if you're looking to really understand how to apply this practice to your life and your challenges. And if you sign up for the  book, there's an opportunity to get on a breakthrough session with me which is complimentary as of right now. Sometimes they go on waitlist, but you can- I'll tell you like this is where you want to use it and this is how to use it and this is what you can expect when you do and really adds a little bit of a roadmap to work with your challenges.


Desiree 31:28

And amazing thank you so much so generous


Iva 31:37

Thank you for sharing with us- this is so such a valuable as you say, such a valuable tool that anyone can use and it's absolutely safe and it's easy and you don't require any fancy equipment or anything and just 10 minutes of your time really, really goes a long way. 


Theresa 31:48

Yeah, absolutely does. It really does. And yeah, so I encourage people to check that out or to head over to my website to recently or and see what's there. There's lots of resources there as well that can be really helpful.

Iva 32:00

You also have a program as well, Theresa?


Theresa 32:04

I do. It’s called Becoming the Mompreneur you Want to Be with EFT and I basically condensed down my master level training and EFT into a program that people can do it. It's self-paced, it only takes a few hours and really teaches themselves the basics and even some deeper things about how to use EFT and apply it to their own life and challenges and to have my help along the way.


Iva 32:28

Fantastic. Thank you so much three so for chatting with us today. And if you want to connect with Theresa you can find her on Instagram and Facebook as well and LinkedIn. We're also going to be putting all the links in our show notes to her website and of course, the amazing freebie- the ebook where you're going to get all this complimentary information on how to start doing tapping for yourself and really do this quantum leap that we were talking about. That can be so helpful in any area of your life, not only business but anything else that you might feel is challenging for you at the moment. So thank you, Theresa, for being with us today.


Theresa 33:14

Thank you. All right. This is amazing, and I certainly hope to have you on my show the becoming Mormon podcast in the near future because you guys have a lot of amazing wisdom and gems to share with my listeners as well. 


Desiree 33:40

That is so great! Thank you so much. 

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Theresa Lear Levine

Theresa lives in Davidsonville, Maryland with her husband Jeff and their 4 boys. As an entrepreneur with a background in psychology, nutrition and fitness, she has been helping women work on various aspects of their mental and physical health for over 25 years. Her struggles with ADHD, trauma, and the chaos and overwhelm of being a mompreneur with big goals and responsibilities led her how to cultivate the success, clarity, and inner peace that used to feel so elusive to her. 


Using a unique blend of Energy Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping and Strategy, Theresa empowers other mompreneurs to overcome anxiety, distractions, and limiting patterns so they can feel happy, present, and fulfilled as they align their beliefs, actions, values and vision for the business and daily life!



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