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Desiree: Hi, I am Desiree Bonau

Iva: and I am Iva Perez and we are business besties and your hosts of the Mom Bosses Abroad Podcast.


Desiree: If you’re listening right now, then you are probably a Mom Boss, too. Whether you are staying home and raising your kids to be resilient, joyful and kind humans, running your own business, pursuing a corporate career, or working that side hustle, you are absolutely, 100% a mom boss.

Plus if you’re doing all of this while living abroad, well, you’re simply fantabulous all the way!


Iva: As we dive into our second season running, we’ve made some upgrades and changes in the name of betterment. In other words, you spoke and we listened. We’ve kept our winning formula of showcasing valuable and actionable advice and insights that truly pack a punch in each and every episode


Desiree: With the added expertise and knowledge from the unstoppable and  thriving guests that are coming onboard to share more in-depth content and inspiration curated especially for you as a mom boss living abroad.


Iva: We are borderline obsessed with building a global tribe that is unapologetically authentic in how we embrace our roles as moms and mom bosses having REAL WORLD conversations about all things motherhood. We live by the motto: “You have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.” 

Desiree: Whether you have been thinking about making a career move, taking that leap you have been dreaming of, activating powerful mindset shifts, navigating the challenges of motherhood with support and encouragement or simply becoming the best version of yourself, put on your earphones, take a breather and hit play.

Iva:  After all, feeling empowered to make confident and smart choices for you and your family gives you total boss status. You in? 

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