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Make a Wish| Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind Ep 7

Desiree 1:41

Welcome to another episode of Mouth Bosses Abroad. Today, I'm really excited to welcome Iva Perez so we can talk about unlocking the secrets of the mind with rapid transformational hypnotherapy. Yes, you are right, you heard correct. We are talking to none other than my favorite co- host and business bestie Iva. It's so good to have you on the other side today.


Iva 2:17

I know thank you. I'm always in my happy place when I'm here with you and we are recording our podcast episodes and sharing with you and the beautiful community of moms that are listening to us.


Desiree 2:32

I know, just like we said last week, when we kind of spoke about what I do besides this podcast it is really now time to talk about the amazing things that Iva does because we spend so much time interviewing other amazing women to really showcase what they're doing. But we should never ever forget about ourselves because we also have so many things to say. And Iva especially, is just truly amazing at what she does. She is on a mission to help 1000 mompreneurs achieve higher levels of success, confidence and freedom. She has successfully merged 20 years of corporate experience with her studies on the science of the mind into her role as a licensed RTT Hypnotherapist and is endorsed by the UK’s number one therapist, Marissa Peer. So Iva actually really helps entrepreneurs drop the overwhelm, and ‘too-much-to-do’ anxiety and instead creates a new subconscious blueprint to facilitate powerful transformations and I can really vouch for that_ I can't wait to share a little bit. But really this way moms can successfully navigate the overlap between business and family. Iva is not only my beloved co-host of this podcast, but she is an avid speed reader, a matcha Ivangelist who firmly believes in having fun every step of the way while taking her whole family along for the ride and me as well. So, Iva, I obviously know your story because I have been so blessed and honored to be along for the ride. However, can you please tell everyone a little bit more about how you actually became a Hypnotherapist?


Iva 4:38

Yeah, of course. So it's really one of those moments I felt where things had to change. So going a little bit backwards in time, you know, I had done the corporate life. And you know, I was content. I was really good at what I did. And I knew I could do it with my eyes closed. But, you know, the passion was not really in it when I look back and then you know, luckily, we had to move countries so I got into the expat life and I also had to become a corporate dropout as well. And it was really that catalyst moment where you are transitioning and you're in between stages and seasons of your life where I discovered you know that with all due respect to the moms who do choose to be home with the kids and that's what they want to do, when I found myself in that situation, that we had moved overseas. I knew that I still wanted to do something with my life in the professional arena. I was you know, I was in love with the life that I had. But I was disliking who I was, you know, I was disliking who I was sort of becoming in that transition. And I just knew I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be a new person or a new version of my of myself. And there was this huge gap between the version that I that I held in my mind of who I wanted to be, how I wanted to show up and I wasn't executing on that in real life. So I was feeling very overwhelmed. I was feeling very frustrated. I was feeling very lost. And I was in those places. You know, sometimes I would spend the time that my kids were having naps crying and feeling that I was failing at every turn, that I still didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle together. And so, when I came to that really low point, it's when I finally started to look for answers and because I have this nerdtastic side to myself, is when I started to really study the science of the of the mind, and more specifically, how the subconscious works. And I started to read about this really interesting type of rapid transformational therapy that could do exactly that. They could transform me at the deepest level. So when I tried it, and I saw the deep change and the deep transformation that it did for me in such a short period of time, I was hooked. And I knew that this was something that had to become a passion, and that it was like sparking my heart, lighting me up. And I knew that I wanted to share this with other moms who might be in the same situation. And I just became certified and that's how I really got started into working as a hypnotherapist to spread the word and really give hope to the moms and mompreneurs and entrepreneurs who are out there feeling that they just cannot cope.


Desiree 8:25

Yeah, I mean, our whole conversations did start in that time, right? Like the sort of the time of where we were finding ourselves and sometimes a bit of I don't want to say dark moments, but wherever we were finding our way, let's put it that way. But what I really admired about you the entire time is you were so determined to get out of it. You were so determined to find that path and you always had that certain amount of energy about you which is why I was drawn to you as well and how our friendship began but that you then you know in true entrepreneurial spirit, found a solution to what you're going through and that was to unlock your own mind, into getting on to the path that you're on today. And I admire you for now saying that you're going to help other mompreneurs do the same because it's so powerful. Everyone needs this whether they know it or not. 


Iva 9:34

Right so sometimes we don't know what we don't know, right? 


Desiree 9:40

Yeah,yeah, like even me. I was a little bit puzzled at the beginning. But let's let's pause there for a second. I mean, we you get to put this amazing title of RTTP behind your name, as a licensed RTT hypnotherapist which stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy, but can you explain to us a little bit what that is? 


Iva 10:03

Yeah, of course. So, you know for short, yes, Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT is a very pioneering and award-winning therapy that was developed by world-renowned therapist, Marisa Peer, so she's my mentor. And what it does is that it quickly identifies the root cause of your issues. It's like surgery of the mind. You know, it's like very laser focused. It goes very deep, and it's very long-lasting. So once you do that, once you have that rapid transformation, you really are able to just go back and be more intentional in everything that you want to do in your business, in your life. You completely ditch the overwhelm, you completely ditch the mom guilt and it really boils down to knowing how to talk to your subconscious mind. So, you know, this is a very layman's term to say, you know, we do rapid rewiring of the brain’s neural pathways and when we are able to talk to the subconscious mind in such a way, what happens is that all these outdated belief systems like blueprints that are old programs that we have running around in our head or negative behavior patterns, are shifted and they are transformed. And that's how new powerful beliefs are embedded and encoded so the healing begins. 


And this is all using, really the neuroplasticity of the brain and understanding how the subconscious mind works to create this desired new way of looking at life, this new belief system, this new blueprint, that is going to be running the show. Because when it comes to our mind, we only use 2% of it consciously, but the other 98% is running subconsciously. And we were able to bring that 98%...






Yeah, so, you know, every every thought, emotion, behavior that we have, 98% of that is being run by the subconscious with a pattern that was ingrained or that we probably took on when we were very young, and we didn't know any better. And so, if that is running the show in a way that you don't want it to, that is preventing you from being the version that you want to be, from having the behavior that you want to have in your life, then it's going to be very, very hard using willpower to change that. That's why you know, it's rapid,


Desiree 12:53

Because willpower still remains a little bit on the surface, no? Working with that 2% that's actually present for you and doesn't even tap into the 98%. Those are fascinating numbers! Going so deep into your subconscious, kind of venturing into like a little bit of an unknown of yourself as well. That does sound a little bit scary sometimes, but a lot of people might also ask, ‘is it safe to do that? Is it safe to tap in there and rewire and change’ and like how would you answer that?


Iva 13:34

Yeah, of course. So, you know, hypnotherapy is a recognized form of therapy right. So this has been already established by very prestigious and accredited organizations out there. RTT Hypnotherapy which is the modality that I work with my client has also been accredited by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, by the International Hypnosis Federation, it is endorsed by the National and International Council of Psychotherapists and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. So, it is an accredited methodology or modality


Desiree 14:17

Like different techniques


Iva 14:21

Right, so there's different modalities. And the RTT Hypnotherapy is the one that that I use which is also accredited and endorsed. But yes, to your to your point. There is this idea floating around that hypnotherapy is somehow dangerous, that there's people that get stuck in hypnosis and never come out of it, wich I don't know where those people are because nobody has ever seen them. And you know, really the movies, yes in probably in the movies or that somehow people have this idea as well that they feel that they can be manipulated into doing what they don't want to do. But none of that is true. What is true is that hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that goes into your subconscious, but it's you also go into your subconscious I mean into that hypnotic state in ways that you wouldn't have ever thought during your daily life. So, to give you an example, when you have been watching Netflix, or binge watching a series on and you're just glued to the screen, you are in a state of hypnosis. Believe it or not, you're still aware. And you're still aware and you can still do things. When you are driving a car and you're lost in your thoughts. And then all of a sudden, you don't know how you got from point A to point B, you were in a state of hypnosis. So that is the same state. So that is the same state that I take you to during a session. So yes, I cannot make people you know, fall in love with a fire hydrant. I cannot make them buy me a car. If I were able to do that I would be having the time of my life making my husband do what I wanted him to do. 24/7. But it's an old perception and people still have this idea that hypnotherapy is like stage hypnosis where people go on stage and they get supposedly made to do all these crazy funny things, but the thing is at the root of it is that they are allowing themselves for that,


Desiree 16:36

So you can’t in a way control me while you're in a session with me or make me do things that are completely against my will 


Iva 16:48

No, no, no, I cannot. I can never ever ever do that. No one ever ever can do that. So I cannot make you ever or anyone who is a hypnotherapist ever make you do anything during hypnosis or in a hypnotherapy session that you don't want to do. Okay, because in fact, what ends up happening is that again, you are not asleep. Okay? It just puts to sleep your nervous system so we can bypass your conscious mind and access your subconscious. When your subconscious is in a receptive mode. That's when the magic happens because it is able to shift and change those old beliefs and that old programming, so your body relaxes, but your mind is wide awake. And during this session, what happens is that I can only give my clients what they truly want. So we use it as a powerful tool for positive change. 


Desiree 18:54

So a while ago we did this manifestation challenge right and in this on one of the days you had we all attended your rapid transformational session and we were supposed to be tapping very specifically into our mind for a certain topic, right? And I was expecting it was about achieving your goals and what you have in mind right and trying to see the things that are holding us back. So I was completely prepared. Okay, I already know, I already know what my problems are. So I know I'm going to visualize this and this and this is going to come up for me. But during your session I remember I went into this memory of my past I relived a moment and I was like wait a second, whoa. I hadn't thought about this moment in years. And when I thought about it, I think that is something that is actually holding me back. It is like an unresolved issue in a sense or it's a pattern that has come up and I haven't even notice. But I was amazed about the space that it took me to in this session. And I mean, you couldn't have possibly known that. But you've enabled me to get so deep into my mind to unlock something that was obviously like a little bit of a, like, what do you call it like an obstacle for me to go further? Yeah, it's just fascinating, fascinating, and that's just one of what amazes really.


Iva 20:37

Yeah, and I love that you're sharing this with everyone today because it really shows that you are in control. And your mind has all the answers. I just want to highlight something that you said because a lot of people might come from very traumatic life situations. They don't feel that they would like to relive in a session or go back to and I always tell them during a session with me, you will never be relieving anything. You're just going to be revisiting right you're going to be revisiting there's like a detachment to it. 


Desiree 21:19

Because nobody gets emotional detachment. Right? 


Iva 21:23

Yeah, nobody really can really relive a moment like you can try to remember right but and you can try to like review it, but not really relieve it because you will never be in that moment ever again. However, from that vantage point of understanding, in a very relaxed state, you're able to see as happened with you, right, you were able to see and have that aha moment where you were like, Oh, I thought my issue had something to do with this time in my life. But actually, it showed you your own subconscious mind because you're in control during the whole session. Your subconscious mind was the one that showed you Hey, this is more or less where the where the blockage or the resistance or the loop might be right that we're going to unravel. So, you know, to anyone that is asking like okay, so Iva, you really can, you know, work with people and achieve this powerful transformation and use hypnotherapy for positive change. I say yes, you know, if you want to drop excess weight, if you want to be a phenomenal speaker, you want to release on one that many blocks, do you want to shift anxiety and overwhelm, you want to attract love? It's like yes, yes, yes. Yes. All of that is possible with it. 


Desiree 22:45

And I love how we are able without any further tools we can make that possible because of us. Right? Like of course with your help but it's just so amazing that there is actually no limit for us it's limitless. We do what we what we want to do if we just have the sort of discipline or overcome that fear of like diving into the onto the subconscious. 


Iva 23:14

And yeah, and think about how much more limitless we would all be if 98% of our mind which is the subconscious would be on board.


Desiree 23:24

Yeah. I mean, I can't even begin to imagine right? We haven't even scratched the surface yet. What we are capable of, yeah, amazing. So what do people come to you for then? What are kind of the things that they ask you to change in their lives or, or what do they want to achieve?


Iva 23:46

Well, as I said, you know, really RTT has shown to be very successful in treating, a big spectrum of issues. Like eating disorders, phobias, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, physical ailments, you know, panic attack, drug usage, all of that, but people come to me and these are the areas that I specifically work with my clients which are money blocks or rewiring an abundance mindset, replacing limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, you know, that looping, talk, inner talk that we all have, right? How will we put a stop to it? Creating new subconscious blueprints to reach your goals, or explore unwanted patterns of behavior- Like why do I keep doing this over and over again, right? Everything that has to do with depression, anxiety, overwhelm. For us busy moms entrepreneurs surviving divorce or a loss of a loved one, Hypno-birthing, fear of public speaking, a lot of people have fear of, oh, I need to be on social media. How can I do that? I cannot even you know, be in front of the camera comfortably. And I don't do this very often. But smoking cessation. Helping people quit smoking also has been part of what I've done in the past.


Desiree 25:12

Yeah, yeah. But all the things you've mentioned, they're like the typical mompreneur pain points. Like everything that we go through as like being moms or new moms and trying to build a business trying to do it all. It's just Yeah, yeah, it's really you can unlock so many things for these mompreneurs but how long does it then actually take? Does it just take one session or, like can like how fast can people see results?


Iva 25:43

Yes, so this was one of the things that sold me on RTT you know, when I was doing my research and studying the science of the mind, because what I love about RTT hypnotherapy is that compared to other modalities, its effectiveness. It's so outstanding, okay, so this is this is not to dismiss other forms of therapy. I think everybody has to find what works for them. But for me, because I'm a busy mom, I don't have time I really couldn't have the time to sit down and go over and over and over an issue for weeks on end and months and years. Right. That that is not really my style. I really like to go to the root cause, you know, and do my thing, you know, that I'm very, as you said at the beginning, you know, I'm very, like hands on. So RTT and this is not only me, but also the American Psychological Association issued a study that measures the effectiveness of, for example, hypnotherapy, versus modalities like psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy. I mean, it's really mind boggling. So just to give you an example and a comparison in your mind, so psychoanalysis is about 38% effective and it requires about 600 sessions. Behavioral therapy, which is another modality is about 72% effective and he requires about 22 sessions. Hypnotherapy is 93% effective, and it requires about six sessions an RTT hypnotherapy can be as fast as one to three sessions. 


Desiree 27:29

That is absolutely incredible. I did not know about these numbers, these statistics that is just wow,. I have to share. So when I obviously when you shared with me, this is what I'm doing. You just got certified and everything. I was like, oh my god, Iva, you need to help me because I was pregnant at that time. I was a little bit of a difficult moment because being in Japan, we were still in the middle of the pandemic and they already told me even you know, even before I was pregnant, I knew once I give birth if the situation doesn't change, my husband is not even allowed to join me in the in the hospital. Hey, not only my delivery room but not in the hospital. I have to be there by myself and give birth to our child with no support in a country that is not my own, don't speak the language. Yeah, it's just it was a little bit scary. And you know, also that my pregnancy wasn't the easiest right? So I was scared. I was scared and I needed strength. And I was like, Well, can you help me? I didn't even say can you help me? You immediately said I will help you to go through this. And I remember we had one, session. One session. I'm going to highlight that_one session. And out of that session, like you know, it was so personalized, because you asked me a lot of questions beforehand so you can really prepare and we went through it and we did rapid transformational session where it was hypnotherapy right? So I and then after that you equipped me with this recording the same exact thing what we did, and I then proceeded to listen to that leading up to the birth right so this was only sort of towards the end. And what it did for me was just amazing. I mean, seriously, during my birth My husband was not physically with me. I mean, he was with me in my heart for sure. But you were with me in my mind, your voice your, encouragement, like everything you had unlocked for me and I must say it was the most beautiful, peaceful experience. Okay, as peaceful as a birth can be. You know what I mean, though? Yeah, when I was when I was so calm. I was really at ease and I was I was not scared at all anymore. And it was just from that one session plus that of course the recordings after but that was up to me right to continue listening them to prepare myself but I cannot say enough about how powerful that was. And I mean, I have even more stories to share about my healing journey, but we'll leave that for another day. I just yeah, I didn't know about the statistics, but I can really vouch for, for how powerful just one single session can be.


Iva 30:30

Yeah, yeah. And they love that story. 


Desiree 30:47

Yes. But and then we went on to do a to do a few more things. And I mean, we need to continue talking about this because there's so many more things I want to ask you about how we unlock certain things in our mind, but also to talk about the three most powerful secrets of the mind. There are so many secrets, so Right, so I'll still talk about that in an upcoming episode, but I absolutely love how like it doesn't have to be Hypno-birthing it do not have to give birth to another child's experiences. But if you're a mompreneur and you're trying to build a business, you're trying to juggle it all. You have these powerful tools through what Iva does to actually achieve that. And so if you have a freebie for everyone, can you tell us what it is and why every single mompreneur needs this. 


Iva 31:35

Yeah. So what I have is an invitation to Kiss Anxiety Goodbye! And that is also the name of this powerful freebie. You get to access 15 trusted solutions to relieve anxiety in minutes so you can do a mix and match depending on the moment and situation. It contains 4 anxiety-dissolving audios and 1 downloadable guide that provides relief on the go. So you can become a powerhouse of mental calmness and clarity in no time. These solutions are so easy to implement, and they are all scientifically proven and most importantly, they are mom bosses approved.  


Desiree 32:21

This is so powerful and so generous of you to put this toolkit together that really if you just click on that link and you get it for yourself, you have everything sort of at hand to get started. Yeah and obviously if you want to dive deeper they can then book a book a call like an actual session with you. 


Iva 32:30

Yes, of course 


Desiree 32:45

And tell us what are you working on right now as well because I know there's exciting things is amazing.


Iva 32:56

Yes. So one of one of the projects that I am launching in the coming months is Drop The ‘O’ Overwhelm, the app experience, so it's going to be an exclusive app. where mompreneurs can go from overwhelmed to over-joyed in three simple sprint's. Because here's the thing, imagine that you're able to actually slow down and get more done and transform the hard work into effortless action with consistency. Okay, so no more sleepless nights with a mom guilt, you know, dancing around the pillow. You'll be getting rest, you'll be having breakthroughs. You'll be having the personal satisfaction that what you're doing  your life purpose and your dreams. So you're going from Oh, no! to Oh, yeah. All the time. And it's going to be fun. You know, it's going to be something that you can join to make your own rules, trust the journey that you're on, and that you're designing your life but in a way that aligns with your values, ditches is the guilt. But also, takes away all the idea of Oh, it's another course like it's another workbook. It's another, you know, to do list of things that I have to add to my plate, and it's like, no, no, no, no, no, we're going to be actually taking stuff off your plate so that you can really do this effortlessly and easily. And being your zone of genius. For the better part.


Desiree 34:33

I love how personal it is like what you just said it's like it's however it is aligned to your values. It's designing because everyone has a different sort of a different definition of what overwhelm is, what enjoyment is, what satisfaction is, what successes is, so it's going to be aligned to their own definition of those which is absolutely powerful. I can't wait to continue like watching you on this journey to experience it.


Iva 35:09

You're very much a part of it. You're very much a part of it already. So yes, I love more love more.


Desiree 35:15

Yes, I can. And I can't wait. We're not done with this conversation because there's so much more to be said about that. We're definitely going to continue but thank you so much for what you have shared already today. Really, it's been I every time I talk to you about this I learned so much more credible. If you are not already following Iva on her own Instagram page, please do so and she's at the @momergymovement. She's also very active on Facebook. And she's got an amazing Facebook group as well. And we are going to put all of these contacts as well as your LinkedIn and her website and everything on into the show notes. And of course the link to the amazing freebie. Please don't miss out on it. It's a toolkit that whether you know it or not as a mompreneur who needed in your life so thank you again today Iva for sharing everything you've shared today. 


Iva 36:11

Oh, so happy always to share and to and to share this beautiful space and this you know, podcast with you thank you. 


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