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Genie in a Bottle | Learn 3 Powerful Secrets of the Mind Part 2 Ep 8

Desiree 1:05

Today I am so excited once again to introduce my beautiful beautiful podcast co-host/business bestie/most wonderful person in my life honestly, so welcome back Iva on the other side of the mic today.


Iva 1:25

Thank you, thank you. It is mutual I have to say


Desiree 1:31

So much love today. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. So, for those that tuned in last week, you would know already that Iva  has other personality besides being this wonderful podcast host right is that she is on a mission to help 1,000 mompreneurs achieve higher levels of success, confidence and freedom. She has successfully merged 20 years of corporate experience with her studies on the science of the mind into her role as a licensed RTT Hypnotherapist and is endorsed by the UK’s number one therapist, Marissa Peer. So Iva actually really helps entrepreneurs drop the overwhelm, and ‘too-much-to-do’ anxiety and instead creates a new subconscious blueprint to facilitate powerful transformations and I can really vouch for that_ I can't wait to share a little bit. But really this way moms can successfully navigate the overlap between business and family. Iva is not only my beloved co-host of this podcast, but she is an avid speed reader, a matcha Ivangelist who firmly believes in having fun every step of the way while taking her whole family along for the ride and me as well. Iva, so excited to continue this amazing conversation that we started last week with you.


Iva 3:02

Yes, yes, absolutely.


Desiree 3:05

So for those who are wondering, okay, what is an RTT Hypnotherapist? Definitely tune in to last week's episode, where Iva explains that and it is absolutely fascinating. So please go back and listen, and then jump back onto this episode as well. So we really today want to dive into the secrets of the mind right? And oh my gosh, since I've known you have unlocked so many things for me that you know our mind is with us all the time, we are often not aware the ability that we have ourselves to actually undergo a transformation to overcome things like overwhelm, anxiety and all of that and that we are actually able to be in control of that once we are able to listen to our subconscious. So there are three powerful secrets of the mind. So Iva, please tell us all about them.


Iva 4:26

And before we dive in, I just want to go back to exactly what you said, you know, when it comes to mental health disorders and the whole topic of mental health, this is definitely something that is very close to my heart. And definitely, according to statistics, anxiety is the world's biggest mental health disorder, more than depression, and it tends to affect women twice as much as men. So, it is an ongoing topic for moms and mompreneurs, how we are approaching our roles, in the business, in the workplace, in our families, everything and feeling that somehow this is normal, you know, to have this overwhelm and anxiety running in the background, right? And sometimes we don't call it that sometimes we call it oh, you know, I just have like this inner dialogue that doesn't stop or you know, when the day starts, I just feel my heart beat faster. And I just have this sense of dread and I just you know the million things to do or at night it's like going through the things that I didn't do and the things that I still need to do and adding them into this list and all of that. And so, it has become sort of like Oh, that is what it's supposed to be and I just want to rescue from what you said that. No, that is not what it's supposed to be like. Those are symptoms of anxiety and overwhelm. But as you said, one of the great things and one of the silver linings about all of this is that anxiety is highly treatable. And the earlier that you seek help, the better the outcome. So we should really shift that sense of, oh, , I feel ashamed or I am I'm embarrassed or there's this stigma around looking for professional help if I'm feeling you know, these feelings, these thoughts, these emotions coming up on a regular basis and they don't seem to go away because that's the other thing, there is a beginning, middle and end to things and anxiety is a very normal type of emotion to feel depending on certain situations. You know, there are stressors in our lives that causes that anxiety. That is very normal. You have to, I don't know go in a plane, you haven't travelled in a long time. You don't know how long the queue is going to be, you know, if your baby's going to act out. There's so many unknowns and that is a stressor that creates this sense of okay, I don't know what I'm up against and the anxiety shows up. But once you're on the plane, or once you landed where you're supposed to go, then it's over, right? Yeah, the one that I'm talking about is the one that is very lingering, where you cannot even pinpoint what is causing all of this, right? 


Desiree 7:48

I feel almost that in motherhood, ike it almost comes as a tag to it: anxiety and that it's normal because you tend to be around other moms, and they're all going through the same thing. So, you're like, well, that's just how it is. Now I'm busier, I'm overwhelmed, my to-do list grew longer. And so there's this constant feeling and you think it's actually normal, but you're right, it's not right. And it actually happened to me the other day, I was like laying in bed and I felt so like at peace and I felt like I like I felt accomplished and everything but my immediate reaction was like, Wait a second: did I forget something? Why am I feeling like this? And you're almost looking for it again? Yes, yes. Yes. It's crazy how that builds up in your mind. Yeah, consciously. 


Iva 8:38

Yeah, yeah. So the good news is that there is another way, there is a different approach to life from a feeling of not having, you know, that sense of dread, that constant what if? What if this? What if that? But it's always in the negative. Always about what can be going wrong? And it has a lot to do with how we communicate with our mind, as you said before, so yes, this really links up to the secrets of the mind because what I want to really highlight is that when we are awake and conscious, we tell ourselves a lot of things. We are able to make interpretations of what is happening to us, we're able to tell ourselves, you know, certain narratives and stories and we have this almost like mindset shifts that we can access on how we view a situation or an event or a particular dynamic with someone. But when we effectively learn, you know, the secrets of the mind and we'll learn how to communicate with our subconscious, which is the one that is doing the heavy lifting. There's something that needs to be said for our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind.


Desiree 10:03

Really 30,000 times? 


Iva 10:05

30,000 times more powerful and that is where our beliefs become embedded and become created. And why is this so important when we talk about beliefs and inner beliefs and limiting beliefs and negative beliefs and all of that is because these beliefs_imagine that it's the color of the lens through which you're looking at life. And it really starts to determine the way that you're going to think, the way that you're going to feel, the way that you're going to act. It all stems from these beliefs. And so when our beliefs get wired and embedded and encoded, we're usually very young and we don't know any, any different, right? We just take it all in, you know, without question. We are told, you know, things about the Tooth Fairy and we just believe it. So there's no filter. And what happens is that these beliefs can be very misguided, right? Or they could have been appropriate for a certain time and period in our life. When we were small. But as we grow up and we have more information, then they don't really upgrade with us. And when they don't upgrade with us, and then they stay, you know, in that time capsule of sorts, that's where you start to see that there's a lot of contradiction, and there's a lot of struggle or there's a lot of situations where we find ourselves thinking, you know, why am I like sabotaging myself? Why am I procrastinating Why am I not able to go through with what i told myself that I want to do if it's what I'm telling myself that I want to do? And it has all to do with the fact that yes, consciously you are telling yourself things and you are communicating with yourself. But subconsciously, we haven't accessed the right way to let our subconscious mind know that there's a new command. There's a new blueprint from which we operate. So the first secret of the mind that I want to share with you is exactly that_ is that your mind wants to stay in what is familiar and avoid the unfamiliar. And you see this with children, right? Our kids like the same foods, the same outfit, the same toy, they want to read the same book. It's always like, based on all these routines and the same ever ongoing loop right like Groundhog Day, like it's always the same and the same, the same. And that is because our mind, first of all, was not designed, evolutionary speaking, to make us happy. 


Our mind was designed to keep us safe and to keep us alive. So that meant that back in the days, right when we used to live more in times where we were in cave times or prehistoric times, you know going back into the ancient civilizations and we really had to rely on what we knew, because that was safe. And that kept us alive, right? I ate from that plant. And the next morning we were still alive. It meant that it was good for us. If somebody ate something different and then they didn't wake up the next day then everybody knew ‘Okay, something happened here’. This is definitely not in our best interest to do so in venturing out. Also being part of a community was safe, right? We couldn't venture out and explore because we didn't know what was going to happen or what was on the other side. And so this secret of the mind really means that when we have been conditioned a certain way, even when it's in the negative_ so here's the interesting thing, right? A lot of people sometimes they complain and then they say, ‘Oh, I don't know why this is happening to me.’ Or they seem to have like this ongoing sicknesses or patterns where it's very, they're toxic, almost or they go into gambling or like addictions and self-destructive habits. But the reason that they continue to go back even though we know it's not good, and we know it's not healthy, is because it's familiar. And that sense of familiarity makes sense, it makes the person feel safe. And we can take that one notch above linking it to what we just spoke about, you know, anxiety and overwhelm. We feel safe in being anxious and hyper vigilant, right? We get to a point where we're almost used to it, we're used to it right? So, so it's normal to be in this constant fight or flight mode, right? If nothing is happening, it's like our buddy kicks in and says, Hey, you haven't had your rush of like what might go wrong. It's time to activate it today. And you're like, oh, yeah, that's, that is familiar. Yeah, we did that yesterday. And the day before. So today, I'm coming interviewing again. And it can be a reason why a lot of people have a hard time transitioning into feeling relaxed, feeling, you know, into this meditative mode. People are like oh, I cannot do meditation, cannot sit still. It's very uncomfortable. Well, because it's not familiar. You haven't made it familiar. But the good news is that once we make something familiar, right, we have that ability we can make. 


Desiree 16:08

How do suggest we do that then? Like what are the steps to take?


Iva 16:13

Definitely repetition. Repetition is key. It's the reason why, you know, as adults, we no longer negotiate brushing our teeth. Even though we get home late at night, and we don't stand in the mirror, debating: should I do it today or tomorrow for an hour, instead? No, we just get on with it. We brush our teeth, we go to bed. Why? Because for eight plus years of our lives, it was the brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth and it became second nature, it became familiar. And now that we are adults, we understand the added benefits of doing it right so that that stacks up things in our favor. But definitely, the more that you do something, the more it becomes familiar. And then the more you want to do it because it goes into the ‘Oh, it feels comfortable. I'm able to do it very easily.’ So we are able to do and change habits that we don't want through repetition, right is as you know, just like anyone that says, you know, I'm going to switch from I don't know drinking dairy to drinking a plant based type of milk right? At the beginning, it's very unfamiliar, it tastes very strange. You had to get used to it. But once you do it, then it becomes familiar and then you get used to it and then it becomes normal. All right. So that's the first secret of the mind. 


The second secret is that your mind cannot hold two conflicting beliefs at once. And this is very important because we sometimes, this is where beliefs come into play, right? Because sometimes we tell ourselves consciously that we want things so there's you know, there's no one really in the planet. I think that consciously could say, oh, yeah, I don't I don't want more money. I wouldn't want to be richer. I wouldn't want to win the lottery, like no. Now, we go to questions like that. We all say like, ‘Yeah, of course, give me more money. I would love to be richer, and I would love to have more money in the bank.’ So consciously, we say yes, we want that. But if there is a belief that got embedded earlier in life where, I don't know, a parent or family members, or somebody said something like, ‘Oh, rich people are so greedy, or people that have money, you know, they're so miserable.’ And already if I have money, you know, I'm just going to have more problems. I don't know, things that you might hearing, or that your family or people around you would say they're regarding, you internalize that. So now, here's what happens. You do want to make more money, right? You want to have more money. You want to start that business, you really want to like give it your all right, because it's like I want to be financially independent, but you are not aware that underneath it all there's a belief that says, ‘Oh, wait a second. You know, rich people are greedy. Rich people don't have friends, or rich people are miserable.’ And I don't want that. I actually want to be liked. I actually want to have friends. I actually, you know, I totally want to…


Desiree 19:40

Your conscious mind is actually holding you back. It puts this block into your actions that would move you forward and actually holds you back.


Iva 19:50

Yes, yes. And you know why? Because it's linked to the first secret of the mind: is trying to keep you safe, and it's trying to keep you alive and familiar. I mean, the familiar So, if in the reach of having success in your business, if going for that promotion, if you know, allowing yourself to take the steps so that your bank account can grow, using this as an example, but your subconscious mind says wait a second. That's not the way it goes. Because remember, you know, your family doesn't like people that have a lot of money then it's going to keep you in a space where no matter what you do, it's like you're spinning your wheels. You're going around in circles, right? Because there's two conflicting beliefs and the one that's going to overrule everything and override everything is that one is the one that sits in the subconscious right? And the one that is about keeping you safe and alive, right? So if making you rich, if giving you more money, making you successful, if really allowing yourself to build that business in a way that you want is going to keep you from having friends or being happy, and all these terrible things are gonna happen to us. I need to make sure that that's never the case. So your mind will default to that. So that's the second secret.


Desiree 21:14



Iva 21:15

And how we can affect seemingly unrelated topics and things and actions that you're trying to do in your waking life. 


Desiree 22:31

That's why we I think we see like also entering motherhood as such a big, big task because we're literally diving into the unfamiliar we don't know what it's like to have children. We don't know what's expecting us on the other side and right here. 


Iva 23:03

Yeah, for a lot of moms the internal struggle, that subconscious struggle is actually bigger than it needs to be because there can be a lot of beliefs about what is a good mom, you know about motherhood? What am I supposed to be doing and not doing? And that can go counter to what you actually want for yourself or how you actually want to be raising your kids but it's all subconscious and almost like a blind spot that you don't get to see. If we were able to see our blind spots, they wouldn't be called blind. So that's the beauty of, you know, doing hypnotherapy to just uncover where those limiting beliefs might be rooted. And once you turn them around, that's the beauty of it. Once the subconscious gets it and understands like, ‘Oh, wait a second, this is so irrelevant like it doesn't even apply anymore. You know, that was a long time ago when I was a child. Yeah, I used to believe certain things’


Desiree 23:56

It's so interesting because we often like the first step is actually realizing that and seeing that because a lot of people they're completely unaware that there's this underlying belief. And I can really share as well because I have done sessions with you where you know you prompted me to think about something or like, you know, a point in my life, but I was transported to situations that I had long forgotten that were not even_ that I didn't deem relevant in my life anymore. But what came from that is that it was obviously still something that I needed to work through or something that affected like certain decisions I was making moving forward. So then all of a sudden you have this light bulb moment you're like, ‘Aha, I need to work on that. But this is something that is really something that makes me afraid or something that holds me back.’ So I need to overcome that in order to move forward and I think that's extremely powerful. Being able to hold those reins of your own life with the help of course 


Iva 25:11

And that's the beauty also of you know, sometimes people come to me and they say, you know, I am having this, I don't know symptoms or this issue, and I really don't know where it came from, or why and the beauty of RTT hypnotherapy is that you don't need to know the why. Your subconscious knows and when we go and ask your subconscious, it will tell us it will tell us exactly, you know, when, why, how, where this belief got to be and then we get to turn it around. And so we do it because when you gain that understanding during a session, understanding in hypnosis is very, very powerful. And that's what happened to you. You were probably at the beginning of it puzzled, right, about like, you know, it's not even a place or a scene that I thought might be related. But it doesn't matter because your mind knows that that scene or going back to that situation right in revision it holds the key to why your present situation or issue is happening in the now. And when you're able to make that link and make that connection, the understanding, the aha moment, that's where the subconscious gets rewired and goes, ‘Oh, I see it now. Okay, it was all based on this interpretation of something that happened, that is no longer relevant. I don't need to carry this with me.’ 


We cannot change the past. I cannot change what happened for anyone. Right? But that is okay. Because it's the meaning and the interpretation that we gave to that life event that really continues this belief to be still relevant and to still carry the weight of how you're showing up, or how you think and how you feel about things. And this connects with the third Secret of the mind, which is exactly that. Your beliefs form a blueprint that you're wired to meet all your life. So, here's what happens. It's like, it's a bit like, the belief comes in, right? And the mind now has a command to execute, because that's what our mind does. It executes these commands, it is based on these beliefs. And it forms a blueprint. So it says, you know, going back to the example, right, I don't know rich people are (filling the blank), right? So it will always continue to look for evidence in your day to day interactions and life situations so that it can point out ‘You see? That person was very mean to you and guess what? Their parents have money, or they are wealthy, or this and that, right? And you start to create the blueprint right? You start to even stack upon that belief, all this evidence. And you see and this happened here, this happened there. This happened afterwards. And all of these things are pointing always to the same thing. So it gets reinforced. And the more that it gets reinforced, the more is in your interest to continue believing it and having it because it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So when we're able to change that blueprint, and we're able to really say ‘Okay, wait a second. I don't need to gather more evidence on this. I can gather equally good evidence about wealthy people, being philanthropists and donating and helping others and you know, being generous and overall, like great people, just like anyone else, right?’ And so forth. Then you can effectively start overriding that and allowing yourself to be one of them, if that's what you want. Because now, then you believe in a blueprint where people in the world can be generous and then they can be greedy. And it doesn't matter what their bank account says. It's about, you know who they are as a person. Or what's in their heart, right. So we can always, we can always shift that we can always change what is that blueprint as I said, the colored tint of the glasses with which you see the world



And that is that is really at the core of when we come in and we say, you know, you just want to feel free. You just want to feel liberated. I just want to unshackle myself from a situation or always going around feeling that I only get to this point and then something happens. Usually those are like the dead giveaways when you start to see yourself that you're probably operating under a blueprint. That is no longer necessary or useful for the next stage in your life because you find yourself saying, like, you know, every time that something good happens, something bad happens as well. Right? Yes. And it's like, ‘Oh, okay,’ but that is the blueprint that you have, right? That is your mind, probably saying wait a second. This is two conflicting beliefs or wait a second. I don't want you to be at risk. I want to keep you safe. Or this is just a blueprint. This is how it's supposed to be right.


Desiree 31:09

And it's so great once you actually realize this and understand that right now that we can cover these secrets. It's so it's so simple actually to really reflect upon them. During the next time we're feeling something is blocking us to really go into ourselves or definitely what I suggest to everyone have a session as well with you because we need that help. Right? It's very difficult, I think, to tap into our subconscious especially if you don't know how, at the beginning. Right to really have someone to facilitate that. It's incredible. I mean, it's incredible, the experiences you have it's really mind blowing, and I'd love to share like another story as well about how this really affected me on a level where where it was a health related issue at the beginning of the year, where again it shows how powerful our subconscious mind is and our body and the messages that we can send to our body but I was quite sick and had like a condition that required some surgery as well. And doctors that tell you things you don't want to hear right and you're like, you know, I'm not going to go through that. I'm not going to move forward with that because everything in my body told me no, that's not what I want. And I was so determined to heal myself. But of course you need help right you need really need help to allow to heal myself and to rewire my body to send messages to bypass your conscious mind, right?


Iva 33:10

Because that's the biggest barrier, our conscious mind it's usually filtering and it's making quick based assumptions on like, ‘Oh, this feels this feels nice. This feels, you know, uncomfortable.’ I like this, or I  like this person, the tone, you know, all these things. We're constantly forming this evaluations and it's the critical mind and if that's what is its job to do, so we question and we're like, wait a second, it doesn't make sense and what


Desiree 33:40

What I feel in today's society we just like we believe everyone around us and we like especially professionals, like doctors, for example. We're like, okay, so whatever you tell me to do. I will do and we follow this without maybe questioning and we fall into this trend of just following along, whether it be with things like overwhelm or anxiety or actually medical conditions, right? But what we can really have the power to do is to either reverse that or really work on ourselves with the power of our mind to help us heal. So I did sessions with you. And I it was sort of like Iva has self-healing session where I did that every day for I don't know how long. I think it was a course of a couple of weeks, right? And I went to see the doctor and he was fascinated, he couldn't believe it. So if you're well you don't need to get on all of this. medication. You don't need to do the bigger surgery and all of that because I was able to actually yeah, to actually change.


Iva 34:55

Yeah, well, you weren't able to access your subconscious


Desiree 35:02

Yes, I know you can explain that better. You need to help me on that.


Iva 35:14

No, that’s great, you know, right. Because you're sharing from your own experience. And that's what it is like you were you were able to bypass your conscious mind so that you could communicate with your subconscious and remember your subconscious is also the one that's in charge of all your bodily functions. Like you're not here sitting consciously thinking that you have to pump blood into our system. You're not thinking that you have to blink. You're not thinking that my kidneys need to filter you know. It's very automatic. And, and so there is an infinite network of intelligence that is our body right through our mind, through our subconscious mind redirecting all this functions, that if we had to be conscious of them, we would forget half the time to breathe, to like do all these things. So this intelligence, this network of intelligence is running in the background, and it knows what to do without us telling it consciously that that's what it needs to be doing. And so that's where you say very, very pointedly, that you can heal yourself in the sense that we can access this network of intelligence to start repairing, to start bringing our body, our cells, our molecules, every atom in our body into its original blueprint as we were born, right. We were born perfect, and our bodies behaved perfectly. They had perfect digestion. We had perfect sleep. We didn't have anxiety, you know? When we came in as babies into this world, everything worked as it should, but somehow, maybe through lifestyle choices, maybe through stressors, things get disrupted, and we get out of balance, out of sync. And one of the great things that we can work on with RTT and this is what we did with you, to do this healing vortex sessions and recordings- and audios that really help the body and the mind work in sync with that purpose to heal itself, to repair itself, to let out all the toxins whatever is no longer needed to expel it. Right. It's nice to everything you know, toxins substances, food that we eat, but also emotions that


Desiree 37:51

Emotions exactly and override your resentment all of that.


Iva 37:57

So, we are at the end of the day holistic beings right? We have a body, we also have a mind, we have emotions, and all of this works in perfect harmony, the way it's supposed to. When it goes out of whack that's when we start to see symptoms, that's when we start to say what is going on here? Why this? So what we did together was to allow yourself the intentionality of your body to start healing and to do it in a way that was effortless. It was very easy, that it was very relaxing for you, it didn't really require added pressure or stress.  


Desiree 38:38

Right, right. I believe it was very simple thing.



Iva 38:48

And so even that, right, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, ‘I have to get better, right?’ I have to get better and that I have to you know, move along with all the other things that we need to do. It doesn't allow our body to really just go into that space where it can heal, where it can allow the natural processes to take over and do what they need to do to get you to the other side. 


Desiree 39:17

So this is what IVA said that's what I was trying to explain.


Iva 39:21

That's another way that absolutely we can work together you know, when there's like physical ailments or certain symptoms that people are experiencing and they still obviously you know, we continue to work with your doctor, we continue to work with your primary caregiver but it really helps to, I would say, even to a certain degree accelerated or make it right, make it faster. And in a way that is less trauma and less stress for the body and for ourselves to get to that side.


Desiree 40:01

Yeah. So for those who may be now sitting, listening and wondering, is it okay, what does this look like? What does the session look like? Maybe I'll tell them a little bit from my point of view, and experience so that when you book a session with Iva, and then of course Iva knows me inside out is there's not so much prep needed to do before us we talk every day. So you know there may be some pre-work that needs to be done. But then you go into a hypnotherapy session where she really through hypnosis, and again, if you want to know more about that, listen to the episode last week, but where you go within yourself and you access all of your subconscious and so it depends what the issue is how long the session is, and what you do live with her and her guidance, she will record and then she gives you that recording so that you're able to continue and what's really, really important it's not just like one session and that's it right. But it's you continue listening to this, you continue to work on that and that's where the transformation takes place. So if I did not know much about it at the beginning, I'm completely in awe of what it can do. It's one of the most powerful things I've done to really one was the physical part. The second was, God we haven't even talked about my whole hypnobirthing but you know we can’t fit it all into this episode. It was so like for both of us, I think such an a powerful experience and it's absolutely transformational. So, I can only recommend for anyone who has these limiting beliefs or blockages of any sorts in any area of your life try to access the secrets of the mind and work with it. Work with the tools you have within yourself. So


Iva 42:24

Yeah, at the end of the day, there's no need to be carrying this around endlessly. There is really no need for that. I believe that we are meant to be here to really follow our purpose, to follow our heart's desire and that's fine we and we are in doing that we should be accessing this level of fulfillment of happiness of bliss, right of contentment. And so if you feel that you are really trying to make things happen for yourself, but you find that it feels very difficult almost like walking through mud, right? Like it's easy to push through but there's a lot of resistance. A lot might be coming from beliefs that are deep-rooted and a lot of stories that are there that once you turn them around, it's like they're gone. Right? All the resistance is also gone. You're off to the races to do what you want.


Desiree 43:36

Iva, I love how we can apply all of these secrets of our lives to our own journey of actually building a business as mompreneurs because now that we have little ones it is just a different ballgame. There is so much more involved, so many more pieces coming together. So I love that we get to use these powerful tools that you've just uncovered for us. So thank you for that and you also have an amazing freebie for everyone. It is the anti anxiety toolkit and please tell us a little bit more about it. 


Iva 44:16

Yes,yes, yes. So what I have is an invitation to Kiss Anxiety Goodbye! And that is also the name of this powerful freebie. You get to access 15 trusted solutions to relieve anxiety in minutes so you can do a mix and match depending on the moment and situation. It contains 4 anxiety-dissolving audios and 1 downloadable guide that provides relief on the go. So you can become a powerhouse of mental calmness and clarity in no time. These solutions are so easy to implement, and they are all scientifically proven and most importantly, they are mom bosses approved.  


Desiree 46:56

Yeah, and this toolkit is simply amazing. Please get it out. We all suffer from anxiety in one way or another. So it is truly, truly helpful. So thank you for this very generous gift. And tell us what are you working on right now as well?


Iva 47:17

Oh my God, so many things right. Yes, I know. You know, as we are as this episode gets to air. It's going to be about you know, an end of the year. But I am working on, on on doing an app, creating an app called Drop the O in screen to be the app experience. There's going to be an exclusive app for mompreneurs so that they can go from overwhelmed to overjoyed in three simple sprints, and it's going to be a lot of fun. I cannot say much at the moment because it's still working progress. But what it is really going from you know, from this ‘oh no, all these things happening’ to ‘Oh yeah, I can't wait’ and how you can do that effectively. And if you know me by now by listening, you know to what I do to this to the previous episode. To this episode, you know that I understand that we live in a world that that requires for us to move ahead quite quickly. And that's why I don't like to, to lag around, right. I really want to help my clients get to where they want to go in the most effortless, easy way. Not cutting corners just knowing that they don't need to spend a lot of time going around in circles. And this app is definitely going to help them in that direction so they can start especially mompreneurs they can start to make their own rules. trust their own instincts and be able to enjoy their motherhood and be satisfied in the business that they're building. So this is all coming very, very soon, but this is a little bit of a summary. So what I'm yeah working on Yes,


Desiree 49:06

Yeah, I'm super excited for this. I really can't wait to experience it. Like you said it's an experience. So Iva, thank you so much. I love talking to you in any capacity. There is so like we talk all the time, but you just can't get enough. But I love to have you on the other side of the interview chair today. So thank you so much. If you want to connect with Iva other than listen to binge listening to our podcast, of course, you can find her also on her Instagram which is @momergymovement. So yes, that is where the magic comes from in our collaboration, the merging movement and she is very active on Facebook. She's got an amazing Facebook group. And, of course her link to her freebie. And everything will be in the show notes. So keep an eye out for all the amazing things that event will bring out there. And don't forget to book a call. We'll also put these links into the show notes how they can connect with you iva and thank you so much. Thank you. We'll continue our conversations very, very soon.


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