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Better than Coffee | How to Use Your Mornings to Gain Clarity for Yourself Ep 9

Iva 1:22

We are here today with Manica Hauptman and she is going to you have an amazing conversation with us on how to take imperfect action and get clarity in your life while you're living abroad. So Manica, we are so excited to have you here today.


Manica 1:44

Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for having me. I'm super excited as well.


Desiree 1:48

Yeah, so Manica is a certified Life Coach and she helps her clients to get super clear on what they want and take action to get it. She believes in the power of her unique morning routine and loves teaching her clients how to build their beliefs from clarity of heart before taking action with confidence and courage. So from this space, she then supports her clients in managing all their obligations with less stress and mess taking decisions they love and building a happy and successful life. She is Slovenian currently living in London. She's a traveller by heart and she's also a mom to three kids. And she decided to set up her own business to live an independent life, widen her choices and try new pathways. Manica, it's so exciting to have you here. We have so many parallels we've already identified just before we hit the record button here. And but please share with us about your journey and what made you decide to jump into what you're doing today. And most of all, I'm so intrigued about your unique morning routine.


Manica 3:07

Thank you. Yeah, I love my morning routine. I'm going to talk about it later on. But just to sort of a little bit about my background and how I came to set up my own business in the first place. Because having three kids, meaning I'm not super young, so like I'm 47. So I have a previous career behind me. So my first career was in civil service. I was working for international organization. And actually I'm still I'm sort of on sabbatical. So I have another job which makes it easy and it makes it difficult to build your own business because sometimes it's an incentive and sometimes question in our own safety net, which ‘Yeah, it really depends how we manage your mind and how we see it’. So I decided years ago to see it as something great is something that gives me even more freedom, but it doesn't prevent me to set up my own business. So five years ago, or four years ago, I decided to take my sabbatical and move to London with my husband and to build my own business. I qualified as a life coach. I'm also a yoga teacher. And I started like two years ago with really intensively building up on my clients base and building up what I do now. And why I did it. It was exactly because what you said like I really want to have choices and I want to have freedom. I've always wanted to have my own business. And I really don't want to depend on like one employer in it to offer me something eventually maybe, but I want to have a little bit more. And I think this is now looking back at a decision three years ago. I think really it was the right one. I loved my journey during that time and think enterpreneurship is the best personal growth journey ever. 


Iva 4:59

Amen to that.


Manica 5:03

I learned so much I mean not that you learn about taxes and marketing and social media. I learned so much about myself. I learned so much about my beliefs. I learned so much about the patterns in a  sense.


Iva 5:20

And no one can prepare you for that though, right like there is no way you will ever be prepared to know what is on that other side when you say yes to entrepreneurship. But then, like motherhood is  the same 


Manica 5:32

Oh yeah, that's true. It's a very good comparison. Yeah.


Iva 5:36

When you become a mom, you don't know what you don't know. Right and even if you get the best advice from your loved ones from your friends, even if they try to, I don't know transmit a little bit of wisdom from their vantage point. It's still you still have to go through it right and I do believe_ I always say: when we are mompreneurs we really are a different breed because we have our children, but we have this, you know a nonhuman baby as well. That is our business, our passion, our purpose and having it come to life. It's so fulfilling, as you said, it's you'll learn so much about yourself.


Manica 6:25

I think for me, even entrepreneurship was a harder journey than motherhood. I think we're all different. And I think I had like from home from a history I had this. My mom was like, a really good role model. So it wasn't so difficult to being like my mom, for me. I don't know if this is how it feels. Enterpreneurship was much more of a mess. Maybe also because I had another career before that already established for almost 10 years. So it's a completely different background as well. And then you have to overcome a lot of things and a lot of sort of how you work and how you function. And that's why when you mentioned clarity. This is something that I think was what I learned that without clarity, you just keep on working and you keep on doing things and you get nowhere. And that's why I'm so passionate with my clients like they don't have to be entrepreneurs whatever they want to do. If they're not super clear, they would just get lost in action. That's completely innocent, useless, but it's really nontargeted in the desert.


Desiree 7:30

Yeah, yeah, no, definitely. As you say clarity is something that we are all always on the lookout for. And do you feel that for most of us, it's really a journey of looking within more than looking outside. When it comes to that clarity that you've referred to when it comes to business to life, to the direction that you want to take.


Manica 7:57

I think that's why I said like it's clarity from your heart. You know? It's easy to say but it's much more difficult to actually discover, especially if you have a lot of other things, if you're a mom, if your wife is your friend, you have so many other things to consider as well, and the clarity like what you really want regardless, it's much more difficult to establish and then not to you know, feel all of the feelings about it not to feel any guilt not to feel any. Now it is very easy. If you're a mama's boy and you have lots of other obligations or if you're a carer, you don't have to be mom. So I think clarity. When you're on your own it was for me much easier than having clarity that I don't have to justify while also playing the roles.


Iva 8:50

I know it's especially like for example I have a very, very special why of why. Why I am in this business right for me that is in one way. It helps my clarity because it's like the fuel that drives me into clarity in achieving what I want. But it's the same thing you don't necessarily disclose that to everyone and it doesn't matter it's important that you stand behind it, that you are the decision maker and all of these processes and have the least amount of sort of outside interference because that can sometimes misguide you, right?


Manica 9:31

Yeah, I think the less you look around yourself, the better it is. But then you have to bring this clarity into action as well, you know, because you can be sort of clear on, not sort of you can become super clear on what you want. And then once you do about that, that's the next step. Yeah, taking action, and I've always had mentors on my journey. I did so many things and courses and mentorships and coaches, because yeah, I think it is important. Some are good investments. Some are not as good, but it doesn't matter. Because I think they got me more than the clarity part, which I think I get a lot through my morning routine. Getting into action is where I needed support. Yeah, so did you break through all of the you know, fear and limiting beliefs and whatever is coming your way and also, my family is lovely, but you know, they don't want too much change. I like a high just don't get too crazy.


Desiree 10:25

But I like what you said about taking that action because it's true. We can have as much clarity as we want. We can have the biggest goals we can dream off but if we don't actually put one step in front of the other and keep moving towards that we won't reach it. So what is your take and taking action or how do you coach then your clients into taking this action?


Manica 10:52

So what I loved it,  I love challenges so they're always in our in coaching they're co creating their homework, they're co-creating their action. So this is something that I I think this is what you should do. Of course you discuss it with your client but it has to be something that's quite uncomfortable. You know, whatever you do, because if it something's small that feels sort of easy for you, it's it doesn't really get you as far as you want to. So being very concrete like if I difficult someone on business first I think it's clarity is like so necessary because especially women get into so much overwhelm with I wanted to teach someone to do that and want to do whatever. You know, they don't have time because I have kids. No, you don't have time because you're not clear on what you want. It it's not about the kids at all. And then we're taking actually something really simple in our lives. You have a business, okay, we're going to do 30 days of five minutes Instagram Live. And I'm your accountability side, like external fun, and you're just going to do it and it's going to be perfect and maybe you're going to stumble and maybe you'll feel a lot of resistance on day five, but in 30 days, five minutes.



I love  that in terms of not only taking action, but taking imperfect action. And one thing that we have shared in the podcasts in the past is this little mantra of Done is better than perfect. And because right as women we tend to condition ourselves into feeling that we need to be 100% prepared, ready with all the knowledge or the information right_ how is it going to go and navigate, like have the master plan all set up? And our counterpart? When we see men go about it, they are a little bit more lax that they just go for it and then they learn as they go- so they're more adventurous if you will. From our perspective, right? It's like whoa, you don't have all the answers. You're not fully prepared, but you're just going to go for it. That's quite daring. So what you're what you're sharing is that yes, we need to take a little bit more of that energy into the next step after the clarity and just go for it. It's not going to be perfect according to our standards. But it's just that one step that gets closer to the end result. Right and the end goal.


Manica 13:24

Yeah, and it's because I'm not a business coach. I'm a general life coach. There are a lot of things that you can do all sorts and I think they're maybe not that clear as to pieces like 30 they live on Instagram if you have a new business, but even like in private life, you know, or a lot of people come with me with health goals, and they still want to be perfect from the beginning and in I just throw all that you have to you take action and then you manage your mind all the time. You know, when people come through, but I want to be really fit. Okay, but why can't you just say I'm such a great runner. I run 10k every morning and a half run and a half walk and this is who I am and it's lovely. Oh, I wanted and couldn't run in the UK. I'm such a loser. No, it's just how you see it. You know, just take small steps that


Desiree  14:15

It comes back to mindset. Yeah.


Iva 14:21

Because at that point of view, we’ll embrace clarity and clarity is their motivation. So you shouldn't have to work on that anymore. Because sort of repeated but then the mind will always tell you we are on the wrong path. You are not good enough like you said, you know with men it's less and with women is like no no, no, no, no. You have to be better to do it. Oh.


Desiree 14:45

You so yeah. We also often speak about even I that we were both perfectionists before becoming moms, I think but all of that and again it projects all over your life right? We everything we do personally to us. We always want it to be perfect. We want it to be a certain kind of standard and level before we put it out there, communicate anything or do things or whatever. And it's something we've really learned. It's like, you know what, we can't be perfect all the time. It's not possible. Our kids really teach us that because we no longer have time to make everything perfect. But the key is really to keep on you know to keep on moving with that to clarity, mindset, you know all of that and to otherwise you'll be withholding yourself and everything you have to offer to so many people and if you constantly wait until everything's perfect, I think


Manica 15:51

it's even ever another step to that. I think being perfect and wanting to be perfect is sometimes an excuse to procrastinate, that's always but sometimes is so true. As you will see with my clients you should be very careful and always ask themselves Am I the one to make it perfect? Or am I just avoiding it?


Iva 17:10

And to add to that another layer to the conversation is the fact that when you are adding a third_ so you are a mom, you want to have your own business, pursue your own goals, right do your own you know, do your own side business, if you will. Then you have possibly which is you know, our listeners, the fact that you are living abroad you have to move countries like you're suddenly stepping away from your close-knit network of people, friends, family that you know and support you and you're stepping into literally the unknown. So there's also the factor that you cannot control any of that, you don't know what is what is waiting for you on the other side once you deplane and you land in this new place and you have to hit the ground running so to speak right. You have to get started. And so that is also a great practice. Being that it allows for us to become a little bit more with the flow and becoming more flexible because we know that if we were trying to control everything, we couldn't possibly do it. Anyhow, there's so many things that are out of our control and more to the point now that everybody has also you know, it's we're all coming on the other side from what has happened in the in the last two years. We have all also experience that not knowing, not being able to control right is so many things escape us. And we have managed to survive and be on the other side and to look back and say like well, you know, it was a very, very difficult time for a lot of us. But guess what, here we are right, it has made us more resilient and he has made us more attuned to knowing that whatever comes through we become surmounted.


Manica 19:16

I think control is a thing as well and is always this again, managing your mind because it's always a question why you want to control and what you want to control is usually lack of trust. And safety that you can have within yourself. It's lack of something that you don't have and then you're trying to control your environment to get it. Right. This is always a good question. Like when I wanted to talk a little bit about my morning routine because this is what I do. Part of I have this three-part morning routine. And the first part is writing. And I always used to kind of these kind of prompts. I would use. Like sometimes I just do morning pages, you know, writing off the car teacher pages, but sometimes I have things that are not maybe I don't think they're relevant for me, but then I started writing in the car. So it's like what am I controlling in my life? And then I started writing, and then it started ticking. And so many things amounts. You know, it's like, for example, last time I was like I was I started to write about control, and it came out after 15 minutes of writing is I'm trying to control others to give support and acceptance of my business that I'm lacking because I'm still fairly new, you know, also free for years. It's not 20 years. So sometimes I have my doubts and it's so funny and I was like I'm trying to get it from others. I'm trying to control them to give it to me. It's amazing. Yeah, yes. This is why I love my morning routine because it really helps me manage my mind a lot. And with that thoughts, I tend to go into meditation and from meditation into physical exercise. And I think meditation sort of clears my mind resets my day after writing and then the physical access, of course, you know, it just gives you the boost of energy that you need to start today.


Iva 21:09

Yeah. So when it's going into that trifecta of you know, leaving abroad or raising a family or running your own business, would you say that? You know, this routine, this morning routine that sounds wonderful, right? Like journaling, meditating, exercising really sets you up for the day so that you can be consistent with the imperfect action. You see, that's a little bit how it gets all linked together. Just to give you know, mom's an idea of what is possible for them as they are, I don't know possibly transitioning into move or just living in a new country altogether and knowing that all of this needs like a period to settle everybody to find their place by the routine, the rhythm, but what can be doing the meantime right so that they don't stop there. Their life or their wanting to you know, do what they want to do for the sake of okay, let's just get everybody on board first and then I look after myself.


Manica 22:17

Yes, I think you're right. I never thought about it like that. But I think it's it's exactly what you said it because you put yourself first in the morning, and it's especially important if you're a mom having a home with kids, they're still on holidays quite a lot. So this will always serve you is the morning in the morning that she it sets you for the day and it will benefit your business or whatever you do in life. If you're an employee and it will benefit you. Because this is how, we have to ask ourself, how will this hour in the morning or hour and a half or how half an hour, however long we have benefited not only you benefit your kids and then the guilt will go away and I'm gonna be fantastic all of this time to myself. Yes, but why sickening for your children? As soon as you ask yourself that, you know, it's our kids. Yeah, because once you're doing it you will see you're a different person. 


Desiree 23:19

You're better mom because you feel more centered. And grounded and you can give so much more. Yeah, one challenge I always had so I currently have I have a four year old and an eight months old. So obviously the little one wakes at different hours as well making it quite hard for me to have a routine but even before again I used it a bit of an excuse I can have a morning routine because my four year old senses that I'm getting up and he just gets up with me, you know, and there it goes. So I my morning routine consists of a lot of like Essential Oil Uses and all of that. So then I thought you know what, if he's up with me anyways, I'm just trying to involve him in it. Let him see what I do in the mornings. You know, let him see my routine and then sometimes he would like to sit with me and smell like the oils that I like Mommy has in front of her as well or, you know, just sit there next to me and just watch me and I thought like what you said as well. It's so nice to have your kids. Just know what you're doing right and know why you're doing it and teaching them and as well that we need space and to allow us to have that space for ourselves. 


Manica 24:43

So yeah, you know how often my kids said they're not been bigger, but how many times they came in. And as you just sit here you know draw a painting or whatever. Are you first joined by they didn't want to join they were just elated to join you know, my meditation was not adapted to kids but for example now my girls they tend to buy journals for this because they see me right you know, it's your being a role model as well. Not everyone has the right it's not about that but they're just using something that makes your underlay better. And I think it's you have to think about that. Now why are you a role model than having a business then that curve itself


Desiree 25:28

And then you take time for doing things that are important to you? Right? It's self-worth self-care, it's and they should witness that it's a beautiful thing. Yeah.


Manica 25:41

And I tell them as well, you know, because they're asking Why do you meditate? And I'm like, okay, but sometimes I don't know, like I don't have clarity or an answer to certain thing. And you will see like, if you have a question, if you don't know what to see, just maybe try not to just sit and not do anything for five minutes and maybe it will come maybe it won't, you can't force it. But I do it with a purpose because it gives me answers. It sometimes it just distresses me sometimes it gives me nothing and I'm annoyed. But more often than not I am calmer and I am more clear. They will need to know what to do with their lives, you know, five, six years. So it's good that you have tools and they will see how you're using them. And maybe they will use them as well. And maybe they will tell you


Iva 26:32

Yes, absolutely. And sometimes even in the middle of our chaos, so to speak. It's good that our children get a handle on how we approach those situations. Right that it's not about exposing them necessarily to all the bad moments and all the bad things but just for them to see us you know what it looks like when something unexpected happens and how we handle it because they are modeling that as you say like the good and the bad. ‘Good and the bad’ I use in quotation marks because I think it's more like helpful or unhelpful for them. So, meditation is definitely like a like a great tool. As you said when they're little they don't really know what meditation is and they don't really care for it. But I have a funny story. I do meditate with my kids in the evening and sometimes I don't put appropriate meditation for them. I listened to Deepak Chopra and they're listening too but at the end it's so funny. They've gotten so used to it that my son, he says, when Deepak says ‘You can release the mantra.’ And he says ‘You can now release the monster’ it works you know he's is having fun with it. That's their nature. 


Manica 28:01

Yeah. Yeah. So they sometimes get it intuitively. It's true. It's always nice. I think for me, it's a little bit more difficult because I'm a meditation teacher as well. So I never use guided meditations always stick around and do a lot of Kundalini meditation, which are very weird because you're using so called you're a bit crazy. And I think it's also great because they see that I don't care if it looks crazy.


Iva 28:29

I'm playing a little bit Devil's advocate here. If somebody says you know, what about if I'm not necessarily a morning person or what about if really, you know, in this season of my life, I cannot really engage in a morning routine, like you are prescribing, to say, you know, this really like helps me tackle the day full on, right and show up the way I want but for whatever reason, let's say, morning does not work. Is there an equivalent that you would suggest or advice for an evening routine that helps wind down or reset? Or is it important to have both or you know, what would you say to see like the advantages or disadvantages to one or the other?


Manica 29:16

I'm quite hard on that. So there is no equivalent for morning routine, either to make an evening routine your morning routine and even produce different ones. Either you like you said wind down remember the next day, it's a comparative different routine. So I do understand like when my kids are super small, and that's fine, or you're in different seasons of your life and then you maybe don't have you but I would always advise is to maybe take 10 minutes, or like if you have very small kids when they get sleep better to do during the day than in the evening. And so when they're having a nap, you can do a little routine and then maybe you'll fall asleep during that rather than clean up the house. Yeah, you know, you put your toddler to bed and I'm going to do this and that and I'm going to tell on one thing, yes, this I think was the biggest mistake that I did with all of the three kids and which I would always say tomorrow. Don't do it. Either give this hour or two hours to yourself, nature, routine whatever you have even business but don't clean and don't cook, you can do this with kids.


Iva 30:26

Yes true 


Desiree 30:40

This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I feel I have it exactly that season you know, baby goes down and I go do the laundry but you're right. You can totally do that with kids but I can be laser focused working on something or meditate or even yoga you can do with kids. You know, I'm used to having him climb all over me but it's true. There are some things you need to do on your own. That's I think it's really going


Manica 31:12

Yes put them to bed that in this very moment. You just sit down for five minutes and you breathe and then it will become clear what you actually want do during this time. I love that and I'm certainly not going to be laundry


Iva 31:27

That's clarity in action. I love that because it really doesn't put also an additional pressure to say ‘oh, it has to be this amount of time’ as you said sometimes just giving ourselves a five minute quiet, looking within and just seeing like what is the next you know, imperfect action that we need to take is all all we need, right?


Manica 31:53

What I always advise to everyone when they're sort of like you know rent, I'm going to do this and that and that. When you sit down and you do to breath exercise, did it two times breath which is like inhale on a certain amount of like inhale two or three and then exhale the double amount. So you inhale two exhale four. And it really comes down. It really comes to anxiety and then you can let the breath go and just see it and then it become way more.


Iva 32:22

Yeah, you calm down your parasympathetic nervous system and you're able to make better decisions right from that yeah, 


Manica 32:30

You enter the parasympathetic nervous system for sure. And then it sort of comes. Yeah, so this is an alternative. It's like the naptime. Otherwise, if your kids are not super small, I'd always advise at least 15 minutes I think five minutes is a little bit while it's little for morning routine, but 15 minutes is enough. So it shouldn't be shouldn't have to go to work, you know, 15 minutes. It's really not a lot. You can do whatever you feel you want to do. You don't have to have the three-part morning routine with writing, meditation and movement. You can do something else, right? Yes, and when you start you will see that it's going to grow probably from 15 minutes to 25 but maybe not. And then you know that you really want to stick with it. 


Iva 32:54

And morning has its magic, you know,


Desiree 33:24

Because you go through the day much different because often and it happens to be now in this particular season of life, especially in the summer holidays when they're all at home. It's like I go to bed at night for that. A little bit frustrated because I didn't have a moment to myself. I didn't do anything for myself. I feel right. I mean I love every single second I spent with my children but still this like me time but you're right it goes up but yeah, but the problem is that I have my four year old who wants to play Oh, she's sleeping comets mommy and Luca time now it's our time and then you know we get to have our one on one time so that didn't work either. But you're right. If you just do that in the morning, the magic morning routine. You have that it's done. You have had that me time and you will feel so much better throughout the entire day. So there is something extremely powerful about it. 


Manica 34:15

Yes, it is. But you know, even with a four year old, the nap is probably more than 15 minutes. So you can also say okay, for 15 minutes, you can watch a cartoon. I mean, it's fine. We feel so you still have an hour with him. It's


Desiree 34:35

I don't know, you know, want to watch something, go ahead.


Iva 34:40

It's great also to have to have a win. To have an early morning win already. Sometimes we see the clock and we're like and then you go through the everything that you've done and you're you don't see any wins. Like you don't see that much happen. But if you have that already ticked off, I think that it really sets you up for that winning attitude of saying like, ‘Okay, I can continue.’ 


Manica  35:07

And don't plan your day. It's not for the planning. It's really for your mind, and it's just setting your beliefs. What you have to do for the day, I never use morning routine for that. It's yeah, it's a belief list not a to-do list.


Iva 35:32

Right yes, I know. But sometimes you know, the mind gets in the way and it's like a good it's like it's like a good way to sort of trick it. I mean, not trick it. But you know, to say okay, I did something for myself, right like today was it was really very powerful because of what I did taking time for myself. 


Manica 35:48

Yeah, and just on the record, I'm not a morning person. So I'm a person I can stay on the morning. So it's very, very difficult.


Desiree 35:39

You feel even more proud afterwards. Right? 


Iva 36:33

Yeah, that's inspiration.


Desiree 36:07

To that effect, like because of this, this clarity so early in the morning, you have an amazing freebie as well, which is how clarity helps you to manage your time better, which is exactly what we were just about to pivot into. I feel so do you want to share a little bit about that?


Manica 36:28

Yes, it's something that I'm sort of bringing together all of the parts that I teach to my clients. So there are a lot of just time management tools in it. You know how to do I listen to your podcasts as well and a couple of them deal with that with sort of productivity and time management also. Part of it is just a simple tools. You know, how to do time audit, how to categorize the tasks, how to schedule generously so that you don't over schedule, which we tensity but then the first part is about the mind. It's about the clarity, how to really get very clear and there are a lot of questions about that what you actually really want. And then you can you know, you can use the tools, but you can use the tools only when you actually know where you're going to what is of course, and when you use the tools. And this is something it's very simple. It's a very simple freebie. It's a workbook and you can use your goal, any goal that you want, and just use the tools as well as the mind work to set you on the on the path to actually get to where I want to go. So it doesn't matter if it's a relationship if you have a business goal is to have something small if you have something bigger regardless.


Iva 37:43

It's really great. And what are you currently working on? Are there any other projects that you'd like to share that are coming up? 


Manica 37:58

Yeah, my morning routine course! Because I did a lot of, I mean, I'm doing a lot of things but with my clients, so I have private coaching in the moment, and I teach yoga as well. And I was always wondering like, how can you bring all of this together because they're such different skills or different areas, let's say being like a breathwork meditation teacher and doing vinyasa and then being a life coach and offering all of these different different tools. For people to progress and to achieve their goals and change their lives. And so I think I'm what I decided then I looked at my own life, and I saw that in my morning routine, all of these parts are in one little package. Because I use in the first part is not only journaling, I use a lot of live coaching tools as well, a lot of questions, a lot of sort of worksheets that are part of my life coaching practice. And so this is what I want to do. Now I've started already to like a mini course, which is going to go for 30 days, how to set up your little morning routine, and it's going to be very simple. And it's going to be something that everyone can follow. Nothing fancy to come from sort of 15 minutes to 30 minutes, but at the end you can choose and to really accompany through the journey and then see after 30 days whether it sticks or it may be just doesn't you know, we're not all the same, but I'm quite sure a lot of people it will stick and it's going to be made for someone like us, you know that's super busy. This is because what I found, I read a lot of books about that. A lot of them are written by men. And so you get up and you have this routine. And then you go into your first meeting and kids are nowhere, household is nowhere you know, this routine is like


Iva 39:51

Everything happens in a vacuum, that routine happens in a vacuum for travelling businessmen who have an empty hotel room


Manica 40:01

I can’t get up at five and do my routine and my son is up already, I mean it's impossible I have a school, other things much simpler for normal people.


Desiree 40:12

I love it. This is great. It's also good to have like sort of accountability, right through a course like accountability partners, then in you or the community, as well. So that's wonderful, really nice. a


Manica 40:26

I have a Facebook group that I run but I'm not sure whether I'm going to do the community there or I want to do something separate. Yeah as sort of external accountability part for everyone who’s going to take the course.


Desiree 40:40

Great, you have a podcast as well. And you are co-hosting it also with your business partner. So we are definitely going to link that in the show notes as well so that everyone can check that out. And yeah, we're super excited to be connected. There's one question we would like to ask though before we end every interview. And because Iva and I  there are conversations we've definitely noticed that having balance, can feel very, very stressful in their lives after having kids and running a business living abroad and all of that, but we feel that being in harmony is just feels so much better. Can you share with us one thing that you do in a day besides your morning routine? We've already discussed that. That lets you allows you to have the harmony that you need just to be able to do at all


Manica 41:41

I think it's to forgive myself again and again. So not that this sounds really weird. But I think that all the time looking for this, like you said and looking for this sort of perfect balance. It's very, very hard on us. And then we also always feel like we're not doing great either for the kids or for the business or for your family or friends. And just constantly when this kind of a thought comes up, just to say it's fine. Okay. I'm doing my best. And just even if I didn't do something, you know, if it didn't show up as a shirt under for me, it's over my business or my dog or whoever. It took time in mind just let it go in and give yourself and just move forward and I think this is the inner harmony not to bearing a grudge against herself.


Desiree 42:42

Exactly, exactly.


Iva 42:45

It's another form of showing grace towards our cells. And as you say, it's very powerful when we are able to let go and not continue to carry those self perceived imperfections or mistakes around longer than necessary. So Manica, it has been such a pleasure for us to have you here and share with us this powerful insights and we love chatting with you today. And if you want to connect with Manica, you can find her on Instagram @manicacoachingyoga, and we are going to put the link to her Instagram to her Facebook, her podcast LinkedIn and this beautiful freebie that she shared with us in our show notes. Thank you so much for being here with us today.


Manica 43:45

Thank you to both of you. Thank you. 


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