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It’s in the Stars | Discover Your Life’s Purpose with Human Design Ep 10

Iva 01:09

We are here today with Alison Vanderpool and we are going to be talking to her about how to surrender to your life's purpose using Human Design and we really can't wait. So Alison, welcome to our podcast. 


Alison 1:13

Oh, thank you. It's so great to be here with both of you. 


Desiree 1:25

Yeah, so Alison is a wife, a mom, a Human Design specialist and a Holistic Health Coach, a registered nurse and so much more. She created two businesses together with Melissa Wright, we have another set of business besties right here, a Surrender Story and Guided Life By Design. Together they work with women who are burning themselves out trying to be everything and working in their personal lives. They help them understand their Human Design their unique life map so they can get clear on what they want out of life and develop the confidence to follow the path that's right for them. Alison, we can't wait to dive in. 

We have so many questions we want to ask you. And I think the first one is as well. That's exciting. Tell us about the surrender story. 


Alison 2:24

Oh my goodness. It's just one of those things that the universe probably when I was least expecting it. So I was working for 20 years, I worked as a registered nurse for our State Health Department in United States where I work, and that's what I was doing when the world was hit with COVID and I had no intention of leaving my job but to make a really long story short in my recent role, it was I was definitely in position where I was told that we were needed daily indefinitely. And because my journey to this point had included a couple of things that some health struggles and some pretty major medical struggles and because of those were two things I really wanted out of life and I was to be a mom and I wanted to get married. They were little kids you think literally during their wedding I always dreamt of being a mom so and just to have right to help. And I found myself having both and just really being in such a good place. And then I realized during other people I worked with who were struggling with health because the amount of stress, the amount of hours we were putting in and all those things and I went to all the sudden just this realization that I wasn't getting, you know, 100% of my work. I was doing justice. I wasn't doing justice to my family and it really made my husband I pause and just take a step back and I knew that there were so many people who want to see the work that I did was in a pretty unique position. And people were always asking me if there were no openings or things like that.  I knew they was somebody who could fill my shoes. But ultimately nobody could fill my shoes as a mother.  There was nothing that I could really sit peacefully with if my health was actually jeopardized if anything ever came of that. So I ended up I unknowingly started studying Human Design early in years of trying to put together, when COVID first hit because I always had a little bit of serial learner. I love, I love information, but there was something so unique about it. So when I made this unexpected leap and quit my job, I was a breadwinner for my family. I was earning six figure income plus benefits. And it was something that I surrendered to theory especially when there's children involved your income right you're the you're the main breadwinner, it’s a story of surrender


Iva 5:09

Yes yes and that’s a very big decision to make, especially with young children


Alison 5:23

Yes, but I started living you know more in line with my design, we're gonna talk about that. Whoever hasn't started really experiment with his I'm getting into that. And we just knew that that's what we were being called to do. And we really trusted and when I say I want to say it when it is really clear that for us it's really about_ I believe in a higher power I believe in a creator and I really believe that that is what Ryan was saying to me and I believe it the Creator created us as energetic beings and that's, that's part of it. So we had to trust in something bigger than ourselves and not actually know how was gonna play out. So I thought myself of quitting my job and I thought that was the big surrender. And it wasn't intentional. But I remember when I did it that I kind of said this is a business mentor story. And I looked and you know you're in suddenly an entrepreneur, entrepreneur anything. And it wasn't really such a thing as I'm gonna surrender story on social media. And I think that's really everything because we all talk about like success stories. And at the time, they were all about common hashtag we were talking, you know, whatever, almost three years ago, but like, boss babe, or all these other hashtags, like 1000s or 10s of 1000s of more, you know, posts, but some industry had to win 100 And I remember thinking that's really interesting. Like I'm talking about surrender, surrender story, and that that couple of hours every has that sort of Epiphany, or just kind of giggling I was talking to was my business partner and she said, you know, the thinking and I really feel like we need to be sharing this part of our journey a part that comes before to success. And I said you mean like a surrender story. So it happened on the same day. And it just felt so just an alliance like it's incredible here. It was a beautiful time.


Desiree 7:40

And I love how you describe it as well that it's about admitting to yourself and to the universe that you want something more out of life, right? You think you're on that path it's meant for you but are you really and so having that story it's such a transformation that leads to what you're really meant to do. It's beautiful. 


Alison 7:42



Iva 8:00

Yeah. And surrendering also might be a very triggering word for people.  People have a hard time wrapping their heads around. Okay, they do have surrender. What I do what does that mean? They tend to equate it with giving up. And I believe that this surrender that you mean, the energy that comes from this surrender that you're referring to in your case is one of trusting, it's like an absolute trust and that allows you to let go of the things that you cannot control and have that trust in a higher power to carry you through because there's a gap, there's nothing between I'm making this decision and I know what I want at the end but in the in-between that's the part that have no visibility, no inkling idea of how it's going to come together. And that's a surrender part because there is a Higher Power that knows how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you seamlessly. And it seems almost like magic, right? Like things are lining up. So that's the surrender, that that ideally what you want to continue talking about and allowing people to allow more into their own lives. 


Alison 9:19

I think you just nailed it because people often think that it’s a passive way of living like it is if you're like giving up everything, it's actually a very active you have to be an active participant in your surrender. You actually have to be doing things, you have to trust you have to lean in, you have to give up control. It's a very active way of living. Absolutely.



Iva 10:50

Now onto the fun side, the Human Design. And can you tell us, I mean just to create like a very quick baseline of what Human Design is, and how can you help us you know, as mompreneurs, as women but also with individuals who wants to get to know a little more about themselves and how to align themselves to a higher purpose through Human Design. 


Alison 11:11

Absolutely. I will do this as briefly as quickly as I possibly can as we were saying before, Human Design it's a really complex system. So if it's something that you know, it piques your interest in hearing talk about it by all means please feel free to do your own research or to dig into it. But the way I like to describe it because I have a health journey and health background is just like we have our own physical DNA. We all we all know we have DNA, but we don't really understand what that is for most people like that is really complicated. It's really where my I understand I have DNA that codes specifically who I am and it codes my physical being. And so just like we have our physical DNA, we are also are energetic beings and we have energetic DNA and that DNA is literally information and this is you know, this this is scientifically proven that the neutrino field so that the breath of stars and just anything from it. When I when I learned it was it was not a person, I knew nothing about astrology. I didn't know. I really didn't know that. So by the breath of stars, and this was proved by science after Human Design came into the world, that is actually the particles of mass carrying information. So it's really important. Mass carrying information essentially codes, your energetic DNA. So it's who you are energetically. It's very specific and are unique to you. So what does that do and how does that look? How does that play out? Well, I like to think of it once you do end up getting as you guys know, you get when you run your Human Design, you get a chart or a map a body map that shows your energetic DNA, your Human Design. And so I'd like to take us back before we even get there and kind of understand a little bit more about what does it what does it mean and what's why do  want to know it. So if you look at how we how we evolved as a species you got to where you think we came from. I think we can all agree that we don't look today we don't even know today, like the first human beings are an evolving species. And so the point of all of that is to not only survive, we need to have enough to survive. We also need to evolve in order to thrive and that's as individuals and as a collective species. So Human Design shows us that in the beginning, that the chakra, the seven center chakra system, if you guys are familiar with yoga, it shows we have seven energy centers in our body. HD (Human Design) actually shows us we have evolved to the nines energy centers as human beings so we have nine energy centers in our body. And all of those are sort of at work and playing out in our lives and our relationships with all of these things, even when we're not aware of it. So are you still with me?


Iva and Desiree 14:28



Alison 14:31

Let me let me give one little context and I'm gonna open up space for questions. So if we're really here to evolve in this lifetime, where we do have our own little path to survive and thrive, and we're also gonna do that as a species. You can think of Human Design as that we are all here creating a film together. Multiple films, but each person has a role in a film. So in HD there are four types of individual types of beings. The first one is the producer of the film, they get the inspiration for the film, they get the idea and then they sort of draw in the right people and pass it on to people who can actually bring to light to make it happen. So iin HD those people are called Manifestors and they're about 8-9% of the population because we don't need a lot of producers just you know, and so manifestors 8-9% of the population in their gift to the world is to give us inspirations and they then pass it off. Who do they pass it off to?  To the film’s directors. So we have a directors who guide the whole process and take it over and guide it all. These people are called projectors and their gift to the world is to guide, they are guides. And so they're only 20% of the population because again, we don't need an entire group of directors to support I think. And who are they guiding? They are guiding  the lifeforce energy of the film. So they're going to get all of the people that takes to bring this to life. And those people in HD are generators and manifesting generators of which you both will fall in this category and your gift to the world is your work. So  70% of population is the life force energy of the film.  So it’s really important to know like even within that you're also incredibly unique because we have the life force energy is everybody from the lead actors and actresses to you know the Set crew, to the designers to the costume designers like makeup artists to cleaning group so that you know runners, so all the people it takes. 


So then the on the on the backside we have the last group, and those are the critics of the film. So when it's all said and done, we have the critics who tell us what went well what didn't so that we can do it better. We can do it and we do it next time so that we can see that it was a process. And in HD these people are called Reflectors and are only 1% of population. Okay, so that's one way to think of like how we fit in 


Desiree 17:15

And I love that 


Alison 17:18

Yes as individuala and how we work together as a collective as a group and why is it important for us not only to live out our individual path, but to understant how we fit into the bigger picture.


Desiree 17:24

We need each other.


Alison 17:32

Only to be working and living in alignment, not only for our best life, but for our species, our collective to continue to survive and thrive. What I really love it for people to know is 70% of living your design is based on two things: 

1. It's learning from your type, and how you are meant to engage with the world or interact with the world or how you’re meant to do life. 

2. And then the second thing is how you're meant to make decisions. And I always_ a little bit is because it sounds silly, but I struggle with, what is so important about your chart telling you how make decisions. And then I realized that this is all about_ so there's something in your body within your chart called a magnetic monopole. Again, another concept, proven by science, but all have a magnetic monopole physically residing in us. Think about as the GPS of your vehicle, it actually knows the best way for you to get from here to there. So we're all on his path. It doesn't mean we can take our own path. It doesn't mean you don’t have free will and we can go into all directions we want. As far as what our best path is, your magnetic monopole, you know, which also kind of is like an indication of your soul or it knows your best path. And so, we're gonna make decisions which we're all make decisions all day long every day, from what we eat to what we do


Iva 19:12

And we know that mompreneurs we make about 70,000 decisions a day, like the normal person makes about 35,000. We probably make double as much, yes. 


Alison 19:26

And so each decision can either pull you off track a little bit or pull you further on your path. And so when you understand how to make, how your body is wired and how it makes sense, how it makes decisions, that is what puts you on and keeps you on your path. 


Iva 19:50

This is what makes going through your life feel easy and effortless versus feeling that you're constantly possibly struggling or that it feels very heavy. 


Alison 20:00

It's where you are in the zone, you are in flow and it doesn't mean, I mean I'm not gonna pretend that means that it's never hard and that it never happens, but it's gonna feel so aligned right away even though, even the lessons,  even the hard thing that we're there to learn are going to feel so much more you know, from a place of alignment, than from that constantly feeling stuck struggle like I'm going in there like saying, ‘I don't have the answers. I'm so confused’ feeling of energy. 


Desiree 20:29

So do you think you can you can explain it in a way where we always talk about being in flow and what we do in our work and making certain decisions and changing directions here and there? Do you, so it can be assumed that this is because of our Human Design? Sometimes we make these decisions because we're pulled in these directions. People asking why did you do that? I don't know. But I just know that's the right path to go and I'm in my zone and I'm going to you know, one step leads to another. So is that what it is that essentially I would say?


Alison 21:04

I would say absolutely. Because even when people don't know their Human Design, depending on how in tune you are and how you know, and also like the amount of conditioning, kind of where the outside energy from others you absorb and take on, 


Desiree 21:27

I was gonna say yes, that's such a big rule. 


And so let's take Iva and me, for example, I just want to, I'm keen to know. We’re very similar, which I'm not surprised with that she's a generator and I'm a manifesting generator, sort of in the same one there. So how, how does this  then affect our decision making? Or what Yes.


Alison 21:55

Okay, so this where you start to differentiate. Even though you’re a manifesting generator and Iva is generator, but you've fallen on that 70% that’s the lifeforce energy of the film that you're giving to the world through your work. So you fall into that same general category. But then in so, living that way, when I say how humans engage with life or do life, you're here to respond to the things that are coming at you which we all have things coming at you all day every day. Yeah, so that's how you're dancing with life, is how you’re responding. But then it's like okay, this is we're going to differentiate after that, because how do you know how to respond? Well, Iva, you are an emotional being. So that is your body's way, so that’s the voice of your GPS. So it's going to be your body's wisdom is talking through to you through your emotions based on your chart you told me your chart before we started recording.


So when you need to make a decision, you just naturally as a human being you have you go through regular motions on a daily basis, and there's no need to attach stories of them, but that's part of your body's wisdom. So we're gonna go through highs and lows, right. And sometimes it might be only go much bigger, much longer, but when you need to make a decision, you need to sort of feel intimate from different places, that so and so you kind of already know that, even though you're just learning your HD.  And that's because if you were to make a decision on the spot, you're gonna make a decision on wherever you're at in that emotional place. So if you're in a high and someone asked you you to commit to a podcast and you say ‘Sure that sounds great!’ And then, you sort of have time to feel into a couple days and then you’re in a low and kinda say ‘why did I say yes?’ because only when you're in your low and you don't really have energy for that, now it doesn't actually sound good. 


And so you see where I’m going with that. And that's every decision that you can possibly make. And they say the smaller the decision. It's like dropping a pebble in a body of water and the smaller the decision, the tiny pebble, there's a little bubble and it kind of works out. The bigger the decision, the bigger you know, we're talking about really big decisions. There's like a boulder and creates bigger ripples and muddles the water and it's gonna take a while for that ripple to settle anytime. So that's you and that's pretty much 51% of population. So our emotional decision makers. 


Now Desiree, on the other hand, is she is sacral, so she's gonna make decisions with her gut. And this is really important, that people who make decisions from their sacral, they need to be asked yes or no questions. Okay? They need to feel what sound is coming on your gut. So it would be like, let's do something super simple for you. Like, do you want chicken for dinner? And you're gonna go, like, ‘Uh-huh’ you feel it from there or you’re gonna go ‘Nah-ah’. So it’s that simple, it’s in the moment. 


So like, Iva needs time,  you can actually go, you only have truth in the now. So if you want to do something in three months, you can't really say, because when it comes to the day to feel in the podcast, you need to go “uh-huh’ or ‘nah-ah’  you need to honor that. Because for whatever reason, your body knows energetically that that's not how you’re meant to spend your energy at that time. And so and the reason why it’s yes and no’s to you is because it's the sound that comes up, and it’s really important for people to understand and know your chart, because there can be people that have a lifetime or not being connected to that sound. Because from early on, we tell people like use your words, don't make sounds. Just because, you know, we think it's not as you know, correct or as intelligent doesn't make sense. But your yes or no actually does something come from a sound. So you're saying if you're asking yes or no question, and you say yes, that's coming to your mind, not from your gut. 


Desiree 26:41

Interesting. So interesting. And definitely yeah, I'm thinking about it a little bit. You're right. Yeah, I think this is and you're right when you say that I make in the moment decisions more so than when someone asked me to plan for a longer term. Yes, a part of the appeal to the planner to maybe like the German side, but I do follow my guts most of the time. And sometimes I have_ it takes me a while to like justify it to myself or to my to others around me. I feel like I need to find an explanation, but maybe I just don't want it and I don't just trust that my gut feeling is correct. 

Alison 27:29

And that's why you know, again, personally, I use the food example with people but you know, if you're, if your partner were to say, to you, do you want beef or chicken? That's for you to reply back, oh, hold, you need to be asked simple yes or no. Do you want beef? -Uh-huh. Do you want chicken? ‘Nah-ah’. 


Desiree 27:54

Interesting. Okay. But it's also why it's easier probably for me to talk to some people or you know, work with some people than it is with others where it's like I'm overwhelmed with decisions I have to make. The questions aren't being asked to me in the right way. Right. Okay. 

So that that means it's also really useful to know actually what other Human Designs you're working with, you're living with, I'm still gonna try to find out who has been at tonight. 


Iva 28:28

Knowing the whole HD chart of the whole family day is very helpful. You know, with your kids, how you interact with them, how you connect


Alison 28:36

And what we were saying, how we always say to kids, use your words, don't say you know that their gut  Aha, we can’t  let them say those sounds because that's what it is. Also, as a parent who hasn't been sounded hasn't gotten into this knows, it can be kind of frustrating to have an emotional child who don't feel like it can make a decision. You're gonna try to get them to make a decision, but you don't even want to hear them say you just you don't know how to make a decision or to come up with it.


And another really important distinction is, is an emotional person they're gonna need that time and they're usually only 70% sure of their decision. So they seem to others that have a different HD, as somebody who first of all, cannot make a decision and second of all, never seems confident in their decisions, and that's truly just the way they are designed, just to be helpful with families. It's been amazing for our family, but also in business. 


Iva 29:45

So HD it’s something I have been really like looking into it more and more because other people are bringing it into the way that they do business,  they say, you know, this is how it makes sense for you to show up, to spread your message, to talk about the work that you do, that the change that you're here to help, you know, facilitate for others, etc. And I'm thinking that that is such a, this is a great business tool to have. I think that it's more than the realm of oh, you know, I just wanna know my sign or something more personal based, but can you tell us a little bit how people can really also use it for business decisions in terms of branding, messaging, my website, you know, when to posts or how do I relate with others on a business basis? 


Alison 30:01

I mean, there's so much but I think first of all, it's, it's almost underestimate just the way your body the way humans interact, the way your body makes decisions, because again, that's gonna be 70% And knowing that and using it every day in your business is going to be really key and I think what it does give you permission to live more as yourself. And oftentimes, we all know that as entrepreneurs, we live from our heads and we look at what others are doing and what we're gonna do is similar. We're strategizing and you're design is not strategized. That's another thing. None of the types uses their minds to make decisions. So when you find yourself strategizing, you know, that's coming from head mental energy. And that's never correct. So that alone can change your business to starting with starting that way. But as we get to the different energy centers, so as I said, there are nine of them, you're going to know like for me, I have my emotions to my throat, and it's an abstract collective channel. Well, what does that mean?


Desiree 32:06

Before that, might I ask, what are the additional 9 energy centers?


Alison 32:13

So the G-center we're going to be thought of is located in the chest and that is where a magnetic monopole resides, that is the GPS of your vehicle, and there’s the spleen center, this is actually all about intuition and health and safety. And that is a separate center that some people that’s their body’s wisdom. All the designs are perfect, but someone you find yourself wanting to have that. Those people who are splenic, and they truly have an intuition as their body's wisdom. And so that's one thing we tell people ‘ trust your gut’. And that's true for some people. That's not true for over half of the population or more. And it's not true for me, I don't even have energy in my gut center. So I can't trust my gut. So you can see how your like your whole life you just feel like that's not right for you, but you try and try and try to trust your gut when you're not supposed to be doing so. Some  people are meant to use their intuition to guide their business decisions, but most of the people are not and you might not. And intuition is  now sort of Hot Topic and 


Iva 33:28

Yeah, I was I was going to say as well, right like we make it into this we're gonna say like this holy grail, like we’ve got to have intuition,  you got to kind of tap into that realizing Yeah, right but not realizing that I believe it's just tapping into your energetic intelligence and it will guide you. Pulling information might feel a bit too stressful for some people. Like where do I find it?  I say for someone that needs more like me, you're allowed to tap into my emotional part to gather that to listen to what it is this is a message to take me to the next step. 


Desiree 34:20

So knowing your Human Design is really the solution, isn't it also for people to like get rid of all of their doubts, their fears, their imposter syndrome? They no longer have to be stuck in the comparison game. They now know how they're meant to operate. That automatically will give them so much confidence all arounds. 


Alison 34:52

Oh, it really, I don't know for me, I know personally, yeah, I just found myself a daily like, just coming back and remembering like, it just leads to your own design. And that's how you want to do what you want to do. I don't have to worry about what's working for other people. I only need to worry about trusting my design and surrendering to that and that's that's fine. Once again, you know, my success is my life's purpose. My work out there, whatever. I'm supposed to be doing. 


Iva 35:22

Alison, this has been such an amazing conversation because really, we have seen how powerful Human Design is and knowing Human Design is to you know, lead you to more purpose and the authentic life that that we all want to live, but also how to you know how to go about making those important life choices that we're confronted with and to help us feel more authentic and confident not only in our life but in personal life but also in your business life right as we're building growing and scaling a business. So I just want to share that you have a fantastic freebie for us today. And can you tell us a little bit about it. 


Alison 36:10

I think it's something that really carries on the conversation and continues to spread. So for anyone that is really interested, wanting to know more, absolutely, I'm happy to do that. And right before I do that, I wanted to put something out there that as far as business goes, there is, an actual business structure in Human Design, where there's specific businesses all around that essentially I was talking about my friend Alyssa is actually certified in a higher level of that for that deeper level of the business, especially with human sciences. And that's really when you start working in teams of three to 15 people, you're now in that business energy, and that's one of the things that she was specifically in and then we're creating a whole entire community around that. So I just want you to understand that we were just talking about you have to start with the basics before you can really do anything in that love it and that little detail, but there's really just a completion and they become a software application. As far as the foundation. It's the best place to start is we do have a chart guide is we will run the chart for you your unique and specific personalized design chart. 


We will send that to you along with some gifts that are just some basic videos very short, but to kind of reintroduce or help you get started down this path. 


Desiree 37:40

Also, what are you working on right now? 


Alison 37:45

Oh my gosh, we have a lot because we've been in business a couple years. So we have a lot that we've been dependent completing, but we do in person retreats so far in the US, we are definitely going abroad. So just you can find us on our website. And we've got that similar story and design, but which is what we're working on. Also in addition to that, this is a pretty big design and that entire community for entrepreneurs at various levels starting out and working your way up, kind of that is connecting, letting were lifebydesign and connecting with support workers who are doing the work and also an organization so that when you connect, you're working in alignment with people who also work in alignment, because we know how much of a struggle it can be that's going to be hiring the wrong person and we're not wrong, like your energy isn't working and so we can help you through that we can fight for your talent or your vision and not being frustrating on both ends.So we're creating entire community around that, that will will help a lot people in business. 



Iva 39:12

Wow, this has been well_ we didn't even, we only barely scratched the surface, I know, on the Human Design topic today. And I mean we could go on and on. But now that we have like a good understanding at least what it is and how we can help us. This is this is a great opportunity to take that next step and pick up a presentation to really discover ways your Human Design can help you. And we just want  to thank you so much for chatting with us today. You really broke it down in such a way that it gets really very, very easy to grasp so that it really fosters that curiosity to move forward and want to learn more. So if you want to connect with Alison, you can find her on Instagram @surrenderstory. And we're also going to be sharing in our show notes the links to her Facebook page and her website so that you can also you know, read more and pick up more of what she has to offer. 


Alison 40:08

Thank you guys for for having me. It's been so much fun. 


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Alison Van de Pol

Alison Van De Pol is a wife, mom, Human Design Specialist, Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse and much more! 

She created two businesses with Melissa Wright a Surrender Story and Guided Life by Design.

Working with women who are burning themselves out, trying to be everything in work and in their personal lives. She helps them understand their Human Design — their unique life map — so they can get clear on what they want out of life and develop the confidence to follow the path that’s right for them.


With Surrender Story, she highlights the beauty of those moments in life when we know we need to make a change — when we admit to ourselves and to the universe that we want something more out of life. That single moment is an opportunity to receive divine guidance or tap into inner wisdom. 



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