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Go Big AND Go Home| Creating Impact, Income & an Expansive Life Ep 31

Iva 2:01

We are here today with Yaela Raber and she is going to share with us how to be unapologetically ambitious and uncompromising in our quality of life, or as she likes to call it, ‘Go big and go home’. Welcome, Yaela, to our podcast.


Yaela 2:33

Thank you so much. It's such a pleasure to be here with you beautiful ladies.


Desiree 2:37

Yeah, we’re really excited to have you here. Yaela is a High Ticket Affiliate Marketer And A Certified Master Business Coach. She's dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial spirits too: go big and go home. She creates a new success paradigm that allows them to create big impact, big income and also a big expense of life to match because sometimes we just missed that part of it, right? So after all, the age of chasing success based exclusively on hustle is gone. Instead, she supports entrepreneurs in creating their own version of success and an aligned and purpose driven way. She creates businesses that light their owners up instead of burning them out. She's got 15 years of Entrepreneurship under her belt already building businesses from the kitchen table to multinational multi-million dollar enterprises. And she effortlessly combines the strategic with the intuitive and the pragmatic with the mindful so right down our alley here. So over the years, she's already coached and supported thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide and creating a business and life in which they really truly get to have it all. They can be unapologetically ambitious and uncompromising in their quality of life. Oh my God, I can't wait to dive into all the things but why don't you tell us a little bit about your story? How did you get to where you are? What happened from that moment of the kitchen table to running these enterprises and then being back in your home office now?


Yaela 4:25

Feels like I've kind of gone full circle but at the same time I've landed in a completely different place than where I started about 15 years ago. I'll give you the nutshell version because I'd love to tell you this story about how I had an epiphany and it all just fell into place. But unfortunately that wasn't the case. I really as we all often do the hard way by face planting quite a lot. So when I started my entrepreneurial journey was around 15 years ago and I had just had my first child and my beautiful son. I'm a solo mom of two now teenagers that tend to drive me up the wall from time to time but also are my reason for being and for doing what I do and creating what I create in the world. So circling back, I'm seeing this newborn in his stroller perfecting the art of trying to push the stroller with my foot whilst typing emails. And because I didn't want to go back to my corporate job I couldn't. I tried it for a little bit but I just couldn't see the sense and the purpose in spending so much time away from my kids, and in an at the same time building someone else's dream. So in that setting, I kind of accidentally started my first business, which I think grew and grew and grew over the years and turned into this big multinational multimillion dollar business. I think because I've always kind of had the unfortunate characteristic of wanting to go up against the stream and do things my own way do things differently. 


Desiree 6:20

And love it already. Don't we all though, somehow.


Yaela 6:25

I mean, it has its perks like it can bring you really far but it's also you know, The Road Less Traveled so you kind of learn by doing and falling a lot. So this business, which was an agency at the time, kind of grew and grew and grew and as it did, I kind of lost myself like it sounds like a great romantic story of turning this you know, building this big business from the ground up. But the reality of it, yes, I built the business yes, I had the financial success, the status, but I completely lost myself in the process and connection to what matters most. Right. I you know, in an attempt to spend more time with my kids, I became less and less present to them to myself to my purpose. And at one point I realized like that needed to change. Now again, this heroic story of how I had the balls to just let it all go. But I didn't I. I basically had to had to lose it all in order to start on this new journey that brought me back to my home office where I am today. So a few years ago, the business and I had to start from scratch. And in doing that, I decided I never was going to trade “success” whether it be financial or just in size and scope and “status” for quality of life ever again. I quickly found that the only solution that people were talking about out there was just working less or taking a step back. And that just didn't feel like an option for me. I am a wildly ambitious woman. I love business. I love making money. I love creating things. And that didn't see right. So when I started over from scratch after selling my business, I decided that that old paradigm, that old paradigm around success where we all kind of buy into the belief that we're either successful and miserable, or very heart-centered but broke, that wasn't for me, that that wasn't my truth and I was never stepping into that again. I wanted to step into a world and a paradigm of and yo can have both. And in that pursuit of how to create that, both with the internal work and the strategies and the business vehicles. I decided not only to create that for myself, but to support others in doing the same. So that's how I ended up from a business with 50 staff all over the world back to my house. 


Desiree 9:29

Yes, I love it. It is full circle but it is such a full like sphere, isn't it that you've gone around you didn't just finish at the same spot, but you went around fully. It's amazing. And that's definitely one thing we have in common, isn't it? We're I think all of us here are not the ones to sit back and be like okay, let's figure out like, either how to make money to be successful or just, you know, be with our kids and everything. We're so ambitious that we actually want to do something we want. We actually want to work and we want to have a sense of community and we want to be with others. We don't want to like trade that in all together. 


Yaela 10:13

Right so fluidly. I think it's so important because especially for all the entrepreneurial or you know, Boss Mamas out there, our businesses are a way to express ourselves as a way to develop ourselves as a way to grow. It's a way to not just make income but make impact beyond our direct family. And that is so important for a general sense of purpose in your life. So I think that's probably what drives us all listening to this podcast.


Iva 10:46

Absolutely. And you touched upon a couple of things that I loved, Yaela, and I think that they need to be even more highlighted as we continue the conversation. And one of those has a lot of echoes with what one of my coaches likes to share as well, which is the idea that when we believe we're moving forward, we're doing it in a very linear type of way without realizing that it tends to be more like a spiral type of movement. So yes, you feel like you're going around in circles. But you're not at that level. So the view might look very similar. Like what you're looking out from, might look similar, but you're in a in a higher level of awareness, of understanding, of knowledge, of wisdom you have gained along the way. So you get to appreciate it from a different vantage point, even though it feels very similar. And it tends to trip us up sometimes because we don't feel that there has been much of improvement or growth because we seem to be staring at the same scenery. But it's not. We need to also understand that we're at a higher level of awareness which will continue to take us further up and up and up, up this spiral, so to speak. And the other thing that that you also said is, the fact of and the power of and we have been conditioned so much to operate from it's either this or that it's like very binary and what about the all-encompassing spirit of can be done and I guess with this one of the cornerstones of this podcast, it was because of those conversations where we said we can have it all maybe not on the same day but we can if we use time as a little bit more context, because we tend to believe that everything has to be in one go without realizing that time is so elastic. So I do get to have it all. Just not on that day. But if I look at my week, I was able to have that quality time I was able to, you know, help my clients I was able to, you know, be a mom, I was able to do certain things: to getting that workout, but maybe not doing everything in a single day and that's just that calibration that you know for someone like you who, has reached this levels of success and financial freedom you're able to appreciate from that vantage point as well.


Yaela 13:41

Absolutely. And I love what you said about we get to have and be it all just not necessarily all at the same time. And I believe that when we allow ourselves to be all the things and we also show up more fully in the other parts of our lives, right? Because we get to nourish and nurture all aspects of us. You know that we are so many versions of ourselves in one we are the mother we are the daughter we are the partner we are the friend and we are the entrepreneur we are the little kids are so many things and when we get to nourish and nurture the other parts right that sometimes get lost especially in the early stages of motherhood, especially when you are a mum living abroad with everything that's happening around you and moving around. When we lose parts of ourselves and we don't kind of invest and nurture. That's it. We can fully show up to that degree. So I absolutely I couldn't agree more and I think perhaps a really useful tool to share with everyone over that's listening is a tool that one of my coaches once taught me and he speaks about identifying the glass and the rubber balls. 


Desiree 15:12

Right I think we spoke about this. And even Iva spoke about this tool. I think it's beautiful that you mentioned it 


Yaela 15:18

It’s easy to implement, and everyone can just have a moment to sit down. And this is an ever-changing thing, right? And then we look at all the word we're juggling all these different balls in our life. And it's important in each stage of our life in each phase to determine which ones are the glass balls and which ones are the rubber balls. Now the rubber balls when we are juggling and we let them bounce once, twice, three times it doesn't matter. They bounce back we can pick them back up a glass ball we drop it shatters into 1000 pieces and it's pretty damn hard to put back together. So when we look at where do we focus our time, our priorities right now? Because it doesn't mean we forget about the other ones. They're rubber balls. They're still there. We look at what are the glass balls that if we dropped them, they fall apart right now in my life and when we are setting our priorities or making our schedule, we're just making choices because there's all these exciting shiny sexy things out there that sound fun. We look at what our glass balls and does that feed into that and anything that isn't a glass bowl or rubber bowl we get to kind of let it bounce for this season of our life or of our business or a little bit and pick it up. So you can do that for your life over all you can do it for parts of your business, just identifying this season you're in in this period in this stage, which ones are the glass and rubber balls and anything that isn't a glass bowl gets to just bounce for a bit.


Desiree 16:57

I love this so much and yes Iva and I we do speak about this as well. It's such a beautiful analogy. And it's true that all of that like determining even what is a glass ball, what is a rubber ball, right? Also the all encompassing like roles that we play, it takes a lot of inside work like you also mentioned right? A lot of work that goes inside and we often when we try we put too much pressure on ourselves to be able to work pretty much like before we had kids, right? And then but also, yeah, it just doesn't work because our life is fuller. We actually have more things that we need to do now but we're also rewarded much more in a much different in a much more precious way. So a lot of a lot of what comes into play as well. Is this working smarter, right, but not necessarily harder. And I know that you have come up with an amazing solution about how to actually work smarter. So how do you do it? You've sold your agency, you've sold his multimillion dollar agency to come back to your values because you've really clearly identified the values in your life. You have your life very clearly in front of you, with your two kids, right? What's the solution that you found to work?


Yaela 19:33

Great question because it took me a while to get there. So I sold this agency that I started because I wanted to be my own boss build my own dream but that became almost like a golden cage. Right? I became like an employee of my own business and it owned me more than I how I owned it. And when I sold it and I had to start from scratch I also had to sign a global non-compete so really from the ground up. Had a blank slate in front of me. And I decided to support entrepreneurs right and to coach them in scaling their business in a soulful way and as much as I absolutely loved and love that it is still my love child. I absolutely love to see the amazing missions these entrepreneurs are up to. I realized quite quickly but in my whole my whole story of going big and going home I really was because as much as I believe like you said the inner work is so important. The business model in principle is still trading time for money. And time I have realized and I realized this when I was standing on top of the mountain at the height of my success earning millions realize that without the time freedom and without the connection and the people and the things to spend that time with, that money is absolutely useless. Money is just a tool. So even in coaching and teaching people and supporting people in scaling their businesses, that time for money exchange is so limited and I know that this is true for you too. This is true for probably everyone listening. We are up to big things. We have big dreams, big visions, big goals, we want to create big impact and create big income. And I don't know about you, but I hated the idea of being capped by something as silly as the fact that I only had 24 hours in a day and two turns and didn't want to be working full time anymore. Yeah. So you know it became really clear quickly that a time-leveraged business model or business vehicle was needed in order to create that true skill and growth without paying in time and energy with that.


Desiree 22:26

I love it. I love it so much. So tell us a little bit more in detail what it is that you do now?


Yaela 22:36

It's not a big secret at all. But it's funny because often, we are not so familiar. We're so busy in our own kind of world that we didn't see it. So the business vehicle that I chose to align with it's something called High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. And it's very, very simple. It's very well known it says all this time it is basically what we do on the daily anyway when we are excited when we are lit up when we believe in something which you know we share this information with your friends we share we talk about it. So High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is a business model or commission-based business model that allows you to not just earn commissions directly but also indirectly and really have that compounding effect within your business whilst your business is based on automation and, and collaboration which is absolutely important. Because otherwise you're still wearing all the hats and doing all the things


Desiree 23:44

I know you mentioned two magic words in my world, right? Automation and collaboration. So automation definitely I have a well five-year-old and a one-year-old so as you can imagine you've all been there is I'm running around by one year old it's really difficult to get things done right to work. So my big resolution and even Iva we did a whole podcast episode on that as well talking about resolutions in the New Year that are also measurable and achievable. Right. But is actually to work less but I'm refused to scale down my business. So the tool that I'm using as well is automation, and automation is so important and I've just like launched a program now and it's just amazing to see like everyone's like, oh, so how's it going? I was like, it's weird because I'm not doing anything. I'm not doing anything.


Yaela 24:47

We're almost taught to be suspicious of that, right?


Desiree 24:50

I was like it's so simple now like you've put in so much work at the beginning, right? It was really intense, really intense. But now that it's running, I'm kind of like checking in on the people. Are you guys okay? Do you need any help? Oh, good. Okay. Like it was amazing. And, of course collaboration. This is also the reason why this podcast even exists, right? Even beyond the podcast, we collaborate on many projects I like we have teams of our own like, I love that because it holds us accountable first of all and the things that we're doing right, but it's just so much more fun as well, because entrepreneurship can be lonely. So why would you want to do that to yourself, lock yourself into your beautiful home office but then you're essentially alone. So I love I love collaboration and the power to be combining these two together. Wow. Absolute magic.


Yaela 25:48

It is it is so powerful because yes, entrepreneurship can be lonely and also, you know, I love that saying like if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. So I believe in surrounding yourself with people who have the results or have achieved the results that you desire to expand your vision of what can be possible for you and to show you the way and I think combining that with a highly automated but personalized system and a high ticket offer because I mean I know there's  something for everyone but I you know in all my different businesses that either I have built or the hundreds of businesses I've helped my coaching clients build and scale. I have learned one thing for me it takes the exact same amount of time and energy to sell a low-ticket products or a high ticket product. I don't know about you, but I would rather be earning high commissions and high-ticket commissions, to the low ticket commissions. So combining that automation with being able to make quantum jumps in your results, and then building a personal brand where you get to be completely yourself and it gets to look and feel a way that that feels authentic and in integrity with who you are and what you want to share with the world, to me, that's the that's the magic cocktail like shaken not stirred please.


Desiree 27:22

Absolutely. I love that.


Iva 27:24

It is enticing in the sense as you share a lot that you are coming from a model where you put in the effort at the beginning but then the residual of it is what continues to be long standing and it continues to go even while you sleep. And can you share a little bit more how you came about to work out for yourself like that foundation that you need it or that mindset or just that intention that was going to take you into that direction like are there a couple of things that you could share on how you also help people that you coach, get this baseline right because a lot of it can be like, ‘Oh, , yeah, I'm attracted but it's like, like a fantasy like it sounds very, very nice and everything but what is it really required?’ Or what do you think are some essentials that are needed to be in that right frame of mind and frame of heart as well to say like, Y’es, I'm stepping into this with full on power to make it work.’?


Yaela 28:41

I absolutely love that question. I think that one of the key things to discern and to decipher if this is a model for you, and if you are ready to do so I think whenever you do something new, whenever you are on the precipice of something big, of some expansion, you are always going to have that mix of feeling very excited and utterly terrified. I think that is a great indicator that you're on the precipice of your next level to live your next evolution, your next growth spurt, whatever it takes, I think it takes what it took for me and what I see in the people who choose to work with me in this quest, right to go big and go home and create that next level life for themselves. Is a sense of being I want to say ready, but that's actually not the right word. It's being done with your own bullshit. And I'm sorry I went there anyway. It's true. We all have our stories. Our reasons are excuses that keep us small, that keep us where we are. That's how we are built. This is how our ego works. It's supposed to keep us safe. And safe is what we already know. It's in our comfort zones called our comfort zone for a reason. It feels comfortable because we're familiar with it. Now if we want to grow if we dare to even think about stepping outside of that comfort zone, it's going to feel scary. And you're going to come up with every story reason, belief, excuse you can possibly think of why you totally shouldn't. So when I want to sit when I say ready isn't quite the right word. Often people are waiting for this kind of lightning bolt moment of inspiration where they're like now is the exact right time. The stars align it's all like Mercury's out of retrograde. It's all gray right now. This is when I start my business or new venture. But that's never really the case. That's not how life works, so instead of feeling ready, I think the ideal moment for people to jump in to any new adventure and you know, like add venture in this business is when they're done. When they're done listening to their own bullshit excuses and stories they may be very valid. They will be very valid. We all have them- our fears, but it is that willingness to jump outside and to actually commit to a vision that's bigger than your are, about your why and that yes, it can be your children, it can be a certain life you want for yourself, but most likely it is it is your own unique magic that you want to share with the world. And from having built businesses in all different styles. I don't know about you, but I'd rather do it the easy way than reinvent the wheel and just kind of hop along on a on a system on a model that is done for me that is low-risk where I can be completely myself. Make high -mpact, make high income and work with people who are ready or done with their bullshit enough to their next level life.


Desiree 32:36

I love it that I have a question for you. So I know a lot of the moms listening now they are ready, they are mompreneurs so most likely they already have a brand going for themselves. They are already working. They are like they have something that they represent. But could this be something they could do alongside that? Can you fuse that into your existing business?


Yaela 33:04

100% I think that is the beauty of it. Like the fact that you already have your existing brand and that you understand the importance of building your personal brand. A brand that's not hinged on a specific service, or product but hinged on your beliefs and your mission in this world. I am the biggest proponent of multiple income streams, right I don't believe in putting all your eggs in one basket and I believe that it's so important to leverage different types of income, different types of activities. So I think actually, you know to answer your question does raise the that the mompreneurs out there they are 10 steps ahead. of most people looking into starting their online high ticket affiliate marketing business, because they already have that entrepreneurial mindset. They already have an understanding of what is an online business. And now they get to join a collective and lean into support and automation and systems and proven strategies in a way that they are fully supported, but still fully expressed in their own way.


Desiree  34:26

I love that. I love it. I love it because it's so true. Like as a mompreneur. We already don't have enough time right? But I love the idea of the multiple income streams and if we can multiply our income streams the more we can add them the better it is right? But we are already so taxed with like so we already don't have enough time for the things we're doing. But if there is something out there that actually has the system, fully set up, the automations fully set up. So you could potentially and correct me if I'm wrong, you could pick up on this fuse it into your own business and pretty much it doesn't create much more work for you. Is that what you're saying?


Yaela 35:12

100% This is because when I started this I already had my coaching practice and like I mentioned earlier, solo. I'm originally from Amsterdam. I live in New Zealand so very, very far away from any family or support. And when I came across this I was like I can't have another thing to do. I can't have another thing on my plate. I have kids, a household, a business, all the things I cannot build any like hold another thing. And the reason or one of the key reasons I decided to do this, because it fused in it merged so beautifully with my existing business with my existing brand with my existing mission, that it was basically plug and play. And this is what I do with the people that choose to work with me now because I have this. I'd like to call it an unfair advantage of 10 years of running a marketing agency. So understanding branding and communication and marketing, having now five years of coaching and specifically business coaching, so understanding the strategies around it and also the more woowoo mindful internal work and personal growth that comes with not just entrepreneurship, but motherhood and then adding the vehicle to that that's basically a you know, plug and play business in a box. So yeah, it's I love it. I can't say anything else.


iva 36:54

Yes, especially because as Yaela. you shared there's also another aspect to you know, mompreneurs that are also multi passionate. So there's that other layer of you know, we not only want our cake and eat it too we also want the muffins and we also want the cheesecake and we also want right the brownies and why not? Well we're added you know the acai bowl, and so forth. So it does play on that sense that our identity is quite fluid in all the possibilities that are open to us. And that we can get to explore, being of course mindful and understanding of time constraints. So there's, as you say, this plug and play business models come in so handy because it's another revenue stream, but it's also something that doesn't require a lot of your time because burnout is also at the other side of things right? And if we are overly eager and we just want to, you know, reach out for everything at the same time, we might run the risk of that being so, so it's also good to you know to be part of a community and a collective, like the one that you have, for example, which looks into those aspects as you said, you call it like the woowoo. A little bit but more than woowoo I feel it's understanding our own energetics and understanding our own you know, physiology and our capacity like we're still human, we still need rest, we still need to unplug, we still need to get those batteries renewed so that we can do it again the next day and the next day and the next day because I loved what you what you shared in that. This is about long term. This is not about as you said. I'm going to try it for a few weeks and then let's see. This is about playing the long game building legacy. Building, you know something that you can leave behind for your children. And so with that in mind is like sustenance is how you also keep things within yourself in a way that are optimal for the long term type of view.


Yaela 39:35

Absolutely. And I think that comes you know, parts within the community and the support we were you know, you receive from each other the inspiration you receive from each other. It comes partly through coaching and mentorship and like you said, getting a better understanding of how we function in this world on a larger scale physically, mentally, emotionally, on every level and building something that is bigger than yourself and that you can leave behind. So for me personally when I first I was introduced to this as anyone does, I think as any business woman would. I was exploring and doing my due diligence looking at the different aspects. And the thing that blew me away like that was for me the straw that broke the camel's back in the most positive sense, was the fact that that this business that I'm affiliated with offers legacy wealth, and legacy wealth means that you can build towards a point where it starts and that's just the starting point with 5k US dollars per month income outside of any commissions outside of any other bonuses just legacy for life and when you pass you can will this to your kids. Now this goes up to like 20k per month and above and beyond. Now when I saw this first I was just blown away a little bit then I was sceptical a little bit and started asking questions. And then I asked myself this question, right because like you said it's a long game. Right so might get to that point in a year. So I might get there in three years. I might get there in 10 years, or 15 years. And then I had to ask myself this question. If I can dedicate the next let's say five to 10 years to something and when I say five to 10 years, this is really you know, a pockets of my time types of business as it is because it is highly automated. But if I just can commit my focus to anything for five to 10 years that has the potential namely for life starting let's start small let's be let’s, be you know, modest here starting 5000 US dollars per month for life outside of any Commission's that I earn outside of anything. And when I pass I can pass this on to my kids. This could be my retirement, this could be my uni fund for my children. What other investment is out there, right where I can put my time and energy and money in has such high potential yield with such low risk because any other investment I'm sitting there and I'm basically crossing my fingers hoping that the economy will do this, or crypto will do that. Or the property market will do this. It is out of my control. But I'm investing in myself in a personal brand that I can never take away that when my personal brand grows, all my businesses that fall under it all my offers grow with that right? It's not just one that has the potential to not just send me but my kids up for life. I couldn’t find an answer. I was like, Oh wait, I couldn't find Nazareth. So I had to I had to go I had to try it.


Desiree 43:25

Amazing and that is that is what we're doing this for. This is just the answer to our why isn't it our why? Of being able to provide for our kids and giving them that the beautiful life whatever they want to make out of it right? But just to set them up with that foundation. That's incredible. And so many other things you have to like keep nurturing you have to keep working because what you put in is what you get out right? You have to kind of but that the fact that it's fixed and for life and willable Wow, I'm really blown away by that as well. That's insane.


Yaela 44:08

Yeah, it really got me when I when I saw that and had to come to terms with the fact that if I was going to invest anything in anything there is no other thing that had that potential return and that and that future. So and it's funny because at the time it seemed almost mythical. And now I've been doing this business for a little over three years and I'm well on my way to that point and most of us are ready


Desiree 44:45

Wow. Incredible. 


Yaela 44:49

Well, that's the beauty of a compounding and high ticket business. Right? It's you can grow quite at a fast rate. And now I many of my personal friends have already achieved that first or second or their higher level of legacy wealth. And I see it with my own eyes. And the reason I want to just focus on that for one second is because it sounds great. 5k Month 10k month 20k A month. Sounds great. It is great. But what I see when I look at how this changed their lives, is that money provides choice. It provides freedom. It provides more giving and reciprocity in the world. These people that have created that ultimate financial freedom knowing that they are set but their kids are set. Why are they still building these businesses? Why are they still doing this because it allows them to give back more to create more for their wider communities for causes they believe in. And I believe you know, people always say almost in a negative way, Money makes the world go round. But money can also make the world go round in this way of recreating a positive ripple effect. And that only can happen from a space of abundance. You always have to put on your oxygen mask first so that you can give to others and that is how I see this this business vehicle.


Iva 46:20

I love it. I love it and also the fact that you mentioned it the oxygen mask on first it's so important right to be able to give back I know we've mentioned that a lot too. But yeah, there's this ripple effect this just everything is so incredibly powerful. And the most favorite thing is I think you just said is the power of choice. You don't have to go back and retire now go live on the islands and hang out in the beach all day. But a lot of people choose to just keep going right and to give back like you said because now they have the choice. And with that choice comes a more abundant way of working of living, of being really


Yaela 47:09

100% And we also we're all moms here, this is what we model for our children. Right I enroll like my children are obviously a bit older than yours is Desiree but I enrolled my children in my vision my children know what I'm building they know about legacy. Well, they know that I want to create that not just for them and for myself but in a bigger sense. And we model them to our kids and through them raise a generation of entrepreneurial spirits whether they will choose to be entrepreneurs or not doesn’t matter, but a new generation of kids that believe in in their own autonomy and their own power to create a reality for themselves and for others that they believe in. And I think that is incredibly powerful.


Iva 48:04

So with that in mind Yaela, this is a question that we like to ask our guests because it goes hand in hand with what we've been discussing and it's this whole idea of there's a lot of stress around striving for balance in everything that we do like it tends to add more stress because where do you draw the line of this, you know, 5050 or whatever it is that needs to like evenly add up to some extent and so we rather use the term to be in harmony with because we feel that it's more about resonating and going with what is presented to us but within the scope of saying you know, I understand that this is my season of life or I understand that there's more glass balls that I need to take care of at this stage than in others, etc. But it's been in harmony with that that allows us to expand and look forward. So we wanted to ask you, what is what are some things that you do in your personal life with regards to keeping this harmony for you going on?


Yaela 49:18

Yeah, I think that's a great way of putting it because when you said balance, I always say I don't believe in work life balance. Because it's life. It's your life balance. This is it. This is it people this is our one life. And the idea that concept of work life and work life balance, kind of implies that the two are opposite. It implies that on the one hand we have work that we have to do in order to live our life, which is the exact opposite belief system of what I believe and what I stand for that go big and go home. motto in life where this is we have we have one life and all these parts of us, including work are an important part of our life because it gives us a sense of purpose and fulfillment and drive and satisfaction. So I first of all, you know harmony within in our life is always key. And I think the key takeaway, if I could give any on this subject is that it is an ever moving and ever evolving thing. There is not a fixed point, that when I divide my time like this or I spend my energy like that, then I am in harmony. We are organic living beings and so are our businesses if we build aligned businesses, and there is no point in which we are in perfect harmony. It is a scale and I think the minute we allow ourselves and learn the tools to listen, truly listen, not just use our mind, right I always I always talk about no we have our mind we have our mental body, our emotional body or physical body and imagine them on a on a on a conference call on Zoom. Imagine the three screens, but the mind is the only one that isn't been put on mute. That's how our society works right? Everything is focused on our rational thought and on our mind is hyper inflated, and our emotional or emotional body or physical body, the cues the information it gives us is almost pushed aside and set to be silly and unimportant. But when we learn to listen and unmute the other two screens so we can actually tune in to our to our somatic or physical body to our emotions, and our mind. All of a sudden we find our harmony in that moment. As then we know what is truly required of us and what we need


Desiree 52:16

I love it. Yes, absolutely. You're so right about that. And God I am still blown away by everything we spoke about. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this also this legacy wealth and all of that. And you have something really special for the moms out there that are listening today. Can you tell us what it is and why every ambitious mom needs this?


Yaela 52:43

Of course of course I was thinking a lot about what I could give to our listeners today. And I decided that I was going to offer everyone who is interested who is ambitious, who is curious to learn more about this new way of doing life and business of unlocking this next level. life for themselves of learning about high ticket affiliate marketing and how to integrate that with their existing business. Just a personal one on one call with myself now. It's funny because all we talked about today is you know, working smarter, not harder and working less times. So I hardly ever do this. But I think knowing that everyone who's listening to this already has such full lives. They are best served you will be best served by a personal call really diving into your situation exploring if and how this can complement your business, your life. And yes, that's it offering you a clarity, strategy and coaching call with yours truly.


Iva 53:53



Desiree 53:54

Thank you. Thank you so much. Wow, super good and we are going to put that link into the show notes of where you can access where you can book that call. And yeah and get on the call. I think I'm gonna get on the on the I'm going to put you on speed dial. Like Wait, 


Iva 54:15

This is such this is such a generous invitation. Uh, yeah, like we really want to thank you for your time today for all the amazing insights and your shared wisdom on your journey which has been such an inspiring and positive you know, energy to it and to all of our listeners that are feeling drawn to this sense of Yes, I can go big and I can go home. So if you want to connect with Yaela, you can find her on Instagram. Her handle is @yaela_raber, And we're also going to be sharing the links to her Facebook or LinkedIn and her website. and of course, that amazing freebie that everyone listening should jump into because this is a great opportunity. So thank you Yaela for being here with us today. We loved everything that you shared.


Yaela 55:13

Thanks. Thank you so much for having me ladies I had a blast.


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