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Feeling meh, mama? You need a quick pick-me up. This hilarious, random and totally wise Bonus episode has our little ones telling it like it is on what makes a great mom, and guess what? You're already winning! Trust us.

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Life is not always 50-50. Being in balance means that you constantly need to be juggling all the balls up in the air no matter what. It's a balancing act, alright, but quite a stressful one!

Instead, being in HARMONY sets the stage for creativity, flow, and enjoyment. 

In this episode, Desiree and Iva share how to identify what season in life you're in, whether it's a season of change, a season of growth, or a season of priority, so you can better harness its energies and flow with it.


Also, discover how sometimes ditching your to-do list can be the best thing you can do for yourself!

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Perfectionism can sometimes be worn like a badge of honour. Perfectionists seek to create control in one or more areas in life like school, the workplace, or through parenting.


In this episode, Desiree and Iva delve into how they’re better managing their perfectionist streak and expectations regarding their business and family life. They share the motto that helps them be better mompreneurs and tackle their business more harmoniously. They also share how they have become recovering perfectionists thanks to motherhood. Discover what easy mindset shifts you can take to become more productive in your business by ditching perfectionism and embracing your feminine side.

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Tackling your to-do list can sometimes feel like an extra chore in itself. Managing short-term tasks and activities can differ from working with your business's long-term plans and vision. And how do you account for a Plan B when life as a mompreneur can be very unpredictable?


In this episode, Desiree and Iva discuss their systems to help keep them accountable for the big-ticket items that most impact their business and navigate the tricky waters of getting it all done while handling motherhood and everything in between at the same time.

Featured Book: The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian P Moran and Michael Lennington

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When is your secret project, business idea or lifelong dream ready for its big reveal?

How do you ensure having the right mindset to not allow naysayers to dissuade you from pursuing your passion?


In this episode, Desiree and Iva share their process to separate when they’re ready for full disclosure from keeping it all under wraps to protect the creative process. Listen in as they share how to choose a cheerleader that will empower you and support you throughout the development of your project so that criticism doesn’t shut it down before it’s born.

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Productivity equals speed. And in business, speed is the name of the game. But when it comes to mompreneurship, not every productivity technique will work. That’s because mompreneurs operate in two different zones at the same time, and anything that increases productivity will need to pass the Litmus test of mompreneurs.


Listen in as Desiree and Iva take a thoughtful (and sometimes humorous) approach to what truly works in a mompreneur’s life and what is simply an urban myth when it comes to help boost productivity, creativity and flow.

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Episode 3 - Tackling To Do's | 12-Week Systems &. Plan Bs

Meditating with Kids

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It takes a village to raise a child.

And it takes a tribe to nurture and grow a mompreneur.


Listen in as Des and Iva answer the powerful question of WHY this podcast and how the answer is the sign needed to jump with both feet into making any project, dream, or business a reality. They will explore what it means to ‘take a backseat’ while exploring inspiring concepts related to unique gifts, shunning loneliness in entrepreneurship, and looking for a tribe that gets you, uplifts you and empowers you!

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The mompreneurship road is paved with both surprises and uncertainties and a non-existent navigation system. Starting as a one-woman show means you need to learn the ropes as you go- the same way we learned how to navigate those early motherhood years. Yet, having a support system makes all the difference between overwhelm and feeling confident in the journey. Listen in as Desiree and Iva explore the benefits of having a tribe as a mompreneur and what are the best ways to find the right one when you're starting and living abroad.

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The Mom Guilt dilemma should not keep us in a permanent state of stress and anxiety! If there is no way to eliminate it, can we at least happily co-exist with it? And if so, what’s the recipe? Listen in as Desiree and Iva explore this all-too-common aspect that seems to come with the job description of being a mom and what are the healthy, simple, and powerful ways we can Let. It. Go so we can move along with our busy days and lives.


Books Mentioned: Forget Having It All by Amy Westervelt

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Can mothers really have an on/off button? Is there really a possibility to switch on and off at will during our hectic, busy days? And if so, how?

Listen in as Desiree and Iva explore this very topic and how being present plays a role in this. Listen in to glean insights into how looking for ways to rest more (and not less!) during the day can hold the key to greater creativity, productivity and flow in our lives.

Books Mentioned: The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins

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Meditating with Kids


To self-care or not self-care? That is the question. And can it even be compatible with little ones around (or while raising a young family)? Listen in, as Desiree and Iva share quick, simple yet effective ways to self-manage while also creating great and powerful connections with your children so you get to have the best of both worlds day in and day out as a busy mom and mompreneur.

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Meditating with Kids

Hearing the words “I’m bored” seems to grate us down to our core as mothers. Plus, you also have a million things to do and cannot be your child’s private entertainer the whole day. 


Listen in as Desiree and Iva share some powerful tips and insights on effectively dealing with the whole boredom conundrum and stop feeling guilty from not jumping into the rescue. This episode will show you how to swap your bundle of ‘bored’ for a bundle of joy!


Books Mentioned: The Gardener and the Carpenter by Alison Gopnik

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Nobody likes the F word. Not at home and certainly not in business. We want to avoid it at all costs! But what would happen if we not only embraced it but also used it to make us more empowered and successful in all areas of our lives?


Listen in as Desiree and Iva share the exact formula to handle failure to achieve maximum daily growth and improvement. And also share their tips on teaching children to embrace failure so they can become more creative and self-reliant. 


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Does it sometimes feel like everyone has it together, and you're the only one Scotch-taping your way through life? Or using double-sided tape for that matter? Welcome to the club. 


Listen in as Desiree and Iva explore the phenomenon known as Imposter Syndrome and why do we sometimes feel like phonies both at home and at work_ having that nagging feeling that at any point, we're going to be found out as a fraud. But fear not! Imposter Syndrome can be a great ally and there ARE ways that it can be successfully nipped in the bud.



Click the link below for the full guidelines on how to effectively tackle Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome Post on The Momergy Movement Blogsite: 

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Resentment can be a broad and complex issue many layers deep. 

Listen in as Desiree and Iva tackle this topic within the scope of how resentment can show up in our lives, specifically related to dealing with a spouse or partner. 


Join this open and honest conversation about how even in the most healthy and robust relationships, resentment can rear its ugly head and what to do instead.


**Books Mentioned

 Relationships and Patterns of Conflict Resolution by Peter Ladd




Mompreneurs and Money can sometimes be a love-hate relationship. But it doesn’t have to be!


Listen in as Desiree and Iva explore the ways in which we can start making our money work for us. They share ideas on how to benefit from passive income and how to make it work for you (even while you sleep).


Stop putting all your eggs in just one basket and get inspired to make more with less effort!

Episodes Mentioned - Episode 6: Taking the Driver's Seat & Sharing Your Gifts with the World!


When was the last time you took stock of your core value system? Have you been walking around with an outdated model? If we’re so keen to update the software on all of our devices, how come we don’t do the same for our own internal compass? 


Listen in as Desiree and Iva use a quick but powerful example of how to evaluate what is most important to you and the ways you could be self-sabotaging yourself without even knowing!


Episodes Mentioned
Episode 10 Mastering Failure-How the Science of Failure Makes You More Successful


Books Mentioned
Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

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The Harmony Family is expanding! Desiree and Iva share some wonderful news and dive deep into what it’s like to be scaling a business while pregnant. Mompreneurship and pregnancy CAN go hand in hand, and Desiree shares her best tips and strategies for doing it all while enjoying this magical stage in life.


Episodes Mentioned:
Episode 16 System Update | Making Sure Your Set of Values Is Up to Date

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It’s not good-bye! It’s a ‘See you Next Season’.

Listen in to discover the pivotal moments of the season as well as what made Season 1 be pure magic.


Desiree and Iva can’t wait to spill the beans on what’s to come for Season 2 while they reveal their biggest secret yet!

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