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Wow, what a season! 
And we are capping it off with the one reason why this podcasts exists in the first place. OUR KIDS. Because without them, we wouldn’t be moms, and certainly no Mom Bosses Abroad. So, grab your headphones, sit back and listen to another hilarious episode that definitely has no filter on it.


Love it? Share it! And see you back here for Season 3.

Des & Iva

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In this two-part episode, the Wizard of Words and copywriter extraordinaire, Edward Bell, infuses the conversation about using words that win and copy that sells with pure, delightful, and humorous energy. He goes high and low and deep into the energetics of things as well as the practical ways you can start creating content that magically connects and wows your desired audience. Don’t say we didn’t warn you_  with Edward’s witty, candid and authentic personality leading the way, you will be easily immersed into the magical world of words while also being inspired to reach for your keyboard right afterwards!

Graphic Eps Edward Bell.jpg

In this two-part episode, the Wizard of Words and copywriter extraordinaire, Edward Bell, infuses the conversation about using words that win and copy that sells with pure, delightful, and humorous energy. He goes high and low and deep into the energetics of things as well as the practical ways you can start creating content that magically connects and wows your desired audience. Don’t say we didn’t warn you_  with Edward’s witty, candid and authentic personality leading the way, you will be easily immersed into the magical world of words while also being inspired to reach for your keyboard right afterwards!

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Let your mind be blown away in this episode by seven-figure coach, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jaime Villalovos, who is already working on her business plan for the next 100 years after she passes away. Jaime is here to challenge us and push our minds and our plans toward stratospheric levels in terms of what is possible for us moms. Her energy and insights are off the charts! And you will come out ready to implement powerful mindset shifts to boot. Listen in and let her words catapult you to new heights!  

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Spending half the year in your home country and half the year in Bali? Managing multiple businesses and feeling fulfilled while also raising little ones? All of that is possible and we have proof in the form of Dovile Sinke, our guest expert and online business coach who is letting us take a peek behind the curtain of what she does and how she does it. Get ready for a candid and insightful conversation full of great advice!

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Are you mostly introverted or on the quiet side? Don’t know how to stand out from the noisy online crowd without having that icky factor in your messaging? It’s all about how to create authentic connection instead. Our featured guest, Nicole Kepic, is a seasoned copywriter that has over 20 years of experience and is here to share how to do just that. You’ll come out feeling so much better knowing there are other ways to write about your product and service that feel real and true to who you are.

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Are you stepping over gold to pick up a penny? Our featured guest expert, Tanya MFK, is with us once again to distil yet more golden nuggets about the science of the mind, to help us develop healthy habits that support our brains and our bodies. This is a continuation of our previous episode 14, where she explains how to get closer to our goals. But we won’t be able to get far is we don’t have healthy habits that support us and they are easier and more effective than you might think! Have a listen! 

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In this week’s episode, our guest expert, Nancy Rivera, provides a powerful inspirational message about self-love and how it has helped her create her successful multi-passionate business and projects. She is also a champion of domestic violence survivors and actively works in the community to support women going through it. This episode is dedicated to all women looking to empower themselves and their children, who are striving for a better life, and who showing up every day setting an example to follow. 

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Doing business on-line allows you to work from anywhere in the world! And it also makes your client base truly global. But are you capitalizing even more on your online efforts by making your online business more inclusive? Not sure what that is all about and how can you take advantage of it? Our expert guest, Michelle Pontvert, joins us for this episode about how all those little details can make a huge impact on your bottom-line. Listen in! 

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You’ve put in your heart and soul into your business. In fact, you’ve put in tears, sweat, sleepless nights, extremely early mornings and everything in between into growing your business and scaling it. But in one swift move, it can all come crashing down if your intellectual property not legally protected. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that no one comes in and steals your ideas and creations?


What’s more, do you think patents, trademarks and copyrights are only for the big boys of business? Think again. Our expert guest, Devin Miller, warns against the pitfalls of not understanding how legally protecting your creations and services can spell disaster down the line and what you need to do right now to start dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.

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Loud and bold is not necessarily the best option when you want to be seen and heard in the noisy online space. Our featured guest expert, Allison Nelson, dives right into what it truly means to be bold and authentic in order to create killer content that actually sells. If your current pressing question is: “How do I stand out?”, get some pen and paper and be ready to take lots of notes as Alison shares her know-how and expertise.

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Looking after your baby. Looking after yourself. Looking after your body. After giving birth, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed about how to bounce back to our life, bodies and new family dynamics. Which one should come first? Can we do it all? And should we? Our featured guest expert, Gemma Ovens, shares some amazing insights into how to look after ourselves, our baby and our bodies in the healthiest way possible!

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Having a surplus of cash is always a good problem to have! But what is the right option to make that money work for you? Our featured guest, Candice Bakx-Friesen, shares powerful insights into how to approach investing and real estate and why having a growth mindset is the key ingredient into playing the long game. Listen in as there are great actionable steps you can start taking as an entrepreneur even without a pile of cash lying around!


Busy mompreneurs and working mothers can harness the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as they are navigating the waters between ambition and motherhood. Our guest expert, Theresa Lear Levine, shares a bit of the history, as well as her knowledge and experience with EFT and how to harness its powerful benefits in a matter of minutes. From physical ailments to emotional ones likes procrastination, motivation, anxiety and any other type of limiting belief- learn how tapping can be so beneficial in helping you achieve your goals and live your best life.

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Being a Tedx speaker is one of the pinnacles of authority, credibility and leadership that anyone can aspire to. And yet, most of us know very little about what it truly entails to be selected to step into that coveted stage. Dr. Elena Paweta gives us a sneak peek behind the curtain and shares with us fascinating facts about the world of Tedx. Keen to know how to share your original ideas in under 18 minutes?

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Not every social media platform is created equal. In the race for more visibility, followers and clients, Pinterest is the best kept secret that everyone has heard of. Our guest expert, Naa Ardua Flohic, shares her inspirational story of how she started her online business as a late bloomer using Pinterest as a springboard. Get inspired and motivated to give this platform a try! No creative, artistic skills required.

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Does the idea of putting yourself out there to promote your business makes you break out in a sweat? Fear not, there’s a way to honor your beautiful introverted self and still thrive while interacting with the world. Our guest expert and coach, Jenny Toh, shines a gentle light on how she manages to have a successful coaching business while being an introvert herself. Make yourself comfortable and listen in!

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Owning a parcel of land while doing your own gardening and growing your own food… does it sound like a pipe dream? Our featured expert, Nicky Schauder, shares how this is possible regardless of where you live or even if you think you have a black thumb. She is truly an inspiration on how she’s sharing permaculture with others, and even growing 300 lbs or her own food alongside her family- with six little ones in tow! Listen in and get inspired.

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 The question in everyone’s mind when it comes to having THE talk, or even attempting ‘the birds and the bees’ conversation is: how young is too young? But thanks to our guest expert, Mandi Nutall, even our little ones can benefit from having these conversations. Yes, our two and three year-olds included! Mandi lovingly and concisely explains why and how as she expertly guides us through a nerve-racking conversation. One with far greater repercussions than we can imagine. But there’s great news ahead: it CAN be fun and easy-going if you follow these tips.

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In this part two of the financial conversation with Money Coach, Jen Patterson, we explore the psychology, energetics and financial fundamentals to price your services in a way that allows for more sales while also making it empowering. We follow the whole continuum from setting up that first price all the way to how and when to increase it, and why revising it a few times a year makes good financial sense. If you’re launching that course, service or membership, this episode is a MUST. 

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Are we really THAT busy? We’re constantly telling ourselves “I don’t have time. I have so much going on!” Yet, we can easily loose track in the everyday things and activities that pepper our lives of what we are all about. We are human beings, after all, not human doings. Our guest expert, Miki Maruko, shares a powerful tool that cuts through all the busyness and confusion of what we truly want for ourselves, our families, and our lives so that we can better manage and control the concept of time and how much of it we actually need to do all the things.  


Moving, relocation, changing the scale of big life stressors, uprooting  our family ranks high on the list. Having resiliency built in as a strategy to help handle and manage these changes is essential. Our featured guest, Athens Pellegrino, is a seasoned expert when it comes to moving and has written a children’s book that helps families better deal with relocation assignments while making it fun and memorable for the kids. Grab a pen and paper and take some valuable notes while she shares her know-how on handling several moves in a few years and ways to  teaching resiliency to our kids so they can deal better with change.

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Not feeling inspired by run-of-the-mill automations and systems that look like everyone else’s? Listen in to get inspiration and take vigorous notes on how our guest, Jacqui Money,  helps coaches, consultants and solopreneurs scale their online business by creating a truly epic experience. This is for you if you want to fully leverage your tech in order to save time, drive more sales and scale your profits.

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They say ‘Hindsight is 20/20’ but don’t you also need to be crystal clear about who and how you serve others moving forward? Our featured guest expert, Liora Mann, helps us explore the ways we can quickly remove the distractions, doubts and limiting beliefs that blurry our vision and prevent us from showing up authentically in our business. Her vast experience in Marketing, Coaching and other powerful modalities, brings a total 360 approach that serves mompreneurs in every area of life and while making it fun!


Mompreneurs are wired a certain way. Yes, we have big dreams and goals and we’re always charging ahead!  But we also have life happening around us and we don't want to miss out on that. Join our featured guest, Tanya MFK, as she shares powerful knowledge about the power of the mind and how we can properly harness it in a way that helps us to get closer to our goals and dreams. And what it takes to really make them a reality. Think you do? Think again!


Are you struggling with setting up a life AND business that works for you? Our guest, Brittany May, shares how it is possible to step in and create a sustainable automated business around something that you love doing. While also scheduling free time for yourself and for your family. Listen in on how to get started simplifying your mompreneur life!


Sometimes, there is a fine line between children simply acting out and acting out because of a more serious underlying issue. How do you know the difference? We sat down with Health coach Sylvana Lee, to talk about how certain food might be affecting our children’s behavior and how to prevent it. As the saying goes, ‘We are what we eat’. So what are we feeding our kids?

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We all want to make money and we’re always looking for the latest ways we can increase our revenue and boost our bottom line. But what is the number one mistake most of us make that can actually be repelling money from coming into our lives? Jen Patterson is a Money coach for entrepreneurs and she is taking us on a fun ride on how to better handle our money with celebrations and cookie metaphors included. She keeps it all real, and most importantly, fun!

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Merry Christmas to all the Mom Bosses wherever they are! We love having amazing guests and this episode features our wonderful partners-in-life, who are our biggest cheerleaders and supporters. This is no ordinary episode, it’s a reverse-style Hot Seat where you get to know Desiree and Iva better through the eyes of their partners.


There are Six Top R.E.A.S.O.N.s we collect clutter. And while we don’t really think much about it, clutter affects our health, our time, our finances and even our momergy (unique mom energy). Louise Hopkin, Organizer Coach, walks us through effective ways and techniques we can approach decluttering without the stress. And it’s way easier than you think!

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Merely living abroad or thriving abroad? Lin de Leeuwerk, is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and your own personal guide in this episode where she shares the best advice on how to thrive in business and in life while in a foreign country. If you think you have too much on your plate to make things work, listen in to Lin’s very practical and wise advice! 

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And with kids in tow! This is exactly what Thais Saenz set out to do: ditch her cushy corporate job and start her own business while having a new-born and toddler at home (in the middle of Covid). Thais shares with us the most critical factor of how she grew and scaled quickly plus other valuable insights and advice are eye-openers for anyone considering doing a career change with success in mind.


Being a foreigner in a foreign land can be challenging. And if you are trying to build a business while raising little ones, it requires a whole new mindset altogether. Sarona Wolter shares how a move abroad compelled her to pivot in her career and build a platform to challenge 'stereotypes' and give women the permission to do things differently.


Can you think of anything wilder than trying to start a business from scratch while looking after a little one? Regina Schoenberger shares how she decided to go to the ‘wild side’ and take a leap of faith into doing both at the same time. Grab a pen and paper and prepare to be amazed at how these simple baby steps and great mindset shifts allow you to get a lot more done without the overwhelm


Wonder Women do exist! As a multi-passionate super mom, Hadas Kushelevich, is showing us her tricks, tips and mindset hacks on how you can effectively juggle all those balls in the air while thriving abroad with her family. Don’t miss the biggest takeaway that you can adopt NOW in making it all happen for you as well. 

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Quicksticks: what is the eighth wonder of the world? Just this answer alone can start turning your finances around for the better. For small business owners, finances are like gas in the car, because they keep the business running. It’s time to get fired up financially, and in this episode, financial adviser Batya Shulman, will take you through her F.I.R.E. acronym in order to gain the coveted dream of Financial Independence & Retire Early so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor that much faster.

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If you think you need to invest money and do a complete overhaul in order to introduce a Montessori practice at home, think again! Our featured guest, Victoria Yim, is giving us the inside scoop on what is needed to successfully bring Montessori into your home and it’s way easier than what you think!


If you think you need to invest money and do a complete overhaul in order to introduce a Montessori practice at home, think again! Our featured guest, Victoria Yim, is giving us the inside scoop on what is needed to successfully bring Montessori into your home and it’s way easier than what you think!

To all the moms who are Mom Bosses in one way or another… Whether you are staying home and raising your little ones, running your own business, pursuing a corporate career, or working that side hustle, you are absolutely, 100% a Mom Boss.

And if you’re doing all of this while living abroad, well, you’re simply fantabulous all the way!

Join Des and Iva as two business besties who are borderline obsessed with building a global tribe that is unapologetically authentic in how we embrace our roles as moms and mom bosses having REAL WORLD conversations about all things motherhood.

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