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Beyond Financial Freedom | Building a Business on Your Own Terms and Timeline

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Hi, and welcome to a new episode of the Mom Bosses Abroad podcast. We are here today with Dovile Sinke and we are going to be talking to her about what is it like to start an online business so Dovile, welcome to our podcast. We're so excited that you're here with us today.


Dovile 1:36

Thank you for having me here and I'm really really excited to talk with both of you and with your audience as well.


Desiree 1:42

Yeah, Dovile. You are an online business coach and you help ambitious women to start and scale their service based businesses so that they can really finally enjoy more freedom and life which is so important, isn't it? So three years ago, Dovile left her corporate career in banking and consulting in Switzerland and has today created three successful online businesses. And she lives between Bali and Europe with her husband and two-year-old daughter. That is absolutely amazing. A piece of my heart is definitely in Bali somewhere there. So yeah, I can't wait to hear everything about how you got to leading this this very interesting life. The Living Proof of you do not need to be rooted anywhere in order to have a successful business. So, do you want to share with us a little bit about your journey?


Dovile 2:44

Yeah, so, three, three and a half years ago, I think now is already that I left my job that I decided, you know, I gave my resignation in Switzerland. And that was also not an easy thing. Like I think I was thinking about it for four years or so and not feeling happy but just really needing a change, a shift. So I finally decided to do that. And the main reason why I did that was that I really craved more freedom I knew I want I knew I meant for something more. You know, I knew that there is more for me and I really wanted to have the freedom to live wherever I want. You know, like, I've been to Bali several times before. I felt like ‘oh I would love to be able to you know, have it as a choice for me to stay here more months like these cold winters in Europe that I don't like.’


Desiree 3:44

I know.


Dovile 3:46

So to speak a little bit and just have the freedom and also be able because I was living in Switzerland and before that I spent five years in Sweden so and my family's in Lithuania. So it was really awful craving the freedom to be able to go to spend more time with them, not just during, you know, some weekends three or four times a year but just you know if I want have the choice or basically have the choice and then I said well, it seems like my current career is not gonna give me that. So I have to go and create a different career for myself. So that's when we started with my husband together looking into all different opportunities that are online and it took us some time you know, we first we said ‘okay, how do we how do we start?’ But yeah, long story short you know, there were some good moments and we started learning one thing and other thing, one thing led to another and we created three businesses at this point and now I also for a good half a year and in officially longer started coaching other women how to do the same focusing on service-based businesses, which is what my expertise is and these other businesses that we created ourselves as well. So


Desiree 5:24

that's amazing. So you do that together with your husband. So you're a team in all of this.


Dovile 5:30

We were a team before, at the moment we have our separate businesses, but we are supporting each other as you know.


Desiree 5:42

That's great. That's so so important. Yeah.


Iva 5:46

We sometimes have highlighted in other episodes as well. How this silent partner, right which is usually a spouse comes into the picture with that support and that encouragement. Sometimes they  are our biggest fans rooting for us, you know, giving us that incentive and motivation. When we're having down days, when we're feeling frustrated, when we're feeling all the feelings and sometimes we don't highlight that enough because it comes with the territory especially when you're building things for the first time and you're working things out and not having that support can be can be very detrimental down the line. So it is it is good to know that when you're making decisions like that, that your spouse or your partner is on board because it is going to be instrumental in helping you navigate through the rough waters that are going to come up


Dovile 6:53

That's I also noticed a lot like so I'm very grateful that I have this support. And my husband is always the one actually even pushing me during like ‘yeah, you should do it don’t give up you know’, while I see other women that probably don't have that support, but I always tell them you know, it's not the end of the world. There are so many resources, there are communities, their coaches you know, where you can create that community, that that support for yourself. So, you know if you are not as lucky to have that in your family, it's not the end of the world.


Desiree 7:33

Totally. And that's what we always advocate for_ to create this tribe of like-minded women who will be cheering each other on we don't have to be doing the same things or being in the same industry. But just the fact that we're all you know, we are what you are embodying you’re a Mom Boss and you're truly abroad abroad in so many different countries, right. And that's really what it is because we have that other element of we are moms, we are running our businesses, but we're also often living away from our families and from our usual support network, right and then it becomes even more important, but I love what you've mentioned before the village, about the fact the reason you left your nine to five is related to location freedom. And that is definitely a goal that so many of us have. It's either location freedom, it's financial freedom, right? All of the above, but it's really the power of not being stuck anywhere or not even being dictated where to move. Right like we are in a way we are right now. Even I expatriate, we're here with our husbands who are working, but it's often also they're like ‘okay, we are going to move to our next destination’. I just completed a real like, wait a second, you know, it's like, it's great. I'm not complaining. I'm in Japan, and we are in amazing city. But sometimes I want to do this on my own terms and on my own timeline, right. So it's really powerful that you've been able to create that for yourself with your businesses.


Dovile 9:19

Yeah, I actually was thinking just before this podcast that becoming a mom is in a way that takes away part of your freedom, you know, let's be fair. So, if I had also my employer still to take that freedom for me away, I had like, no freedom in life at all. Oh, that's I'm like extremely grateful that I have, you know, have this have this opportunity to have created this life for myself. 


Iva 9:51

Yeah,yes. Especially when you're raising a very young family the demands of time and attention that they require a really non-negotiable, right and, and it's not that they can be compromising, right? How can you compromise yourself with a baby and say like, ‘Okay, you let me sleep tonight and then tomorrow. I'll take care of you?’ It doesn't work that way. So once you're in that role of being a mom to especially two little ones, the time and the energy commitment it's a no-brainer, like it has to be there. And at the same time, we have talked about this as well before, how we are a different breed altogether when we're also becoming entrepreneurs. And a business is also like another offspring like another child of sorts like a virtual one. But nonetheless, it also requires a lot of commitment and a lot of undivided focus and attention. So, it sometimes feels like we might be a bit crazy, right? Like why would you do that to yourself? What is behind that but as the villa you shared, there's that freedom element that you know, it's going to pay off at the end. So, going into that a little bit more, what do you think are really the necessary either mindset, shifts or requirements or notions that women that are possibly on the fence, who are on the verge of saying like, ‘yes, I want to do this full time’, should take into account when they're considering this move of becoming an entrepreneur in the service business online?



Yeah. So I always say a couple of things, but definitely mindset is number one. And what I see a lot of times, women that come to me and they say well, I would love to do this, but they come up with so many limiting beliefs that they have: either too old, you know, because I had this whole 10 years behind me of studying and then working and for what reason, and like, you know, you have to understand that all the skills or experience that you have, they're not lost you know, you can so easily transform them and like bring them to your own business and make you even more admirable you know, and that's why people will pay you amazing money and you will attract a lot of people just because of that experience that you have so don't ever think you know that it's too late or that you don't have the skills.

Also another thing a lot of people think it's really understanding, getting back the belief in yourself that hey, you are so amazing. You have so much to offer. And you know, you might have a couple of strategies, tools, but that's all you know, that you can learn rather easy. And just go for it if that's your dream. The second thing so it's also to really understand what is the lifestyle you want to have and be clear about that. You don't even have to know like the ultimate business idea because I always say maybe you will start with one thing you just have to start with something and that's not going to be the last offer you will ever create. You know, once you start the things and I'm sure in your own experiences that's been the same, like one thing start to evolve and you'll find even more passions, but you just have to start. But for that you also have to understand coming back to what is that lifestyle you want to have like where do you want to have more freedom to travel. So for example, if you want to have freedom to travel, maybe creating a physical product and selling it in one country is not going to be the solution for you because you will have to be stuck in a way in that country, especially in the beginning. 


Desiree 14:14

So have clarity on things? 


Dovile 14:19

Yeah. So at least be clear. What is the lifestyle you want to have, you know, and then turn to those people also ask for support. The people that are actually living that lifestyle that you want to live? These will be then the people you know, that would either coach you and mentor you or just have them as role models. So be clear about that lifestyle work on your mindset. And then yeah, also, personal brand I would say nowadays, especially I'm talking a lot about service-based offers companies. So I think it's key and if you can invest in one thing today it's invest in also growing your own personal brand, and strengthening that.


Iva 15:59

And I want to go back and circle to the third thing that you said you know besides mindset and the clarity of exactly what is the lifestyle we sometimes especially as women, we make the mistake or we are coming in with this limiting belief rather that we are not going to find support in other women but rather competition and a lot of possibly jealousy or rivalry and all these things and you know it's really not necessarily to go into the why we come with this programming but we tend to have it for the most part. And so I would like to just dispel this and I think the reality you as well might have experienced this where the amount of people that I have encountered that are so willing to go out of their way to get on a chat with you and spend some time just, you know, answering questions and sharing with you what they're doing and giving you that sort of mentorship, not in a very formal way. Because that is also important and I get your point. You know, that's the reason why coaches are important. But sometimes you just want to_ you just want to have that rapport with a peer or somebody that is going through the same journey


Dovile 17:19

Yeah, absolutely


Iva 17:21

Just the level of how many women are out there and human beings for the most part that are just wanting to help out, you know, for no other reason that it's part of our nature and we forget that a lot of the time so we think it's a very competitive world out there but I think things are shifting I think that globally, this feminine way of doing business is starting to become more front and center, where we are all understanding that we can all lift each other up. I love that thing that says empowered women, empower women. And it's true and you see it because whatever you're doing like your life your success and that's the reason why we started this podcast is to highlight and showcase you_ your gifts, your life, what you're doing so you can be an inspiration to others. And what you're doing does not take away from what Desiree and I are doing. On the contrary, it just proves that we can all support each other in our own unique way and it's amazing and the more you let others shine, the better you feel about yourself because it's just so fulfilling in a in a completely different way than money can ever give you so I just wanted to highlight that because I think it's also very important to bring that into the conversation. 


Desiree 18:41

Yeah, I love that. And if I can just add that one more thing is like shifting from thinking someone else could be your competition or rather turning it to be an inspiration. They are indeed still people out there. I'm like, ‘Whoa, okay, look at what they're doing.’ But instead of seeing that as a competition, sometimes it fuels me on to work a little bit faster on something or to you know, go that one step further. Gives me an idea to go a certain direction I haven't considered so it's more like that fuel they're giving us right and instead of like that jealousy act or something that's not going to do anything for you. It's not going to move you forward in any way. So yeah, and I love to believe that you teach now other women or share with them and coach them in into these directions to do what you've done, as well.


Dovile 19:39

Yeah, so to that point, you know, here I would usually say like, ‘how can we shift it a little bit like we see somebody's doing so well. And it just means that oh, this is also available for me, you know?’ Like, that's amazing. She's doing it so I can do it as well. I can do it. And that's the whole abundance thing and just like so when we started when I started my online journey, let's say so the very first thing we did with my husband for half a year we moved to Bali because we were living in Switzerland and you know the job, so the living expenses would be cheaper in Bali to survive for six months. And I joined a community of really just a co-working space and I started surrounding myself with people. And I remember the first thing that somebody came to me and introduced and they said ‘oh, you know what I am? Let us sit down. You know, I just sold my company for six figures.’ And I'm like, That person looks so amazing. And we said yeah, okay, we can sit down with you, you know, and we sat down and she was just giving me like the whole hour just so many tips. And you know, me coming from Switzerland from banking. I was waiting like for kind of a bill you know and like, Okay, what does she want from me? Like, you know, that was so valuable and she wanted nothing that was just you pure giving like Iva what you were talking about right? But that was a big realization for me you know from that kind of stuck in corporate there's no growth mindset. Yeah,


Iva 21:35

And that is also part of the abundance mindset that you were talking about. It's the ability to be open to receiving. And sometimes we block ourselves because we think okay, what's the catch? Why is this person giving me all the things right and then we, we have this doubt and or we're thinking like oh, are they're trying to just give me false information or we get paranoid. It's just crazy. But it comes back to I feel when you have proof and you start in this journey and you start meeting people that genuinely are just giving and then they're just sharing and there's no I mean, you reciprocate through others. That's what I have come to realize, right? Like you received from someone and then they don't necessarily want you to give anything back because maybe you're not at that point that you can give them anything of value at that moment. But maybe you can turn around and look and see like, oh, this other person probably is two steps behind me. So maybe I can help them. And so it becomes more like a domino effect. So I think that that's also amazing that we don't feel compelled to reciprocate directly to the person from which we receive but to look elsewhere and say like, ‘oh, you know, if I’m ever in the same shoes I know it’s time to pass it on.


Desiree 22:52

Totally. And that really shows you and your passion business as well when you have that heart to write and that desire to pass things on. So Dovile how do you juggle everything that you do? I mean, you are you have it little two-year-old. You have your three online businesses, you have your coaching business, and you are moving every few months living in different countries like half a year here and half a year there. How do you do it?


Dovile 23:27

Yeah, now when you put it like that, it sounds really big. But yeah, like I have the other three businesses so I have moved away from the two. One is now completely with my husband. The other one is also like I'm not that much involved. So it's all about you know, setting in like the right strategies and systems to work or people you know, team that can do the task so you're more like oh, we're looking but really I think it all comes into support. And even like I was thinking I think I have a few categories of support, you know that we have to get to be able to juggle it all because you know, to do everything on your own it's not possible. It really is not, or at least I don't know how, but it's all about getting support. So one is really kind of my category let's say is getting support with the baby. You know, whoever that would be, the partner, your family, Nanny, daycare, whatever that is, even if it's just a couple of hours. That already you know, I think it gives you a lot and we all need it as long


Iva 24:48

A couple of hours. Yes.


Dovile 24:51

Yeah. So support with your kids. Then support you know, I think we have so limited time so we really need like the support from others that have been there you know that in the business that have done it so that you know we can take and so that we can we don't wait like I did in the beginning of my journey. I really wasted a couple of years just trying to figure out everything on my own because I thought oh, but everything is available online. And let me just you know, find it. Yes, you can do that but you waste a lot of time. And I figured you know my time is super valuable and even costs money so I don't have that. So the support you know in business from people that have been there. Support also the maybe the third category is also you know, if you can I believe that you know, our time is really valuable. And maybe we shouldn't use it for copy pasting exercises, you know, or things, the admin tasks in our businesses. So as soon as we can you know identify the repeating tasks, repetitive tasks, or we should really look for support people that can do that for us and help us so that we can really concentrate, you know, the hours to run the businesses forward to strategize to do the decisions that you know, that that bring us money and, and yeah, whatever support that we can get also in the household. Of course, the past six months when I was living in Bali, I was so blessed in this to have somebody come and clean my house. Six days a week and everything is fine. Yeah. So now I'm back in Europe for a month so I have to get back to you know, having to cook and having to clean but even that, you know, maybe you know I'll have a look maybe you can get someone to support to if you know cleaning takes a lot of so maybe you know invest think okay, maybe you know once every two weeks once every week. Yeah, those two hours like personally you know, we decided like the money that I pay for that I can you know, earn that money back. So kind of looking at what kind of support exactly you can get so you don't spend all your time doing all those tasks. And also you know, the other thing I think I realized when my baby was just born is that a thing that was maybe an advice I got from somebody because you know you can clean something up and five minutes not even five_ two minutes later, it's you know, these toys already that go into that wheel that you know, you just want to clean


Iva 27:57

It's like a hamster wheel. 


Dovile 28:00

Yes it's a very common


Iva 28:05

Like, bad habit where you find yourself sometimes like, ‘oh, I have all this time, let me clean up’ or, you know, ‘let me organize that drawer’ and you're like, where we need to really shift priorities and make sure that we understand we're on the clock. If we have that available time to feel like we're on the clock in terms of our business because as you said, that drawer the cleaning up especially with little ones, it's impossible. It's like you turn your back and all of a sudden, they're at it again like pulling something else, doing something else, requesting something else, feeling something else. It will never end so if that is the aim of trying to keep the house clean, it's not it's not going to work. You're going to end up frustrated and you don't end up even doing what you want to do, which is you know, work and get advanced in what you want. So, yeah.


Desiree 29:04

yeah, and you highlight so many things that we ourselves we even have an episode all about that _getting support. And it's so important if you want to grow if you want to just develop something you do need support and I love how you categorize them all. And that's true. It's not just a one solution. It's not just that one person. It takes a village, it takes like a few bits and pieces really to come together no matter where you are at what stage of the business. And like you said, if you can afford to bring another virtual assistant on or something like that, that can do these repetitive tasks. It's a game changer and it'll accelerate your growth. So yes, what you do and I put that question like that on purpose is how do you do it all because it is a lot and if you stop and think and you even stop and think about that does sound really big? It is big it is but you're doing the right thing and you're getting all this support for yourself. So you have the ability to do it all and that's fascinating. You're like the perfect example of you know, that mob boss living abroad who can do it all and be in harmony with herself as well. So it's really, really inspiring. So you also have a freebie for everyone that's listening today. Would you like to tell? Tell us a little bit about that.


Dovile 30:47

Yeah, so I have created a five day challenge for everyone that wants to start working online so that challenge is actually gonna make you first start believing in yourself that you can actually be that boss mom, you know that you have the skills. It will also help you to uncover the skills that you have within yourself from your corporate career or from your past experience that you can use. And, and yeah, I will also help you to get the first steps into what it takes to actually start your own business. So that's my Five-Day Challenge To Entrepreneurship. So I really would love to share with your audience that and you can find it on my website, And you'll just find it there.


Iva 31:56

Thank you so much for sharing that with us. And what are you currently working on? We understand that you have a mastermind Do you want to tell us a little bit more about what that is and how can people join or be a part of it?


Dovile 32:10

Yes, so I am really a big fan of communities and bringing women together. So I have a group coaching program. It's called Rise, and it's a six-month group coaching program where we really help- where I help women to create their first offer online that is high paying and get the first high paying clients for you. So it's all you know, we start with mindset, we look into personal branding, we look into business strategies, models that are really profitable. And I also bring my support coaches there. So you get attention, you get a high-vibe community and you get all the tools that you need to get that business and that lifestyle that you desire and the life that we all deserve.


Iva 33:07

That sounds amazing. And there's nothing like the power of the collective. And I do I do feel very strongly about that. I do believe a lot in that. Because first of all, what you know what we were seeing going back just a little bit when you're doing all the things and it feels like you're doing it all. If you are really focused on doing something that you love, that it's your purpose, that you have that passion for_it is it is work, but it gives you energy. I don't know if that makes sense, right? But it's like, you can be working long hours but it doesn't feel like you're working because it's fun. Right so then so it's very interesting, because it's not draining. It's not exhausting. It's like a good type of like, ‘Oh, I'm so energized. I got to do all these things today and it was so much fun and I cannot wait to continue tomorrow.’ So it's like a it's like a like a great virtual cycle where it also energizes you to show up better as a mom, as the spouse, in your multiple roles, but also you get to be infused when you're around other like-minded people. So through this mastermind that you're talking about, I get that feel that that's also part of what goes on right that everybody's cheering each other on, inspiring each other on and it's back to what we said at the beginning: It's having that tribe, that support system, those soul sisters or business besties as I call Desiree, that are always there to lift you up and keep you in that high vibe type of spirit. So we're loving that you're doing this and that you are creating this. These places where more women can feel empowered, and then they can find their kindred spirits to help them in your journey.


Dovile 34:55

Yeah, exactly. You know, because when we on this high wipe, it feels like yeah, we can achieve everything and we could do it even on our own. But we are not always on this high wipe and like if the young Thai white then yes, let's just you know, we need a place where to share it with others right? Earlier and for the times when we're not on the highway. We need someone to bring us back to you know, to remind us like how amazing you are and


Iva 35:28

Because sometimes our spouses you know, and they're also human right they can only take so much 


Desiree 35:35

I was just gonna say but it's also not the same sometimes. Bless them but sharing it with them, they don't understand what we're doing ten million things and then finally sitting down and finishing that sales page or that offer or something they're like, ‘Yeah, well, you know, everything that I did..’ ‘I don't care what you did’ it’s really just the situation right? So you need these like-minded women who get it. So it's really important.


Iva 36:05

Thank you so much Dovile for chatting with us today. And if you want to connect with Dovile, you can find her on Instagram. Her handle is @dovilesinke and we're going to share all of that in our show notes. And she also has her Facebook page, her website, her LinkedIn. So you can definitely check them out and connect with Dovile and check out her freebie as well. So thank you so much for being with us today.


Dovile 36:25

Thank you girls a lot. That was my pleasure to be here.


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Dovile Sinke

Dovile is an online business coach, helping ambitious women to start and scale their service-based businesses so that they can finally enjoy more freedom in life. Three years ago, Dovile left her corporate career in banking & consulting in Switzerland and has today created 3 successful online businesses, and lives between Bali and Europe with her husband and a 2-year old daughter.


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