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Out with a Bang… And Coming Back for More! Season Recap ep 18


Iva: Welcome to a new episode of the Mompreneur’s Guide to Work-Life Harmony. I'm Iva 



Desiree: And I'm Desiree.


Iva: And this is a new episode, but it is also our last episode for the season, 



Desiree: Only for now. Don't worry!



Iva: Yes, before you enter into panic mode, even only means that we're taking a little break and we're coming back in full force for season two,



Desiree: We've had an incredible first season, I think, to coming in here first time in a podcasting recording studio, aka bedrooms, 



Iva: And closets



Desiree: But I think it was a season filled was just amazing conversations that we have curated out of our own experiences, out of our own need to discuss these certain topics, but also topics that we have been requested to speak about. Something that is on mompreneurs’ minds and things that people are struggling with. So, I really hope that these episodes resonated with you. And, yeah, that we were able to open up a conversation and open up this tribe, and just find a place for growth and for evolving and every area of our lives.



Iva: And this little break in between seasons is also the perfect opportunity to binge listen to all the episodes you want to catch up on or on the ones that you want to just re listen to.

There is a method to our madness as the saying goes. First off, we’ve been very intentional in cutting to the chase in all our episodes and make them truly meaty with actionable, value-driven content that you can implement straight away in your daily life. 

We make sure to share all the tips and hacks we have tried ourselves and that have given us amazing results because just like you, we’re busy moms and mompreneurs, with very, very little time to spare. So, we want to make it worth your while. If you only have 20 minutes to spare, we want to ensure you really are getting impactful and high-level worth for your time. 

We want you to know we are pouring our hearts and souls into the content that we are providing for you, so you can really glean amazing insights from it and that you can take powerful microshifts in the direction of your goals and dreams. Our aim is that this podcast feeds and nourishes your mind with inspiring, uplifting, empowering content. 

Here’s a quick rundown and a recap of some of the powerful topics we have covered during this season:  overcoming mom guilt, dealing with perfectionism, harnessing  harmony in our lives,  how to be productive while working from home and having little ones in tow, productivity myths that don’t work for mompreneurs (and which ones do!), how to effectively switching off, achieving self-care with kids, mixing boredom and children, harnessing failure, dealing with resentment,  examining imposter syndrome, different income streams you can develop in 2021, decision making 101, updating your internal value system and dealing with a growing family and a growing business.



Desiree: Yes, and I think we both have grown in this season, together, and I hope that we have touched you in some ways as well and was able to provide some insight. Just as a reminder, we do have a Facebook group as well where the conversations do continue and we'd love to explore because our ways are just like our ways and they're not the only ways. So we always love to hear from you as well. And if you really enjoyed them as well, please share them with other fellow mompreneurs and other moms and you know we'll just benefit from some of these topics.



Iva: Yes, remember that sharing is caring.



Desiree: And also moving forward we really gave this a lot of thought and said, ‘You know what, we can’t wait to share even more! By no means we are done at all. We're just getting started’. And we can't wait to share much more in depth advice, tips, know how’s, but this time not only from us and our experiences, but we really want to call on amazing experts in their fields. So, Iva, what do we have lined up for next season?



Iva: Okay, so a lot has happened in the past few months since the season began. And a lot has happened in the world around us. So, we’re seeing lots of shifts in getting back to a baseline or a new normal if you will. A lot of us are looking around and trying to determine what the next steps are. We are growing and evolving and perhaps we’re even trying to answer how to make the second half of the year better than the first one both as moms and mompreneurs. 

And we have also gotten your feedback as well on what you want to continue listening to, or wanting to know more about. 

So, we have an amazing roster of guests that we have lined up for you. And they will deliver a lot more in-depth valuable content and insights on those topics that are on your mind. We are paying attention. And We are doing our homework. 

You can definitely expect season 2 to be even bigger and better than the first one just because we’re bringing some very inspiring and cool group of authorities and experts that are going to blow your mind! 

So we are so pumped up and we are really so excited about bringing you more, bigger, better in every way this upcoming season!



Desiree: Also, you would have heard that throughout the season we have made mentions to a lot of courses, books, different downloadables, different things that were of value for us: products that we mentioned things that help us through our daily life and keeping our sanity together. And that's what we really would like to recommend from the heart, they're always things that we share from our personal experience and things that have benefited us. So, Iva. I have to say though that I had personally, one of the biggest lessons that I am taking away from season one is the importance of having a tribe,



Iva: Having that community and that's support system to act as the as the wind beneath your wings, if  you so want to say it in a poetic way, but honestly is the is the energy boost that we all definitely need 



Desiree: Yes, it really is. And, I mean, we, especially in our situations now, we are moms of little ones and little ones on the way. And we are also expats living abroad- we’re moving all the time. Are we are away from the usual support networks or the, you know, the usual kind of rhythms that we have in our lives we just, they're just replaced by other things. So, I think, a tribe is especially important, and I can really say that working together on this with you was just incredible because we have definitely identified each other as our partners in this journey of harmony together. And I know that I have definitely harnessed this energy that is between us. It is, and we've accomplished great things together through that.



Iva: I can't say enough how grateful and thankful I am for having this opportunity to share with someone like you. You know, such a successful, empowered, knowledgeable, and just overall amazing woman, and how you have been so generous, so kind, have you have provided so much support and advice to me, on so many different things. 


And going back to what you said about support systems, about building a community, a tribe or a village. But, but, even if it's just that one person, just that one that is there for you, and you have been that one person for me in this amazing journey. We got to really step into completely new adventures and projects that are near and dear to our hearts and how together we are collectively putting out into the world our innate gifts, and really sharing them with everyone.


In one of our first episodes, we spoke about the importance of sharing our unique gifts and not robbing the world from them by withholding them or playing small. So, just this opportunity has been so invaluable to me, and I feel that, as you said, If I could really summarize this season into just one thing, it would be the power of a shared vision and a shared purpose, and finding that one person who has your back, giving you support to move forward, and is also offering wonderful advice and true friendship in order to make it a reality. And that is just so priceless across the board!



Desiree: I can only echo that and it really comes to show, if you put something in your mind if you are passionate about something, if you have a certain goal you want to achieve, you can, you totally can! And it doesn't matter, especially nowadays a lot of excuses sometimes fly around that. ‘We can't because we can't meet’ or ‘It's not possible at the moment’, but it is, it totally is. 


I mean when we first met, there was a connection just in that very first conversation that we had. A connection on so many levels. We soon discovered that we had so many shared values, shared dreams, and it clicked and it made us so committed and putting this together although we are currently living in two different countries. We're on slightly different time zones, but we put this in our mind and we wanted to go through with this and that's why this podcast is really the brainchild of our collaboration.



Iva: Yes, this is a really a dream come true, what you're listening to right now  it's a very cherished project. And it was started off out of that synchronicity, those shared dreams and visions, and also that desire to help you to feel that everything is possible and that you can find a way. And no matter the obstacles, and no matter the distance because in our case, there is physical distance you can make it happen if you have the right person, or the right besties, the right team, the right support by your side.


It is possible and this brainchild of ours this podcast, this digital baby, is a reality because of that, and it is just so empowering to say ‘Oh my God, it was not long ago that we had this conversation about why don't we record our conversations and put them in a podcast form?’ And now we are wrapping up season one gearing towards an amazing second season, and the unbelievably amazing treasure of knowledge and learning that we have come across during this project it has been unbelievable and we just want to get you're inspired and motivated, that if there is something that you really want to set up to do or that you want to challenge yourself to do, go for it, it is possible! And if you find that person that resonates with you, like Des is to me, you know, we resonate so much on so many levels, don't let her go. Hang on tight, and just work to make it happen, and it will, and this is, this is proof that it can be done.



Desiree: We do have a very, very big to-do on our list, though, and I don't know if we've ever told anyone this, Iva, but on the top of my list of things to do is actually to meet you in real life.



Iva: Yes, and you might be saying wait a second: what do you mean by meeting you in person? And that has been our little secret that during this first season that we hadn't yet shared, because we have never met in person. 



Desiree: Nope



Iva: Ever



Desiree: Ever. 



Iva: Sometimes we believe that we need to do things in person to get that energy, or to get that collaboration off the ground, and to make things happen because in person it's easier, it’s faster. And yes, I mean in a lot of ways, it is. And I have to say, it would have been any more fun if we were together physically recording in the same place. But also, it shows that it is not a real limitation, that it is not an obstacle. It just means that that energy, that connection with the right people at the right time can do magic,



Desiree: And it's possible no matter what.



Iva: Yes, yes, it is possible no matter what, and we really cannot wait to finally meet in person. We have been unfortunately restricted by travel restrictions in our respective countries. And it has been it has been unfortunate, because our collaboration goes beyond this podcast. We really have so many touch points along the way, in other projects that we do together, but also an amazing friendship has grown and blossomed. And we also share a lot of personal, you know situations with each other. And sometimes, you know, especially during those times where you just feel like you need a hug, is so so frustrating not to be able to be there to deliver in person. But we know that good things come to those who wait, and that we will get our opportunity, and we'll definitely document it and share it with you on how that happens and comes to be and we're very, very positive that you will be soon, because we have to put the intention out there.



Desiree: It will be soon! And then other great things will happen as well so, we can't wait for this.



Iva: I want to share just a quick quote that I have, because it's one of my favorite ones with regards to having a tribe and having a community and having this this village and this support system behind you and around you and beside you as well. And the quote goes: “You have to do it yourself, and you can't do it alone.” 



Desiree: I love that quote, that's a really good one. 



Iva: I don't know if there's an author to it. But yes, but it really embodies this whole spirit of there is accountability on our end to make things happen and to work towards making them happen. But they are so much more fun when you find the right people to do them with.



Desiree: I'm so grateful for you, Iva and I'm so grateful for that tribe that we have built, and I am looking forward more than ever to Season 2 so please watch out for that one, and do share this podcast, if you do like listening to what we have to say, and stay tuned for the experts that we have lined up for you as well.



Iva: Yes, and let us know, let us know how you have enjoyed it. What do you have found to be most valuable for you, what resources have you have you enjoyed, and sometimes we can't have a real time conversation with you but, nonetheless, there's so many ways to communicate, and also, even if it's just sending a smiley face, it really, really makes a lot of difference, because it gives us, also the energy and the inspiration to continue to know that it is resonating with you, and it is helping you, even if it's just to make you smile for 20 minutes. That's all we need. 


That's all we need. So, we can't wait. We can't wait to share what's in store for season two, but as Desiree said, we have lots of resources and you can always find us continuing the conversation in our Facebook community where we share a lot more. We're always putting together new information, new content and new things that come to our radar, and we are just all about sharing so watch out for the for the show notes. And once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Des. This has been an amazing first season, I can't wait for what's coming. And also thank you for tuning in, for listening for supporting and for keeping your momergy up!



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