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Use Your Head | Neuroscience of Entrepreneur Success 

Iva 0:46

We are here today with Liora Mann and we are going to dive deep into getting clear on who you are and how you serve. So Liora, welcome to our podcast.


Liora 0:53

Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. I'm honored.


Desiree 0:57

It's so good to have you. So Liora is an experienced marketing strategist. Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner, and Integrative Nutrition health coach, a Reiki practitioner and a life learner. She has worked behind the scenes for companies including Eating Well Magazine, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Gabrielle Bernstein and numerous other health practitioners and coaches and now she incorporates all of that knowledge and all of that experience and mentorship into her own coaching packages. She is honored to now work with 1:1 clients all over the world to overcome limiting beliefs and step into their future selves in their business as well as their personal lives. Liora. We can't wait to talk to you about all of this today.


Liora 1:51

Thank you. I'm so excited to dive in.


Desiree 1:54

Yeah, so tell us a little bit about your story. We got to talk a little bit before we hit record actually. And you have a great story also of how you actually got to be in Singapore where you are right at the moment. So tell us about your journey.


Liora 2:12

It's always a funny question. You're like, Okay, well, where do I start? But in terms of my career, I actually got a little bit of a late start with my career. While I was at university, I was doing a Liberal Arts degree. And I actually got really sick. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and that's where I would say my spiritual journey really started with all of the external things falling away and having to get really quiet and clear with what I needed and not looking to anyone else and what worked for them. So kind of fast forwarding to overcoming that part of my health journey, I knew that I had to integrate my knowledge and experience into my career. And so, I always worked with clients and companies that were really mission driven and oriented and had purpose driven work so that everything I was doing I knew was impacting someone in a really positive way.


Desiree 3:19

Oh, that sounds wonderful. That's really, really great.


Iva 3:23

And it's such, I mean, I don't know much the specifics about Lyme disease but I do know that it can severely impact every aspect of your life and limit you in so many ways. So tell us tell us a little bit then because part of what we're going to talk about a little bit is also that spiritual aspect of things, right? Like how you really incorporate within everything that you do, but also if you are a business owner, that aspect of how you serve others and what is that bigger purpose in your life. So how did that come about for you and what were those parameters that you were looking for when you were working with other people as well and their missions and their purposes?


Liora 4:10

Absolutely. So, when I got sick being at university, everything that everyone was doing around me just no longer felt good to me anymore- like going out to a party when you're not feeling well it's not what you want to be doing. And even going to class it's like when you have the brain fog from Lyme disease it's really hard to engage with the instructor or think clearly or be excited about what you're learning. So, I would say the first thing that comes to mind is just really being aware of what you need in each moment and being really clear on what feels good to you. So even going into my first career working at a magazine, it became really clear to me really quickly, that sitting in a cubicle did not feel good. Like I just…I knew so quickly. This does not feel aligned to who I am and what my genius is and how I can serve. And it's so cliche about filling up your own cup first, but if you're not feeling good, it's so hard to do that work. And I'm sure as moms, it's something that you're aware of really well.


Desiree 5:23

I know! We come to these moments where we cannot really explain why we feel a certain way or why we have these or why we're drawn to certain decisions or situations. But there is a very good reason behind it, right? But we there's not always this clear answer. It's very true. So how can then spirituality and business work together? How do you combine those two?


Liora 5:51

Yeah, again, a broad question where I'm like, where do I start, but I know just looking at my past history with my own career and how I've integrated spirituality, I know that my biggest lesson has always been that of surrender and something that we've all had to experience the last couple of years with the pandemic. But there's this great Steve Jobs quote that I'll probably butcher, but it's that “you can't connect the dots looking forward but only looking backward” and it's really incredible. Every position that I've gone into with my career, I've had to let go of something first, and there's that falling away in order to rebuild. And that might not be true for everyone, but I've always reached a point in a position where it no longer feels good and bright and aligned with me. And it hasn't always been that seamless: okay, I'll look for a job and then leave that job and go into the next one. My experience has always been stepping out what no longer is serving me and that I feel I can no longer serve others and then the next position, the next opportunity, the next client, always shows themselves. So that's been my biggest lesson for sure.


Iva 7:13

And this is great feedback, because also in the world that we're living in, as you said, we are in a global pandemic and, and just everything seems so daunting, and we're grappling with a lot of uncertainty. But also modern times have brought about this chaotic lifestyle. It's all very rushed. It's all very stressful. It's all very on the go, quick, fast, even faster. And so taking that step to say, ‘let me check with myself, and let me take the pulse, literally, of where I am, and whether that is really helping me grow and making me feel like I have a bigger purpose or not’. Sometimes we just rush through that as well. We tend to, I mean, not to judge anyone, but sometimes it's just you have to get it over right? You have to go into another job, you have to take this other position and you have to be in that rush, rush rush type of modalitie. So what you are what you're saying and what I'm hearing, is that taking that time to really peel away all those unnecessary layers and center yourself is definitely going to give you a quantum leap in whatever that next step might be. So, instead of taking five little small steps, right until you get to that point, maybe take a pause and then the next step will unravel itself naturally and you will be way, way, way ahead than what you ever thought was going to be possible from a rush type of decision.


Liora 8:56

Completely, and it's getting out of your head. I think as a most of us are overachievers and perfectionist, and we think we can create that next step and think up what's next and figure it all out. But that's never been my experience. All of my greatest opportunities have really unveiled themselves in the most synchronous way. I really feel like every next client, every next position, is always what my soul is leaving me to further grow and serve and I could never come up with those on my own.


Iva 9:29

Yes, and bringing a little bit that with the element of business and marketing because that is a lot of what your background has been about, can you can tell us a little bit what is your take on whether this aspect of marketing, right? Because we have to make ourselves known. We want to promote our business. We can't operate in a vacuum, somebody needs to see us and buy from us and discover our services and our products, but has this, you know, the whole marketing idea has it become too overcomplicate it for present times or have we made it so? Or is it simply a matter that as consumers  we are more sophisticated than previous generations and that's why we feel like we have to come up with all this ‘blow your mind’ type of marketing strategies.? And always outdoing whoever, whatever anybody else is doing around because consumers are really no longer blown away by the simple things, so to speak.


Liora 10:40

Yeah, that's a great question. And I would say, take a deep breath. And when I think about that, it comes to a place of overwhelm and I would say less of it's less about blowing people away. And trying to outdo whoever's doing something better. And I think there's just so much noise. Like there's always we're on Instagram or an email. We are getting alerts and every app possible. And so I think it's less than outdoing and sometimes just like how do I beat the noise? And what it always comes back to, to me, is it's not what you're saying. It's how you're saying and what your energy is. What's your story that you're bringing to it? I think a lot of us have the same message but it's how we're delivering and delivering it and the person that needs to find it is going to resonate with that. So, I think really simplifying and bringing back the core of what you're looking to bring and how you're looking to serve. And that will always be more important than how you're doing it, is if that right intention is there. I don't know if that answers your question.


Iva 12:00

No, absolutely. And this is something that with Desiree we spoke about on Season 1 on one of our first episodes. It was about how our energy, as you rightly put it, comes across even if it's through a screen, even if it's virtually because especially now that we have been dealing with a pandemic and we really cannot do that 1:1 aspect of contact, we can still connect with other people virtually. And so that energy that you're talking about, that comes from being in complete alignment with yourself and being in complete integrity with who you are, what you're offering, what is the why and the reason behind all of that. People, maybe they cannot put their finger on it, but they can sense that something is off. And I think that that is a great reminder, especially because I have read somewhere that our attention span is nowadays less than that of the attention span of a goldfish, which is about eight seconds. So, ours is at around seven point something, if I'm not mistaken. And this is really this is really something to take a pause and say ‘oh my God, it is true!’ When you're scrolling, what makes you stop the scrolling and sometimes it's not so obvious. It's not like ‘oh, because it said How to blah, blah, blah’, or because they were using green instead of a red background. But it was mostly like what was that energy coming off? Would you say that's a way to simplify the marketing or what are some other strategies that people can take into account to go back to basics, so to speak?


Liora 13:47

Absolutely. So, the way that I've always viewed marketing is again, it comes back to how can I serve? What content can I put out that will really help someone? Whether it's helping them be inspired to believe that they can invest in themselves, whether it's giving them a really great article sharing the benefits of, I don't know some superfood that makes them feel more empowered to focus on their health. Whether it's an interview with someone who, again, is giving them motivation, inspiration for their day. So, whenever I'm putting out content, it's not with the intention of selling it's with the intention of sharing, inspiring, motivating, with a lot of educational approach. For a lot of educational people in education of some kind. And it's always how can we give back through our marketing and that's how you're going to further nurture your audience, create that connection, have them feel connected to you, connected to what you have to offer and really want more


Iva 14:55

Liora, when you are talking about sharing what you know and bringing value to that client that you want to speak to and really serving them as you said, sometimes we feel limited if we don't think we have that story. You know? The ones that when you when you listen to great gurus or great authorities in their niche, sometimes they have that, you know, ‘and the heavens opened and I saw the light, so this happened to me and this is this is what started it all.’ And sometimes you're like well, my life really hasn't been that remarkable or I don't think I have a story that is that ground-breaking to share as to why I am I am wanting to serve or why am I wanting to bring this product or service into the world and what can you tell us to somebody that has those limiting beliefs so to speak? That they feel that they need to have this compelling, how I came about to do what I'm doing so that people can pay attention and listen?


Liora 16:16

I can definitely relate to that. And I've heard some really great advice lately. That a great place to start is to create your life resume, kind of take that third person perspective, and write down what have you accomplished? And it's not just in your career, it's in your life. What moves have you made? I mean, I just moved to Singapore in May. I know that was a huge experience where I'm sure things that I learned could really help someone and whether you’ve gone through adopting a child or having your own child and becoming a mom, your experience is going to help someone else because you've gone through something that and gotten to the other side, that they're not there yet. You just need to be one or two steps ahead to help someone who is in your shoes or where you were a year ago. So I think that life resume can be a great place to start.


Iva 17:13

I love that- a life resume- I had never thought about it or looked at it from that perspective, because we have been so conditioned to think about a work resume. Just list those positions that you've had in the past, and what have you achieved and what were those like KPIs and results that you brought, and make sure that you use the right keywords for the position that they're looking for. But when we are talking about a different type of work and job, especially for entrepreneurs, for mompreneurs, that are really jumping into their own thing and then they're not trying to fill already a position that exists in in somebody else's company or business but they are jumping to something of their own, this idea of having a life resume, resonates so much and it's such a great exercise. Do you really need to go all the way back to your childhood? Do you think that is necessary or how deep is too deep to go into that exercise?


Liora 18:26

I would say it's completely optional. If you're sitting there and you're thinking what are the pivotal experiences, what are the big milestones that happened in my life? Those are where I would start and then I would say to step two, would be go into those, each of those milestone experiences, switching jobs, even buying a car and the self-worth that comes with making that big first payment and think about little stories that you can remember from that time. How did you feel? What was happening around you? What was happening in your body, in your head in your conversations? Because each of those can be stories and those stories become what you use in your marketing that people are going to relate to. I think that's what sets you apart and that's how you begin sharing your story and how it resonates with others.


Iva 20:11

And Liora, what can what can you tell us when for example, people say okay, I see how I can I just need to be one step ahead in order to be able to inspire someone that's just a few steps behind. But still there are this I don't know little things in my head, you know these thoughts that just keep saying like’ who are you to come out and deliver the message, you know, that people need to hear?’ What makes you the right person or the ideal person or even a special person to do so? And with what you're doing right now. Because I know that you are also in that space of okay, if somebody is having those limiting beliefs, how can they start to work with that?


Liora 21:10

Yeah, that imposter syndrome, right? Never gets old. And it's funny. I mean, I've spoken to people who if you look at them from the outside, it's like, wow, you've arrived; like you're there. People are looking up to you. And if you look at them, they also have those little doubts and fears and they're looking at a picture and criticizing how they look. So, I don't think we ever grow out of that until we can really rewire the subconscious brain and the fact that I never get over is that it's really 90% of our brain that's in the subconscious. 


Iva 21:47



Liora 21:48



Desiree 21:49

Ninety percent?


Liora 21:50

Yeah, I read that recently. And so, we're really, there's so much going on that we're not aware of, and that's why I got really excited when I found Rapid Transformation Therapy, and Iva how I met you because we both did the same program. 


Iva 22:08



Liora 22:09

But I think in this kind of self-help wellness world, we can try to do all the affirmations and the journaling and the meditation and you're like ‘I'm abundant, I'm confident,’ but then you're not feeling that way. And then I don't know about you, but you can get into that cycle of like, wow, why is not working for me and you start beating up on yourself and but I'm doing it all and then you get stressed out and it's this vicious cycle. And I always thought there has to be an easier way. And I had my own Rapid Transformation Therapy session and I just physically felt so different after. And through the process you're really going through and finding what are the beliefs that are running my actions, that are running my perspective of myself, that are really influencing how I'm showing up in the world. And it's just an incredible process for rewiring your brain and choosing how you want to feel but with less of that struggle.


Desiree 23:13

I also feel sometimes when I am faced with that imposter syndrome, like we call it, or these limiting beliefs and like who am I to share? And then I have my own mentors or my own, like my own people, even within my tribe that I look up to, but then people choose to follow you also intentionally because you're you. You may be saying the same or similar message. But they like to listen to how you say it like the experiences you put into, because it's also kind of a know-like-and-trust factor: they know you so you may be saying exactly the same thing as your mentor for example, but people are familiar to you and they're drawn to that. So, I think also it's connected with the energies and everything and the people that you attract into your business isn’t it?


Liora 24:08

Completely and I'm always so amazed how I can read a book and I know everything that I've read, like nothing's really new information, but it was the way that it was said and the story it was delivered through that it can just hit you in such a different way. It then just clicks and you're like, ‘oh, like I get it now.’ And ‘wow the way that you said that, I completely understand’ and you know, the mind learns through repetition. So you have to hear things, I think, I think like seven times or something for it to stick.  So the way we're all sharing good information you're only doing something good.


Desiree 24:56

I know. It's funny like if you think about it, you know like my dad when I was little, would tell me something so many times then like ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever. ‘ And then my mom would come around the corner to tell me exactly the same thing. ‘I'm like, oh, yeah, that's right.’ You can also choose sometimes who you listen to or who puts it in a way that resonates, that vibrates on your level, right?


Liora 25:23

I thought I had outgrown that but my husband said that the other day. He was like, ‘How come your friend can say the exact same thing that I said, but you listen to them instead?’


Iva 25:33

The same happens but reversed with my husband. Sometimes he's like, ‘Oh, I was talking to someone and he said that you know, look into this and that’ and I'm like ‘that's exactly what I've been telling you for the past three weeks.’


Desiree 25:46

Yes, like ‘Why you're not listening to me when I tell you that but someone else comes around the corner and you accept that piece of advice so easily?’ Yes, I know.


Iva 25:56

But I want to rescue also what you just said Liora because I you know, I resonate with that and I also learned it from the same program that that we were eating which is that the mind learns by repetition, and that is such a powerful thing, but sometimes we don't notice it as adults but I use the example of my kids or certain things that we do as adults that illustrate this, this subject or this or this point and why is it so compelling. And I call it the Mental Toothbrush Technique. Because when we are children, for the first seven or eight years of our lives, we're always constantly being reminded to brush our teeth by our parents. And we find it sometimes to be annoying or we don't want to do it or you know, we rebel against it and we think it's sometimes you know, it's just why? Why even? But our parents have a different perspective of knowing what happens, what are the consequences, if you don't, and it's not a matter of going in and saying well, ‘I'll brush my teeth for a whole hour today and then I won't have to do it until two weeks or one month from now’, because that's not how it works. The way it works is that oral hygiene has to be consistent. So, if it's only two minutes, you think that two minutes probably won’t make a difference but two minutes every day, every single year of your life that's what keeps your teeth and your oral hygiene in top shape. And so sometimes we don't appreciate the value of doing these repetitive things that might seem small, because we just don't think that they are really having an impact. And it's like going to the gym. If you go to the gym for one week, you're going to look and say ‘well, I don't see a difference.’ But if you maintain that and you're consistent you will see powerful changes after I don't know six months or whatever right depending also on the level of effort and all of that. So we are at to that effect but you're saying, is that it is important to when you are bringing your message out to also be consistent and to stay on point as they would say, is that is that also something that you would recommend that people find a couple of points and that's what you need to double down so that people by repetition get to associate you with that service or with that value or service that you're bringing to them?


Liora 28:41

Yeah, definitely. And I think we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves as marketers or content creators or coaches or whoever we're showing up, to always be creating something new. I think just as a society in general, there's so much focus on productivity and output and how much are we doing and how much are we creating? And we don't always have to be creating. A huge focus of mine always with marketing is how can we repurpose content? Like if you have a digital course or product- how can we take something from that course and use it in our marketing? How can we take a story we told before and tell it again in a new way? I think people need that repetition. And we talked about, there's so much noise and scrolling and so much out there. You can use something more than once and changed a little bit and change the picture but have a similar story or it's not always about creating and doing something new. There needs to be that repetition, that retelling.


Desiree 29:50

Exactly. And I think that also creates that trust factor again, right people know, because she talks about this specific topic all the time, in different ways in different circumstances. But it's always the same message in the end or a similar message or all leading towards the same message. So, it's that trust factor as well that you're the one to go to when they come to this particular topic. So yeah, I think it's it has a lot to do with


Iva 30:25

Yes because you become the authority also in their mind. They build already this association as you say, and you have become the authority. But you know, something that I love about this conversation so far, that we'd have with Liora is that not once has the word funnel being uttered, right? Because sometimes we tend to think that that is what we need with our message and with our marketing and with putting ourselves out there and getting people to know us and see what we're all about. And it really is not about those things, that architecture that you're supposed to be having and doing and testing and optimizing but it's more the going back to basics, tapping into that energy, tapping into your message and how it is in integrity with who you are and who you want to serve.


Desiree 31:22

It's great that you mentioned that Iva because remember that conversation we also had that like you know, for example, I was stuck for a while_ not, not stuck, but kind of like plateauing and being so strict about all of these things that people expect us to do that we should do and with the funnels and with the system and with your brand pillars and showing up and this time and that day, but then I started tapping so much more into my energy and going with the flow and just feeling okay, no today is not that day, you know, I'll do it tomorrow. And as soon as I started moving more with my flow, things started coming and moving much faster. And it was it's incredible. So I think it's also yeah, maybe holding like a healthy balance of the two but definitely that energy flow is just such a game changer.


Liora 32:17

I completely agree. And there's so much pressure on us and we put it on ourselves but it's an expectation to do it all- to be posting on Instagram every day and building email funnels and building new lead magnets and ‘oh my gosh, I haven't done an Instagram live in two weeks people are gonna forget about me’ and


Iva 32:36

The algorithm is gonna write me off!


Desiree 32:38

The algorithm! I hear that one more time…!


Liora 32:43

[Inaudible] a lot of these people who seem to have the perfect businesses, have a really large team. I mean, I've been on teams where I'm just focusing on social media, and there's two other people looking at the emails and all they do is write and send emails and look at the analytics, like, there's very few people who can do it all and we hold this expectation for ourselves. 


And the first thing I always work with my clients on is how are we going to prioritize? Where do you want to start? Because you cannot do it all and do it all well. And if you're going to put an effort into a lead magnet, really do the foundational work and make sure the offer that the freebie that you're giving away is really what people want and is this genuinely going to help them? And the email that follows it, is this really speaking to them and what they need and what they're looking for? And not just doing as much as we can as quickly as we can to build that perfect business. But being really intentional and looking at how am I building a really stable business that I'm going to continue building on for years to come.


Iva 33:55

I love that. And Liora you are currently, you know, offering this 1:1 Rapid Transformation Therapy And Coaching sessions. Which is amazing because, as you said, it has to do with helping people break through the barriers of their limiting beliefs and how can they really rewire themselves. Do you want to share a little bit more about what this is and how can it really help the moms the entrepreneurs and anyone else that is listening that just feels maybe a little bit stuck maybe a little bit confused, maybe wanting to beat the algorithm but feeling overwhelmed and how does this all come together and a way in which what you are doing is helping them create that that value and helping them to show up in a much better way for themselves and their communities?


Liora 34:52

Yes, thank you for that opportunity. I'm just so excited to be doing this work because it's helped me so deeply. And I couldn't be more excited to be doing this work with other women. And kind of like we spoke about earlier, when you really align your energy and you have your brain and your mind working for you instead of against you, that's when you can quantum leap. That's where you can really flow into the future version of you that you are desiring. And so, my main focus on all of these sessions is, what do you want your life to look like? Who do you want to be how do you want to feel? And then working together to in a really fun and not serious and not kind of isolating way but how do we work together to lead you to this future version of you that you know is possible. If you are thinking about wanting something if you're having these nudges of I wonder what it'd be like to have my own business or work for myself, or even just feel really good at work. Like, I feel like there must be something better. It's possible for you. And you wouldn't be thinking about it if it wasn't inside of you. So it's just this beautiful process of bringing you back to your true self into integrity with who you are and coming back into that alignment to then move forward in that flowing way.


Iva 36:21

Okay, like this is so beautiful and Liora you have a wonderful freebie for us today. It's an RTT meditation that rewires your brain with confidence for success. So, tell us a bit about that freebie, because I'm sure it's gonna get snatched up very, very quickly as soon as this episode airs.


Liora 36:43

Yes, I'm so excited about it and I really created it with the Mom Bosses community in mind and really getting something to help charge up your confidence, having you know that you are enough, you can have everything that you desire. And it all starts with how you think about yourself, how your brain is interpreting the word the world, your beliefs, form your actions. So really getting your beliefs into alignment so you can take your best action to live your most aligned life.


Desiree 37:16

That is wonderful. I can't wait to get my hands on that myself. Awesome. Thank you so much, Liora for chatting with us today. It's been wonderful. And if you want to connect with Liora, you can find her via her website. It’s And we will put all of those links in the show notes also along with the freebie we just mentioned, and also how to get in touch with her for those 1:1 sessions. 


Iva 37:46

Thank you, Liora. Thank you so much.


Liora 37:51

Thank you. This was so much fun. Thank you for having me.


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