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Fact vs. Fiction | Busting the Toxic-Free Lifestyle Myths Part II Ep 4

Iva 1:43

Hi, and welcome to a new episode of the Mom Bosses Abroad podcast. We are continuing this wonderful and fantastic conversation with my beautiful business bestie and podcast co host, Desiree Gonzalez as we continue to go through what are those, you know, myths and how to bust them regarding the toxic-free lifestyle path and we are continuing the conversation on the next myth in line from last episode. So go and check it out if you haven't listened to it yet. But I just want to welcome Des today again, for being here and sharing with us your beautiful journey into the wellness lifestyle and being absolutely a toxic-free family. So, for those who don't know her, besides being the co-host of this podcast, Desiree is also the creator of Oily Essentials with a community that spreads over more than 20 countries. On this platform, she teaches others about Young Living Essential Oils and how to transition to a toxic-free lifestyle. She also inspires other moms to regain their identity, find their purpose and lead stem towards financial independence by doing something they absolutely love. So, so happy to have you Des!


Desiree 3:27

Thank you, thank you so much and it's really, really great that we have the opportunity to continue this conversation. It's always hard, isn't it? To put a stop in when we're talking about something that you're so passionate about. But I think there are- it's just so many conversations that I've had with other moms that I thought it would be really, really nice to put this into an episode on its own and last week I shared about really what my whole path was a natural living, how I help now others to find this lifestyle too but that there are just so many myths around toxic-free living and especially essential oils. And then, an actual fact, also, the whole setup of it which is multilevel marketing company or network marketing as some others call it. So I shared about Myth number one, which is about that it's just the trend. Definitely not about that it's really expensive, but also that we busted. And now I would really like to focus on sharing the one number one thing that moms tell me when I talk to them a little bit more about essential oils and the company and how I fell into this business. “I don't have time, I'm too busy. Yes, I am so occupied with raising my kids. I don't have time to think about running a business.” And fair enough. I mean a lot of moms put their focus on whatever they think is correct at this time and moment right and is that seasons of life that you're in which we have talked about extensively before as well. However, the “I don't have time” factor actually also applies to me. I don't have much time. I currently have a almost five-year old boy I have a nine-month old baby and I am extremely busy yet I-


Iva 5:43

And you just recently moved as well. Like you have a lot on your plate.


Desiree 5:51

I don't know many people in Tokyo yet. It's only been a couple of months. I am right now building a new sort of community first of all a circle of mom friends 


Iva 6:05

And starting from scratch.


Desiree 6:07

I am. I am, but the beautiful thing is about this business is first of all that it is, I like to call it, a network marketing business. And all that means is that we are tapping into our networks, either there are existing networks that we have from previous cities or countries that we've lived in our family a family circle, but also in the new ones that we're building. So actually, moving us comes to my advantage I have to say, I keep getting to expand my circles and to tap into new ones. And the most beautiful thing is that you tell one friend about it, and then they're telling another friend. You know, they're really curious about what you're talking about. And then the next opportunity they say ‘Hey, I also have a couple of friends’ that I now have an opportunity to share this lifestyle with and that is the most beautiful thing about this business. I feel I'm a complete people's person. I love meeting new people, but it also works for people who are a little bit more introverted. Or shy because they get to just share.


Iva 7:31

Yeah. And within this big myth, like ‘I don't have time,’ I would say there's a sub myth that comes a little bit in there that can be very sneaky, which is the sense or the feeling that you have to now go and recruit, right? And it's like, ‘oh, now I need to go and recruit.’ And it's more like ‘No, no one needs to do any recruiting like that. This is not the army right? We're not getting people to come here and serve and so it's not recruiting what I have experienced from being part of your network in terms of your world, of this lifestyle, into wellness into being toxic-free, is the opportunity to actually open relationships. So it's not recruiting. You're opening relationships with other people that you get to share with in different aspects of life, right? And if that aspect of your life touches upon wellness, and a healthy lifestyle, and being toxic-free, you share that, and I can tell you it is it is not ‘Oh, I'm recruiting and I need to sell right know’, you're opening relationships and you're sharing and if people are receptive to it, then then they will ask more questions and it will naturally flow in that direction. Or, if they're not in that wavelength at the moment, for whatever reason, that's fine. At least down the line, you have planted a seed that if they have wellness related questions, or things that they want to explore because something happens in their life, they can always say, ‘Oh, I remember Iva was telling me about this, let me go back and ask and usually happens both ways. So it's not an either/or type of situation.


Desiree 9:46

Exactly. And I'm so glad you brought that up. And, and that's really true. And I'm so happy to hear that you see it that way as well. It's really a beautiful way to teach something. I've never done a cold call in my life. I have never talked to an absolute stranger. Okay, well, it's strange, I suppose. But they're they were friends of my friends that I already had. So they're not complete strangers in a way that I had to fish out or something, right? Going back a little bit to these. ‘I don't have time to share’, well, that is why I also decided to kind of shape my business the way I'm running it today. And that I am sharing recipes and things I do as I am doing them in my life. So it's actually not extra work. Okay. The additional step is probably getting my camera and filming what I would otherwise be doing anyways with or without a camera right? And then maybe snapping a picture and helping another mom replicate the situation or make use of this remedy that I'm just now making for my own toddler to help him feel better. Let's say my little one fell off his bike the other day and he scraped open his knees. And so it is amazing how much lavender oil helps. So, I just quickly snapped the picture of me pouring like a drop or two of lavender oil onto his open wound and something like that, right? That will hopefully give another mom ideas like wow, if that happens to me, I now know what to do or I have a remedy. And I do that with anything whether I draw a bath or you know, one of us is down with like a cough or snotty nose like I kind of show what we do in that situation. So, I don't really have a set schedule. I don't have I honestly, also don't have time to then make this whole content calendar with like today I'm going to share this and this. I seriously do it sort of as it happens. 


Iva 12:10

It flows. Right. 


Desiree 12:13

Yeah. That is one hack in a way of doing things when you're busy. You don't have to sit down and create content, just click, share what you do. That is content enough.


Iva 12:24

That's what makes it authentic. Right? It's not staged is not how can I say like it's not pre-planned. It's very in the moment the way life tends to be. And it's the way we tend to be moms- we have to respond to what comes our way at any given moment in time. For example, today, it's a school day but my daughter is home because you know she's not feeling well. And so, you roll with it right? Like you'll find ways to still be able to get things done. And be sure to be there for them and eat. We all as moms can relate to that scenario or like Yeah, yeah, you know, it was it was a little bit more shuffling things around, but things get done. Kids get better then you get back to the days where you do tend to have a little bit more time, let's say to plan and do the things to that.


Desiree 13:26

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And my whole business. It was so weird for me anyways to call it a business at the very beginning, right, it just all started on the playmat. So it started when I myself was living in Singapore as well. My little one was just like under a year old. Just a couple of months back we started having playdates or like mom dates with the kids. And, you know, on the play mat sitting there either, you know, just one on one or you know, like two or three mommies together very small intimate groups, and I would probably have my diffuser running at home or you know, offer them a beverage which happened to have like a drop of lime oil in it or something like that. Or, you know, they saw me put something on to my little one and that opened up the conversation of like, what is that or you know, what are you what are you doing? So that it usually just really organically conversation started happening. And they started asking me questions. And so I started answering their questions, sharing more and more with them, the more they would ask me the more I would tell them, and then they're like, ‘Hey, I want to try this too. That sounds like it's going to work for my family also or for my kids.’ And then after a couple of months, I opened up the my account and I saw money in there and I called my friend and mentor who introduced me to the essential oils and I asked her: “Can you just explain to me there is this money valued in US dollar is? Like what is that? Where does that come from? What do I do with it?” And she's like “Ah, let me talk to you about the business side.” At that point. I had no idea there was a business side to Young Living. And she explained to me that Young Living really just rewards you for sharing these products with other members. And when they say sign up and get it and get like a starter kit or just some single oils and to get commission on their orders. I was like, that's pretty cool. You know, and I at that point was when actually I have my own little company on the side where I was doing quite a lot of freelance work and things that honestly started to fit less and less into my life. Because unpredictable naptimes it was just really, really difficult for me to do, I originally wanted to work on ride I incorporated a company for that and it was hard. So, I was like wait a second, if I would be doing that anyways and sharing all this goodness with others anyhow, but they're also rewarding me and so essentially, I could earn money. I don't actually have to do that other thing anymore. And I can literally run my “business” from the play mat just by doing what I would be doing. And that was the birth of my accidental business. I just thought it could I just continue doing what I was doing very organically. And more and more people started signing up and that is how my community grew to a couple of 100. Now, like you mentioned, it spreads over 20 countries, which is also due to the fact that I myself move countries so I've met many people in many different countries, but it's beautiful. We're all connected through a support group via WhatsApp and it's really, really nice.


Iva 17:19

And I just want to like pause you right there and also share my experience on it because there's  different ways in which this type of passive income in which you are sharing and you are getting a commission based on you know, the people that that buy from your referrals, so to speak, right, like from your experiences, your daily activities, that that you go through anyway. And so, there's the aspect of ‘Oh no, but I am already doing my own thing, which is my situation right? I have my practice I work with my clients one on one. However, it is a very beautiful synergy that I have found in the work that I do to also share with them how these beautiful products and the essential oils helped to activate the limbic system and create certain emotions that help you tidy over throughout the day. And I find that very, very powerful and I truly, truly believe in that. And I think it's one of the best hacks that I can have for my own business. Because sometimes taking a client from a certain type of emotion and bringing them like a couple of levels up tends to be- it's not that easy. Like you have to go one by one. But then when essential oils come into the picture, they really can lift you up. It's like taking the elevator versus going up the stairs. 


Desiree 19:08

I love that analogy. 


Iva 19:11

Yeah, so for me it's a another facet of what I would have eventually found for myself, I think and knowing that I can incorporate it into certain protocols that I share with my clients and also, you know, again, sharing with friends just in a more casual setting, right. So, what I mean to say is that you can  take it as fast as you want and you can also take it as slow and organic as you wish. And there is really no penalty for either way and everything in between those two ends of the of the spectrum, if you will, so I would like to offer that insight into you can really find your own way of how you want to incorporate it if you do have already a business and you feel that it does make sense to have different streams of passive income. Because that is one thing that you will eventually get to if you are already building another type of business that you will have to contend with. You have to contend with of how do I make the money that is coming in? How can I make it work better and bigger for me right? And you have to invest. You have to invest in other streams of income that's what eventually it comes down to as you grow in success and financial wealth. So this can be one of those pillars. It doesn't have to be the only one. But definitely the one that I feel really taps into the whole aspect of you are already going through your life as is. So you don't have to add anything else on top of it other than I mean, you already have friends that you talk to about everything and anything right? Good experiences and bad experiences. I went to this restaurant. The food was excellent or was really bad. Let me tell you why. Right. I use this oil. It really did this for me. Let me tell you why. And you're just sharing. Exactly. So same thing. Yeah, so it really for me that was the aspect that I thought was a great bonus to say, ‘well, it's already working for me and my family, we're already on a much better level in terms of our well-being in terms of how I am showing up as a mom and in dealing with all these chemicals, plastics, and nasty things that are in all the things that you want to avoid for your kids and for yourself. So it's already working for me. I can also continue sharing about it and that is what I do and then it has this beautiful synergy with my business and so I continue to you know, recommend it to my clients and so forth. And, it's just very, you know, little by little you start to work on something and as Des said, all of a sudden there's this money that is in and you're like ‘Wow I don't feel I had to do anything extra and it doesn't feel like an added effort or that I had to take another hour of my day for this’


Desiree 23:30

There's so many people as well who want to, you know be like an activist into what's happening. These days, with all of this toxic-free like helping, you know helping the environment and towards climate change. What a lot of people often forget is like looking to our own homes. So again, it's that aspect of like I would like to do more. I feel kind of guilty that I'm not doing anything more but hey, if you just look inside your own home, do a little bit of the switch & ditch approach. Use more conscious products at home because everything we use are completely biodegradable and good for nature. You are at the same time also playing an active part into saving our planet. So that's the other thing and also what you said exactly, it's complimentary, for sure. I personally have found this I am so passionate about it that this is now my main thing. It's my main pillar, as you described it but then for others it can be something complimentary and that is that is exactly because also, I am focused on that alone right first it was about share but now more and more moms are actually asking me ‘Okay, okay, I want in how do I get to do that for myself? I would love to earn a little bit more money’ because it ties in beautifully as well with Myth number two, which is: it's too expensive. So if you just have a few friends or family members or anyone from your network who would like to join you. You can sign them up under your own account. And you get just enough commission to pay for your own products as well as a payment method. So basically, everything that you yourself and your family orders for the month is gonna end up being free. So a lot of people opt on that you know, they want to use these beautiful products they want to be conscious in their lifestyle and that way it is also very cost effective for them. Plus, they're spreading the good news. So it's really really nice. Yeah,


Iva 25:52

And I liked something that you said just now as well about what are we doing to help the planet and to save, you know, our children? For me that’s something that yeah, the planet i in a bad shape, right? Like how do we prevent that? How do we actually help them inherit something that is a world where they can thrive and be healthy in? And so this whole concept of inheritance and legacy and what you leave behind, it's also part of this of this pillar. Can you tell us a little bit more how does it work or what's your plan because you have like a really beautiful one that you shared with me and I just love it.


Desiree 26:38

Thanks. Thanks for bringing that up. But yeah, first of all legacy, you're completely right as what we leave behind is for our children, right in terms of a better world, a better planet a better just a cleaner way of living. That's our contribution. So, to say that they hopefully continue. But another aspect of this legacy business is that now my income that I'm building up, which is a residual income, it's beautiful. We also have two active accounts between my family. So it is completely willable.


So it is a willable income. So I will essentially then down the line set it up so that my account will be willable to my son, and then my husband's account will be willable to our daughter. And so you know, in the future when we are no longer here, they will then take over these accounts and the income that we have worked for and that is coming in, is theirs so, it's another beautiful way to set them up for their future.


Iva 28:00

It’s another insurance so to speak, right and they can tap into it in case of anything and don't we I mean, this are conversations, again, that need to happen definitely on households across the globe to say like you know, what would happen if right and not a conversation that we definitely enjoy to have or we really want to go into, but it is important to say like ‘Okay, this is something that can really ensure, you know, keep away those fears for us as parents to say like if I'm gone, what’s going to happen, but you know, I want to bring this home because just recently we had a very, very similar conversation with friends. And it's really tough questions to ask you know, if you are in a position where immediate family is not available to be the next in kin to look after your children, if something were to happen to you and they're still like minors and very young. And so you have to look elsewhere, and who do you look for, you know, godparents and really, really close friends. But here's the thing: you are, I mean, you're entrusting them with your children. Yes, but you're also entrusting them with a big financial burden that maybe they cannot face, right? Because they have children or they have, you know, circumstances happen. So wouldn't it make more sense and let's be very black and white here, right? That if that were your situation, for you to be able to have that power to say so and so, you know, we trust you with our children, if anything were to happen to us, and they come already with an income and that is mostly going to generate enough to at least you know, pay for their schooling. 


Desiree 30:01

And again, however big or small, you're running your business, right, whether it's enough for their day-to-day life, or it's actually really enough for them to live off in the future.


Iva 30:07

Exactly. Because then otherwise, you're looking at situations where you need to separate the kids because maybe your friends can’t take them all in and can only take one child, right? My circumstances are not so solvent, and so forth. So I know it can be a trigger. But it's good that it does and it's good that we talk about these things because sometimes we cannot just hide in plain sight and pretend that this might not be a possibility. Nobody has life guaranteed. So in whichever way we can help ourselves and help our children so that they don't become someone else's burden down the line. Nobody wants that and just to have that safety I think it's so beautiful and powerful and that's why I just wanted you to share about that because I think that's pretty amazing. 


Desiree 31:04

It is actually also a very big why to running your business. The big why? What is your motivator? What is your intention? What is the reason you're doing this for right? And that is definitely one of them. For sure.


Iva 31:20

You pass down for example, a business that you're building, right, yeah, but unless your child is already of age to take over, then the business dies with you.


Desiree 31:26

Exactly. Exactly. And this is a beautiful way.


Iva 31:33

This is a beautiful way where it's not contingent on your child's age. It's contingent on the fact that it's just accruing. And it just goes on.


Desiree 31:42

Exactly. Yes. And I think just one last thing that holds a lot of people back from actually starting a business like that, other than the fact that I don't have time right now because now we know that we can incorporate it organically into our lives, as small or as big as we would like to, is the fact that people are very, very turned off nowadays by network marketing companies. Right? Like I'm going to keep this very short because again, I can talk about this forever, but network marketing, multi-level marketing, whatever words, the terminology people come up with these days. But look, it's a beautiful system. And the reason it has a bad rep is because there are many companies who are not running this very well who are really giving it that bad reputation as with like, you have to sell things, you have to keep inventory, you have to… it's just ugly and that you want to sell to your friends and people are afraid to do that. And


Iva 32:57

I mean, if you if you really want to put it into perspective, it happens to any business. Businesses can have a bad rap in a particular region of the world because it's been mismanaged. Because the top level, leaders are not doing what they need to do. And then they're creating this bad rap around it in certain areas, right. And in other parts not so much because you know, the people that are behind it are a little bit more conscientious or whatever. So, yes, so it can definitely be impacted by the experience that you have in the people that you surround yourself with. And who you say is sort of into whose team you're like aligning and playing, right? So yes, it comes with a big I would say a big disclaimer, do your homework, do your due diligence. Know who you are talking to and trust your gut and if it's like you feel that you're being pressured, and you know, coerced and you feel that if you don't do this, then I'm gonna get, I don't know, blackballed or cast aside, then definitely yes, run away. You know, you don't want to be in a position like that in any area of life, right? In any area of life, in relationships and friendships, in a workplace, like in any area of life. Do you want to feel that you're being pressured and doing things that don't feel into alignment? So when we find the system and the support and you know the people that you do your homework on and you say like I've been watching, I've been seen little by little and through those little acts of proof and interactions and you say like, how would they react to this? How did they react to me asking more questions, how do they react to me wanting to know more? How do they react to me let me think about it? Let me try it first? You will get to evaluate whether it's worthwhile to step forward or not.


Desiree 35:24

Absolutely. And I really support these companies that state we are all about purpose over profits. It's all about helping others in the first line of things, which I really feel and resonate with. And, you know, it's this type of business that gives me a completely flexible schedule. I don't have to adhere to a schedule that a company sends to me. My wage is definitely not locked down. It's not stipulated by anyone. I decide how fast I want to raise it or not and I can scale it to an amount that has no ceiling honestly. And you know, people in traditional jobs cannot say that.  People can get promotions whenever they get rewarded with what they do, and no one is left out. And it's absolutely not a pyramid scheme, either. Because I was talking to a friend of mine in the hotel industry. It's like, well, look at your hotel, who is at the top, the general manager, okay, who comes after a hotel manager and then all of your department heads and then your line staff and everything. I'm sorry, but that is a pyramid scheme because a restaurant supervisor will never earn as much as the General Manager does. That's the way it is. So, all the traditional companies that I smile when people mentioned that as like, that's a pyramid scheme. But this what we're in is just so beautiful because we help others and that in turn helps us to grow as well and that is just completely in alignment of what we want to do what we believe in, how we empower each other, about building the tribe working with other women and men as well, and lifting each other up. So, I yeah, I truly, truly love what I do.


Iva 37:29

And I love what you do and I love you for sharing this. And I also love you because you have a freebie for everyone. You have something for our listeners and can you tell us what it is? And why do we all need it as busy moms with no time?


Desiree 37:59

Absolutely. So I put together a little guide about how to jumpstart your business and just five simple steps. It's a little worksheet because I feel like writing a few things down is always very helpful. And from that, I hope that is already helpful to get kick started and then definitely we can talk about because I have this as my main pillar. I have actually developed quite a few systems and processes that will make life easier especially if you are a busy, busy mom and still think you don't have time I will set you up with a lot of hacks, tricks, processes and



Iva 38:42

Can I just remind everyone again that the whole reason why this podcast works like clockwork is because of you right? Because of all the amazing magic that you do behind the scenes to make this really seem so seamless and automatic and really saves us so much time and so much frustration. And we were able to come in with just like joy and happiness and like we hit record and it's like, right. It's like the part of the podcast that everybody thinks about when they think oh, I want to start recording a podcast. It's like, oh yeah, I hit record. And boom, I speak, but all the behind the scenes to get you there. That's where you are just an absolutely like magical goddess and that you're sharing how to jumpstart and go into this. 


Desiree 39:48

So I do the same for my business I live on automation so I focus personally on when it really matters to focus. One on one right, but everything else and our business I want that automated so I have enough time for my beautiful family. 


Iva 40:10

What are some other things that you are working on? So that you can share as well.


Desiree 40:17

Yeah, so I'm actually working on a course that helps busy moms to start their business. I have put together a toolkit that consists of pre done things for you. Ways you can share, ways you can track your members. The things you do at the beginning of the maths, checklists, and everything to make running this business completely enjoyable. With so much time on your hands for your children and your loved ones and able to earn an income as well


Iva 40:10

So you really have proven that this type of business has a lot of staying power. If you approach it from first of all from the heart, from true, authentic intention that aligns with your values and your beliefs. But also with that wanting to just make it automated, make it in a way that allows you to have the time that you want for the things that are important to you. And so I love that you are sharing this and that people can start looking this up and connecting with you to getting it and I would highly, highly recommend it because I've seen it first-hand. I've seen the magic that you're able to create and all the heart and the passion that you bring into it. So yes, please keep us posted on further details because we definitely need to have more eyes on it. Des thank you. So it's always I mean we could continue talking you know that we could always continue the conversation and talk about more and more and more things. However, I do want to thank you for just, you know, all the knowledge and all the great tips that you share so selflessly. Please, if you haven't yet followed Desiree please do so- you can find her on Instagram. @desiree_oily essentials. She has her Facebook page, her Pinterest, her website, she's on LinkedIn. And also you can join us in this beautiful community as well. You know, what Des and I are building- I'm building it a little bit more passively like an additional pillar to my journey and to my business strategy; Desiree is taking it full on like her main flagship project and you can find your in between, but the great thing is that you get so much support from us and you get to experience the knowledge and the know-how that you have accumulated throughout all these years. So yeah, we are putting all of her links in the show notes. Go check them out, and go follow Des there and yeah, if you haven't done so already, start experimenting with the beautiful world of essential oils. I cannot recommend it enough. It really has changed my life. And I do hope that it gets to change yours. If it's in a small way or a big way. It doesn't matter. It's just the fact that we all want to be well, we all want to be healthy and we all want to enjoy life in a very joyful way. 


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