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The World’s your Oyster | Grow Your Influence with Digital PR Ep 6

Iva 1:12

Hi and welcome to another episode of the Mom Bosses Abroad podcast. We are here today with Julia Vitality. And we can't wait to dive in into what Julia is going to be sharing with us in this episode on how to grow your influence with digital public relations and collaborations. And we can't wait. So Julia, welcome to our podcast.


Julia 1:38

Thank you. I'm so excited to be here with moms just like myself and the ones listening to all of you, 


Desiree 1:49

Yes, indeed. Absolutely. So Julia strongly believes that digital PR works. She thrives on multiplying the impact of transformation coaches, authors, experts and conscious entrepreneurs and in turn positive positively impacting more lives and businesses. Besides teaching her audience to use digital PR to grow their influence, she also showcases incredible talent in the personal development space in her own digital PR channels, the Self Mastery magazine and the Positive Impact TV videocast Wow. Juliette we really can't wait to get started there. But for those out there listening now and do you want to go back just one step and explain to us what actually is digital PR?


Julia 2:49

Yeah, absolutely. That is a great question. A lot of people ask me to clarify it because a lot of people have a point of reference of traditional public relations, which is conferences, events, maybe even networking events. Seminars, not traditional events that we're used to attending, even concerts, we meet people anywhere where there are crowds, and also things like traditional media like newspapers that you see on the newspaper stand, in magazines like in the pre-pandemic world. New epidemic things have changed in some positive ways, which basically enabled majority of us to have access to global channels. So digital PR enables us to have a global reach. So, we rely now on digital channels like digital summits, online seminars, conferences, events, networking, we have things like Facebook Live for example Instagram Live, but that is considered also digital PR anyone where you're putting yourself in front of an audience is really digital, and it doesn't have to be speaking could be writing a blog is another channel. And digital magazine, the newsletter is also just a PR channel. So that's just like a little point of reference for everyone.


Desiree  4:22

Okay, so all it really falls under that that term. That's super interesting. And tell us how did you actually get into the space? We know you're also a mom of two. We just found out you have a four and a six-year-old so how long have you been in this space of digital PR and how to do that? How did you get into this?


Julia 4:36

Yeah, so even in my nine to five back in the day, I was actually using a lot of my interview skills and networking abilities to gather people together. I would introduce groups of friends to each other and let's say leave the city and 10 years later, people say well, I'm still a friend with so and so. So it was always a strength of mine to be a facilitator and a networker. And then eventually, as I got more into the online space working remotely, even in my corporate world, working with people all over the world, connecting people, organizing events, organizing meetings, global things, it just came naturally to me. So then when I moved into having my video cast, and also working with coaches and transformational knowledge workers, they seem to have been asking for more and more presence online. How do I become more visible? How do I build my credibility? How do I build my online brand? How do I stand out more? So little by little I was bringing in, bleeding those skills I didn't even know where my strength at the time. And just like that it just snowballed into a focused business where I now help people specifically utilize VR for lead generation. So basically, to get people to come to them. Once they speak to an audience, then the audience is invited to approach them, which is kind of an opposite of the Facebook ads if you think of it, as usually, like shoved in your face, right? We want to say we didn't ask for it right? But fine, we like the product. So we maybe will click Yeah, right. And then we can put in the funnel and then you know, you develop a relationship with a person who click on your ad, and it can take so long, but I find the public relations are such a natural way just what we're doing right now. We're just talking right? We're just talking about who we are, what we do, how we help people and somebody resonates with a message then they come to you and I find it's just such a reverse way of marketing or sales or lead generation it comes so naturally to people and sometimes they just need to know about it and love it.


Iva 6:47

And I want to rescue a couple of points from what you just said. I mean, there's so much in it already. But first of all, I love the energy that you are bringing into your business, because definitely as Mom Bosses we sometimes think that the framework that is more in the old traditional way, as you say, of doing things or maybe the masculine way of doing things might work and it doesn't you know, because we are doing things completely different, right? Our optic is completely different. You know when we were introducing you, I loved these words that stood out like ‘conscious entrepreneurs’ right? Not everybody is a conscious entrepreneur. So we really have to align ourselves with what is our North Star. Where are we coming from and where do we want to go? But also, as well, how much when you step into the online space it seems like there's this indoctrination almost like lead generation equals ads, as you just said, like you have to push, push, push. It comes from this push type of energy. Whereas where you're coming from, that's why I love it it's more like a connection, it's more a conversation right? Let's know, like, and trust each other first.  Let's just get a feel for how we resonate together. And it's very feminine, right? We as women we like to go for like coffee dates with each other or have you know get togethers where we just share and where nobody's trying to sell anything to anyone, right? We're just coming from our own experience and bringing it to the table and hoping that somebody can benefit from it. Right. But the great thing, Julia that I think is such an eye opener right now that we're talking to you is discovering and really landing the idea that now more than ever, whoever is wanting to build and scale their business, they have a golden opportunity to know that the access to a global audience is right there. It's just right at your fingertips. And so you know the idea I think that the pandemic brought forth is this turnaround shift of thinking like now I need to get on a plane, you know, I need to be here and there and everywhere. I burn myself out in the process, just trying to be you know, everywhere at the same time and failing of course, because it's not possible but now understanding that the digital way can be used equally as well. And to our advantage, especially when we're trying to do the mom gig,  do the entrepreneurial gig. So I love it. I think this is so so amazing. 


And the other thing that I want to bring out into the limelight is how naturally you said hey, you know I didn't even know that the strengths of mines were actually gifts? For me they were given and sometimes we don't capitalize on our gifts, right? We don't pay attention to those friends and then people that come up to us and say like, well you're really good at this. You know, how do you do this? This is amazing. You don't think much of it right? Don't give yourself credit, because it's so natural. But that's where the magic lies, I think right? The zone of genius as we call it,


Julia 10:27

You got it and it actually took a few coaches that I was working with to tell me ‘No, you're good at this.’ I was just doing a video sales letter which is just explain you know, when you go into somebody's web page, you would often see like a welcome video. So, in the marketing world, it's called the VSL (video sales letter). So this coach of mine, he created a script for me and he said, ‘Julia, record it. I'm gonna critique it.’ Anyway, we record it, Well, I recorded it and I really recorded it knowing that I'm gonna be recorded, right. So I know I wasn't dressed the way I wanted to dress. It was just basically draft number one. So I submitted it and we had a call and he's like, ‘Julia, I never do this. I have no feedback for you.’


Desiree 11:13

Oh, wow. Because we showed up.


Julia 11:17

Yeah, because you actually qualified to do what you teach. So he's like, I have no feedback. We're gonna use this. I'm gonna use this. I want to do one where I'm dressed nice. But you know, it just takes some people outside of you. And especially if you're talking with one of the coaches I interviewed. You need somebody else out of the bottle to read your label. You cannot read your label, when people recognize your talents, but either somebody could be a stranger recognizing your time.


Desiree 11:53

Exactly. So valuable. Yeah, that's why also like, we love collaborations, as you know, even from this podcast, you can tell. But that's why Iva and I love working together because we do our own thing as well. And we often do run things past each other because we understand you know what we have to look for, but we're not in your headspace directly, right. And so, this feedback is really, really important. Like you said someone was a little bit outside like what do you think, what's your opinion? But I love as well, just circling back a little bit your entrepreneurial mindset and this a true entrepreneurial mindset. We're like, okay, all right. I'm gonna do this. I don't really know if that's my strength, but you figured it out along the way, while finding a solution or while following a path that's all of a sudden in front of you and I think that's amazing and you do that and your strength is obviously then showing up as your true authentic self. And like your coach didn't have any feedback for you, right? It's, often we are so pressured in a way we need to show up, you need to portray yourself as a certain someone we need to say the right thing because we need to do this. And a little bit of our personality may get lost along the way because we think we want to please the world.


Julia 13:19

Exactly. If you want to please the others you want to tell them what they want to hear right but essentially we want them to work with us and we don't want there to be a surprise like all of a sudden they have a you know an interaction with you and like wait, she's not the Julia we saw on that video sales letter, right. She's a different person. That's not what the goal of that is. So that's amazing. That's super cool that it turned out that way.


Iva 15:10

And I think the same applies with a resume and interview in the world when you present yourself to be one person and then you start working and people say, ‘Oh, no, that's not who you are’, so important that I love that you brought up a point of authenticity and everything we do, whether we're an employee or an entrepreneur, 


And Julia, you might feel a bit still some of us that are coming from you know a different generation where PR was something that was linked to celebrities and stars, you know, they have their PR team and it seems very glamorous So how can we lead this now to change that mindset into maybe not all of us are great big influencers yet .And then we might feel maybe PR is something that comes later down the line as opposed to you know somewhere more close to the starting point or the middle point. So what can you share with us on that regard just to shift or clarify those perceptions that might be out there for some of us?


Julia 16:02

Yeah, you're absolutely right. There is definitely a perception out there that PR is for the celebrities, for people who already made it ,that it takes effort maybe even takes an investment. But the digital world, the digital landscape really, really changed. So in other synonyms, let's say to PR, digital PR, would be your digital footprint. So it's really the impact you're making online. And that could start with your social media, your social media in a way is PR. Social media utilizes your audience and PR utilizes other people's audiences. That's the key. And for that you don't have to be a celebrity, you just have to be yourself. If you have something of value, if you have, you know something to share with people, whether it's your story or some strategies or some tips, everybody has value, everybody has something of value to share with others, just like we're having conversation right now and just say, ‘Oh, it’s so hard with the kids’ or they can uplift somebody's day, right? So you don’t have to be a genius to start appearing on shows and guest blogging, podcasts, you know, networking events. It's all about connections just connections, collaborations, being in front of people because that's what I had to do anyways.


Iva 17:30

Right. Exactly. Somebody else's audience, right, that you're paying for the privilege to be in front of. Yeah. So when people look at the notion that okay, yes, it seems that I have more access to more global audiences because of this opportunities that are coming in, because in some way also the digital world, as you just said, has become a bit of an equalizer for all of us, right? We all get to start on the same playing field, not necessarily because we have already the celebrity status on our side that then we can we can reach that point. How about someone that is still trying to say okay, how do I incorporate this PR notion, and it's I love that you said think about it more like your digital footprint, right? Like how do you want to start creating that mental real estate in others and, and really carving out your niche, like, the keywords, the concepts you're going to be linked to? It might seem a bit daunting as well because now you opened up like a whole plethora of options just now. Right? You said podcast, a blog, you know, even within your website, you can start doing PR in some way. What are your tips on how you can navigate a little bit of a starting framework to not get too overwhelmed with what is out there for all of us available?


Julia 19:07

Yeah, absolutely. And the same framework really applies to any type of marketing. You need to know who your ideal client is. So you really need to create a customer avatar_ that expression is in the marketing world, basically demographics, psychographic, likes, dislikes, problems of your client and then what is the solution you're offering to them? What is the benefit? What is the expected result? If you have any testimonies, that is really going really, really high level here, because each one of those is a modular course. But for people who are sort of familiar with those things, it's very, very important to figure those things out. And especially people who sometimes is your niche, it's more generic and you need to know your niche, but within the niche you need to really understand the customer journey. You really need to know your client, what journey do they go through in their purchasing process? Or in their struggles? How do they typically right now solve their problem? How can you help them in that regard? So that's step number one. Step number two, where does people hang out? Which podcasts do they listen to? You want to be the guest on the podcast where your ideal client is hanging out, where they're listening. You want to be on a digital magazine that your ideal client is reading. So that is a little bit of strategizing you got to do and I help people do that, but they can figure that out. If they really sit down and figure it out. They can interview their ideal client already working with some people, they can ask them, oh, well, I just wanna spend five minutes and find out a little bit more about what podcasts to listen to do the research, collect that information, and then try to go in the places where your client is so that would be like the easiest way to start by saying that


Iva 21:02

And sometimes we can get intimidated thinking, ‘oh, you know, if I reach out to someone just to ask a few questions, wasting their time or they're very busy or, you know, I don’t want to bother them. I need to make it worth their while.’ And, and to your point, I have had really amazing experiences reaching out and people have been really cool, you know, collaborating in the sense that they have sat down they have answered questions for me. I have enticed it with you know, gift card of some sort. But you will be surprised how many people turn it down. They're not really doing it for to get anything in return. They're just passing it along and saying like, ‘Hey, happy to help’. And, and I love that because it really goes back to the starting of this conversation with you which is about digital PR but also, it entails this sense of collaboration of community of understanding that if we can help why not? If it doesn't really take much out of our day or our time somebody else has done it for us. We want to return the favor to the next one. 


Desiree 22:18

And I think that circles back to authenticity as well because you show up authentically you know you attract likeminded people. And I know that's for your case, Iva who could turn you down? You know, if you're like, ‘Oh, this is what I do.’ And if you're interested in that, of course it's natural conversation starts and that's beautiful and you don't attract just these random people as well that don't serve you or you don't serve each other at the end and it's a waste of time. So that's why like I just thought of that earlier. A lot of people crucify this whole network marketing thing, right? But it's actually the most beautiful thing especially when you're a mother as well because you are like you said you're tapping into other people's networks. You are connecting with likeminded people. And at the end of the day, I'm a busy mom, I have a little baby here. I don't have time to do these blind sales calls to connect with people who potentially waste my time to spend time with people that I don't even know. Why not you know invest the time to reach out to people I already know that I already like and to invest into that like and trust factor, building up that relationship. And then you have the power. You have them on your side, you can tap into their network and it's such a great model. Like I see so many parallels and in what you do, it's just all different terms sometimes as well. digital PR network marketing, right? It's, it's the power of community. 


Julia 24:02

And exactly, yeah, and there's other elements in there too, which is one-too-many versus a one-to-one. So the cold calls you refer to, that cold outreach, the direct messaging, you're doing one-to-one, it's even less effective than Facebook ads. I would say because at least a Facebook ad you're running and the results aren't good enough for you to do targeted direct messaging with a lot more effort. I personally don't find it super effective. Although we know it may work if you've done a lot of other research and if you've joined a community and you know that community is full of your type of audience then yes, by all means you can do the outreach, but sometimes cold calls are completely like not applicable. Right. We all experience. Power of one to many is just like when you're scaling a business and you're trading your time for money. You're moving on to a model where you're instead of trading time for money, maybe you're trading if you're creating a course. So you've created it once and then it's sold multiple times. Just like maybe you created a product you've maybe designed something that has been mass produced just like the digital PR you are in front of many people at each given appearance, that blog post you've created once and then multiple people are reading it and it also has a snowball effect and I often liken it to a seed. Yes, you know somebody else is watering this really because this recording right you're gonna be watering the seed that has been planted. And now when that seed started sprouting, you know putting the roots in the ground and green leaves. More and more people are gonna hear this episode and more and more people are going to benefit from this. That is beauty of the whole idea of digital PR it's you speak once and then you reap the benefits for years.


Desiree 25:54

And you also while doing that you create a solid foundation. And it's not this one-off thing, right this quick live high or something but it's a solid foundation and often I love the seed analogy, right and it happens to us a lot. We have this conversation and I talk to someone and at the end it doesn't really lead anywhere but I always say but it does. I planted the seed today. And then maybe weeks or months later that person may come back remembering that conversation and say, Hey, I would love to explore that a little bit further. Right. And those are usually the stronger foundations than the ones you meet there. So hey, yeah, let's do this. Let's jump on and it's like a quick hi and then you may not hear from them again. 


Julia 26:45

You never know which of those things is going to excel better. So my recommendation when they work with people to shoot for two appearances or two types of digital PR a week that way you have 100 in the year and out of the 100. And each of them once they start, you know being showcased in front of hundreds, if not 1000s of people over and over and over. Can you imagine the effect of that and you are speaking to your ideal client. You're being yourself, you're offering them value they get to know who you are, you're showing up authentically. So all of the ingredients of that effective marketing or they're in one place, all together versus you know, as she said, you know, direct to direct marketing or ads or whatever, they're missing some of the components but with digital, we're really putting them all together. We're developing relationships from the get go.


Iva 27:39

Yes. And this ties very, very nicely again with the whole idea of you know, are you just trying to make money right, like a get rich, quick type of scheme? Or do you want to serve others, help others you have a purpose that is bigger than you the reason why you wake up in the morning, you know, like something that really sparks up your heart. And if that is the case, then you know in one week or three months or you know 12 years it doesn't matter. You're you're continuing to do what you love. And people can see that. They can perceive that through your energy that you're here to stay it's for the long run right like this is a vocation almost and those are the people I say Julia that are planting those seeds, they're going to reap the rewards. But in the meantime, it doesn't matter right if that comes soon or midterm or long term, because at the end of the day is creating those connections, building those friendships, having access to a community that rallies around you, supports you and also what you have to offer and say is so authentic, right, that you really are here for that and I'm providing a different type of yes and that is a different type of approach, so to speak. So Julia, how can our listeners work with you and how can working with you accelerate this process for them? Right because sometimes, you know, we do have a little bit of that impatience of saying like, I'm ready to go right but I don't, I don't know where to start. Maybe I need that guiding hand to help me.


Julia 29:30

Yes, absolutely. And even though a lot of people do get started on their own, you know, they make connections, they appear on the friends podcast and whatnot. There are a lot of little things that people often overlook, for example, having an ecosystem to invite those people into just like what you're asking right now, how can people work with you? Well, sometimes they don't have a place for people to come to them. They don't have anywhere to invite people into or maybe it's too cumbersome. Maybe it's too complicated. They start spelling out their last name is their website and a lot of little things that people overlook. So I have a course and I teach people I also have a community that supports people through this journey, and a concierge service that will book you one to two appearances a week. Wherever you go with that we can actually start this process and get you going and by the end of the year is going to be in a completely different place than where you started. So I teach all that and you can find me on All my links are available from there. The main idea is I don't just tell people ‘no, this is what you should look; oh, this is what you should sell like; this is what your potential is like’ because a lot of PR coaches that's all they do. They book you some appearances and they say okay, your microphone should be this brand or you know, your lighting should be this ring. Like we really look deeper into the things that I just discussed with you guys. Like who is your client’s journey? What is the mission? What are your values? What are the values of the clients? What do you want to work with? Do you want to be on podcasts? There are about making money overnight. Are you aligned with that? I do not. Are you more comfortable writing maybe we're not gonna start with public appearances. Are you speaking maybe we're gonna do audio only maybe we'll go into video only video with audio, obviously. I mean, they were going to write I mean, it was a different combination of things. Maybe you're brave enough to be on stage. And we're not dismissing traditional or traditional brick and mortar businesses because if you want to be location based, there are obviously podcasts and other PR channels that are location based as well. Yes, but we really look at your needs and your needs, your setup your systems, your ideal client and we put together a strategy and we execute that strategy. So you're not alone. You have support from your peers for me, we have constant contact. So don't be don't be afraid, get started on your own or come to us we will we will take you by the hand and show you what to do.


Iva 32:16

And I love that you say you know it's very, it's very personalized to the point of meeting where that person might be and where they feel comfortable. obviously doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable if it comes across right as a little bit awkward and people can feel it a little bit and it's not you know, it's not that they're judging you, but it just gives them a bit of a pause and say like what is happening right? Whereas when you see someone in their element, just be like, I don't know if they're extroverted type and they really love networking events or they shy there, then let's maximize that. So you and your team are really looking after what that is. 


Desiree 33:19

We do like to ask our guests one thing because Iva and I strongly feel that it is very difficult to maintain balance in your life when you are working mom but that it is feels much better to create a certain sense of harmony. Can you share with us one tip about how you create that for yourself?


Julia 33:30

It is definitely challenging, especially as probably majority of the audience here have moved from maybe the original place of where they used to live. So being in a foreign country is definitely challenging. My daughter started grade one and it's in Spanish and a lot of confusion. So yes, rely on a support network is definitely helpful asking people for help. I've been asking friends I've been asking because of the schedule. The first week the days were cut in half and I had to cancel my meetings. Like today for example, I had a meeting at the time I had to pick up my girl so I had to ask for help. So I think just being brave and asking, that's number one. Number two is teaching your kids when they're old enough that your space, your work, your office is for work My son loves playing with this microphone and moving things around and putting it back in place. This are mommy's tools, you want boundaries, I say the kids learn by example. Maybe it's related to something they can understand. Like for example, I bought you this toy it's because I was working. So if you want me to buy you more toys you need to respect the time I was working things like these, but of course I don't have it all figured out. I do have a lot of challenges in this in this regard. But we all try our best right?


Iva 34:55

And also we love that you have a freebie for us today for listeners. Do want to share with us what it is?


Julia 43:59

Absolutely. I would love to help you guys with one PR strategy tip and normally that is $97 but I will waive the fee for anybody who is our guests are listening today or tomorrow. Because we know these guys are gonna keep playing over and over right? Yeah, that's the beauty of PR in action right now you're basically witnessing the way this works and the way it produces results. So I would absolutely love to get on a call with you look at where your business is right now and give you one PR tip if we have time. For more well, we'll squeeze in a couple more. But I know a lot of happy people have thanked me over and over for something a little debate. They didn't even think of anything. That is obvious to me, but for them it was a big revelation. 


Iva 35:54

And sometimes it's all you need at the beginning. Sometimes it's just like that one key to put together the journey ahead and maybe if you've had five years you're gonna get overwhelmed. You know which one of the five but getting that one insight it can be very, very valuable. So we love we love this and yes, we invite our listeners to really take you up on your offer and to get started into this with your guiding hand. Yeah, so are there any what other projects are you currently working on?


Julia 36:20

Yeah, so I'm a big mental health advocate. I do usually a couple of times a year dedicated to the topic and the Self Mastery magazine a couple of issues this year will also be dedicated to this topic, especially a highlight men's mental well-being because as women we are so much more open talking about our feelings, about our challenges that men seem to you know, either swallow it or drink or play video games, right so I'm gonna bring more awareness to the topic. So anybody who is interested in learning more on how to support men in their life are welcome to check out again. The same website has a link to that to show you how that works, or self-mastery magazine calm and support us whether you're going to be sharing our articles where the speakers talks or attending the free Summit. I really want to bring the awareness to this topic and increase the amount of conversation we're having.


Iva 37:23

Super important, as you say, men tend to bottle much more than we do. And they numb themselves along the way without having a platform where places like you see where they can really open up and discuss these things. And it's so vital. I mean, we all belong to the same you know, the same planet, the same world and the society suffers, you know, not only it's about women going through things, men also go through challenges as well.


Desiree 37:54

We often have this tribe around us, don't we, but men often don't. They close themselves off just a little bit more. So that's amazing that you give sort of the focus point for them there. So that's really, really important.


Julia 38:01

Yeah, so my heart comes from personal experience. 


Iva 38:23

Yes, yes. And we need to also remove the stigma, right? Like mental health does not mean that you need a straitjacket mental health means we all need to take care of it and we need to you know, make everybody who reaches out not feel like they are being judged rather that they are being very brave actually, to acknowledge you know, that they want to help or they want to make a change happen in their lives. So that is that is fantastic. Thank you, Julia. We are going to definitely share the links to this summit. And how people can participate and join. And we want to thank you so much, Julia for sharing with us. I mean, it really has been a great eye-opener, how we can shift our perception of what we think PR means and how it can actually work for us as we are moving forward in our business journeys. So we want to thank you for chatting with us today. And if you want to connect with Julia, you can find her on her instagram @positiveimpact.TV. She has her Facebook link, her website and LinkedIn information as well as the links to her freebie. It's all going to be shared in our show notes. So thank you so much. Thank you so much for sharing those tips with us. 


Julia 39:35

Thank you so much for having me. This was a great conversation. And I hope that everybody who's listening is going to start using some sort of digital PR in their growing or scaling of their business or in starting out or just in spreading the message to start talking to you'll see how naturals will come to you

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