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55Easy-Peasy| Manifesting Made Easy for Busy Mom Bosses Ep 15

Iva 1:29

We are switching gears today and we are keeping it very intimate. It’s just my business bestie Desiree and I talking a little bit today about how we manifested with ease a podcast that in a very, very short time_ in like about seven months_ was already ranking as top 11 in the 30 Best Mompreneur Podcasts according to Feedspot but also I am welcoming Desiree


Desiree 2:17

I really wanted to share because a little bit of the magic of what you do when you have a business bestie and an accountability partner as you get to celebrate your wins with each other. And this ranking is definitely a win for us because this project has been born out of a vision: we've had an idea that we've put out there into reality quite fast and we're still going strong with it. So, we wanted to share a little bit about our journey and how we actually made this possible.


Iva 3:01

Yes, yes. And who better to do that than ourselves? Because we definitely can go very into detail how that came about, how it was just two mompreneurs and one vision, as you said, of pretty much uplifting each other in the moments where we were going about growing and scaling our individual businesses and finding that commonality of pain points that you go into as you're trying to grow a baby that's a business and grow your own children and coming together into how you can navigate those two waters of motherhood and a professional life or professional identity, trying to reach a very particular type of business dreams and not getting burned out in the process, or going into full blown overwhelm, or too much to-do-anxiety. How we were able to keep that in check? By uplifting each other and supporting each other and giving each other a lot of advice? A lot of support, right? A lot of weird insights but also as cheerleaders to each other and that was a great sign of what happens when you have somebody in your corner because entrepreneurship and motherhood especially in the past years where we have also been forced to be in isolation with social distancing has become even more lonely. And so we do definitely need to have some support system that allows us to, to not feel in this cave where we are by ourselves in our own heads which can help us but it can also hinder us.


Desiree 5:12

Yes. And another place where I think magical collaboration comes to place is that we are two people who have two different specialties as well. We specialize in different things yet have the common goal. So, Iva is a licensed RTT Practitioner, which stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy. She specializes in Hypnotherapy, and I am a Clinical Metaphysical And Clinical Aromatherapist. And we have in many ways combined these two things that we specialize in into a common collective energy. And they've worked really well together. So a lot of things have happened behind the scenes as well and our personal lives as I was literally growing a baby inside of my belly and not just our podcast business baby but I was literally carrying a baby and birthing it and Iva has been an amazing part of it. And so we want to share a little bit how we were able to combine these two things that we do into our common project. 



Iva 7:22

For those for those who are not familiar with the story, and I think we've shared it very briefly in some episodes and possibly in Season One. But just to go back in time a little bit, we are two business besties who have never met in person yet _which is another story in and of itself. We're not going to go into that but that was one of the big reveals_ that we were able to manage, as Desiree said, to put our talents together into creating this podcast, that really its main purpose is to empower and uplift other mompreneurs that are leaving abroad because it's really a lot of layers to it. Like you can be very isolated as a mom, you can be very isolated as an entrepreneur, and you can also be very isolated when you're first moving into a new country and having to deal with a new culture and a new way of life and settling everybody in. So, this is an intersection that is very, very interesting, but it's also part of our reality. And so because we were in that space, and we were having these conversations through our phones or through our voice messages or through calls that we had, we decided to take it online into a podcast format and really bring those conversations to life to share with more women that allows them to feel identified with the same issues that we were also going through and to highlight the fact that you can absolutely do this with someone that is by your side, that it's uplifting you, that is not a competition or any of those power trips that that create a lot of friction and jealousy and envy, but rather is to bring to the forefront that collectivel,y as women, we are moving into this direction where it's not needed. 


It's not needed to believe those narratives and those stories anymore, that other women, other women's light is going to take away from your own light. And so we were very purposeful in using that as our cornerstone to say hey, you can really find a very deep, powerful and amazing connection with someone else that is not even in your same location physically that you possibly haven't even met in person, but then has shared values and commonalities about what they also want for their life to be like and when you put that together it’s just wow! It's an explosion of even better energy that is harnessed towards this common goal. And that's how the podcast was basically started. And it wasn't a flash in the pan, right? It wasn't just, oh let's do a podcast for the fun of doing your podcast to see how it goes. Although it was very, very organic.


Desiree 10:26

Yeah. And we didn't really put like very strict goals into place as in X number of months we want to reach this and this many downloads and our community has to grow to this and this many people but what we did do is without speaking much about it together, but we have we had this vision, we had this intention. And we had this common goal of reaching a lot of women with this, a lot of mothers and by bringing these two things together, we really reached a goal that we also weren't expecting and the more we were celebrating it right. So Iva can you share a little bit how you put your intentions on it. As for me because I am a Metaphysical And Clinical Aromatherapist. I use essential oils a lot when I when I am putting my intentions into something. So I use emotional oils that by inhalation when I inhale the oils they are really stimulating the limbic system of my brain are able to oxygenate the areas that need to fuel my creative juices, so I use those a lot. Now, Iva, how do you put your things into intention?


Iva 11:53

Absolutely. So pretty much because my jam is really tapping into the subconscious mind and keep it in from those limiting beliefs, those inner outdated narratives and stories that we're carrying around sometimes even from childhood. I definitely have studied about the power of the subconscious mind. And this is what I'm called to do is to harness the power of the subconscious mind, to study the science behind the mind in order to help myself write a better story, to rewire myself to believe a much deeper truth about who I really am, instead of going back into those old repetitive patterns of behavior that can trip us up and these are some energy blockers as we call them, that can really, you know, sabotage you in your journey as you want to move forward into this new identity, into creating the life that you really want.


Desiree 13:07

And in these_ because I know what Iva is doing and Iva knows what I am doing_ 

we also behind the scenes shared a lot of the strategies we had and so I asked her a lot! I said: What do you mean by an energy blockers? And what do you mean about that I am currently self-sabotaging myself, for example with a few things such as you know, procrastinating on things I shouldn't be procrastinating about or you know, being too drawn into making everything perfect rather than putting it out into action. So we worked behind the scenes a little bit on that for myself, but also for herself into eliminating these specific things that were blocking our energy. And another big thing that I really learned from Iva is journaling. I never journaled before.


I did and I mean when I was a kid, I probably had a diary, you know, writing down, like things that happened in my life, but I didn't journal as such and Iva really taught me amazing things about what that can do and she'll tell you in a second, but what I did is that something I implemented in my daily life, and I really set my timer because you know, as busy moms, I always used to think I don't have time to journal I don't have time to write down my thoughts and intentions. I really don't but what I do now, is I literally set a timer for five minutes. And I will write for five minutes without lifting my pen off the paper. And sometimes you're in this like I have certain problems or certain things that I really am drawn to write about that day. But the fact that I'm not able to lift the pen of the paper even when I have a pause or a moment where I have to think it draws out things that I'm writing down which otherwise wouldn't have come out and maybe Iva you want to share a little bit about these journal secrets and what it actually does to you when you do that.


Iva 16:03

Oh, yeah. So the amazing part is that our mind as we know it has the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and 95% of all of our actions, thoughts and behaviors are pretty much ruled by the subconscious mind. So, sometimes what happens is that we might have an intention or a desire to make something come about in our in our life in our reality. And we want to do that out of sheer will, which comes from the conscious part, the 5%, right, that is conscious that knows and understands, oh, this is where I want to go. And I'm going to do everything to make that happen. But if 95% of your mind, which is your subconscious is not on board with it for whatever reason, like it has, you know, this outdated blueprint or pattern that is running in the background, it is going to divert you from the direction that you want to go. So, you're trying to go right and then 95% of your subconscious mind is going left. So it's going to be very, very hard to go right even through the use of sheer willpower. So when you're journaling as Des shared, in this free flow style of journaling, where you put pen to paper, and you really start writing for five minutes non-stop without editing, without thinking, valuating and using your conscious mind. What you're doing is that you're opening that door into the subconscious to see what is really coming up for you. To see what's behind the scenes, so to speak, like what are those beliefs? What are those patterns of behavior? Those key words that come up that really show you Oh, I see this is this is the narrative that is playing in the background. Even though I was not fully conscious of it because we tend to be on autopilot. 


Desiree 18:07

And that's why when I was writing before it was more like the conscious things that were in my mind and that I needed to write down and so I felt a little bit lazy like why should I write them down when they're already in my mind, right? But it's really these things that come out when you're tapping subconsciously. They're like, wow, I had no idea that was a trigger for me. I had no idea. It's something that's bothering me or I have like revelations. You know, I'm like, oh, right, you know, and then sometimes I would send a message in the middle of the night and be like, Oh my god, I just figured something out, you know, and it really comes out from these types of moments.


Iva 18:47

Yes. Those are the Aha moments where you start to realize that there's an old program running in the background. And it's very telling and that's where the gap is. So when you know when we're talking about, this right now, we were able to manifest with ease going into doing a podcast that in seven months, it has really gone to the top of the ranks and the mompreneur niche is a very, very saturated one. You know, we don't have a big budget. We don't have a team of people working with us, you know, our audience is still growing. And so how does that come to be when you are out-ranking, possibly other podcasts that have bigger budgets, bigger teams like more of a war chest to come on board and say, Hey, we were taking over. And it definitely has to do with the power of being able to manifest from a true place of harnessing these energies. We have, we are made of energy, everything is energy in fact. The chair, the phone where you're listening to this podcast on, the earphones that you're using the pen, the paper that you use to journal… everything in the universe is made of energy. That's what Albert Einstein said. Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. So when you're able to understand this great truth is when you start to see that it's very, very possible to come into the world, to come into your business life, to come into whatever it is that you want to manifest from a place of wow, it is possible because I can harness my energy to be in sync with this desire that I want to come about. And as we said at the beginning, we didn't really come with a formula or a plan even though we're both very driven women, we're very much type A personalities in other areas of our lives. But for some reason, for this podcast, we just had, I guess two angles. I guess the first one was, we were very intent on building community and on really creating a tribe of women that can understand that they are not alone, that can find inspiration, that can find support, that can find guidance, to lead their best lives. So that was at the core of it. Like we were not doing this for vanity. We were doing this because genuinely, we want to build other women up and we know how lonely it can be to navigate being a mompreneur living abroad, having a family you know, it's a very, very chaotic, intense period of anyone's lives. And we have been there so we know what it's like. We just want to connect with more women that are going through it so that they also feel inspired. And the second thing that we set an intention for and I think that's it, we talk about this also in other episodes, or somewhere in our social media is there, but it's this aspect of, we're going to do it if it's fun, if we're going to have fun. Because it's not going to be fun, if it's another chore, if it's another thing on our to-do list and it feels like a drag and there's a lot of friction into it, then it's not going to gel, right.


Desiree 22:39

And we don't need that in our life. We have so much going on as well. So we wouldn't be, you know, putting that extra burden upon us. That's true. But I like the way how you explain the whole manifestation like what it actually is because that's the word that's really going around a lot, you know, and certain circles. It's really a word that is going around a lot but it's really for me, it was difficult at the beginning to actually define it for myself. What does it mean to manifest something so you just explained that really beautifully there.


Iva 23:16

Yeah. Well, and the thing is that when you are able to really match the energy of what it is that you want to desire it is going to naturally come about that much faster, and that much more effortlessly, because you're dealing with energy right. So this is not woowoo, this is science. And if, for example, if we were to talk and say like oh, you know the purpose or the intention is to have a podcast where we're having fun, and we're really wanting to connect with other moms that are out there also going through the same journey but we're coming into each episode like oh my God, I am so exhausted, I can't be bothered, this is so boring, it feels like another job, then we are not a match and then the energies are not aligned. And so the reason, one of the reasons, why I firmly believe that we were able to rank up so quickly, and rank high so quickly, is because whoever listens to our episodes can feel the energy of where we're coming from. You can feel it, even if it's online, even if it's digital. Now most of the things you can feel the person's energy you can feel how authentic, how really genuine they are in what they're saying, what they're sharing, the words that they're using. You can pick up on it, maybe you cannot put your finger on it and why you don't resonate. But yeah, you can pick up on the fact that you're like Wow, I like this. It feels truthful. It feels like she talks to me and that is one of the things that makes things much easier without having all the things that are on the list, right? Oh, you need to have this keyword. So you need to like have this description and then you need to have this. I don't know like the perfect cover art or whatever it is, you know, we weren't coming from a place of ticking boxes, we're coming from an authentic place of saying, well, we don't care how long is going to take. We have the intention to do this because it is in our calling, it is in our yearning, it is in our way that we do our businesses individually, how we want to show up so it's naturally going to reflect on a podcast, which is another part of what we do. And that is really what is the fuel that relates to ranking fast, and possibly if we had a bigger budget probably if we had like a team, maybe we would take you way ahead. Probably but it's not a speed race, right? We are also learning along the way we're also making mistakes. Sometimes, you know, technology is on is not on our side. Sometimes we get timezones wrong right we have made all the mistakes in the book, but we didn't come from wanting to be perfect. We were coming from a place of we're going to have fun. And we are going to take it one step at a time and from that novice mindset, that open mindset of having the humility to ask for help. And to say we don't know let's ask someone what do you think? 


And always touching base with each other. But the main one, I think and the last one that I believe we should really share with our listeners is that when you are called to live out your life purpose. Possibly it feels like it's a one woman show. Right? Possibly it feels like I'm just an entrepreneur, like a sole proprietorship. Like it's just me, myself and I and that's fine. However, if you have the opportunity to open yourself up to the possibility that you can always have an accountability partner, I call Desiree my partner-in-harmony, my business bestie for a reason is because we can really Quantum Leap ourselves through having somebody in your corner, through having somebody that is as intense as you as having higher vision for themselves. And you just share that vision together. So you lift each othe,r you build each other up, you feed off each other. You know when I'm having an off day this unit is there to be supportive. And to say hey, you're going to get back into it tomorrow or whenever that is but I'm here and it's fine. And we know that we can always count on each other for that and that is priceless. And so trying to go at it alone is going to get you only so far. And then from that point on. You definitely need that tribe. You definitely need that community.


Desiree 28:38

I mean, it's hard to do a project alone and that's fine, because that tribe, like you mentioned, that tribe is key right is really good. And I really want to just go back to what you said a while ago about feeling energy through something that we're doing right. And that's really like that. It's like when we get off an interview, you know that we've done, or just a call with each other. I'm on a high like I feel so good because we are able to raise each other's vibrations. Right because of this energy. We both put out the energy the intention, and that is why I feel better after I hang up with Iva than what I did. before. And that is hopefully also something that comes through with the podcast even with our guests as well that we invite onto our shows, but it's something so for me on a metaphysical sense as well. Whenever Iva taught me about all these, you know tapping into your subconscious and everything. And I'm like you know what, that's so interesting because that is why I use essential oil, for example, because scent is really the language of the subconscious mind. It really is able to, like our mind holds incredible power and knowledge and potential and that sense of smell can really ignite that to be able to make your subconscious work for you and whatever you desire. And also about the mentioned vibrations right and essential oils can also do that they can maintain high vibrations because they have such a high frequency and so even surrounding ourselves, like even just holding a bottle of oil in your hand without even opening it, has a higher frequency than what your body is vibrating on. It can raise that and so and emotions we've already spoken so much about how they can affect your emotions and everything. You know what in my journey with working with Iva, I've learned so much about the subconscious mind about tapping into your inner self. And you know, together we have explored essential oils as well. So we had another incredible idea of what we can do to really combine these two magical things together. And we wanted also to, in a way showcase that, show other moms that this is possible and use the power of our tribe into turning it into collective energy, into manifesting something you truly desire. And so we have put together a challenge of where we're all going to come together and manifest something with ease.


Iva 31:37

Yes, manifest whatever it is in your deepest heart's desire with ease and what does that actually really mean. And as we share today, for us, we just want to continue bringing this message out into the world but specifically to mompreneurs, to entrepreneurs, to all the moms that are living abroad, doing all the mom things bossing up. And we really feel that the time is right, to bring about two things that Desiree has said, combine so perfectly together. Like it's not, you know, journaling is wonderful and it's one of the things that that we cover into this Manifest With Ease Challenge. And it's amazing, but you can only journal so much during the day, right? Because you have a life, you have children, you have a business to run, you have things to do. And also centering and grounding yourself in a space where you're feeling a certain type of emotion and feeling is fantastic. I meditate every single day. I have been meditating nonstop for two plus years and I cannot stop singing the praises of what meditation is able to do. But however, once my meditation is over, I step into the real world and I have to deal with tantrums, with stress and things that happening around you because life is life. And so how are you able to really maintain your frequency at this level that allows manifestation to happen more easily? And then cue in essential oils, because they are really able to be this amazing hack that bypasses you know, all those little micro stressors that you have during the day. That added up, bring you to a state of emotion where you're again burned out or overwhelmed. or stressed and not in the best headspace. And so it's like a mental toothbrush that I like to call it it's not a one-time thing that you do and you forget about it. You have to do it every day. And so essential oils come into the picture with this magical way to access the subconscious mind to access the limbic system, so that your emotional center can always be gravitating towards those high frequency emotions, which are the ones that are going to bring things about into your 3D world that much faster. And so that has been so this combination of us coming together sharing all these things and doing it in our podcast, just the results that we've gotten with, you know, with the ranking, it shows how powerful it can be and how quickly it can come about and so we are putting this challenge out to help other moms, other mompreneurs but anyone else who might be listening, right we don't we're not discriminating at all. But we just want you to know, if you feel called, if you feel this energy reaching out to you and you're like, wait a second, this sounds like something that can be fun because we are going to make it fun. Why? Because that is one of the cornerstones of what we put into our projects is like, we want to make it fun. Effortless. It's not like another to-do thing but a space where you can really access this collective energy and make things happen for you that much faster.


Desiree 35:21

So in order to explain to you more on what type of transformation you will go through this incredible 10-day challenge we have put together a 20 minute masterclass for you. This masterclass alone is packed with hacks and tips on how you can manifest something you truly truly truly desire. And it's geared towards the busy mom boss. So go visit to access this masterclass. We really really hope you enjoy it and we also hope to see you in the 10-Day Manifesting Made Easy For Busy Mob Bosses challenge afterwards. It's full of fun and may truly change the direction of your year ahead. So go visit for that free masterclass. 


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