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Positive Energy | How Reiki can Help Ease Overwhelm Ep 18

Iva 0:42

I am so excited to have Stephanie Schueller here with us today because if we are feeling stressed or anxious, she is the person that is going to share with us how Reiki can help ease the feelings of overwhelmed in our lives. So Stephanie, welcome to our podcast. It's so exciting to have you here.


Stephanie 1:19

Thank you very much. I'm happy to be here.


Desiree 1:21

Yeah, super excited. So Stephanie is a Singapore certified Reiki practitioner and she's originally from Austria. And she comes actually from a career in the hotel industry. I'm so excited to ask you more about that. And she's lived in the UK and Dubai and Japan before moving to Singapore. In 2006. Stephanie has always had a keen interest in alternative healing methods. And her interest in Reiki really came from a desire to help her young daughter overcome her anxieties. So Stephanie, I'm so so interested to learn a little bit about your background. And we know now why you got into Reiki but a little bit more about the journey of you know how you found that practice to make such a difference in your life and especially that of your daughter as well.


Stephanie 2:21

Yeah, sure. I mean, I always had great interest in alternative healing modalities to begin with, even before I found reiki. You know, it often happens to us that we figure that Western doctors don't always have the answers to our problems. This came as a as an example for me of some years ago when I really felt that I had food intolerances and although my blood test came back negative, I knew something wasn't right. So that's how I started looking into alternative treatments for allergy relief, and I was really amazed by the results that I got. So with Reiki, some years ago, my daughter was then eight years old, she suddenly started getting very stressed. We're talking panic attack, shooting sweaty hands, racing heart rate, pacing, sleeplessness. I started looking into holistic treatments to help her. I just wanted I wanted to find something that I could learn so that I could support her in the comfort of our home rather than to a Western doctor and I had heard of Reiki from a friend who had taken the course to become therapists. And I remember her telling me about the relaxing effect that had on her family and it sounded really intriguing. So there I was looking for some alternative treatments, some ways to help my daughter. And I came across this preview event for a Reiki workshop in Singapore. And I thought, why shouldn't I join? And I sat there listening to the Reiki master, telling me about the history of Reiki and what the workshop was all about. And one of the volunteer attendees there who had been Reiki training offered to put his hands on my shoulders so that I could experience Reiki energy before that I had not experienced that before. And it's really difficult to explain how that felt, but the moment his hands touched my shoulders, I was so fuzzy, I feel like it's like when you stick your fingers into an electric socket. That's the kind of sensation I explained. It and it was tingly, and I was buzzing from head to toe and after a few minutes, or relaxing wave just started washing over me and I was literally in another world. couldn't hear anything. Didn't hear what the Reiki master was saying anymore. I was gone. That's it. And I decided then and there. This is the answer. I was looking forward to help. just amazed I signed up for the for the course.


Iva 5:10

Wow. And this is I mean, this is something that many of us will have a question with regards to what exactly is Reiki right, because you mentioned that you know in this course, the you know, they put their hands on you and you felt like this buzzy type of energy. Can you tell us a little bit Stephanie, what exactly is Reiki and how do people experience a Reiki session, like what is involved in it.


Stephanie 5:45

So just to give you a little background Reiki was established over 100 years ago by Mikao Usui he was a distinguished Japanese scholar who studied Buddhism and martial art. And he during a 21-day meditation retreat, he experienced an event that will change his life forever. He had visions of ancient Sanskrit the note symbols that helped him to develop a system of healing that we know as great today. Reiki is a Japanese phrase, and it's made up of the words ‘rei’ which means universal lifeforce and ‘ki’, meaning energy. And Dr. Usui designed a method of healing that was unattached to any religion or any religious beliefs, so that the system will be accessible to anyone. And it was his desire that led to this art of hands on energy healing. So what does it do and how does it work? Reiki is known to improve the flow of energy throughout the body. And it is also set to enable relaxation and reduce symptoms of various illnesses. During the session, a practitioner will usually place their hands on certain areas of the client's body using specific positions covering main organs and essential body system. And once the practitioners hands are in contact with the body, energy will begin to flow. It will begin to flow to areas according to the client's needs. And one might feel sensations of ease or tingling or different types of emotions may come up as well. Because we do believe in the body-mind connection, which basically means that what we feel is whenever we encounter a traumatic experience in our lives may be an accident, or to recap a toxic work environment, or even a simple thing like as a baby having received the vaccine- that’s trauma, or the emotions that is connected to this trauma manifests itself in our organs. And over time, they can create an imbalance in our body and around the body, then it may express the body may like to express the trauma in other ways. So how could that happen? In for example, in terms of flashbacks, or bad dreams, headaches, anxiety, for example. And these are all the ones that Western doctors don't have answers for, you know, you could be super healthy on paper, but you don't feel right it may just be because there is an emotional feeling that is nobody is holding on to


Desiree 8:47

And that is what doctors can’t see on paper. It doesn't exist for them. They said no, nothing is wrong, you're fine and you're like but there is I can feel that there is something I need to work through. Yeah, that's exactly it.


Stephanie 9:00

And so in Reiki, we try to relieve those negative energy blockages. So it's kind of like stagnant energy that's around our body. And Reiki aims to release those and that's why I was saying before that during a session emotions might come up during the session that that's your body releasing energy. I had a client some while ago came to see me for an anxiety related issue. And during her sessions, she would cry, she would laugh. She would feel nauseous. She would have all sorts of emotions that came to the surface just as the body was releasing all those stagnant energy to help her relief, she would experience all these emotions, which is what I find highly interesting. No two Reiki sessions are alike.


Desiree 10:00

Exactly. Yes, absolutely.


Iva 10:02

And it also plays on the on this, you know, scientific notion that everything is made up of energy at the end of the day, right? Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy. And so we are made up of energy, like even things that we think are very solid like a table or a chair. They're also made up of energy. So knowing how to make sure that this energetic I guess channels, I don't know what it is that they’re called but that they are flowing is what allows us to feel in complete wellbeing right and to feel that we are really in tune with ourselves and our bodies. 



Stephanie 11:44

Reiki can really be done on any living thing. Be it people, be it animals be a plant. If you're a Reiki trainer and you are a gardener, you can really do a lot of good with your plant.


Desiree 12:01

Wow. I do not have a green thumb to the dismay of my husband who loves plans. So maybe I should try that should consider this. But Iva and I often talk about because we work a lot with essential oils. So we also have done a deep dive into the emotional effects right about how we can release trauma and everything. So it is all highly interesting and like you said so far and in this modern Western medicine world. Now, you can achieve such big transformations just by energy by like what we say that the sense of again what is just nature right? Merely plant juices. So explain to us a little bit more how do you then channel these energies or are released those blockages or like what do these Reiki sessions what do they look alike?


Stephanie 13:14

So a client will come to me or usually they have an intention, right? They come to me for various reasons. I would say 95% of my clients at the moment come to me for anxiety and stress related reasons. Because let's face it, the last three years haven't been easy. And we're all carrying a lot of emotional baggage with us at the moment of various things. And a lot of people come to me for that specific reasons are just really to rebalance themselves. And typically, a Reiki session with me will last about an hour and the client will lay down on the bed fully clothed and I will place my hands on various body parts of the body or essential body systems. But I tend to start with the main organs because that is where we store our emotions. The liver, the gallbladder. They're all linked to anger frustration. Yeah, the pancreas is linked to sweetness in life. All sorts of areas and emotional radio especially. And the body takes the energy to where it is most needed. Maybe a little bit difficult to explain. But for example, if you came to me with a knee pain, and you say ‘Hey, Stephanie, can you please treat my knee I've got some really bad pain. And I would put my hands on the knee of the body and say, she's coming down with the flu, I will direct the energy there. So the energy will always go where it is most needed. Right. The Universal lifeforce energy is around us, right we are in energetic fields. And I as a Reiki practitioner, I act as the link, the adapter so to speak between the energy and you the body. So by placing my hands on to your body, or slightly hovering above, I then transfer that energy through the crown of my head. Through come out coming out threw my hands into the body.


Iva 15:40

So Stephanie, just to just to go a little bit more in detail in this particular scenario where for example, this person comes with a knee pain, but really, they're coming down with something and so the body knows that he really needs to use that energy away from the knee and into other parts. Is that something that the person might be aware of or is just this overall feeling of I feel recharged and my knee feels better but how was how the energy used up it's really up to the intelligent network within ourselves, right? That then decides how that is going to be allocated.


Stephanie 16:22

That's right. The body has what we call body's inner wisdom. It knows what it needs and the energy will always go to the place where it is most needed when it's most needed, so that clients might still walk away with a knee pain but will probably not develop that flu. That was right.


Desiree 16:48

Wow and then have that double whammy of I'm sick right I came down with something and my knee also hurts and then it's even worse. I'm more I'm even more blocked.


Stephanie 16:59

But then I'd be completely unaware that they were coming down with something just to give you an example. The other day, I had a lady that came for a session and she was just coming to find out more about Reiki and just to relax a little bit decompress. And then while I was having my hands on her body, I started getting these weird headache that I have to add. I do pick up other people's pain, emotion. I said to her after the session ‘Do you have a headache or did you have a headache or do you suffer from migraines or what's going on?’ And she goes, ‘Yeah, I wasn't feeling right this morning. Not sure what it was.’ I said ‘you were about to have a headache.’


Iva 17:51

Wow. And you identified on that


Stephanie 17:54

And I said just make sure you know when you go home now drink lots of fluids right. Support your body with that. And that headache did come but much milder yeah.


Iva 18:08

Do you feel that ever since you started practicing and tapping into your own inner wisdom to be able to channel these energies? Have you found that you've become more sensitive yourself to everyone and everything around you as well? Like how do you feel during the treatments and generally like is there any at any point that you feel that transformation in yourself?


Stephanie 18:42

Yeah, I would say at times, I've always been very sensitive to other people's energy. And I'd say well if I stood in front of somebody talking to someone, I wouldn't necessarily feel what was wrong with them if I would need to connect with them right because connection, but of course you know I do sense things but when treating people I do pick up on sometimes on their emotions, so I have to really be careful with my own well-being as well. Yeah, because emotions can if I'm not careful emotions can take over right and contagious right if somebody's in a really


Iva 19:27

I mean we see it all the time if somebody's in a bad mood or you know in a place where there's other people everybody seems to pick up on the on those vibes as well right on the good and the bad.


Stephanie 19:43

The good thing is as soon as I lift my hands off, it's gone. But just to give you an example: I once had a lady who needed Reiki treatments for morning sickness. She was really bad and admitted I had my hands on her. Tell me guess what happened?


Desiree 20:08



Stephanie 20:11

It’s like, God, it brought me right back to my pregnancies.


Desiree 20:16

Raising my hand here, were you able to help her and relief that nauseousness for her?


Stephanie 20:24

I was but I said to her, I said you know what? I had to really stop treating your tummy and I said I'll do the rest and I will give you a distant Reiki session later. Do your mornings yeah because I just couldn't 


Desiree 20:43

I wish I'd see you then, I just have a baby as well. I just went through a pregnancy and yeah, I felt nauseous until the very last day until I went into labor. It was pretty intense. Yeah.


Iva 20:59

It's not only so it's not only like the physical ailments, right, Stephanie, it's not only you know, as I said, I was sharing like the nausea or like a knee pain or like a headache. But also like we were describing at the beginning, how you know, anxiety overwhelm, which is something that we have all been experiencing to some degree can also be treated with Reiki sessions, right and people can find a relief in in the in that.


Stephanie 21:29

Absolutely. It might not be a one session thing. Right. So this is often a common misconception – it requires a commitment. Just like going to the gym is a commitment. You're not gonna have a super result after one session, right? You will need a number of sessions before you can see a shift but I would say usually after three to four sessions, clients tend to see an improvement in their condition. It's always it's always recommended that they come back for regular maintenance sessions. Yes, be then on a monthly basis or as and when they feel they need it. People might come by an emotional issue. And they come to three times and then they say, Oh, I feel better now. And then they stop 


Iva 22:28

Yeah,come back. Yeah, right. Yeah.


Desiree 22:31

Yeah. I love the analogy of the of the fitness center that you use. I do the same thing with my clients because I work with essential oils and they, they think it's going to be a miracle. I'm going to use one drop and that's it. I'm like, not quite how it works, but you know, is continuous and just when they think they're getting better, they stop and you're like, No, this is exactly when we need to keep going because what like you as well. We want to get to the root. We don't want to just shave away on the symptoms. You want to get to the root cause of things right and to make sure that it doesn't come back these feelings of overwhelm. Do not just return you know that we can change the way our body and our mind are treating these situations. So it's really interesting.


Iva 23:26

And Stephanie, what are the hallmarks of a Reiki expert like what should people be on the lookout for when they are deciding to say ‘Yes, I want to look into Reiki as an option for myself.’ Why should I be on the lookout when finding someone that works in that space, that is an expert in that and why should I avoid or red flags because obviously, you know, unfortunately not everybody tends to have the same level I would say of ethics in what they do. But also people to feel that they are really trusting themselves with someone that knows how to handle what they have, and that is able to take them to the other side.


Stephanie 24:16

I think it would be good to do your research see where the Reiki practitioner was trained. There are artists nowadays there are all many variations of Reiki out there. The original is the people that are trained by the International Usui Reiki network, which is the skill or the art that has been handed down through the generations by Dr Mikao Usui. Okay, now, in person Reiki is always a great idea, but there is distant Reiki out there as well. You decided to perhaps just make sure that the person was trained the right way. 


Iva 25:01

And can you tell us about that about distance Reiki? Yeah. Because there's also this notion that it has to be in person for it to work because it's energy like you know, that would be more powerful. But I know that's not necessarily the case. Right? It can also be done through distance.


Stephanie 25:22

Yes, absolutely. Because the way it works with distant Reiki obviously I don't have my hands to put on that body right? The body is not here, I might be treating somebody who is on the other side of the world. So what we tend to do in that case, we use a proxy instead of the body it could be an item like Teddy Bear, pillow, just something I can put my hands on, right. Oh, energy, energy work. We have a way of dialing into that person's energy. I would usually ask for a photograph of the person and then even patients and obviously the intent, why is this person receiving? And so the proxy is in place of that person's body receives the energy that way, you may not be in it in the same way. As if you were on my treatment table. The energy can definitely be sent to that person.


Iva 26:32

Would you need more sessions if it were to be done distance than if you were doing the sessions in person?


Stephanie 26:47

No, you wouldn't. I mean, you wouldn't need the same amount of what I found very useful after I did after I learned the advanced Reiki deal to give to send energy to people remotely was that we are in this network, right? All the people that train together so usually whenever we have somebody within our network who needs urgent help, a message is sent out to all of us and then we collectively tend energy to that person. And I remember a few years ago when my father-in-law had a stroke. After surgery, I send out an SMS SOS to the network and we all collectively sent energy to him. And I would like to believe that with, together with, obviously the western medicine, he managed to recover a lot faster. And I like to believe that Reiki had something to do with that.


Desiree 27:59

Now that's another really good point like what you said that it complements right. I think a lot of people think oh, I would like to try a natural healing method or something. more natural and they think they have to choose. I cannot go to a doctor because now I'm doing a natural thing. But what they often don't know is that it's you can complemented beautifully, right? That that I mean, Western medicine has its place for certain things. But that, you know, often the energy work does really elevate and help and, and just can cure from a different place. 


Stephanie 28:39

And I would say I mean this is very, very important. Reiki does not replace Western medicine or corrects anything more body that does correct. But Reiki for example is an excellent way to complement other treatments and therapies as you mentioned. Take for example, a patient who is going through chemotherapy or radiation. They can really benefit from Reiki to help detox the body or the chemicals into them, but also to help on an emotional level. The mindset and the motivation to conquer that treatment and to look to the future in a positive way. I often have clients after session that they hate it. I feel so much so much more positive, light about anything and I think in with the example of the person going through chemo, if that's so necessary, that is so useful. 


Unknown 29:45

Yeah. To be to feel empowered to still be in control of your body after so much seems to be taken away from you or many stressors controlled by the doctors that you still know. You are still in control of your own body, right? You can make these shifts internally. That's beautiful. 


Iva 30:14

It flows with everything right? It's like this, this beaming harmony with everything that is. It connects you to this ever present source of energy and love and light that that we are part of. Can you in that vein, can you do Reiki on yourself? Is that something that is possible? 


Stephanie  30:41

Yeah. And I do it you know, this is the great thing. You don't need to meditate. You can do Reiki anywhere at anytime. No, I usually Reiki myself in front, in front of the TV. And why waste my hands? My Reiki master always said never stand in front of somebody with your you know with your hands dangling. Never waste that your hands they always have them on the body. Right.


Desiree 31:14

Beautiful. I love it. Yeah, this is really really great.


Iva 31:18

Healing Hands.


Desiree 31:20

Exactly. On and on that note a little bit on speaking about harmony. And we love to ask all of our guests this because you are a mom as well right? You're a mom and you are a you've turned your passion and something that has helped you first in line with your own daughter with your family but you've turned this into a business and as a mom it is always difficult to find balance because it's just it's just not possible. It does not exist right once you enter motherhood, but we Iva and I always like to believe that we can certainly be in harmony and that is much is an easier approach. Can you tell us one thing that you do to keep your own life in harmony with everything that you are doing?


Stephanie 2:17

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I mean, we always think of everybody else and never about ourselves, right? Yeah, I do really enjoy just time with myself. Going for a walk and I tried to set aside a good half day per week just for myself to get my nails done or going for a walk or having a meditation session. Just some me time put that phone on airplane mode. And just that is nice.


Iva  32:51

That is that is very, very much needed. And we tend to feel guilty about carving time like this for ourselves. But as you say it's part of the maintenance and the upkeep so that we can come back and continue to give our energy and our love and attention and presence to our loved ones and to all the projects that we also want to do and accomplish right. Well, thank you, Stephanie, so much for coming here today with us and sharing your wonderful knowledge and experience on Reiki on this beautiful art of channelling the energy and all the benefits that it has, right? How does it work or the benefits and to give an invitation to our listeners to you know if they feel guided if they feel that this is something that resonates with them. You are available to do sessions obviously locally, but as well distance as as we share it as well. So if you want to connect with Stephanie, you can find her on Instagram @state_of_Reiki_Stephanie, and she also has her Facebook page, her LinkedIn and her website, and we're going to be sharing all of those links in our show notes. So Stephanie, thank you so much for coming with us and sharing and allowing us to learn more about this beautiful, beautiful healing modality. 


Stephanie 34:35

My pleasure, thank you for being here today.


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Stephanie Schueller

Stephanie Schueller is a Singapore certified Reiki Practitioner since 2018 and was taught the authentic Usui method of Rei-ki as it was founded and taught by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. Originally from Austria, Stephanie comes from a career in the hotel industry and lived in the UK, Dubai and Japan before moving to Singapore in 2006. Stephanie has always had a keen interest in alternative healing methods. Her interest in Reiki came from a desire to help her young daughter overcome her anxieties. Upon experiencing the Reiki energy for the first time herself, Stephanie was amazed by the immediate relaxing and calming effect it had on her. Since her training in Singapore, Stephanie has practiced Reiki every day on herself and others. Stephanie also completed her Advanced Reiki training, which allows her to send Distant Reiki to her clients all over the world.



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