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Shy Gal| How to Step Out and Monetize Instagram It Ep 22

Iva 1:01

We are here today with Jeanille Rockett, but to everyone she's known as Coach Rocky and she is here to tell us how to stop being the shy girl at the back and monetize Instagram. Yeah, I want to stop being the shy girl myself. So welcome Coach Rocky to our podcast.


Coach Rocky 1:35

Thank you Thank you ladies so much for having me.


Desiree 1:37

So , Coach Rocky is a content and social media strategist and coach and she loves teaching her clients how to make money. Both on Facebook and on Instagram. She works with female coaches, consultants, online service providers, and product-based businesses as well. She is the owner and operator of the rockier content Academy, and she has already helped hundreds of business owners successfully market their business and make sales on social media. So, she does but she does so much more than social media. Plus, you have such a fascinating life story and really that the story of what brought you to where you are today. So, Coach Rocky, please come to share with us.


Coach Rocky 2:28

Yes, absolutely. First and foremost, again, thank you ladies for having me on the show. And you mentioned my story. I like to tell people that content saved my life. It really did. A couple years ago I got really sick. I have an 11-year-old now she'll be 12 in December. But during that time, she you know I was in the hospital. This was COVID kind of picked back up again. And I was in a hospital by myself. I suffered a full physical distress. And so basically my GI system shut down. And I was in hospital by myself, like I couldn't have visitors. My daughter, of course was in school at this time. It was a really tough time. But one of the things I did have was my phone and I was able to scroll on social media all day I had TV. And content really just made me feel better. Normally when you're sick, you're going through things you have your family and your friends to depend on, people to come and visit you. Well, really all I had was the people on social media. And I connected really deeply with people on social media because of just the things that I was going through. So if a lot of people in that situation, they probably wouldn't have made it but I like to say just content really saved my life. And that was the day I decided that I would take my marketing degree and everything I know about business and start to use content and social media to make money.


Desiree 3:56

I love that that is absolutely fascinating and that


Iva 3:59

This is a powerful testament to also I think, you know, we tend to, we tend to put this, I don't know like social media interactions or the life that people see on social media to be very superficial or not really telling the whole story but you know, I also feel that it goes both ways. It can really be very also profound, like the connections that you make virtually can be as long lasting and as profound and as authentic as if you had made that connection face to face and testament to that is, you know, Desiree and I we we host this podcast, we are business besties we have connected on so many levels. And we have never met in person, right? Yeah, done virtually. And so the connection, it's no less authentic just because it’s virtual.


Desiree 4:54

It is yeah.


Coach Rocky 4:57

And I have some of my best business partners. I've never even met them in person.


Iva 5:03

There you go. So it needs changing this paradigm that it doesn't have to be as we said, right or fake or, or or that it's not self-sustaining or that he cannot lead to something genuine like friendships, as you say.


Coach Rocky 5:20

Exactly, exactly. I definitely agree.


Iva 5:23

Yeah. And I love it so powerful that you really were able to take something that you say yourself that saved your life, right and then take it in your hands and say listen, I'm going to turn my life around now. And I am going to take that and show others empower others to literally do the same right to teach others how, how to use their content, how to market their businesses, and you've helped hundreds of people already. So kudos to you really for for taking that step that a lot of women are also very afraid to take right or they dive into something they're not even passionate about, just out of the desperation maybe to make a living or something but I mean, it is the most wonderful thing isn't enough to find something that you love and that you're so passionate about from your heart and actually make that into a business.


Coach Rocky 6:18

And that and I found that a lot of women during the pandemic started businesses based off of those passions and purpose. Yes, that's you got to learn some of the the business basics and they were missing it. And so that's why I stand up for them to


Iva 6:34

Yes, yes. And so, as you said, as well, because of certain, you know, events that have happened and now even more that we have this pandemic as like as a reference, right? We know how the whole planet can be disrupted, right from one day to the next. And, and so social media and and businesses that have a platform that is virtual, right, that that can that can span, you know, countries and time zones and everything are the ones that are going to probably survive or do much, much better than the ones that are only local because if you know if a destination gets hit and tourism doesn't get there right, that that makes any impact that that really puts a strain on things. So knowing how to capitalize on social media but as you say to use it to our advantage is key. So we want it to dive in with you to tell us a little bit how can people really push past that barrier of saying, I don't know I feel so insecure in front of, you know, having to do a live or being in social media or hitting that live button.


Desiree 7:50

Fear of a lot of people right?


Iva 7:55

How can people get past that if they know that what's on the other side is that it's a thriving business is a business where they get recognized where they have followers where they get to do all these things.


Coach Rocky 8:07

Yes, I think the first step that we have to take is we have to understand that we put labels and titles on ourselves from the moment that we're born. We get a label, right? We're female or male. And then as we go throughout life, we continue to add more labels and titles. And so some of those, those labels can actually hurt us mentally. You know, sometimes they will tell us you know, you're you're not that cute, but you look okay, or they might say, Oh, you're a little chubby, then you start to think, Oh, I'm a little chubby, right? And so as women I find that we get labels and we actually stick we hold them like close to our heart. Yeah, so even the word shy or I'm not that outgoing. But if I put you in a room of you know, familiar faces, you will be this this this blooming butterfly like you're ready to show out. And so what I really think we have to do first is remove those labels and those titles like just as they were placed on you, they can be removed from you. And if you classify yourself as a shy person or the shy girl in the back is now time for you to feel empowered to actually stand up and show out for your business. Number one social media is free. It's a free tool for you to market your business. Yes, why wouldn't we use that to our advantage? There's so many we got to pay for. And so I teach women the first step that you have to identify is Why do you want to be on social media and what platform Who do you want to serve? Where are your people? And once we can get that understood, then I can help walk you through those steps of this is how you start to show your face it can be through pictures first. It doesn't have to be on video. It doesn't have to be online. But some of us are even just afraid to show ourselves on a pitcher. Just just little micro things and so just it's a slow process is is not as soon as we work together as soon as you're ready, like just hit the Live button. It is a process that you have to build up to it. But that live button it is very scary to a lot of people. But one of the fun things about Instagram there is a practice function. You can actually practice on live, it doesn't notify anybody that you're alive. You can invite your family, your friends really. Okay, you can practice and so I do that with my clients. I have them do the practice function and invite me and I might invite somebody else just to kind of throw them off a little bit.


Desiree 10:41

So they can see that people are right yes. Yeah.


Coach Rocky 10:47

And so that's crucial


Desiree 10:49

for that is I did not know that existed.


Iva 10:54

You know what I wish actually the live function had that it would I know it's almost like okay, what you're asking for contradictions here because I wish you would have like a pause button. I did a live two days ago. Honestly. I went live it was the first time in months since I had done a live and as you can see from my voice I still not recovered from this whatever it is that I have. And I went into this crazy coughing fit in the middle of the lie. You know when you cannot stop coughing Yeah. It was. So I was just like, I'm so sorry. And my eyes got teary and I could barely say stuff. And I'm like, oh my god, this is crazy. Of course, like right, everybody's watching,


Coach Rocky 11:48

I'll give you like, if you ever because I'm that person that will just sneeze out of nowhere. If you ever have like a moment where you're coughing sneezing on your phone, I have an iPhone. If you just wipe it down. It actually pauses your live and it'll make your life go back. 


Iva 12:08

Oh my god, you learn every day. Cuz I'm like, How can I make this pause? So I had to like go to the side and it was the blank. It was like the black background with no one there and I was just like, Oh my god. So it's good to know that I can I can swipe if I have an iPhone. I can swipe down and then he will Oh, okay.


Desiree 12:34

I love these tips. Got my pen ready.


Coach Rocky 12:38

It’s one of my favorite ones. And it's just like you swipe it down. You can tell people like give me one moment you swipe it and then when you're ready you just come back in.


Desiree 12:47

Okay, that is awesome. 


Iva 12:50

Now I have it permanently in mind in case I ever Yeah. But this is great. What you're saying you know, Coach Rocky about owning new labels, right? If we're going to be owning a label, if we're gonna go with, you know, wanting to to identify somehow someway. With something we might as well identify with things that empower us and so you know, believing that we're shy or that we cannot do it is as it has to go and we need to, as you say, begin with baby steps if that's the need to start tentatively playing in the social media sphere and get familiar, right?


Coach Rocky 13:36

Yeah, reframe your mind reframe and that's with anything in life. You can truly reframe your mind and reprogram yourself, to believe that you can do anything. Yeah, and a lot of a lot of my peers when I say I can pick up something with my mind, the fact that I have so much belief in myself and anything that I do they will literally start to question themselves like can coach rocky pick up something with our mind? Because that's, that's how I am right and I like to transfer that same feeling that same belief off to my clients, like you can pick up something with your mind.


Iva 14:14

Right? I love that. And we know as well that there's a lot of, you know, famous people that are actually very, you know, introverted or shy or they're not really, you know, this persona that we think that they really are when we see them on screen. And so we can always give ourselves that space to say, well, I can step into this role, right? Not because I'm faking it, is because it's a role that it's just amplifies who I am in a way that makes me confident on camera, and bypasses the nerves.


Coach Rocky 14:53

And I love the word amplify like you already extraordinary just hitting the like button or using social media is only going to take you to the next level. Right so, and develop what consistency looks like for you don't allow anyone to dictate that I can go live every day but for someone else go. live once a week only might work for them


Iva 15:26

Yeah, and then I think everyone needs to find a little bit their way as well what suits them right because like you said they need that confidence then to show up because that confidence will come through on the other side as well. But I really want to ask you about the these organic methods as well because lots of female entrepreneurs they you know they want to monetize they want to convert their content into sales. I feel nowadays there's so much going on on social media it's so overwhelming actually with these, all of these kind of fake methods as well of lying whether it be like buying followers or, you know, creating these pods where like, Oh, I'll comment let's comment on each other's content just to, you know, trick the algorithm into thinking this and that but it actually does nothing for you. We evolve apparently new to these kind of trends before right? But like, how do you coach them to create that content that converts some organic methods that they can apply to yeah to to make those sales?


Coach Rocky 17:27

So first thing is first I like to tell my client especially if you're using Instagram your Instagram is sort of like a commercial you know when a commercial comes on it's tells you really briefly what the product is how you can use it, what's the benefits, and when people come to your profile, they need to get that same field. So you want to make sure that your name is there that what you do is there. If you guys were on Instagram right now, you will see on my page it says Rocky and then it says content and social media marketing strategist. That is your SEO. You need to make sure that you're SEO, your search engine optimization. That is how people find you. So you need to make sure you have that title updated with what it is that you do. If you're an empowerment coach. 


Desiree 18:14

You know, you're right, right along with your name. It's almost like hyphenated.


Coach Rocky 18:18

Yeah, absolutely. That's how people will find you. And then in your bio, I tell my clients to make sure you talk about what you do and how you do it. And then of course, where people can reach you. So if you help people, you know, go from A to B, and you do that with this, then of course you put you can put that in your bio, and always give a call to action. We naturally need to be told what to do. If you set an alarm to wake you up in the morning. It's because you need to be told when to wake up. You have to have that call to action. So it can be click the link in the bio, schedule a free call, get my free book and then of course that's gonna allow people to get to know you. And then that's the first this is really the first part of your organic methods on Instagram. And then of course, your content, your cost. Your feed content needs to speak to the person that you're trying to help so pay attention to the pain points. That you're actually targeting for your ideal client. Your highlights. I love when I see people have highlights and these are like snapshots Right? Like you have an about me highlight this is going to talk about pretty much you what you like to do something fun about you too. You know if you'd like to read horror movies, read horror stories talk about that because it allows people to connect to you. Again, all of this is set really helping you market organically. And so I highly recommend this to my clients and then really just putting out content consistently like what consistency is for you, not for anybody else. And build engagement strategies. I you know, I talk about engaging on people's  profiles that are in your niche. So other coaches or consultants engaging on their profiles, but not just leaving any mosey with you know, prayer hands. Yeah, no, actually engaged, you know, add some value, some feedback to that post because they're gonna start to see you as a thought leader, and not just somebody leaving behind emojis. And so right collaborating with people, you know, once you're at that point where you're a lot more confident, collaborate with other people, you should leverage other people's platforms right now. I'm leveraging you guys's platform, right? So it works. It helps to collaborate with others because then new people get to see you, right? Correct. Yeah. And it's all free. You know, it's all free. So, collaborating with people going live. I have a friend of mine, she she she's never done a live by herself. But she goes live once a week with somebody else and she literally interviews them because she's afraid to go live by herself. But this is her way of leveraging other people's platforms I do it with someone else. So you can use those same strategies organically to grow on Instagram, and I've seen people do it crazy and reels, reels make up 30% of engagement on Instagram. 


Iva 21:24

reels are something to you know to pay attention to. And with the approach with reels is that sec, it's also this kind of like the metaphor that you use was, you know, like an ad like an ad right? And like people Yeah, it is more like entertainment or what do you say? 


Coach Rocky 21:49

Okay, it's really a mix of all you should, you should have pillars and I like to give like a foundation pillars for content. You should be educating you should be you know, inspiring people, motivating people entertaining them. You should definitely make content that's shareable and saveable. Okay, you you want people to share and save your content save means is so good. I got to come back to it later. Share it means all my goodness, I got to tell somebody about it. Right, right. Yeah. Create content like that. And that goes with Reels. Think about it, you see a reel if it's, it can be really good. Like I posted a reel with 33 different types of content you should put out and I got so many saves on that because it they're like, Wait, these are 33 different ideas. And it's just saying that save the saved it. But I didn't get a lot of views on it. And so someone might look at him like oh, this real didn't do well. Well, when I look at the saves I had over 90 people save that reel, 90 People are going to come back to it and then I had over 100 people share it. 


Iva 22:59

Wow. Yeah. So, it's like, we sometimes have this, this set way in how we think the importance of Oh, I gotta come in. It's better than just, you know, the vanity metric, right or this. But the algorithm I mean, it's always changing. We never know what really is at the bulk of it, but we do know that when people find your content, interesting enough and informative enough, right, that he has that value where they can be like, Yeah, I want to reference it for later that really says that you're hitting, you're hitting it where it needs to be hit, right. In terms of, of, okay, this is what my audience wants to know more about. That I can continue sharing more of that in are going into that direction. 


Coach Rocky 23:50

Yes. And the algorithm likes that, the algorithm actually appreciates the saves and the shares because now you're telling the algorithm, I need like we we need you need you to create more content like this and as you create more content like this will share it to more people, Instagram values, recency, relationships and interest. recency issues, new content and when you're putting out new content and wants to see that it's valuable, people like relationships, how many people are actually like sharing and saving it? And then interesting, like, is it topics that people are truly just interested in? And so when you're focusing on that, then of course, it helps build up the algorithm. It's an interesting thing I say I love IG because I study it and some people say I'm an expert, but I'm like, I just think it's really interesting.


Desiree 24:47

Like what a lot of people are like kind of talking about as well though, is that it's constantly changing. There's constantly like new things and new rules that must be also difficult to keep up No, also for you. You are truly an expert in that field, to keep up with these new trends and new things and the new ways that the algorithm may think today. You know, it's tricky, but I have one more question as well. Yeah. Where there is a debate as well going on and we're talking about okay, so content creation, right. I think, okay, I need to show up consistently. I need to show up. Some people say every day some people say multiple times a day, some people say look, as long as you're consistent. It's fine if you do it three times a week. So I'm kind of like, I'm going to do what kind of fits into my life at the moment. Have two little children as well and you know, running a business on as well. And for me, I found sort of the middle Okay, I'll post three times a week it may not be much but at least I'm consistent with it now. And so sometimes I also don't think is that more quality over quantity? Is it better to do it every day but do like little things or really say okay, I'm going to put out value I'm going to put out quality. And my capacity right now is only three times a week to do that. So what are your thoughts on that?


Coach Rocky 26:18

So that's, that's an amazing question. First thing I'll say, when clients come to me and say they want to post and do like I do on Instagram, and I laugh and I say you can't do that. There's no way you can do it. Like you do have to develop what consistency looks like for you and then that's rich. I say, stretch because the stretch is what's going to take you further. So if you're the person where you're like, Okay, three times a week is all I can manage. Well guess what, those three times a week that'd be value packed in use the best form format, which will probably be a real or carousel for you. And then of course, news, your story. Your stories are so undervalued, stories is where people connect to you. You there are some days where I won't post until later in the day, but my stories is just on and poppin like I'm sharing behind the scenes, you know, I'm sharing funny things that's going on with my daughter. I'm sharing like, Oh, I'm having like I ran out of creamer today. Do you know how hard it is to run out of coffee creamer? As a business mom, like is in people are lit it like they love it. They love that they get to see the personal side of me. And even though I may even though you may only post three times a week, you're still connecting with people in a way that's adding more value. So I would say add that as your stretch.


Desiree 27:44

Yeah, and as you know, like and trust factor, right, because the more they know you they may relate to you more than they'll dive into your post whereas they may just scroll past it. They'll be like okay, let's do what she has to see. A has to say, and an actual feed. So yeah, that's really really interesting. I think iva and I we've had our conversations about Instagram as well. It's like a loving relationship for me, always a bit.


Iva 28:11

You know, one of those questions that I think the answer will vary depending on the day of the week, and you know, the month and, and everything is, you know, the hashtags, right? It's like, I'm always like, what's the deal with the hashtags? What's going on? Is it is it three Is it five? Is it 15? Like what's what's happening? And so I wanted to ask you and take the opportunity as well. Like what, you know, our hashtag still relevant, or how to use them, right? I still find myself trying to figure that one out. Like, I kind of like guess my way around it a little bit but I don't know if you have some tips or like a good rule of thumb where you say well, you cannot go wrong if you stick to this.


Coach Rocky 29:01

Absolutely. So I I have a whole strategy for hashtags and guys hashtags are still relevant. The issue is, is that a few years ago, hashtags were the thing like if you had hashtags like you were winning, but now it's not like your content is more discoverable just based on the algorithm itself. So you don't necessarily need to depend on hashtags. But you should have as a hashtag set. So I'll tell you what that is. A hash tag set is basically your niche, like you have niche related hashtags. You have hashtags that maybe your ideal client is probably really following paying attention to, like one of mine is mompreneurs you know, I'm a mom and I get to talk to a lot of other moms about running the business, right? And so that's one of mine. And you also want to think about location-based hashtags, too. Sometimes people there's depending on who you talk to, there's like three to seven different types of hashtags that you should be looking into that I like to focus on those niche clients specific and then location. And so back in June, Instagram basically said use three to five hashtags, right? And so I tested this out and three to five hashtags. It gave me no different than when I use 30 hashtags, and I've been testing this I've been testing it out. But here's the impact comes in. When I'm using the right hashtags that's related to my niche and my target audience. That's when I get the most value from our I would say the most reach from hashtags, okay, so tools that I use one is free. It's called hashtags that and that's exactly all together hash tag stack is a free tool. You can research hashtags, you know, how many people are using them, how effective they are, and then there's a paid one. It's called flick, Flick is actually my favorite tool. It tells you like, as far as relevance, how many people are using it, if it's a moderate use, or if it's heavily used, I love to use low to moderate hashtags, because those that are heavily used and that's usually a million or more posts have been made. Those are heavily used actually. your posts. And so you don't want your posts to be drowned because that hashtag is just full of posts. So that's the use of hashtags.


Iva  31:42

Thanks so much for that. That's really good to know that there's also alternatives on what tools to use specifically for that, right and, and as you say, wanting to have that right combination, it also helps to to make the content really, really laser focus to the person that is really going to resonate with that. Right. And there's no point in if somebody's working, I don't know, like a regular job to, you know, to be in interaction with your content if you're more about entrepreneurship and mompreneurs. Right. So that yeah, so with regards to that, I know that there's another point that we wanted  for you to share with us as well, because at the beginning of the conversation, I love that you said you know, we can really do anything, right? It's like in our mindset, if it's if it's calibrated correctly, we can really tackle whatever we want and we have in front of us. However, we cannot help everyone right? We cannot be all things to all people and somehow I feel this is this is a sticky one for a lot of us that were like well, but actually yeah, you know we can I can also include, you know, this other demographic or this other type of profile into what I do. And so, maybe, you know, through this conversation you can really set the record straight on, you know, why niching down is important or is, the better strategy. when we're trying to show up on social media.


Coach Rocky 33:23

Absolutely. So I like to I like to kind of use it this way. And I talked to my clients. And so I give them this analogy. You walk into a bar and you see that there's, you know, majority women and you say it's majority will say, white women, I'll just put it out there as majority white women, and you're like, okay, can all the white women raise your hand and then all of them would raise their hand and then you're like, Darn it. That's not what I want it. Okay, so although white women that have two children, and they're like, I have two children, I have two children, everyone starts to raise your hand, right? And so the more niche down the more specific you get, the less people you have raising their hand. And you can actually help that person better when you're trying to help everyone. You're really not helping anyone. And so, I like to tell my clients to test it too, because you don't want to get too niche down to the point where nobody's raising their hand, right? But you want to test it and so a lot of times we do focus on the demographics, but you should also focus on the psychographics psychographics are the beliefs their interests, what's keeping them up at night? Yes. Especially with with my moms like a lot of moms that I work with, their main focus is how do I get some extra income? You know, how do I focus on this business while also focusing on mom life? And so I'm really thinking about, okay, you, if this is what we're going to be doing, you really just want to make sure that it's niche down not to niche down and really focused on that particular person. So if anyone's asking themselves, should I only focus on one person? Yes, make your profile for that one person, but you could make products for different stages that they're in. Yes. And I have products for that. And, for example, my person you know, my beginner person, they may not have enough money to invest in my high ticket. But what I did was I created a low-ticket item for them, so that way they can win and eventually be able to invest in the high ticket thing. They're still my ideal client. They just don't have the money right now. for that. Yeah. So I'm still talking to that one person, but I have products for them at different levels. 


Desiree  35:49

Yeah, it automatically makes you include others as well in a way while still being laser focused on that one person. Yeah, like the way to look at that. 


Iva  36:00

Yeah. And we sometimes tend to fall into that trap to think that well, because they cannot work with me, right? Right now then they're not they're not my people or they're not really the My ideal person but what you bring to what you bring to the point is that no, they get nurture they get to come in and be in your world for a little bit before you know, they save up or before something happens where they say, now I'm ready now I feel that I can really you know, work with this person on her VIP, you know, package or level or whatever it is because I have found so much value already that I cannot wait to discover what's on the paid one right or the premium one. 


Coach Rocky 36:50

Exactly. That's and it's okay to do that and I, you know, I tell people, it's okay to have a low-ticket item. And it actually allows people to have access to you on a level and give you feedback and help you build up that content bank, because they're going to be giving you more ideas on different content as well. So it's okay to create something or have something for them because when you first start the here's the reality, you're gonna attract a lot of people and some of them just won't have the money to pay for your thing. It's okay to have something for them because they're still your ideal client. They're just not at that level


Iva 37:28

Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. 


Desiree 37:31

Yeah, exactly long term relationship as well and that loyalty factor and taking them on a journey, so to say through your product suite as well. You have to offer 


Coach Rocky  37:44

Absolutely, and we forget that they will bring us customers to send me referrals. And these are people they're like, Oh yeah, my, you know, my best friend or one of my business partners or whoever, they can definitely do your high ticket thing, and they will invest in the high ticket thing. So don't discount them and I'll give you guys an extra thing you can do for all of the people that may not have the money to invest in your high ticket. Make them your affiliates. So when they market your products and services. Guess what? And people sign up they make money.


Desiree  38:20

Oh, that's a win win. And that's a great win-win because it's true. You know, when you are having that referral, that word of mouth, coming from someone that you know, right or maybe on a much better basis and a much more personal basis. It has so much weight than any ad that can be doing and running


Iva  38:45

And it's the most of organic marketing method there is speaking on your behalf and their experience kind of views in there and they have the added mana monetary motivation as well behind it. 


Coach Rocky  39:02

Yeah, it's amazing. I have some of my affiliates work harder than me. 


Desiree 39:06

Awesome. There you go. Boom. Perfect. 


Iva 39:11

There's something so so you know, enticing about when somebody really is is raving about what you do, right? Or, you know what you offer and they just they as you say it's that conviction that they bring in that people cannot say no to it's it's contagious. 


Desiree 39:32

That Yeah, exactly, that as well and offering things to all levels of people's capacity. You have an amazing freebie that you that you do offer. Would you like to tell us a little bit about it?


Coach Rocky 39:50

Yes. So over the summer I did 75 days of going live and I learned a lot.


Desiree 39:57

Seventy five days.


Coach Rocky 40:01

Five days just back-to-back there was some days I got on live and say look y'all have nothing to talk about but I love it. But if you have to watch me not say anything here I am right? And I learned a lot. It actually helped my business grow and me as a business owner helped me grow so much. And right after I did the 75 days, I actually held a 14-day challenge in my community and I had so many people make sales, grow their own community grow their email list, that I decided to take those 14 days, take the training video and actually give it away for free. And so we're doing that right now.

And all the content is there for you along with the call to actions that you should be telling people to do whether it's send this to five people, invite new friends, get my freebie join my email list. I put all of this together with love because I knew I learned so much in those 75 days and I just packaged it all. Now here's the key to it. And I want you ladies to catch this too. You don't have to do it 14 days straight. You can spread it out, find what your comfort level is and just use the content. You have 14 days of live content to help you grow your audience to grow your ecosystem. But it's also has three video trainings, one from my community and then I did one personally as well for this the 14 Day Challenge for my email.


Iva 41:34

Well that's good to know that you know there's no pressure in making it really back-to-back if you don't want to write it depends on on your level. And will you in this challenge that you have and this is an awesome freebie. Are you also addressing questions like How long should alive be? You know, how long can people really sustain going on alive or what's the yeah the suggested time.


Coach Rocky 42:03

So you can do as long as you want as long as you feel comfortable. The content is there. I literally I have someone one of them was like share the top three myths in your industry. And someone got on the live and was like this is the one this is the two this is the three if you guys have questions that's hit me in the DMS and it was literally like three or five minutes. And because there was so nervous Yeah. And we had a great job. I said don't worry that you did a super short you got up there and yeah, so even if you're afraid to do like I can get on live and talk for an hour. I don't know how I do it but whatever. But you can do it. As long as you feel comfortable with it. The content is still there for you. So it helps you kind of plan ahead and I also give some of my best tips as well as how I get people to actually show up to my lives. And some people might find that a little scary, okay, but it also helps you with getting people to show up to your live and there's also 14 days of emails that I'm actually sending out to you with some additional value that's added


Desiree 43:10

We have to get this freebie


Iva 43:11

So I think that also part of what you would be sharing in there maybe I'm getting way ahead of myself but it's knowing that this content can also be repurposed, right like it's not yes, it's not just like I did a live and then that's it. Right. There's ways that your you can always repurpose and optimize the effort and the time putting it into the lives

Coach Rocky 43:38

I take my lives and I have a you know I do have a team now, but I take my lives and they will then like strip it like the sound bites, just different things that you know maybe one liners that really connected with people, and they'll put up put that out on social media maybe as like a static post, or as a few carousel posts, maybe create a reel from that live video. And now what we're doing is uploading all my lives to YouTube on my YouTube channel, so you can do that as well. Those are all options so


Iva 44:10

When you do alive like just one of the lives do you say you don't put them on the feed as it is you actually work on them and take them down? Or you put it on? 


Coach Rocky 44:23

Yeah, so my followers know that I only keep lives up between 24 and 48 hours. The reason being is because because I listen, the content is good. I know it's gonna be good and I want them to take action. action takers are moneymakers. And so I don't want you to take action. So I leave them up for 24 to 48 hours. And then I use a app called It downloads your Instagram video for you and then I'll upload it to my private channels.


Iva 45:04

Okay, I take a note of that.


Desiree  45:06

Awesome Okay, learning so much we could continue forever here.


Iva 45:15

Ever. So yeah Coach Rocky just you know, almost a bit like capping it off, unfortunately. But obviously we can continue the conversations with you right on your platform listening to your lives learning more. But we just wanted to address this because this is a question we'd like to ask our guests. In terms of you know, we are mompreneurs as well and we are in that space where we were raising a family. We want to run our business we really want to you know do all the things but sometimes the word you know work life balance has become like very, you know, it has this connotations, like you have to make it happen. Right, yeah. So, we resonate more with, you know, being in harmony with what is right there's, there's this meaning that we get to flow with what is thrown our way we get to be a little bit more flexible and in harmony with things. So we wanted to ask you as a mom as a fellow mompreneur. What would be your biggest tip in that department to say, how can mompreneurs keep that harmony in their lives? While tackling social media? You know, stop it stop being the shy girl and monetizing their business putting themselves out there and also be moms and doing all the things?


Coach Rocky 16:42

You know, one of the things that I really didn't understand when I first started my businesses was how important it was to communicate to my daughter what it was I was doing, and then also incorporate her into the business too. And that added an additional balance. Like, before I do any interviews, she'll fill my cup up with water she'll bring it to you check my lighting. I know she and these are even like for an event that I'm going to this weekend she's going to be coming with me to the event. I'm always communicating with her even some of the bad stuff like you know, I had a tough day you know, letting her know making her feel included. Because I think sometimes we get so much in our head and we forget that they're little people watching us and they're also mimicking. So if we're stress, they're going to be stress. You know, our bond is how they respond. And so I would say really just communicate to your kids no matter how young they are, even from the little ones because my nephews are under six and they'll be in the house and as I'm incorporating them and letting them know like this is not just my thing. It's our thing. And yeah, that was probably a pivotal moment and work life balance. First of all, you're right. It doesn't exist. That wasn't me. It was a pivotal moment for harmony because even before we started with the recording my daughter was knocking on the room doors like mommy's battery.


Desiree 48:24

Yeah, it's like silence everyone please pleases everybody and


Coach Rocky 48:30

It brought a whole new level of harmony in my life and I truly will say like, that's probably the thing that really took me to the next level is just knowing that not only am I doing this for her, but she's also doing it with


Iva 48:43

I love that so much it gives me goosebumps yes that's what it's about, isn't it so even if they had you feel you had a busy day and your mom girl tries to catch up with you, but they know they know what's going on. They are often that's the key. That's why we love bringing our kids onto the show once at the end of each season, because now they're little right but like we interview them


Desiree 49:10

And they get to do the headphones and the microphone then they know if I say No mommy as podcasting today that my little one knows now he just turned five. He's okay, okay. He knows what's going.

Iva 49:31

We could continue to dive even more and we just really want to thank you coach rocky for you know coming and chatting with us today. And if you want to connect with Coach Rocky, you can find her on Instagram @coachrockyknowshershyte with her Facebook, her LinkedIn and her website and of course the link to the fabulous freebie you know the 14 day go live challenge is all going to be shared in our show notes. So go check them out. And thank you once again for being here with us today.


Coach Rocky 50:12

Thank you. Thank you had fun.


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