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Simple Math | How Your Health Can Make You Richer Ep 24

Iva 1:08

We are here today with our lovely guest, Olesya Wilson, and she's going to talk to us about how health can affect money and success. So Olesya, is so great to have you here. Welcome.


Olesya 1:37

Thank you, I'm happy to be here


Desiree 1:41

Olesya is a certified nutritionist Functional Diagnostic practitioner, psychosocial Maddix and energy healer recognized by the Smell Energy Healing Institute in Russia. She has a very unique approach that integrates cutting edge lab testing the latest discoveries in biological science, ancient herbal medicine, revolutionary psychosomatic and energy healing practices. And with all of that she helps women and moms especially to thrive, reverse their aging and forget about all of these chronic health problems. Olesya, it's so wonderful to have you here. You have such an incredible story that started off with you actually migrating by yourself to the United States from Russia. And we would love for you to share that story with us and how you got here today. 


Olesya 2:43

Right? It's a past story. It's been probably 20 years since I moved from Syria in Siberia. Very cold one, and it was 20 years ago. So it was beginning of 2000s. So you can imagine it was Soviet probably fall apart not too far, you know? And I was in college back then. I was studying Chinese and English and I was getting my master's degree in linguistics was totally different skills, watching my profession three times. Yeah. And back then, some of the students from Texas moved came to Krasnojarsk you know, exchange student program. And we went to Texas and can you imagine the Texas the heat and the big Dallas Fort Worth area? This girl coming from Russia, from Siberia? I just I remember when I was leaving airport and it was like the air the heat the smiles the big city and I'm like, Oh my God. I don't know why but it feels like home. I know. I know nothing about this country whether it's I don't know. Somehow it felt like home. And then when I went started going to the stores and big malls and I went to Walgreens and I thought oh my god this is different planet. We don’t have anything like this and Moscow right now of course they have big malls they have like a lot a lot changed in these 20 years. But yeah, back then I was feeling like it's a different planet. I landed on Mars. Oh my god, this force these streets, this highway, one on top of another. It was pretty amazing. And Dallas. You know, it's a big it's a big city. So I was impressed. And so we stayed with the students for about three or four months. I remember and I went back home. And another thing and I love Russia and you know I have I'm apart Russian and part Ukrainian and it's a lot of like, it's a lot of a lot of things I love in the Slavic countries, a lot of culture, but I always didn't like what happened to the country after, you know, after revolution and how like the Soviets like always like the movies always like everything before that era. So and I always felt like the people changed and they didn't like the people their main focus was just kind of like survival. And I realized how people in the US they were like so helpful. So smiley, so open, like everybody wanted to feed us, everybody wanted to help us, everybody wanted to talk to us. You know, everybody had like this real interest in who we are, what we're doing. And I went back to Russia and it was these buses and it's a period was called the fall just starting, like oh my god, I want to go back. I want to go to that country that's so, so different, but it feels like home. So I did. I went back by myself and it was you know, it was different. I went through a lot of struggles, personnel and financial and a lot of things because I was just by myself I didn't have a family, I didn't have friends. I didn't have anyone. When I went back by myself. I didn't come back with the other fellow students like it was before. So it was quite a journey. And I spent probably 10 years in Texas but then I met my husband and I moved to Oregon. I moved to Oregon, because I want to have a child, I want to have a baby and I couldn't. So there was a fertility medication. There were a lot of heartbreaks, there were years and years you know, I couldn't get pregnant. And it couldn't I remember I couldn't work from all the fertility medications that were using on me because it was so painful. I had 10 follicles something crazy like that, but couldn't get pregnant. And then I remember I said okay, like when do you hit the rock bottom Enough is enough. There is something there like I have follow up calls you know, my body's basically like telling me something. It's their root causes. And I made it my mission to find out and I said okay, this is enough they told me I need the IVF surgery. I need endometriosis surgery. That was one of the ideas behind why I couldn't get pregnant and said let's stop the madness. I can't do this to my body anymore. And then my journey started of trying every detox possible on planet Earth. I've tried it all from like really crazy aerobatic practices when you drink like three liters of salty water doing yoga exercises, extending your head and then to like some of the fasting. I've tried it all and I'm so happy I did and I didn't have to try them all right, but in the process of found my system I found my formula. I found that people I want to help people don't make mistakes I made when I was crying in the bathroom floor. And I realized everything is a lot easier. Health is easier. Health is simple. Health is like a lot of things in nutrition. In medicine, even the natural medicine, even functional medicine. It's a wild wild west. Everybody has their own theories. Everybody has their own, like various complicated things, but the health is simple. We need to just remove everything that doesn't belong in our body and we need it our bodies just toxic amount nourished especially with everything that's happening with you know with environment that's happening with how we treat our own bodies. So it's just simple. 

And you don't have to be on these protocols. You don't have to be I got pregnant absolutely natural replies and every time right before my pregnancy, I stopped all of the things that I was doing. And I just did a simple system of detoxing all of the systems in my body just removing what doesn't belong in there. Yes, and it gets it in a matter of like two months, three months, we completely can 360 change around what's going on with our bodies just give it a little help and body does everything that it needs to do. 


Iva 10:03

Yeah, because it's a it's an infinite like it's an it's a web of intelligence. Right? Our body really knows what to do. Before Olesya, we jump into that because this is I mean, I have so many questions already that I wanted to jump into from just from what you shared and what you said. Starting from your experience, when you were still studying to you know having a health situation happen to you to lead to lead you to want to become you know, switch your career and this passion for healing that you have. So the main thing is, you know, what is really the difference between traditional health care to you know, seeing a doctor like starting from people that come and see you, where does the differences and the similarities come and go, when they're coming to talk to you and when they're seeing someone that's like, like a doctor. 


Olesya 11:02

Well, you know, I've been also through a lot of doctors nutritionists and they can tell you that unfortunately right now it's the doctor is symptom to medication. So they have like five minutes to really look at the person, even if they want to help from the bottom of their heart. They just don't have kinda like a permission because, you know, it has to be there is a protocol they're using according to their license and they can't. They can't, you know, be creative. They can't dig deeper. They can't do anything against that protocol. So it's basically whatever they see in their lab test, whatever, they see the same symptom. They just compare it to the protocol they've done for your protocol, and they use it on you. And unfortunately, even with the lab test, the lab tests I use compared to the lab tests you see in Doctor, regular doctors, neighborhood friendly doctors have this is just absolute with different reference wrenches. So if you just a little bit under, for example, above a certain range, for example, for your thyroid health, if you're above that marker just a little bit which considered already a problem, you know, you can be you can be 1010 years anybody can be insulin resistant and running towards diabetes before actually they will diagnose you with diabetes, right? In a doctor's office. So we see it a lot faster. We'll see it before actually it's you have to reverse. We can help you to reverse before. It is time to just you diagnose it's time to give you a protocol. It's time to put you on a medication. So it's amazing how a lot of unfortunately a telepathic doctors they using the same kinda like the same approach. They just compare symptom to supplement right now. And they take this symptom and they give you already done protocol that work for other people, right? But we have such a unique, unique amazing our bodies are amazing. I always compare our buyers like you're not a crappy car, you will have bargaining you won't have a client you know we need the best fuel and but it's a really different 


Desiree 13:31

Yeah, and they simply don't react the same. We don't write our body listening to foods or to supplements or even medications. So you cannot do as you say a one size fits all type of approach anymore. 


Olesya 13:46

No absolutely. So this approach, the symptoms of protocol done for your protocol absolutely doesn't work. That's why so many heartbroken people on these protocols. Is there a wild west it's so much available nowadays so much information you can get easily lost and sometimes things and think the system is designed for us to get lost. And to ask just to trust some good doctor we used to since we're little kids we used to trust the people more than we trust ourselves. As nutritionists more would trust trainer more which was teacher more would trust parents more because they still teach us how to trust other people more than ourselves.


Desiree 14:27

Yeah, right and what like what you said as well like the doctors will take only a few minutes right to look at you how can they possibly know they don't even ask you deeper questions right to really figure out what is your current state? What is your lifestyle like? It's not just about asking five yes or no questions right? You've got to look 360 about what your lifestyle is like, what what's your history as well for health? Because it's so important to tailor these protocols write to each person individually, and not just put a Band-Aid on it but their medication and just, you know, bump away the symptoms for a little while but actually failing to look at the root cause of the problem and understand how helping each person individually. 


Iva 15:22

Yeah, and I love and I and I loved it. The topic today is all about how, at the end of the day, our health does truly affect our ability to you know make money to be successful to do all the things because if you are not feeling well, right if you're going through a situation where your body and your health is not where it should be, it does have this negative impact down the line on in so many ways right it affects your pocket because now you're spending time I'm sorry you're spending more money on medications and doctors and going to specialists to see what is going on lab tests, you know all the things. But you're also it's affecting your capacity to earn for example, our listeners, you know, they are mompreneurs they have their own businesses and it all relies on us if we're not showing up, then we cannot you know we cannot charge people we cannot do the things that we need to do. And in successful suit, right. We cannot even enjoy the fruits of our labor if we are in bed bedridden, not being able to you know to even enjoy it and so what is the meaning of success if there's, let's say you have a lot of financial resources, but you can't run, you can move, you can't go anywhere. And you're at the mercy of as you said, unfortunately a system that is not designed to even look beyond the symptoms and really dig deep.


Olesya 18:00

Absolutely. I always say that. The body is it's like your first property. Your first real estate. If you want to be litter, you have to be a litter for your own body in your own family in your own house. This is how we build these leadership skills. When you, if you can take responsibility, responsibility for your own body, on yourself. And I say again, stop trusting everybody. We're so used to trusting our doctors. We can't even ask them questions. We get absolutely paralyzed. You know we can tell them that we don't like something. We can tell them like this doesn't work for me. And we forget that we have a right to choose. We choose our doctor. We choose our nutritionist; we choose the people who help us. They work for us; you know and it's amazing. And of course, when it comes to the energy, and I remember when I was before having my kids, I remember that it wasn't a such a fatigue state. I could sleep for 12 hours, and I would wake up like you know, like I didn't sleep. Well I am the our you know like these people they like to sleep and this and that and I had so many excuses. And now I have two children and I run with them all day. I have the business I can do the video so they I wake up every morning at 6am Unless like my two years old completely doesn't sleep. It's like teething or some type of other problems. But I wake up at 6am I like to do my sunrise you know practices. I like to go to the gym. I have enough energy for all of these. And when I go to bed it's everything feels so effortlessly. Everything's feel so happy and it's just so much energy I have for my business, the ideas the coming now, in my brain, they're totally different. The thoughts are different quality. It's amazing how energy can change the state of your business. And again, I always say how you show up to this world starts with your body. How confident were you with yourself how much you love yourself how much you appreciate yourself? Well we say like talking to your body like it's your daughter, us who have a daughter who would never say you know you're fat, you're ugly, or you are I don't like you imagine what would happen to that little girl. But we do this to ourselves every single day glimpse to you know, to the mirror and you're like, I don't know I don't like my sights. I don't like my nose. I'm too fat. To listen to that. Well, it's the Body Keeps the Score. 


Iva 21:03

Yeah. And it's the as you said, it's the verbal sort of_ It's that inner dialogue. Right it's the emotions that we also putting into that when we're saying like, Oh my God, look at this thighs. You know, they're so big. Oh, I wish I had them smaller or whatever, right? It's charged with that emotion. But also, one of the things that you were talking about at the beginning of the conversation today was, you know, the toxins and the chemicals that we're also pumping into our body via, quote unquote food. Right or the you know, products that are in the supermarket that are labelled a certain weight, but they have anything but the real ingredients and the real things that are going to help your body nourish itself and have that energy to do all that. Yeah. Can you tell me a little bit more about that Olesya? How, you know what are these health discoveries, new insights that people should know about that are now a game-changer moving forward? That is not the old model anymore, that it's like you know, while we can start doing differently.


Olesya 22:15

Well, about the things back to what I like to say. I like to make it simple and we first take everything that doesn't belong it in our body and then add everything that belongs to our body. And like you said, exactly, there is a lot of toxicity there are herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, the spraying like the guy will live in mosquito free world sometimes, because there are a lot a lot of toxins, and unfortunately toxins that mimic estrogen in our body. That's why a lot of men actually start looking like women. And women have all of these problems with their limbs and you know, the legs, the thighs. There are a lot of problems that people they don't need. They don't need necessarily eat unhealthy nowadays to suffer with the problems. We just have to be really, really aware of what is happening. reading the labels, educating ourselves, and of course nourishing our bodies. A lot of people I know are against supplements, but nowadays we got to supplement. I always say for example, if you go to the supermarket, and you find all of this pretty vegetables and fruit, but you need to understand that only probably 30% of a mineral and other minerals are present in this fruit comparing to 50-60 years ago. We're not eating what our grandmother had 80% of. Probably has it depending where they were grown because some of these fruits and vegetables, they're not even grown on earth if they're using hydroponics, right. Yes, yes. And some of them even if farmers grown them, you know when the fruit or vegetable they grow. When they stop growing, they start ripening, and that's when they get all of the minerals from the earth. And unfortunately, if you pick them if you harvest them before they ripen they didn't get the mineral from the soil.


Desiree 24:22

And which is stuff that is ripening now in the warehouses. 


Olesya 24:29

Yeah, it's being shipped to our chain supply. Yeah, they're done in a way where they time those pickings to reach the store.


Desiree 24:33

Right like exactly and there's not even any flavors to the food anymore. Take a tomato and the flavor there is nothing, it's completely bland because it's been ripened in a in a warehouse. But that goes back to the trust that you mentioned before. We are conditioned to just trust you know, to look for the label that says bio for example, or to say organic or something to look for the purity and the packaging of your of the shelves or to say 100% natural we're conditioned to trust.


Olesya 25:11

I have a funny story about my mom. Every time if when they visiting they read here in our house. The visiting from Russia like you know the station right now they can go back to Russia, so they have a little bit harder time to kind of like no all of the all of the labels everything that's written in English, but every time she comes home and I'm like Mom, why did you buy these? Look at these. This is not good. She's like, well, but it's organic. It says organic. I'm like Mom, look it's 50 ingredients. You never buy food with 50 ingredients and there is nothing naturally with it. There's amazing but her excuse always, but it says it's again it just you can just but this is how a lot of people thinking they just see this word that they are manipulated into believing and trusting. If you see organic, it must be good for you. And it's far from truth.


Desiree 26:12

It's the whole fallacy of this green marketing, right? It says natural flavors or something like you know those key words that we just quickly scan for and then our brain assumes like Oh 100% You know, a natural organic, okay, he has to leave, we'd scream. Let's go. Let's take it should be functionally


Olesya 26:33

Even the organic fertilizers they use right now. They mess with the mineral content of the soil and then pushing a lot of copper out. The copper is essential. Bioavailable copper is the mineral we need to solve for our mitochondria powerhouses in our cells to make energy for us. Basically, to move iron in our body a lot of people need copper because not because something wrong with their irons because they are deficient in copper and copper moves iron. So I always say if you have a body, a body that has a good mineral content. You can produce a lot of your own vitamins. So it can make its own vitamins, like vitamin B. K, and it's like the right type of bacteria in our intestines. They can make us some vitamins so your body can metabolize vitamins, but unfortunately, we can't make our own minerals and we have to have good hands is coming with dirt, the soil material coming in with dirt and we don't we don't even touch the soil anymore. It's always tennis shoes, rubber shoes 


Desiree 27:48

Earthing we don’t do. Yeah, exactly


Olesya 27:51

And that's why one of the things I always say when people are so overwhelmed with what do I need to supplement with right all of these supplements which are first of all, most of it is synthetically produced nowadays so you really got to know which are the right ingredients to look out for even in the supplements, right? But one of the things I always tell people is the minerals. I supplement every day with minerals and there's something that I use which has the 72 trace minerals in your body and just one concoctions so to say because it is impossible to get it I mean you can even begin to eat the amounts of food or the correct types of food in order to supplement these into your body. So we do need help, especially if those foods

Desiree 28:52

And I so it's also interesting, but what really fascinates me as well from reading your story is that when you then finally were able to have your own children right completely naturally after resetting your body completely. You also started to parallel build your business and you were able to go from zero to six figures while having your first baby. Can you tell us a little bit about how you manage to do that?


Olesya 29:29

Yes, I remember I actually was I was working in the office. And you know, I went to maternity leave. And I thought about it I was working as a project manager it was my second career for software development company. And I thought that I don't want to go back to this and I got so inspired of the changes of the things that happen in my body.

I remember that was the first day I started my Instagram and I'm like I want to share with people. I want to share with people that what's possible and what's possible not in a matter of years in a matter of months and that's what I did. I started sharing my story. I started telling people like  we don't have to just have this blind trust in everything that system doctors, and I have nothing against doctors and a lot of amazing brilliant doctors out there. And I use the functional medicine system and then combine it with natural herbs with herbal medicine, but I say that you have to find your way to have to take responsibility on yourself. We don't have to just have the trust and just say, Here's my body. Here's, you know, you take care of it.


Iva  30:53

Yeah, please fix me 


Olesya  30:55

Yeah, exactly. We are especially as women we are creators, we create with God. The God just gave us the universe and said help me, let's create together will literally take this energy and we can accomplish anything we want in this life. So of course there is a little bit of discipline involved. I always say this, what are your goals? What are your dreams? Never start dreaming. Look at the children. Every movie for them. I wouldn't be there. I'm a pirate. I'm a Cinderella. I'm the son that why don't we live like this. So I pretended I pretended to be the owner of a big company. And little by little everything started falling into place is like a big Lego Castle. I did. Took a little bit of discipline and took one piece put it in front of me another piece another piece and I shared I shared with people my story and that was like tragedy to triumph. It happened fast. But in and of course always always I believe in finding a mentor or coach and somebody but you have to resonate with them. You have to find this as mine. And they can bring you to greatness real fast. I remember when I hired my first coach. They taught me I was so scared to talk to people. I hated my accent. I hated it. I couldn't talk like I'm talking to you right now. I couldn't even open my mouth. I would, my hands would be shaking. I could not talk and right now. I love I love like the summit, the podcast. I love to share my story. I have my YouTube Instagram where I give a lot a lot a lot of value. To people but back then I remember that this mentorship may go into Sunday a year ago in a room full of people and me taking that microphone and start talking and giving promises that I'm gonna win, I'm gonna go big that moved that created the total new woman from that Olesya who was just you know, hiding behind him she was scared to be a star.


Iva 33:08

Yeah, we tend to have sometimes this ideas that we have to remain small because of these doubts that we carry about things that people don't see it the way that we think that they might be seeing it as you say yes, and accent or the way that we move our hands or whatever it is that we feel that people are going to make fun of us but it's part of our quirks and it's part of what makes us unique and so with that,


Olesya 33:37

What are you talking about? This is best thing about you, your girl. Own it? Yes. Yeah, yes. And the thing is, is just the support, you just don't go through the journey by yourself. That's why probably you're doing what you're doing. You have a community and women find the support and when you have the community. I think the whole business nowadays is going to shift more into this support. And kind of like collaborations, doing things together rather just Facebook and putting the money into machines putting money into like the finals and stuff. I think it's moving towards the collaborations relationships, so doing things together exchange of the of the value. Yes,


Iva 34:37

it's like  an evolution right and it comes from on so many different fronts, as you say, starting from how we approach our bodies, how we approach our health, the responsibility that we take for how we show up so that we can really enjoy and have that freedom, that money that success that we mentioned that we all want, right? Blood from a place where you when I when, you know, I can shine a light on you and still shine myself, you know, that collaboration type of mentality and model and that's why we believe so much in it. You know, this day and night, and our podcast is one of the many reflections where we really embody that value. Because we do believe in everybody has gifts, everybody has something that they can share with the world and we just want to bring it forward. We just want to, you know, have this this amazing community where our listeners can also benefit from your knowledge, your insights, your expertise, as you said, you collapse a timeframe that was very painful for you. Exploration and experimenting and going through, you know, can this work? Why doesn't this work and you collapsed this so that people don't have to go through that. They can actually take already your knowledge and bring it into their world and become the best version that they can be healthy happy, you know, detox their body and really become this energy powerhouse that you talk about, right? 


Olesya 36:19

And it can happen fast


Iva  36:21

Yeah absolutely


Olesya 36:22

You know, I noticed that in my business, when I take the responsibility for my body, and I say okay, I am going to be trained myself or what I teach and what I do here in everyday life because sometimes you know, moms we get, we get really it's a lot on our plate sometimes. And you know how it is that you are sharing your teaching, you working with people sometimes you can lose yourself a little bit in your business. Sometimes you lose yourself in your mom's role. Sometimes you get days when you just want to cry and everything's not working. You must go through these days. I always say don't be scared of these days. Those are always break down before the breakthrough always. Oh, one day I was driving and I got a speeding ticket. I love speeding. So it was just like I deserved my truth. It was deserved.

It was deserved, but they need some kind of it was Labor day and things so they were taking pictures from the play. And in Florida, they really relaxed about speeding. But that was the day just for me. I got into some speeding like the things that we're doing. The police officer came to me said Well, I'm sorry I can’t do anything, the plane registered us so this is our thing. We have a plan. You gotta have a speeding ticket. She's like, I can't even do anything. I'm like, well stop apologizing. Then yes, then something kind of came in that somebody did the chargeback in my business like I did the fraud. It was a mistake. It was absolutely like a mistake. Somebody's card was stolen. But it was very unpleasant to me. And it was one of the clients who I spend a lot of time with. I'm like, No, they didn't do this. Like how did I deserve this? And I remember I was sitting in a parking lot I'm like, Well, what are they what's next and I put my car in reverse and the car in the parking lot and they didn't plan to stop. I didn't plan to stop but I was so hungry. I stopped to grab some food or something to eat. Like completely out of my way. And I'm like, wow, why did this happen in this store? Like what's going on? And 10 years ago, Olesya, she would have freak out, she would like show us the money. Car accident. You know speeding ticket like what's going on? She would be scared she would be like this some signs like symbol like whatever her rushing. Something to me, you know, like, gliding against me something scary would come out but now I know. Wow. Something incredible coming in my business because I know when I feel like this when something happening and everything falling apart. You know like the mechanical stuff is like crashing my computer and my car accidents. I know the big breakthrough is there. So what we need to do is just stop being scared all the time. Yes, take this life as a game literally and always say because if you do if you if you think you know it's going to happen is going to happen if you don't think it's going to happen. It's not going to happen. So I always say this is my breakthrough. So after today, I know something fantastic is going to happen in my business.


Iva 40:04

Mindset, that mindset and Olesya I mean we have covered so much, I mean I love that we have talked about this connection between our health, being able to enjoy our life, as you say, played a little bit as a game, right? Like if we are on the verge of having a breakdown then it's the breakthrough coming through and also how we can fully enjoy all these different roles that we have going on as as mompreneurs, as business owners, or you know moms and spouses and friends and everything. So before we you know we asked you about a little gift that you have for listeners I just wanted to cap off and ask you, you know, with a theme, as you say all the information that is out there, like what is what is one actionable step that anybody listening today can take with them to really get them started on this on this journey towards saying you know, I do want to take responsibility for my body and my health that what is that one thing that I can start doing today that can create this domino effect moving forward for me?


Olesya 41:16

Yes, so I actually really like the idea of taking responsibility and actually can share two things that really please. First one is like Desiree suggested the minerals right. I always say make your water sexy. There is a lot of advice out there that you have to drink water and people drinking gallons of water. They don't even think about what kind of water they drink. First we need to remove everything that doesn't belong in that water. So it's all this pesticides all of this medications and all of this is not getting filtered. So filtration is the number one key. If you can't find good quality water, do the buy your water because people worry about organics people worry about their food they forgetting that we are water our bodies.


Desiree 42:05

Basic basic necessity for our body.


Olesya 42:08

Yes, yes. And this water doesn't get to your cells. If it's full of garbage the things not bioavailable minerals, non organic minerals, the calcium non-organic calcium and calcify your cells in your hormones can get in insulin resistance, hormone resistance, all this coming thyroid, it needs to get inside of yourself. So the water should be right mineral balance always say you can use distilled water even this while you're figuring out your filtration system for drinking water and remineralize it always say make your water sexy. There are so many things you can add to your water. You can buy the liquid minerals you can buy the herbs you can buy like different potions and sexy things to water and that way you want to drink in that way it's going to get inside of yourself especially with minerals right balance. So there is like trace minerals. There's something I don't know we all live in different countries that can tell you exact product. The different products right make your water sexy.

The other thing, is pick something that you like, like plank, or let's take plank right I call it my money plank this how I started I told myself, I want to make let’s let's take $10,000 By the end of the month, and I say I'm giving myself a word that I'm going to keep that every morning I'm going to wake up and I'm going to do, starting with one minute going to two minutes plank and and I call it money plank. And when I'm doing and I'm holding this plank which is really good for my body. I'm saying I want to make $10,000,  $10,000 is mine. I'm making money easily now concentrate on my goal and it doesn't fail. It doesn't faily on me. So for 30 days you're doing this plank your body getting stronger, and you may use $10,000 at the end of the month. 


Desiree  44:12

I love that because that requires so much concentration. You're combining it with the plank.


Olesya 44:22

But you know your life is your rules. It has to be the way that sexy for you. That's you know something it can be push ups. Yes. And you can like I I haven't gotten my husband into doing this with me like let's let's build our money muscle because the money for the Chakra The third chakra is the only one this is the money chakra that we can actually work on with the physical exercise. we can strengthen with exercise, we don't have to do it through the meditation only. 


Desiree 45:00

Wow amazing


Olesya 45:03

Well according to the people that know. Yeah, I think that could be fun right,  it builds a strength in yourself. Plus the money is all about the leadership. How much of a leadership you have in your own relationship,  house and your business is if these energetic container God will see that you have this container that it's not leaking that you can keep the word it's like, Here you go. Here's your energy. That's money is energy, your energy, how much, how much energy you have in your body. This is your first possession. This is like how you treat your body, you treat everything in your world. You know if you can take if you can be a leader in your own body. How can you have a company of 100 people you can take care of one body? How are you going to take 100 bodies? Yeah, so people don't think that it's connected but it's very connected. And sometimes we'll put all our energy and effort into one area. But literally your world is trying to tell you hey become a leader. And I'll give you everything you want. You know what I mean? So anything in your life starts with yourself, your own body. That's why I always that's why you Psychosomatics in my in my practice because we it's like taking old software out and putting new software in. This is what I do with my ladies. we rewind, rewrite the whole life story and we do it fast sometimes with the hypnosis, sometimes with energy healing, but it's really helpful you start with yourself. You become the leader in your own in your own head, in your own body, and everything's just gonna fall into place, including,

Iva  46:54

Yeah, yes. It's all interconnected. As you say it's all energy. At the end of the day, we are energy money's energy. Our thoughts are energy. And so if we take care of our energy, then it has to come in a way that will resonate. It's the same frequencies so we can create that magnetic attraction to what we want to our goals and our dreams


Desiree 47:20

And we are in control of that. I think that's the most powerful aspect of it as well that we are in control. We have the power to make a difference in our lives. Whatever the definition of success is for us right off leadership of success in our business, in our family, and so that leads us to sort of our closing question that we would love to ask all of our guests that we have on and because Iva and I we are firm believers and as soon as you become a mom, as soon as you start a business on your own, there is no such thing as balance in your life. It's extremely difficult to achieve, and it puts us under a lot of unnecessary pressure as well. Instead, we would like to believe that having harmony in our lives is a much better way. To look at it. And it's a lot more motivating to say hey, you know, we're raising a beautiful family, we have children, we have a growing business, and we it is our task and our mission to put things within harmony. For you Olesya can you share with us what is one thing that you do in your day as a busy mom, as a working mom, that puts you into harmony


Olesya 48:50

Into harmony? It's absolutely my meditation. I just I just can't live without it. I think even if it's a five minutes a day, but again, it's like keeping my own word to myself. And I know there is like pressing issues. It's busy, busy, busy, but I think the meditation I wouldn't even call it meditation. Sometimes. Sometimes my meditation is get in the car and scream loud that songs I love. You know? Yeah, I think I think people think about meditation. It's something I do for myself. And a lot of times I think people who hate meditation, they think that they have to sit down and they have to like they have to you know, do it a certain way levitate true. Yes. It's not true. It's what makes your soul sing. So the meditation is just me taking 15-20 minutes sometimes it just driving the car and listening to the music like I said, screaming, but you have to let the pressure out somehow. Yes, sometimes. And the thing is, I don't believe in balancing since I'm a mom, but I do believe in priorities. I prioritize everything and again, keeping myself aware of what's important for me for me was me and my buddy, my children and money because I believe money is love, money is freedom. So and I was so scared to tell people before like this, that my priority is money. Because my family my husband from a week we hear from like the parents, some of our friends that you either have a good family or it's a business like the people who decided to choose business and money in their life, they’re money hungry people. And you know, here you're really betraying yourself and I was betraying myself some time like, I love money, but I was always scared that something wrong with me because I love money. Something is like something faulty. And now I say this is my priority because I believe this is my freedom. This is my love to my children to myself to have to have that priority. And when I lose ties, then maybe right now at this point, even friends is not that much of a priority because people will just tend to like, oh, this person have lots of friends. I want lots of friends. This person have lots of clothes. I want a lot of clothes. This lady on Instagram has the body I want the body you know, no, you must decide whether you progress and they must be not 100 of them because nowadays the world is so first choose three or four and just say well, maybe I'm not the person with many friends right now. And sometimes we have to avoid like, a lot of like, we used to have big parties with my husband. We used to have a lot of people but right now, it's just a little bit my kids are my priority. You know, my house, my kids and money right now when I'm building stuff.


Desiree 51:40

It's good to have it to three.


Olesya 51:43

I can't say freedom was my priority right now because I have zero. I have obligations to my children to my clients. And sometimes before I would be like oh my gosh, it's so hard. I can't do this is like I want friends, I want freedom. No. Now I am very confident if I chose my priority this is it. Yeah, freedom. I'm gonna have lots of love and lots of you know, done for me lately the time have stopped. But you have to let the steam out. So for me, it's my meditation. It can be music, some type of music. 


Iva 52:21

Love that. And so you have a freebie for us today. Elisa. Do you mind sharing with us what it is and how can our listeners benefit from it?


Olesya 52:33

Yes, the 10 day Core One and Gut Reset. It's absolutely 10 days I give you one valuable step where you can go and start resetting your whole body it's absolutely amazing in some of the reply to the standard reset was that they got more value that from six months of going to an naturopathic doctors I have amazing amazing reviews about this. That and hormone reset and there is amazing practices like studying and what it can do for your health for your hormones for your ovaries. It's well if they are so so yes, I'm inviting the ladies to come and watch it they will find it very valuable.


Iva 53:21

We just want to thank you all Lisa so much for chatting with us today. And if you want to connect with Olesya, you can find her on Instagram and we're also going to be sharing the links to her Facebook, her LinkedIn profile her website and of course the link to this wonderful freebie of the hormone reset guide Olesya, thank you so much for your energy, your inspiration and everything that you have shared with us today.


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