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Dream Come True | Double Your Revenue While Working Half The Hours Ep 26

Iva 1:16

Welcome to the mob bosses abroad podcast. Let's get started. It is an honor for us to have Cassie chin today in our podcast. And the topic today is leaning into your interest to double your revenue while working half the hours. So yes, we all want that this is we can't wait to dive in. So Krissy, welcome to our podcast.


Krissy 1:50

Thank you. I'm so excited to finally be here.


Desiree 1:53

I know we've been waiting for this moment. So Krissy is a multi passionate entrepreneur herself running two successful businesses and blending over 10 different revenue streams. Krissy has a unique approach to helping her students and clients build businesses around their many passions to earn twice as much working half the time with high converting websites that get your clients to take action. Krissy has a motto that is done is better than perfect, which we have also adapted very much so. And yeah, she's really inspired 1000s of students including us to take that imperfect action to generate success while spending most of their time with their families apart from See also on her podcast Badass is the New Black with new episodes every Wednesday and that is literally how I found you many years ago, I think about four years ago was it that we first met and something like that? I'm really, really excited because we've been in touch I think ever since I found you through the podcast. I then you had a masterclass which you offer. So I'm like oh my God I love seriously every episode so resonated with me I was just just creating my business kind of dabbling on what to do, how to do it how to go about it, and every episode like you were reading my mind really spoke to me ‘Oh, gotta do this. Oh, got to do that.’ And then when you announced this masterclass, I'm like I'm all in and I guess the rest is history. We've been in touch ever since you're you always have an open book and yeah, I have to credit a lot of what we do also here on the podcast to you so


Krissy 3:46

Awesome. Yeah, I love what I do so much.


Iva 3:49

And I think by association as well, from this story, that's how I got to know you as well to be like in your world and in your sphere. Because, you know, Desiree resonated so much with it and it's just amazing. taking your knowledge, your wisdom, your insights, and applying it in real life to this beautiful project. That we have together. going on and then having you today it's also such like a like a girl crush type of thing, it's just very surreal. Because I was I was just sharing with Krissy before we got on to recording that she is on my on my inbox quite frequently. And so it's this sense of I don't know. It's just it's just meeting someone that you admire so much and that is out there crushing it doing all the things and how accessible you are how down to earth. How like amazing, wonderful personality you have. And I mean still feels like I don't know, it's just like very, very, very starstruck type of type of situation, but we'll get through it very, very happy. 


Krissy 5:02

I put my pants on the same I started at the very beginning so you know I we forget about


Iva 5:09

Yeah, we forget about that. And that's the thing and that's why I think it's so incredible to rescue that as we move into the conversation today because we feel that the people that are out there like a little bit like not as us, then as you say, it's like fairies come and dress you every morning right? It's like magic breakfast magically appears on your on your kitchen table and so forth. But it's having that sense of we need to have that sense of understanding that you also have gone through the same things and your journey is an inspiration because of that, but we tend to see your like your middle or your ending more. And we didn't get to experience your beginning. So we think that you started off from that point onwards, which right?


Krissy 6:03

Yeah, it's always important to remember whoever you're watching and looking up to and admiring like they were once where you were, you know, and they understand and likely, maybe going back to that situation. I mean, there's still times in my business where I'm like,’ Oh my God’, because you know, I'm doing a lot with helping people with automations and system and processes and we can get into that. But it's like there are moments where I'm like,’ Oh my gosh, this is not working. It feels like it's falling apart what's going on?’ And it's like, Okay, we have to step back and see like, why is the system not working and rework it again. So it's almost like you're never going to be perfect. You're always going to need to be reassessing and revamping to make it work in a new season in your life. Right? We all are shifting through seasons, maybe you have little ones and then a few years later, they're, you know, in school and so now the schedule is different and or, you know, something in the family happens and you have to take care of an elderly parent or something like that. So the seasons shift and change. And so you have to kind of learn how to be flexible and shift your process your systems. You know, to accommodate that, but also why it's incredibly important to pay attention to the systems, the process the automation, and make sure you're setting up what you can when you can, so that when those moments come, you know you feel more prepared and you feel like you're better able to handle the situation in that moment. Right.


Desiree 7:31

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And a lot of people really think that all you know if I automate my brand now if I automate everything in my business, it becomes so not personal anymore. And I used to think that a little bit too is like Oh, I got into this because I want to be in touch with the people I want to help them but I know you have a very special story as well but what how you even got into doing what you do today, so I think for like we know you but the ones listening may not know your story. Yet. But it's also you've really proven that you are so personable. You're so individual and the way you speak to people even though a lot of it is automated and like you said because it's always there and that, like measured for the season of life that you're in.


Krissy 8:24

Yeah, and I think what Iva said at the beginning, you know, like I'm in her inbox every week. You know, that's an automated process, right? I record the podcast and I put it out there and everyone gets to listen to it. Just like I feel like I know you, you know which is the point. Right? And I love that you brought that up because that is a big fear as well. If things are automated, it's not going to be personal. People aren't going to be able to connect but you just have to do it the right way. Right. So I almost call it kind of turned it into strategic automation. There's a there's strategy, there's intention behind everything and the goal is to be really personal and connect with people on a deep level, but through the ability to be able to scale and kind of reach the masses. Yeah, so I'm happy to kind of go back as far as you want me to go back to talk about how we got here, but do it. Do kind of the quick cliff notes version Yes. Yeah. So started I was born and I'm getting

Desiree 9:26

ready to go to kindergarten


Krissy 9:31

No, I went to school to be a nurse so nothing having to do with business and realized after I got out of school and started my job, I was like, Oh, this schedule is not quite ideal working nights and weekends and holidays and young 20s You know, feeling like I'm having a lot of FOMO missing the things that are happening in the city on the weekends. And so that kind of started my desire for wanting, you know, some time freedom, and then also living in an expensive city. I was in Chicago at the time I was like, oh, things are expensive here right about a lot of school debt I used to pay off so how can I make more money without going back to school to you know, acquire more debt and long story short, I just started exploring. And I just started saying yes to any and every opportunity that came my way. And I've been at this entrepreneurial journey for 10 years. But my you know, first very successful business didn't happen until five years ago. So I, you know, dabbled in different things, health and wellness things. Because I was passionate about that and just explored and said yes, and tried and then was like, maybe that's not the right fit for me, and the lifestyle I want and so shifted and did something else. Long story. Short, got into Network Marketing, loved that model loved the products love sharing, kind of saw that as my out of my you know, day job if you will hit the ground running, but was hustling. I was working a ton I was hustling my booty off. I was you know in this mentality of work hard now so you can enjoy free time later. It was like wait a minute, this is not what I wanted to create my own business to have more time and financial freedom not be working every single minute. You know now I had a kid up by this point in time. So just trying to be more efficient in my process and what I was doing to free up my time, you know, developed a training for my team and you know, things just kind of took off it turned into its own business membership site and was incredibly successful. I did that with my sister. And then just people kept asking me how did you do that? How did you launch the successful membership? I didn't, I was like, Okay, I think it's time to expand out even more. And that's when I launched the podcast to really help people that wanted to figure out how to do this online business thing how to speed up the process and not make so many mistakes that I did because if you're doing trial and error the whole time. It's gonna take you five years to figure it out. Right? But if you can tap into the people that have, you know, kind of done that before you and get some tips on how to get from point A to point B a little bit faster. It saves you a lot of time, a lot of headache, and just helps you reach your goals faster. So now that's what I do is I we've got two businesses between that Claire and I that work together. She's also my sister so fun fact.


Desiree 12:26

I know so cool. Yeah, so


Krissy 12:29

I love that you guys have your little duo here, Claire and I don't do the podcast together but I understand very well working with someone else and being creative with someone else. And it's, you know, a blessing and at times you're like trying to get on the same page, right? But it's a lot of fun. 


Desiree 12:47

And that's what we said as well. That's one of the rules we set out at the beginning. We're only doing this when we're having fun the moment we don't have fun doing it anymore. Maybe we need to like talk about it and it's just been a blast. It just keeps getting better and better. So it's awesome.


Krissy 13:04

Yeah, I think that's one of the tell-tale signs that you need to take a look at your business is if it's not fun. It feels I love talking about this part because it's almost more important to recognize Am I in a state in a place in my business where I need to start looking at my systems, my automation, and for those that are just starting out in your business, I would say this is the perfect time right don't get too far into it, where you're like nothing's working. I've been struggling for a long time. Being able to recognize when you need help, right what is it and I know you've had personal experiences so if things feel a chaotic and to


Desiree 13:46

Hey look like we have a pretty fun story about how our podcasts even started right it's like we were having so many conversations really deep conversations across like a dot time zones as well. And for one day, we set as a joke like hey, let's start, let's press we should press record on our conversations. Maybe we can help other moms. And we're like you know what, podcasts do it. We should do it. I had no idea no idea what we're doing no idea. And it's true. We both had very little ones. At that time, right. I only had one now I have to say that we went through all of that as well. And but that's when you came in right into the picture. You may not even know it at that point. But that's when you really made such a difference for us because you had this amazing like little program about how to scale your systems like your podcast was specifically made for podcasts and you don't know how many compliments we get from our guests that come on about what a great process and seamless processes and I remember that one day when you said I think in a podcast or you said it to me we were texting and yeah, I just, you know, I just show up to my podcast. It's kind of like all done for you and I was like, what, how I don't get it. And then I did it. I followed your steps and boom, we literally do that we show up and that I think enables us to have so much fun in what we do because it doesn't become stressful. It becomes so enjoyable because we can really focus on the guests we can focus on the process and look forward to it rather than scrambling and getting notes together and collecting headshots and blah blah blah. But it's all done by the time we show up.


Krissy 16:42

Yeah, I would definitely say the feelings of before systems automation and process to after is, you know overwhelmed chaos feeling like you're always one step behind. Like oh my god, like I can't ever catch up. Or you're feeling like I wish I had more time with my family and you're finding yourself kind of having to sneak off and do a little work while you're attend attention. Like those are huge red flags, that your business is going to be the death of you basically, right? Like you can't go on that way forever. We can only stress our body so much and it's not healthy to live in that state. of stress and chaos and you know, just management and when you have a lot going on which we all do. It's so important to you know, even in your home life, figuring out your system and your process. I mean, you know, you can think about this scenario of like, maybe getting the kids off to school, you have a routine right you have a system you have a process either it's working or it's not but you have one. So same with your business taking a look at what is the what's the process now. Is it working? And if you're like no I'm still feeling really busy. I feel like I have this long to do list that I can never get it completely done. I feel like I'm my head's always in two places work and family at the same time and never separated. Those are big red flags that it's time to take a deeper look at. You know how you've got everything set up and maybe tap into setting it up in a way that's going to be more manageable and scalable. 


Iva 18:23

And Krissy I feel that also there in that intersection. There's like, there's like an additional layer, especially for certain profiles or certain personalities, you know, that are not so geeky, right? They're not so much into the tech. And I put myself in that bucket a little bit but it's a bit like systems and funnels and automations it sounds so dry. It sounds like homework, right? And I came into the intrapreneurial world to have fun and to like share my gifts and do all this like fun stuff. So now why do I need to, you know, dive into this which feels a little bit like, you know, treading on like wet sand like it feels like there's something to it. So I love that you're here, you know to dispel those myths because the more that we're able to tackle that as you say early on, the more fun you get to have. It's like hey, just, you know, just do it once and then it's done for forever almost because it's automated and then you can you're off to the races you're off to do all the other fun stuff out there.


Krissy 19:31

Yeah, yeah, that's a great point because I know Desiree really likes the getting in the tech and like setting it all up?


Desiree 19:38

I have never thought I would be that way you know, but now I actually surprised myself. Ooh, let me dive into Kajabi let me do all the things I actually really love it now.


Krissy 19:49

I've heard so many it's like oh, the tech like Yeah, it sounds probably more awful when you don't know how to do it. Because it feels daunting. It feels like it's going to be overwhelming and too much. And so that's where you know, Deseret you jumping in and doing the scalable podcast system. It's like having someone show you step by step how to do it and kind of can take that overwhelm away and show you and you know with the tools that are out there these days and the hosting platforms, they know their audience are not coders they're not techie people. And so you know, figuring out on your own can be a little overwhelming if you're brand new to the space and kind of getting in and maneuvering some tech. But if you do have someone showing you step by step, you're like, Oh, I'm capable, like I can do this. Right. And so, I think maybe that's when it becomes a little bit more fun for people when they get that confidence to do it but you have to take action to get confidence really you don't you don't wait for confidence to then take action right 


Desiree 20:56

But that's why I love like having a business coach and like you always said like someone just needs to be a couple of steps ahead of you right to have figured it out. So we don't make necessarily the mistakes or we don't have to figure it out on our own because someone has gone before us. And that's really what I found in in you as well and I love them. They call you my business coach just because even in the moments you don't even know it like a podcast episode really helped me so much into something I was trying to figure out or gave me an idea of something to do. And it's just been amazing and you've always been very open right and your DMs as well as like ‘Hey Krissy, you have a question and you were just always there helping and it's, you know, I’ve learned so much and it's really true and taking that one person which would have been me at that point right to then on this journey of like growing right from the beginning stages to maybe then more advanced stages or pivoting and something or making adjustments, and it's really, really great to be able to move with really someone who's gone before you. So it's been super helpful.


Krissy 22:09

Yeah, I love it. And I've loved seeing you and your brand evolve and that was kind of part of, you know, the title of the topic today, you know, leaning into your interests and your passions, because that just opens up a lot of doors for people and you know, I think a lot of people when they're getting into business are kind of overwhelmed by everything and they feel like I got to I have to talk to everyone I have to you know, I don't want to exclude anyone and this is something we work with our students a lot is getting really clear on who you want to talk to and what you want to put in front of them. But also again with this whole motto of like keeping it fun and playing and exploring. You know more about who you are and what you love to do and your interests that's going to help you like the more you let that shine that is going to really draw in people with you and I think that's something that I've tried to do and I feel like I'm doing it well and why I've attracted you know, you Desiree from the beginning and you know, you're like, Oh, I feel like we're the same person.

Desiree 23:19

The same wavelength I do feel yeah.


Krissy 23:20

Because I've just been open and honest and, you know, letting the things that I'm passionate about, you know, get out there, and that helps me attract people. So I just want to encourage anyone listening, who's feeling like you really want to, you really want to reach a lot of people. I would encourage you to dig deep, explore what you're passionate about. And don't be afraid to let that shine because that is going to be how you're going to find your perfect dream customers.


Iva 23:54

And this is so so important and we love that you you're bringing it to the conversation because also there's this other idea, especially when we're starting out, that there's a pressure of sorts to sound and “be professional”, whatever that means, right? Because if I'm not professional then I'm not credible, then how can I even charge and then people are not going to take me seriously and it's like all this stories that we tell ourselves and that just takes away as you say, from that personal, authentic side. That is what creates the true connection but we withhold it. Thinking that by sounding or looking like someone else may be right or trying to imitate a little bit of what someone else is doing is going to take us where we want to go when in reality is everything but that right? Yeah.


Krissy 24:48

And it makes you a lot more relatable as well. If you say hey, if I wanted to do that, but that didn't work. So let's try something else or, you know, let's pivot here or scrap that that start fresh and but it's so because it's honest, it's honest, it's not masked and it's so you know, many people are going through that and it really takes away those inhibitions that you have about starting a business or scaling it are all these impostor syndrome, so you know where you're like, yep, just take imperfect action. Like you always say it gets you ahead so much faster than not doing anything. Yeah.


Krissy 25:27

100% And you've seen I know Desiree you've seen a lot more than maybe the average person listening because you've been around for a long time. So you know, we've got connected and then the first course I think you did of mine was build a blissful business. Yeah, the very first version four years ago, and it was a smaller course and then it was like, Okay, no, I'm not gonna do that. Okay, now we're gonna, I'm gonna do this scalable podcast system. We're gonna try this. Yeah, now we're gonna do a bigger, more extensive program and we're gonna call it something else. Okay, now we're gonna make it better and now we're gonna go back to build up this little business and doing this you know, massive thing. So you really seen the evolution of life. Like, casting things, you know, making things better and that's, I think that's where you know, you're talking about getting, you know, being perfect and showing up perfect. If you wait perfect for perfection. You're never going to do it. And it's always an evolutionary process. And I encourage, you know, my clients and my students all the time. Launch it. You're not going with action comes clarity. You're not going to figure like know how to make it better. Unless you start getting some feedback from people to work. Yeah, launch the workshop, launch the mini master class, get some feedback and make it better every time and this is where the like set it and forget it is like sometimes not quite true because while the automation is set up, we always if we want to be innovative and we want to you know keep up with everything going on. We do need to continue to make things better and I always want that for my you know, now we're incorporating AI training into the program because now subject Lines in your emails or, you know, little captions metadata for your blog page, or SEO. So it's like now that's getting added to the program. So you just have to do it. You just have to pull the band aid off and take some action. Right? 


Desiree 27:40

No, I know it's so true. But there's also so many amazing things in there like legal things, things we don't necessarily think about as an entrepreneur just starting off right? All of these legal things are all of these like hidden things like SEO trainings where you're like, you know, now comes the details that are so very much necessary but we don't think about them unless someone points it out to us. So that's why it's so helpful and yeah, everything you've done just also for me personally, just come has come at such the right time. So yes, I do feel as though I've grown with you in your evolution. But now as well, I have so I just not just she's already over one year old, but I had another baby. And I think the dynamic changed a lot with having now two kids around, still working on the business are growing the business. And of course, my desire to automate things becomes even more important because I want to I don't want to miss anything, my little one does. She started running around already. She's about to say her first words, you know, it's like I want to be there. I don't want to miss but I also do not want to scale back on anything I'm doing. I don't want to, you know, stop anything. So the only solution for me as automated and that's again, where this comes in so perfectly because you actually teach and I know you have an upcoming master class as well. How to actually increase your revenue while spending the most of your time with your family. So you need to tell us a little bit more about what that's about. And because this is again, it comes to me at exactly the perfect moment, because I'm like, Yes, I need this.


Krissy 29:38

Yeah. 100% Yeah, the masterclass is coming up April 25. I know you'll put the link in the show notes as well. But the masterclass Gosh, I'm like, What is the title? It's The Six Figure SEO Secrets To Increasing Your Income While Spending Most Of Your Time With Your Family. Right? And we're gonna dive in and we'll help you discover, you know, the sneaky little hidden obstacle that's holding you back from turning your leads into customers and what to do about it. We'll talk about how to systemize and automate and streamline your business to help save you time, kind of what's been holding you back from turning leads into paying customers. So we're gonna dive a bit deeper into this whole conversation that we've been talking about. You know, getting your business set up for success. We'll be diving into that in the masterclass so it's gonna be an awesome one. I know some of you people are in different time zones. So you know, there will be a replay but if you can show up live that'll be amazing or at least watch that first day that it gets sent out. 


Iva 30:52

Yeah, a must, must watch must see must like keep keeping in our calendars because as you say, you you are going to help all of us because I'm signing up to navigate through those hurdles. And sometimes we get the sense with you. Yes. You said at the beginning of the conversation that we need to have all the answers or if we want to go at it alone. It's going to take us a long time. And these are like the type of shortcuts this is the type of know how that is. It comes in handy and then it means that it's been validated by someone like you who's successful who has already been there, done that. So you can absolutely guide us through that journey in a more seamless way. Rather than us trying to like blindly find our way around which can lead to a lot of risk. as well. And there's a reason why a lot of people so quit, right not because they didn't have the right skill sets or that they were not really meant to be intrapreneurs it's just that they didn't have that support system or that guiding hand at the end of the day.


Krissy 32:01

Yeah, 100% it can be exhausting. You know, working on your business and building your business and just feeling like you're drowning and to do things, you're busy all the time, you're taking action, you're showing up, you're being consistent, but you don't feel like anything is really getting done or you're not really moving the needle forward. And so that can just be exhausting. You know, if it's been going on for a long time, six months, a year, two years. So certainly if you're feeling in that moment of you know, things have been busy. Maybe you're sick, something has shifted, it's a lot harder to get things done your to do list seems ever, you know ever growing and you can never get through the to do list you want to be spending time with your family, undivided attention, putting the phone down not feeling like you have to find emails and all of that. And then you want to have focused time on your business and you want to be a lot more efficient and you want it to feel smooth and easy and freeing instead of feeling trapped in your business. Then that is if that's you, if you're feeling any of those things then come to the master class. I've never taught this master class before. It's brand new. I'm incredibly excited about it and what we're going to be talking about it and it's going to be a complete game changer for how you are operating. Your whole life. Really, your whole life.


Desiree 33:28

That's amazing. Oh, it's amazing. And I love that you also include with everything you teach you include a lot of mindset shifts as well. So it's not people think, oh, it's all about just the systems and setting that up but you actually go into a lot of the inner work as well. And having us figure out, you know, like why, why am I focusing on that or who should I be talking to? What do I need to focus on because a lot of the times like you said, we're always so busy doing things, but yet the needle does not move any inch up. So we need to focus we need to know what we're working on as well. Right and to really learn strategically. So yeah,


Krissy 34:16

Yeah. 100% I'm excited. I always mindset is the basis for everything so you could have the best strategies in the world. But if your mindset is not in a place where you can take it to the next level, you won't and so we I always am incorporating that into everything that we do and we'll be getting into that. A bit in the masterclasses. Well, I'm helping people with some of those thought patterns that kind of hold them back and keep them stuck in what they're doing. So yeah, love, mindset, love mindset stuff.


Iva 4:50

It’s so needed because again, a lot of people might be operating from this bubble space right where they are by themselves and not really making a lot of contact with other fellow entrepreneurs and they just feel that they are in their own echo. And the Echo is not really saying the best things right either to motivate them or inspire them. So it's good to have the opportunity to step out and listen to others get that sense of community, but at the same time getting like this new inspirations as well that can really change the course of everything because as we said, if you're coming at it, especially looking at automation systems and thinking like oh my god, that is so boring, I could never and instead you switch it around and you say like hey, but if you just get it done once you get to have this ample time to do the fun stuff. So why wouldn't you want to do that? And then he gets people thinking like, oh, okay, maybe, you know, there is a lot of validity into it. Let me look into that and, and resonating with someone like you who makes it fun who makes it, you know, approachable, who makes it really? Just like to a certain level where it's not this like dissertation type of material, but it's just quite hands on, right, which is, which is the important thing. it's like you get to see the changes immediately. It's not in a year's time. it's like the next day if you're willing to go all in


Desiree 36:22

Yeah. And I love that there's always a step by step for everything, right that you teach, and like reasoning behind that, but also really. again, for people who may not be so techie or who are like, okay, my website needs to have that NAT. Okay, great, but I don't even know where to start. But it's really a step by step guide, right? That's what your programs are about. And I'm teaching you even like the complementary systems to add for design or, you know, all of the things or copywriting, whatever it may be, it's just, it's just fantastic. Yeah, I remember a funny story as well. When I asked you to have a look at my website and oh, we had a call and I'm actually really embarrassed about that moment now. And you looked at and you're like, Dez Yeah, you have like, some elements missing there. And when I look at it now, after having gone through the things he taught me, I'm like, Oh, my God, I can't believe I ever showed you that. I was once a little bit proud of and I was like, Oh God, that really did not have much essence to it. So you know, I just see with how little tweaks like little but big tweaks, it can just make such a difference and I'm just grateful that you know that you're around and someone to guide in all of these processes and all of the steps and yeah,


Krissy 37:50

Yeah, I feel like if you're out there struggling, and by the way, like kudos and so proud of you for sending it my way because a lot of people most struggling business owners would not do that. They'd be like, oh, gosh, I can't even I'm embarrassed about what it is. But if you don't put it out there, you can't get help on it. So, you know, so proud of you for doing that. But you know, if you're in this place where you feel like you're struggling, it's not your fault, because you don't know what you don't know until you know right? And again, like with trial and error, this can take years and years to figure out but when you do have someone that you can trust and turn to who's done the things that you want to do, you can it's really quite a simple process, like you said little things, but that make a big impact. So when I'm doing you know business and website audits all the time, it's like all of these little things that are missing, but that make a huge impact on getting someone to come to your website actually stay to read and actually take action to get on the email list or purchase what you have. And so there's very, very key pieces that a lot of people are missing. Again, not your fault, because you don't know you didn't go to school. I didn't you know, go to school. I've gone to the school of Google and YouTube now right self-harm trial and error to know more than what they might teach you in school right real on the job training. But yeah, it's not you know, it's not any it's not your fault but if you're out there struggling feeling like you're drowning wanting to you know, make a change and the biggest step that most struggling people don't do is seeking out help. Yes, so the first step to doing that is just attending the free masterclass. Yeah. We'll you'll learn some great things, and you'll feel really inspired to take the next step.


Desiree 39:48

I think it's the first step to something so great. That can happen to you. I mean, Iva asked me the other day, I just launched a course last month. And Iva asked me so So how's it going after the launch? And I'm like, You know what, it was also a bit scary. It's like I'm not really doing anything right now. All autom automated, it's like it's, it's crazy, right? As I was sitting on the play floor playing with my daughter, I was like, wow, people are doing this course I'm getting paid and I'm right here playing with her. So it's just incredibly rewarding and I think that's really the first step this masterclass will open the door to so much so many rewarding moments. 


Iva 40:31

And as we sometimes say, you know, if you have time to scroll, if you have time to grab your phone and just aimlessly look through things and you end up with nothing at the end because you know, you just went to bed later and um you got less sleep, and now you're grumpy the next day or you're tired, whatever, you know, it's we always have time if we have time to you know pick up the phone and look at videos of cats that are doing like cute things or whatever or you want to get a good laugh. Yeah. Which it's nothing. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you are in that space where you're also trying to grow a business scale it or you're really wanting to jump with two feet into this business world, then these are the opportunities that you need to like grab and take and run with it because they are amazing. They're a gateway into, as you say that one tweak that can really change a lot of things for you down the line. So it's the best investment of your time, as well.


Krissy 41:35

Yeah, and plus, if you don't want more time for your kids, you always want more time for funny cat and dog videos.


Desiree 41:40

There may go full circle, right. Exactly. So yes, we are going to put all of the links in the show notes, but it is going to be It's happening in just a few days on April 25. Yes, again, if you can't attend live because you're on our side of the world for example. Then there's always the replay but I know it's always fun to be on Chris's classes live for sure. I promise.


Krissy 42:17

Yes, yeah, definitely. I'll send out the replay just a couple hours after so it's gonna be 1pm Eastern time in the States. So if you're, you know, on the other side of the world, you'll probably wake up in the morning to the replay in your inbox so some time block of time maybe that next morning to watch it before a full 24 hours because we've got some special things in there for you 


Iva 42:41

We want to thank you so much, Krissy for you know all your wisdom, your inspiration, your motivation, your you know, it's just great sense of humor and just the fact that you are here to provide so much value and to really allow others who are coming in next to know that there is a new world out there and you can you can have a lot of everything You can have as you say that that great quality time. you get to be in your in your business and you get to do it but there are certain secrets there are certain things that need to be in place this automations this systems and the fact that you're making this part of like your life mission is just amazing. It's why. because it's changing so many lives, right so many families that are getting to have moms that are feeling fulfilled, that are feeling inspired and that they're showing up as the best version of themselves because they also get to play they also get to invest in their own interests and talents and gifts. So we really want to thank you so much for being here with us. And if you want to connect with Krissy you can follow her on Instagram her handle is @thekrissychin and we'll also we'll be sharing as we said the link to this powerful masterclass that is that is happening very soon. And all the links to her Facebook, her website and her podcast as well so you can continue to be increases world and sphere which is hands down a great, great way to just move on into your business journey. So thank you so much Krissy it was such a pleasure.


Krissy 44:33

Thank you, Iva and Desiree for having me it was so fun to be here and if you're out there listening, don't be afraid send me a DM let me know what kind of hit home for you on this. I love getting those DMS in the inbox. So thank you so much for having me.

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